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🇻🇳🇺🇸 Video game nerd that also likes to draw / Character design + Illustration / Memes ahoy / For business inquiries:

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@ratqueeeen the correct handling way 👌 just remember to wash your hands after @sleepcatart Thanks so much <3A mock-up Elio sprite/model for a theoretical #EliosBotanimals game
Retweeted by Watt @kunsypt AHH ADORABLE I love it, thank you sm!! @onemegawatt Drew your Shellsona!
Retweeted by Watt @HiddenEclipse1 a very wise choice 👍 @kaijuicery I need to get rich quick to make bean bags out of these LOL @Jaynis_Kobb you saw through his ploy, but will you still pet?
@shiningcapella I already have an asparagus botanimal but asparagoose is honestly brilliant!his silly chilli booty?will you pat his butt? #EliosBotanimals
It's me, but shellsona 🐢
Retweeted by WattStill needs some extra work but I'm super happy with my new set up so far!! 🌿
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@KingdomKii Thanks so much!! ^o^ @GrossGiirl Glad you like my son, thank ya!! @STRIKDERP it's the spiciest part! 🔥🔥🔥 @giodude1580 I have plans for them! Can't say what yet though. And I'm still pondering about the evo concept. I do… to give some love to my older botanimals before introducing new ones =D Some are very neglected.... I'm a bad parent[#EliosBotanimals] Honey that's no chillidog! That's
Retweeted by WattHey friends. I need to open for character commissions for a bit due to a financial/medical emergency. Could really…
Retweeted by Wattim trying to see how twitter be croppin my small animations
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@stackingcheddar Your mom probably: is that, what do you call it, a sailor moon symbol? =D ADZGXVBJAdfg this was o…「 The Sun must rise again 」 #goldensun #黄金の太陽 #goldensunday #smashbros #smashbrosultimate
Retweeted by Watt @IsaacAdepts thank you for organizing 🙏I'm excited to see all the GS love!! @euthanasian I'm only appreciating his himbo energy now as teenage me was all about the broody emo hair Felix LOL @harpsonaTweets It's a big fav of mine as well!! There has been a lot of love shown for the series these recent yea… @ChelWongAudio hahaha I'm glad I've built a brand for myself! @supitscarrie yes, perhaps even some things 👀👀👀Golden Sun trending let's gooooo. Here are some tributes I did. Working on something new for the August anniversary… all Golden Sun fans! August 1st marks the 20th anniversary of the #GoldenSun franchise and we want to cel…
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I finally uploaded my portfolio! you can see more here >
Retweeted by Watt @onemegawatt Lil turtle man🥺
Retweeted by Watt @onemegawatt this design is so good and cute that i felt compelled to doodle it💚
Retweeted by WattBATTLE! #Trinity_Quest mockups I did for a fake game that I thought would be neat. Not going to finish that last screen unfortunately…
Retweeted by Wattmy thoughts on character design
Retweeted by Wattsmol
Retweeted by Watt @ToxicSoul77 OMG AHHHH SO CUTE 😭 Your style is so good!! Thank you for drawing this boi!!!!alexa, google how to recover from having your favorite artist draw one of your charactersIM LOSING ITTTT @tsulala REM OH MY GODDSFDG?? 😭💖💖💖this is incredible and makes me so happy thank you ahhhhhh @lordyanyu 😳that's so nice, thank you <3
@liliuhms what animal would lily be? 🤔 @AlbertDesu glad that you like my shoodie 👍 @inklingprincess thank you! I wish I had that phone case irl haha @YukaOmatic The shell is a fashion statement, all look no function 😂 @OhHeyDJ Thank you DJ 💚💚 @Josnoir_ Thank you <3 @Fortisselle I did try to come up w some interest shape for the shell, happy you noticed!! @magdraws The eyes I draw get more and more simplified throughout the years, and this is where I'm at 😂 thank you! @cvictorrosso You remember! I wanna draw him more soon hehe @CitrusFoam My brain is tired from trying to figure out how turtles wear clothes LOL thank you Jestenia 💚 @froggkiid Thank you!! And you totally should 👌👌👌 @manzi_nika Aw, i'm flattered, thank you! I just use greens alot (it's all I use tbh) so this is my comfort zone and it's all I know how @Grind3h thank you!! It's just hoodie 24/7 for the rest of this turtle lifeactually first spotted in 2018 lol. 3 years later, his optimism: gone's me, but shellsona 🐢 @puppiesandanime so cool!! @Toffee_Rosechu I drew it on to make him look like a wizard lol
@Shattered_Earth asfcssdg this was literally what going through my head when I saw MY HUBRISBUK CHOYS ARE COMPLETE🥬🐔🥬🐔🥬 sorry for the huge wait, I've been distracted by so many games!! 3D fan art Based on…
Retweeted by WattI was on pinterest the other day and saw this awesome sketch of a pokemon game bag from the super talented…
Retweeted by Wattstill can't get over how they replicated every little thing in 3D, even my credit 😭(and the fact that I just now re… @YukaOmatic I care for weepinbell deeply @XingyiArt (my apologies I can't type in Chinese) It's amazing that you managed to render every little details and… crap, the amount of details and commitment in this...i'm blown away!!!以很喜欢的画师@onemegawatt 绘制的插画(p1)作为参考,进行的建模练习。 使用了Blender、Zbrush和Substance Painter。 塞尔达,yyds! #BOTW #TheLegendOfZelda
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@brianwolfstuff Oh same! I played the GBA ver first, the sprites were alot cuter than the psx ver hahawho here remembers Lunar Silver Star Story ✨
Retweeted by Watt @KeshiaNashJohn1 Keshiaaa thank you! 😭💕 @gelatobear (also I was totally inspired to attempt at adopts after seeing so many of your cute deigns aha <3) @gelatobear Thanks for your input Renee!! Yeah these are more spontaneous designs that I don't think I'll be using…
@AlbertDesu adoptables are character designs for sale (just not the copyrights to the designs themselves) and peopl… have some fun ideas for a series of food themed girls, but idk if i should keep and develop them into say, an ori… interest check, if I offer adoptables, would that be something you guys would be into? 🤔 @thisislux omg ;; that's very kind I'm super happy to hear! Looking forward to more of your beautiful pixels on my tl!! @thisislux the details and your color palette for these are so good!the new menu for my stardew valley food mod has arrived! 🍦🐟🍦🐟
Retweeted by Watt @imzeferino thank you for the kind words! 🥰
Retweeted by WattBukchoy and ᵇᵃᵇʸ ᵇᵘᵏᶜʰᵒʸˢ #Botanimals
Retweeted by Wattnew rodent friend!! 🐹#EliosBotanimals
Retweeted by WattIt's 🐭2020🐭 which is the perfect time to introduce this lil guy! #Eliosbotanimals
Retweeted by Watt @Trungles @JennRavenna this was literally me for days after finishing the book!! 🥲 @JennRavenna happy to hear that, thank you!! @rianbowart Thank you Rian!! 🥰 @EthanMAldridge Thanks so much! (Lovely work yourself!)
@hanselthelost Thanks Hansel! @Trungles I'm so glad you like it!! Truyện của Trung vừa đẹp ngất ngây vừa cảm động muốn khóc. Thanks for creating… only is the book visually stunning, the writing and storytelling is also eloquent and captivating. Being a gay… art of @Trungles ' gorgeous and heartful graphic novel "The Magic Fish" ✨Highly recommended! @aquabunart Thank you for caring my veggie children!! @egocorvum thank you so much <3drew the main characters from my webcomic to destress
Retweeted by WattSemi-final designs for the 4 main characters of my and my friend's webcomic! They'll probs go through a couple more…
Retweeted by WattA friend and I have been working on a fantasy adventure webtoon for a few months. We're still far from having anyth…
Retweeted by Watt @yuudabest Yeah I want to think the artist wanted to sneak in a tribute to an underappreciated game but I wish they…