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Johnny Ward @onestep4ward Location independent

Irish. Blogger. Trying to be 1st person to visit every country(done), North Pole(done), South Pole, & climb 7 summits(4/7). 🥦🌱. YNWA

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@jessbrammar This literally never happenedAs promised - the Golden Boot winners since 2005. Might be the work I'm most proud of - did some night shifts to fi…
Retweeted by Johnny WardI’m unsure how this ‘fight racism with racism’ and ‘fight fascism with fascism’ strategy is supposed to succeed in…
Retweeted by Johnny WardTemperatures hit 41 degrees in Giza, Egypt today. Horses like her should NEVER be forced to haul tourists around,…
Retweeted by Johnny Ward @goalstv3 De Bruyne @RebeccaRennerFL Writes for the Guardian. Just leave it there, you’re all wasting your time. Good luck to her.I bet ya $10000000USD Trump couldn’t name the leader of Thailand
We look at Lingard's rolling averages since 2014/15 to determine whether his problem is form or quality. Jesse Ling…
Retweeted by Johnny Ward @CraqueStats How about vs Sadios first season in the EPL?I should add that I’m sure bloggers should be added right at the top, on its own special axis, veering between 20 and 50Interesting @Noahpinion Genuine question. What do you mean when you say “salaries should be equal”? As in someone who served bu…
@estherk_k 🤮🤮🤮🙄🙄🙄 @yashasvid @stephensackur @jordanbpeterson Fair @signoresammybkk @samutsakhonjeff @CraigsterThe Dealing with Thai govt. agencies is like taking an expensive anger management course.
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@NoelClarke To not mention it regularly perhaps @AIOverlord777 @GreenieCapeTown @estherk_k In which country? @HaddawayMan A few things. 1) she was lovely, gave the guy time when she didn’t have to. 2) she didn’t make the d…
@tmrob_ @stephensackur @jordanbpeterson Almost felt sorry for him @NoelClarke Because to not mention in the years and years of relative barren times, and suddenly pipe up, comes across hugely disingenuous"HARDTALK" BBC interview, broadcast today (used an alternative intro for their podcast, as documented by):…
Retweeted by Johnny WardWatching @stephensackur trying to challenge @jordanbpeterson on Hardtalk reminded me of 2 things 1) the BBC’s agend… Is No Epidemic of Racist Police Shootings | Manhattan Institute @ProjectLincoln I just can’t work out why the boys have those awful haircuts, are they actively trying to look like the bad guys?!Don't fall for the "free-range" myth. The only cruelty-free label is #vegan.
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23rd in League Two when Eddie Howe took over 🤯 Three promotions and five seasons in the @premierleague later 👏…
Retweeted by Johnny WardAnd in the final minute of the last day of English football's 2019-20 domestic season, the Premier League 'bang for…
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Just watch an amazing GQ interview with @jordanbpeterson. After watching take the interviewer to schooool, Then goo… @LFC @TheAnfieldWrap @nikefootball @Alex_OxChambo god i love this teamNothing but truth. When Wokes and Racists Actually Agree on Everything via @YouTubeIt’s Kanu’s birthday today. You remember him. Unreliable passport. Unbelievable feet. Happy 30th big man.
Retweeted by Johnny Ward @dantclarke21 @PeterMooreLFC Huh? When? FSG have turned us around with great appointments. I do worry their lack of… The Matrix Galaxy Quest South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Office Space Magnolia The Talented Mr. Ripley Wild…
Retweeted by Johnny WardHuge thanks to @PeterMooreLFC, what a turnaround under his tenure ship, and an LFC fan to boot. YNWA mate, good luck on your new venturesThe Liverpool kit will launch tomorrow (Saturday) morning. (@JamesPearceLFC)
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Beautiful many countries in the world? @NatWest_Help PS genuinely not sponsored by the way!I LOVE @NatWest_Help, I bank in a few different countries but every single time I need anything done, or help with… this. Same for the Premier League. Let’s just say we all care about humanity and avoid any redundant (often…
@GusandSaM @IanDoyleSport No Prem club would accept that, and if they did he’d never be first choicePaulo Dybala has become the latest star name to join Common Goal. He is the 159th player or coach to donate 1% of…
Retweeted by Johnny WardHave you tried Airbnb? Sign up with my link and you will get up to £35 off your first trip. have been the greatest if he didn’t have knees made of @Ritzcrackers
It's common now to mistake defending someone's right to say things, with agreeing with those things. If you don't s…
Retweeted by Johnny WardLiverpool getting Gareth Bale on loan and paying half his salary would be a great option!To be a modern Centrist, is to be seen as far-right from the Woke brigade. I know when I sign contracts in my business, I like to renege on the deals we contractually and legally… @Dojafat The kind of people who reply to this post in seriousness don’t need to be told “don’t be modest” @babuyagu 100%. Why Messi was my fav for Balon D’Or once more. The concept of having a relatively good season is mo… @estherk_k Yes!
The Best Digital Nomad Insurance @empireofthekop 2 of them are free agents now, Danny Ward hasn't played in 2 years, and Dom Solanke has got a grand… @or84 great that he's magnanimous, Rio is still a complete bell end tho @empireofthekop They're all great deals, but 55m for Danny Ward, Dom Solanke, Kevin Stuart and Jordan Ibe is actual… @lostinacanyon It would be dubbed racist by tiny, but overly vocal, people. And for some reason, the world is pandering to them. Mental. @rscottjones The mentality behind a small decision like this is representative of the lunacy that is going on with… is so ridiculous. We're so scared of offending people now, that we literally have to have (medically impossibl… we can see that City have a net spend of ~75m more than Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona combined. Or…
Retweeted by Johnny WardWomen, as a percentage of college degrees: 56% Women, as a percentage of medical school students: 50.5% Women, as a…
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@TransferWise what's your help contact number please guys? just sent a big payment and it's not showing on my account! @granddesigns guys, pleassssse come and make an episode of my new build in Chiang Mai, Thailand!! I'm addicted to your show!! @Wideoverload You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s goneThe world in a nutshell trap even really smart people fall into is thinking that believing something makes you cool. Believe something…
Retweeted by Johnny WardManchester City (2nd) and Manchester United (3rd) are both favourites for the Champions League and Europa League. L…
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@TPointUK Who is preventing her from this political party? Start it. Canvas for votes. Watch yourself foil and fail… @estherk_k She’s entirely entitled to start a political party. This is madness. Literally, literally, no one is sto… @HappyHarryMedia Also, the UK is so anti-racist, and so free, you are entirely welcome to start your own party. Lit… @HappyHarryMedia Whatever you do, wear sunglasses because appearance to the mainstream, and considering yourself an… (1.84) 3-2 (4.17) Watford
Retweeted by Johnny Ward @Neeee0007 @BassTunedToRed Get a grip mate @Juarawee Publish the results step by step or accept the system is corrupt and people are getting paidThis is how controversial issues get defused in Thailand — set up a committee to pretend to investigate, delay any…
Retweeted by Johnny Ward @HenryJackson87 Tbf Ox has probably performed luck warm since. 6.5? Maybe 7/7.5 cos of his city goal? Great squad p… @HenryJackson87 Exactly mate. Such a beautiful history with us, but so below the standard of an elite club. He’s ac…🤐🤤🤤🤤 are calling to boycott Red Bull energy drinks of the Yoovidhya family, after Vorayuth's charges were dropped.…
Retweeted by Johnny Ward @WileyCEO @ElliottSoraff @YouTube What do you mean “my people” 😂 @WileyCEO @antisemitism @Twitter @instagram
Retweeted by Johnny WardAaah @WileyCEO, I love it when the regressive left eat themselves. Idientity politics don’t work. Please learn, and… 😂😂😂 @kaarmann @TransferWise Thanks mate, amazing thing you have created
@TransferWise trying the bank details stuff for the first time. When I give the GBP bank details to accept GBP into… is just brilliant.
Retweeted by Johnny Ward @N1ckSandmann @jack Well played mate!I still can't believe an elected member of parliament actually tweeted "We must not fetishise debate".
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@ParkRdGoodison @PeterEllis7 It is all about Net spend. Of course it is @PeterEllis7 . take away the bitterness and…
Retweeted by Johnny WardLiverpool were on a 105-point pace in the games Jordan Henderson played in this season. My guess is that no one — w…
Retweeted by Johnny Ward @theofficialfwa @JHenderson @DeBruyneKev @MarcusRashford @VirgilvDijk Evans is twice the player of AWB @zenjournalist Disgusting @theofficialfwa @JHenderson @DeBruyneKev @MarcusRashford @VirgilvDijk In what world has someone thought AWB has lit… @TransferWise love your product! Do you guys offer a special rate if I transfer X amount over a few days? If it’s $100kUSD+ for example? @FlipsToLemke @armanimay__ You’re arguing with an actual moron. Like IQ of 75 type stuff. Too stupid to even unders… @armanimay__ Based on your point that how hard you work should be taken into consideration when discussing pay, So… @stressbegone7 @armanimay__ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @armanimay__ Stupidity clearly knows no bounds. Ridiculous comparison. “Casio watch $19.99, Rolex Yachmaster 2 $…