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Director of Insights at Riot Games & Human Factors Psychologist. Extremely sleepy boy. (he/him)

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@yonderhillside if someone hasn't played a culdcept game have they really lived @snappyHuy148 gg, cool to see a chaos!! @antumbral it's good to know html is still a prison @mrsjesscharlton hey gamer @bombsfall good now pay your copay (1 rad tune) @lorenschmidt good dog @bombsfall go on @bombsfall hi i just got back from work did you fill my prescription @evan_monteiro evan your art always makes me so happyHey y'all! Name's Evan. I make paintings, mostly. #drawingwhileblack
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are you fucking kidding me!!!!!!
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @bombsfall I do it for free I’m socialized medicine baby @bombsfall Go make a new synth track and relax Make a noise on a guitar pedal Fuzz that shit so loud @bombsfall Anyway I’m a doctor and I prescribe a day of rest and no political news @bombsfall “If I don’t work I will lose this temporary security” part 38 @bombsfall Get your ass to a flowerThere’s flowers on campus and the bees love it @bombsfall Be like this bee: busy but also ready to just sit in a flower if you need to @bombsfall This is also true if you overburden yourself and stress too hard checkmate atheists @bombsfall it's a stressful time and you should not do the thing you're doing!!! @bombsfall following The Pattern BREAK FREEidk what im doing...
Retweeted by Davin PavlasSuboptimal Repayment
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @OhPoorPup Sucks so bad. Hang in there.Find someone who loves you the way Takenobu Mitsuyoshi loves the Daytona USA theme
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @BenjaminAhr that FACE @yellowcardigan as far as 'colorful nic cage derangedness' I think this was unfortunately a distant second to Mandy… @yellowcardigan ANNIHILATION"Annihilation but kind of shitty" is still enjoyable to watch, buti was told Color Out Of Space was good but it was not good except that it had colors and nic cage was a weirdoSo cute to see one in the wild ☺️
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Kimidorisama, a mysterious green creature in shades who time-slipped from a devastated future to the present day, i…
Retweeted by Davin PavlasWhen your friends are all posting about their mobile gasha games.
Retweeted by Davin PavlasMEANS TV IS HERE! Subscribe now:
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @Seemo Y'all planning on recording this (or a portion of it)? :DHey GDC goers, come to this! CO-OPS FOR SURVIVING CAPITALISM - a short talk + meet and greet for people in co-ops…
Retweeted by Davin PavlasGoat girl likes headbutting her boyfriend:)
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @30_Helens Oh no @Miss__Aligned Gen??? @joshez_ oh i mean like the insidehi gamers how often do you clean your hitbox/fightstick buttons @RivingtonThe3rd yoooo that sucks dudeLos Angeles peeps please keep an eye out for my stolen MT09. Im asking for the retweets on this one. Help me track…
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @bombsfall the blast of prodigy music at the end always gets meat one point in the haunted spaceship movie lawrence fishburne yells FUCK THIS SHIP and that's one of like 20 reasons this movie is gold
Retweeted by Davin Pavlaswhen someone speaks disapprovingly of the gravity drive
Retweeted by Davin PavlasMy new Tarot Box Design the "Catalog Deck Box" is available now! There are currently five available each in a diffe…
Retweeted by Davin PavlasRemember those musclesYou could watch PredatorHowcome y’all watch those debates[sliding hotel room key toward attractive bartender] I got mustard on this and its not working anymore
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @56_usan big boy!!!!
@coolranchzaku what’s it mean that this is itself ideology @bombsfall This is how you join the Wandered Cat covenant. Its leader is absent but you can still receive his blessings.Memorial to Ico: sunflowers growing in a basement
Retweeted by Davin PavlasOur cat Ico died last month. Since then mice have gotten into sunflower seeds meant for the birds out back. They've…
Retweeted by Davin PavlasCLAMP 👀
Retweeted by Davin PavlasIf you are registered No Party Preference (NPP) in California and want to vote for me, you need to request a Democr…
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @kuraine symbol!! @kuraine @_yungslav_ that's the kind of complex thought that can probably be expressed in an earnest way but not li… @kuraine @_yungslav_ oh............. no... @ricklessabandon haven't done much cane boy yet (waiting for his game plan to get more figured out), still lots of Phonon!UNICLR matchmaking is so full right now..... blesst @bombsfall i seen what you saidpeople need places to talk shit without it being big news. i can't be fired in the traditional sense b/c i don't ha…
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I believe in this with every fiber of my being
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @bombsfall Big Capri Sun, nice @hunktears a growing ack!wareness an ack!nowledgementsometimes I'm on the verge of tweeting something like "when will they invent an exercise that's as fun as eating pa…
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @ShariaUncle getting hit while you're doing dumb anime bullshit with your charge blade is also pretty great @ShariaUncle why would i wait for openings when my lance is a gun (triple carted)i did itEnter the chaos nap @CarriePoppyYES QEDWeek 8 of WeeklyBeats 2020! I trade mostly synths for mostly guitar and things get very noisy in "Tonight, Exhume Y…
I'm really into art and the arts
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @yellowcardigan @carokenworthy @bristlesage these are so cute they make me want to cryThis error most commonly appears when you shatter someone's double digit win streak. Weird. #PS4share @bombsfall it rules that you were able to keep the chimney/fireplace, was worried when you posted about the structu… @bombsfall that room is gonna be so dope @bombsfall Gonna find a hidden cache of twelve more wood paneling styles @bombsfall Hell yeah @bombsfall don't forget us now that you've made itWell I was going through a box of old clothes and these things were just all over the place now we’ll have to tent…
Retweeted by Davin Pavlasjust here to bless the timeline with this turtle stretching like he just woke up from the best nap
Retweeted by Davin PavlasBREAKING: The answer to tonight's CRITICAL TRIVIA
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @ShariaUncle i have a tight grip @ericadreisbach oh no i just got to the part where you say you're not tweetoing, well, this goes into the ether @ShariaUncle i still say 'rad' and 'dope' and 'word' that's the American english I learned @ericadreisbach dear anime sicko, if you liked point and click adventures stuff like Night in the Woods or Tacoma a… @AnimeSickos they talked about infinite just and my muscles exploded from strengthMay I please draw your attention to this anonymous quote contained herein:
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @ShariaUncle i also got made fun of for saying rad at grad school by one of my dissertation advisors :(time for a new @AnimeSickos i'm gonna get so strong @bombsfall dipshits, try running first @yellowcardigan hey t-shirt skeletons are class alliesIt sucks the robots big plan was to cover the whole planet in bones.
Retweeted by Davin Pavlas @evantickles I really enjoyed that new one.Here’s the trick to winning my vote: be the one most likely to fight for socialist policies and most likely to ener… @christinelove Pauline’s hair is incredible