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Chris 🆚 Browsers @onion2k Sunderland, England

I like making browsers do new and exciting things.

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Fitting for the day Crackdown 3 is out today on the @xboxuk, Audi appear to have decided to build the SUV from the…
Anyone know of sales/marketing jobs going ASAP in Newcastle? Link me up please! Not for me, but for hardworking an…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers Whenever I see stories about whether or not someone from history was a "good guy" or a "bad… you use 12px today AND disable zoom, you're actively trying to get rid of your users.
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers @AllisonClough :) Order of the Phoenix should be called Harry Potter And The 267 Times Mrs Weasley Was Right But Everyone Ignored…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers"I don't see colour" and "I don't see gender." I don't think that means, what you think it means. You think it me…
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@georgiaface I've got that same coat.Definitely not looking good for the UK car industry. Even if you aren't directly affected by the job losses it mean… @RobertHayden They're made from a different sort of plastic. I guess it's a worse one. :)You have to use a bag for life ~147 times before it's better for the planet (in terms of CO2) than using a brand ne… May: I scrap the mould off jam and eat what's underneath. Me, an intellectual: If you use the entire jar o… @olibuckley of Victorian stove grates. Via lostfoundart
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersI feel like I should have snowboarded to work. Also, the past participle of "to snowboard" looks weird. @liamegan @yuanchuan23 @p is an alias of pick, which randomly picks from the list of options. :)
The documentary "808", about the TR-808 drum machine that made all 80s music sound pretty much the same, is on Amaz… there a more lovely sound? #robin #birdsong #goodmorningbritain #nature @Natures_Voice
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersThe Gateshead Millennium pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge.
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers @AllisonClough :) @Kosmikat How can it be a proper mag if there's no toy or stickers sellotaped to the front?#savethebees
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersToday is the 210th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. Here’s his theory of evolution in pictoral form:
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersSnow has fallen in a Hawaii state park for what officials say could be the first time *ever*
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers @SeanR1974 If you mean on the forum, it was me. :)Designers would make this meme using Helvetica and Proxima Nova. A bird so elusive that only a handful of people have seen it called The Night Parrot sounds…
The numbers in this insect apocalypse metastudy are nightmarish: - Total mass of insects falling by 2.5% *a year*…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersLittle Lover's So Polite by the Silversun Pickups is great... but it sounds like there's a kazoo track and it's ~very~ distracting. I wonder how many young entrepreneurs will see this article and think it's suggesting a val…
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Q: How many designers does it take to change a light bulb? A: First, let’s talk about why you don’t want it to be d…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersJasper and Louis have synchronised.
Great quote for business leaders.
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I don't want to see a picture of Jeff Bezos's dick, thank you very much. I'm perfectly happy with dick pics from my…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersSlight contact but I don't think anyone noticed.
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers"Yay :) xxxxxx" Seems quite positive I guess.👏HIM👏
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers @KiwiCoder It's a pretty bad that MSFT's site doesn't suggest the working link based on a Levenstein distance or a… @KiwiCoder Your link is missing the closing bracket. @Kosmikat That's how big adult hedgehogs grow to. We only ever see the baby ones. Today is a good day to listen to Black Stone Cherry. @KiwiCoder Is there a new one? I haven't checked since Wednesday. @KiwiCoder You're at least 5 JavaScript build tools behind the cool kids. No wonder you're not enjoying it. :)
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@KevnGibsn Cloudflare even. I use too many cloud services. :) @KevnGibsn Cloudfront Design has a tool for that ... ... it automatically suggests accessible palettes.I am so childish. @moosegrinder I'm 99% sure games companies have introduced a "free unlimited crack" perk for UI designers in the la… might make a twitter bot that finds aggressively masculine tweets and replies with one of these. of the most interesting cognitive biases I’ve seen is that software people live in a world where the devil is i…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers @moosegrinder The technical term for that is "waking up".
“Everyday Empathy”
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersContinuing my quest to write a function that can make me vomit on demand. #generativeart Wars episode IX: Everything Is Awful (Great Decemberist's song, and probably very accurate.) @georgiaface Very carefully! Wait, no, that's hedgehogs.
@LudvigJaniuk @marissarissel @LingoWins @iamdevloper I spend a lot of time on there but it's easy to see why someon… @Jam_sponge I spent a hundred grand of VC money and ran away. I mean... my startup regretfully failed but I learnt a lot on my journey.I had to check that stat because *wow* so for the source-seekers amongst you:
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersIf you follow @ExploitDB occasionally you'll log in to Twitter to discover pretty much everything on the Internet i… @css It'll probably never be a mainstream feature because it's a security ~nightmare~. Very cool though. Imagine us… we forget who our user is
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersNot that you can really tell on my phone, but there was a decent sunrise over St Peters Church this morning. the hell
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If your company was welcoming to women, I would already know about it, because the women working there would tell me
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers @rowlandshaw No. He's tremendously thick. :)Louis is in a mood because he can't answer the questions on #onlyconnect. those people who tweeted about "Turkeys voting for Christmas" and "reap what you sew" when Nissan announced the… We need to talk about Daniel Kawczynski MP (@DKShrewsbury) & Gold Speculation. His comments & seemingly "pointl…
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@estherbeadle We had a siamese when I was a child... a chocolate point called Coco. He was a beautiful idiot. :) Yours is lovely too.There is no reason to use lorem ipsum ever. Not even the Jeff Goldblum kind. Use example copy, or a description of…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersDrinking mead like some sort of person from the past.Chiles. Fresh on the left, after they've been dried on the right. The name changes for fresh versus dried.
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersThis can easily become the biggest and most impactful news of the year 2019 for PWAs and by proxy the web... 🔥 🔥 🔥
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Modern television will never get a scene as absolutely perfect as this scene.
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers Phenylephrine, the decongestant in loads of cold and flu drugs, doesn't work. :)It's here! We're covered in crisp white loveliness and our even lovelier team has been hard at work making the main…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers @SeanR1974 What have you got against Sooty?Chaotic angry is bang on these days. :)
This man does not understand how solar panels work. They are more efficient and generate more power when it is cold…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers"Money can't buy happiness" means "the mindless accumulation of excess wealth ultimately leads to diminishing retur…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers"The reason we're here is that we've both come close to killing ourselves". @ChrisGPackham met @BirdTherapy to ta…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersKnow your JavaScript operators! = Assignment === Equality == Just fuck me up
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers The Tories recognise the regions need more money, they can find the money, and they're will… only have a grade E in GCSE German ... could the word for "look" and the word for "jump" be easily confused? @codinghorror So 'trickle down economics' is real, but we've been using the wrong dimension for where the money trickles to. Shops like @clarksshoes and @WHSmith are using the government's cuts to primary education r…'s progress with a Brexit deal?
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersA few delayed trains and @My_Metro is all... @jack please let us add mini profile pics for our cats
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersYou’re not a real web dev if you don’t know HTML and CSS, and also stop gatekeeping.
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 BrowsersSomething I like on the web... In the early days of Reddit users wanted a place to talk about legalising pot so the…
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Browsing like it's 1999. Bring back homepages!The @TheTorontoSun tweeted both of these a day apart: •Black teen who faked his own kidnapping for $130 gets a mugs…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsers @liamegan @EMSL Might be asking with the #plottertwitter and #generativeart hashtags. A lot of the artists using th… MPs repeatedly saying they don't want a no deal while not doing anything concrete to prevent it is very relatab…
Retweeted by Chris 🆚 Browsersfacebook why do you keep hitting yourself
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