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ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨ @oni_hat Hawaii ✈️ SF ✈️ Burbank, CA

Storyboard Artist @ Craig of the Creek/CN👌🏽 PAST: DWTV ✨(anime)opinions are my own✨ 💌 💌 ig: onihat

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@torpordust 17 years ago...the pilot that sent every weeb to the ER 11 years ago
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨ @RidgeHirano That’s some king shit right thereThinking about pokemon mystery dungeon and among us...
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@ChunksTheMighty make sure they NEVER FORGET @spaceagecats that fat... tiger... i love.. @Okamimon_ then they will get cursed 👻item drops when you finally claim my soul @yasmeenabedi i still have the pom charm! i wuff uvu
Today I learned that Moses split the ocean with a beyblade in the Beyblade anime
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨So I just watched Her Blue Sky and I'm like... wheres the US release? its REALLY GOOD! HECK! c'mon @aniplexUSA make… @elissglasper *looks into the sky* @yesmaaike damg ya should stream thisso i finally got my valve index and im going 2 scream #CraigoftheCreek
my first step into becoming a mob boss to set up some among us games for streaming, we'll have more salty streams as soon as i finish some work 👀
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@kianamaiart these fools loss lolso... #vtuber is trending.. what.. happened??? I thought there would be more people to play/watch games with.. but…
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨ @eecks @stickiiclub gosh these look so good!!!
Hey, Later Alligator is a PAX selection and there's a demo available for FREE on Steam if you wanna try it! I made…
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨ @MarleyCatts oh maahh gaahhhd~ congrats!it’s.. za BOIS!!! @slowjack0 W-WAOW!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 this is so good! This inspires.. me!! Keep up the good work qwq @eyecager @The_Sinistro @magmastudioapp they’ll turn y’all into 🧀
Hey guys sorry it’s been a while since I streamed, there’s a lot going on In LA along with the cruddy internet serv…
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨C R Y @arcsirc Oh wups! Haha hello anyways! @Cuppatan HA⬆️HA⬇️HA⬆️HA⬇️HA⬆️ @Cuppatan PEKORA IS QUEEN!just tried out #MagmaStudio and it feels reaaalll nice! I'll invite people to draw with me sometime~ pweese love my… @kianamaiart times 2 leave cartoons @kianamaiart lets get that bread! @56ghostship Tell me when the orders open up!! 👀 @56ghostship FUCK OK WHEN @automeru @Taijuey i thirst for bloodI found out that @Taijuey watched a bad anime and I wanted to beat him up. But I also watched the same bad series a… like this tweet its cute #ドラクエウォーク
@cosumik wowowwoowwowoowww!!! congrats!!!!when i see any bad takes this month i’ll be pointing at the sign
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨ @Motherplayer Look there’s some real cute stuff out there!anytime i see cute elder fanart, my kokoro goes dokidoki! Sadly they're so hard to come by because they're never ta… @MikeCatSU
@chitchatchiou Nyaaaaa~i still cant stop thinking about how converse high top heelys are a thing and I just might fuck around and buy a fushigi yuugi is hashtag Relatable
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨just scratchin' an itch #CraigoftheCreek
Rika... 👏🏽 @Shattered_Earth 3x3 is the perfect sticker size!!!I think I have enough content for maybe another... Elder sketch zine? I'll just update + filrd to the elderzine so… @wwileyy @misosleep Love to die in this state @amberbladejones Slippery meats @amberbladejones I... like how the crowns feel afterwards... slippery and smoofwhen I start drawing Elders side stories/AU that no one ever wants @amberbladejones So like.. do you keep your teefs.. are you gonna frame them? Or shove them in a stuffed animal @hannahbosnian I’m glad ya enjoyed it!!for people that wanna peep... here it is again!? @hannahbosnian have at it! buying the elder zine and im like.. hello fwends.. how are you? I hope youre enjoying your time characters scare conservatives
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@Chuwenjie CARTWHEEL TO THE SUN!!! @scrotumnose Dave what if... goldfish corn dog @Fumi_chun HELL YEAAAHHHH!!! @Okamimon_ I hope ya have time to relax.. @Okamimon_ Oh no! That blows, they shouldn’t be doing that! I don’t see the point in “accelerating” learning.. cram… the younger gen have fun n live their life!! Even in a pandemic just let them have some time offban all homework! In high school had band sometimes from 2-6 or 4-9pm and work days after class till closing! how… @PuccaNoodles Do you think Revali and Link will hate smoochme n my squad a breakfast in vrworrrllld @NOYoichi Beta testing for their new game! Check it out here! You’re gonna need to get a Konami ID but that’s it @ClickAgain damn i wish i thought about that earlieri dont have the pop'n controller but.. I do have... a stream deck lololol
@SteveYurko zawa..The content you can expect from my limited brain cells working (Glad this made it in!) @stulivingston Let’s start braiding our hair and make king crowns out of itThe Elders when they hear someone is talking smack about me on internet(dot)com
reasons to play #ffxiv: player owned rp apple stores yep.
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨ @Chuudles @yesmaaike WHOA yo that’s like... mega oldひだまりサウンドトラックス〈終〉 果報は寝て待て #PR #drawmusic #playlistjacket
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨Its 1000000f again and I’m chilling on my bed/discord and my friends wanna drawpile but it’s too heckin hot to move…
HAH for another #educationdrop from #waterdropla. Temps are rising again this weekend and our #homeless neighbors…
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨Be quiet right now. I am thinking.
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨Ever just stay up till 6am talking about anime with nakama ...??
everyday after finishing FE:A, I wonder if my sweet daughter Lucina is doing well. I hope she's eating alright. @JustLet_MeLive i loooooveeee!!! @chitchatchiou excuse me? @SteveYurko phew a small comic (8 pgs total) Dedicated to all the hardworking artists and creators who deserve respect and prop…
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There are 0 people in the US named Gay Bowser 😔 Super excited to play Mario 64 when it comes out on switch
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨ @misosleep youre so powerful wtf @chitchatchiou power move i loof itwe sit in a society
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨ @miikesobi So cute n fuzzy uwu @Oathkeeper89 always
UPDATE: I got my friends to get new PC setups and MHW on PC! I’ve put up a limited number of my physical sketchbooks up for sale on my Gumroad, incl. Vol 4!! You can find t…
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨if this video doesnt make you want to get CSP I dont know what will at this point.
‼️really important‼️ I went ahead and remade the Saturday Night Live intro like SNL was an extremely awesome anime
Retweeted by ashだ @ ✨beyblade ASMR✨OK KO! Let's Be Heroes (The Complete Series) is now available on @HBOmax! Wow! Rewatch your fave episodes or watch…
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