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*‘Salesforce Park […] a model for the rest of San Francisco—vertical, expansive, ecologically minded, expensive, sp…
Retweeted by Darran Anderson @BBGMedia It's not clear from that headline but The Atlantic laid off all the staff and now Bloomberg are reportedl… someone who writes for CityLab, albeit freelance, I sincerely hope @BBGMedia rethink this approach & reinstate a…
‘Orpheus & Eurydice’ by Hokyoung Kim @SimonGuy64 ‘There, then, he sat, holding up that imbecile candle in the heart of that almighty forlornness. There,…'Geodesic domes on the North Yorkshire Moors. "Radomes" of RAF Fylingdales. Monuments to the Cold War' as photograp… by Robert Louis Stevenson, created in Switzerland, where it was hoped the Alpine air would help his chroni…
HauntologyPlease follow @savetheariston the official twitter account for my campaign to save Marcel Breuer's only work in Lat…
Retweeted by Darran Anderson @MrEwanMorrison Can’t wait to see this. I wrote a little tribute to him a while back NATO base, Iceland, ca. 1983 [photo: Roger Goodman]
Retweeted by Darran Anderson‘A tree grows in’ by Sinziana Velicescu Samir
Deanna Petherbridge by Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co journeys by Ryo Takemasa morning colours in Tokyo
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‘Nature Takes Over’ by Thomas Strogalski Elephant Hotel, AKA the Elephantine Colossus, Coney Island, New York: “The animal’s forelegs featured a tobacco…
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@Tee_Ball_Bat That’s such a good way to put it.Something quite eerie about this architectural ornament - like a ghost trapped in stone (Rochester Fire Department… #Dentata, Darran Anderson si inoltra nel mondo delle #Utopie al femminile. Partendo da #Mizoradi Mary E. Bradley…
Retweeted by Darran AndersonToday I visited Breuer’s Parador Ariston for the first time since I signed the contract to acquire it. I presented…
Retweeted by Darran AndersonPostcards by John Hinde Kondakov Church in Budapest, Hungary...1983 Architect: Gárdos György... #architecture #arquitectura #GárdosGyörgy…
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Alphonse Mucha's sadly-unsuccessful proposal to turn the Eiffel Tower into a Museum of Mankind for the Exposition U… @GalleyBeggars 'Ducks, Newburyport' is incredible btw. As is 'Nina X'. @GalleyBeggars I ask this in good faith but I don't understand the controversy as the article conflates issues. Is… @PeteCWilliamson Everyone I knew, including me, had one. No one remembers buying one.How Bauhausy were Factory Records... like that Wonder Woman/Blue Monday trailer a lot but it is still inferior to this photograph. @germanjcvs I left FB about 6 years ago and I've been out of the loop for every single family event (weddings, birt… @SimonGuy64 True. They should be encouraged and protected. I think what Dave Gilmour and EMI (I think) did with Kat… @germanjcvs You don't have to do that tho. I follow no-one & it's made me look at surroundings in a different way.… @germanjcvs My preference is for Instagram (I'm on it but follow no-one and no-one follows me and it is bliss) bc i… @SimonGuy64 I never knew he was in his early twenties when he played on 'In a Silent Way' (my favourite jazz album). Holy moly. @johnlappin Facebook is the Devil's Lapdog.Twitter in the late 1400s by Hieronymus Bosch. @iancwhitney Cling to them for they show the Path.Angelo Badalamenti describes how he created Laura Palmer’s Theme for Twin Peaks
Retweeted by Darran AndersonThoughts: "It's just a room, you big freak. Invite some friends around" Invites friends around. They get drunk, dan… feel almost obliged to start a new religion in this room. @stevetoase Tron will always be the future for me. @LordWoolamaloo 🎵'Mr Sheen shines non-Euclidean things clean'🎵 @Oniropolis When opened, each of those blinds reveals a totally different view. One shows your past, one shows your…
Retweeted by Darran AndersonA little private interview filmed minutes after NINA X won the Saltire Fiction Book of the Year, 2019. I give thank…
Retweeted by Darran Anderson @henrygrabar Rothko was incredible. @henrygrabar That was my immediate thought when I went in. @Grindrod The first version of IC I wrote was based on something Gary Numan said. He was on the tube and was absent…'California Amusement Parks' by Ludwig Favre say every breath you take in there is stolen from the lungs of another. @Grindrod I’m in, if you are. I know so many places that give me the chills.They say you age twice as fast in there.There’s a room in the empty flat I’ve just moved into me that terrifies me. I’ve just locked the door to it and wil… animated my previous scene. #UnrealEngine
Retweeted by Darran Anderson @TheSimonEvans It was the only bit I liked. Though admittedly, I have gradually come round to Oscar the Grouch's wo… @TheSimonEvans I used to sit through it just to get to this bit @JahDuran @LankumDublin @_loscil_ The fifth come from Oslo. They are named after an Isao Takahata anime. The video… @willmenaker While it's not especially useful to compare Trump to Hitler, this genuinely reminds me of the bits in… Kotov'Lost SeOUL' by Alex Mai @adammpark @LankumDublin @XxiBorza @JahDuran I read somewhere that 'Seven Drunken Nights' comes from the 1700s; it… @LankumDublin @XxiBorza @JahDuran I love hearing stuff like that. The secret histories. Like those early Bob Dylan…[Brilliant] Recreating memories of Tsukiji through photogrammetry @Oniropolis @cityofsound
Retweeted by Darran Anderson @gray Rain Dogs.
@Captain_Bionic My da salts the roads for the council every winter and one day he came back revitalised from an ear… @XxiBorza @JahDuran @LankumDublin The well-known version is I guess the Dubliners version, which is great, but the… @XxiBorza @JahDuran @LankumDublin I don’t know the etymology of that song but I love what they did with it (reminds… @YIMBY_Princeton We had those too. I used to know who was who from their different tunes and knocks at the door. Al… @TheFatConsol3R He’s been on a permo since that Hawkwind concert in ‘73.Worth reminding ourselves what the arrival of garbage trucks means for other children elsewhere. I visited Stung Me… was one of those kids (as this snippet from 'Inventory' shows).'Some kids look at garbage trucks like gigantic zoo animals visiting their home.' @JahDuran @LankumDublin @_loscil_ The fourth sounds like you're lying on your deathbed &, in a pleasant morphine ha… @Todcollider Goes without saying. @Todcollider My father would love that place. He has a fascination with carvings in old oak tables.Graffiti faces (Paris, 1930s–60s), as photographed by Brassaï"Someday I also want to leave and experience what it's like to live inland." - Danica Martinez. "The future is alre… series by @mslaurabliss (on how maps inspire & articulate experience), which I was privileged to contribute to
@JahDuran @LankumDublin @_loscil_ The third is like staggering through the corridors of darkened nightclub, where t…’s a zoomable version of the Pieter Bruegel the Elder painting I mentioned in the talk (‘Children’s Games’, 156… @joramvanloenen Needs more pilotis.In this short history, @Oniropolis decodes the spectacle of urban advertising.
Retweeted by Darran Anderson @sdetails @FestivalofIdeas That’s very kind, thank you. @owen_hopkins Congratulations, exciting news and richly deserved. @jazzemu_ @AdrianRMG Might be the best thread I ever saw.One little correction - I mentioned that junk/adventure playgrounds originated in Nazi-occupied Rotterdam but it wa… had the pleasure of taking part in a talk with some very interesting people on the future of play (video games, A… only does @Oniropolis have one of the very best twitter feeds and has written one brilliant book already (Imagi…
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Solve puzzles by manipulating gravity in a world of impossible architecture. Play Manifold Garden now on…
Retweeted by Darran AndersonCityscape for Rolly Rocket #pixelart #ThrowbackThursday #animation
Retweeted by Darran AndersonPS I post architecture that I find interesting, not architecture that I like. Liking isn't very interesting. Also, I hate things I like.Wandering around on Google Street View, when I should be writing. Here's the Ship House (Abuja), now the headquarte… among Mark Fisher's most profound statements: "If the 90s were defined by the loop, then the 21st century is…
Retweeted by Darran Anderson @rs_sparks @SteveHimmer There’s certainly be an audience for it all over the world @PenguinIndiaThe industrial landscapes of Song Wenzhi (1919–1999). Painted in the last years of the Cultural Revolution, they me…
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