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@OmahaWXStorms @NE_dad3 If I ever got my significant other to do this...I would be laugh so hard the tears streamin… think I fell in love with a sheep. @nannyanya I love her. Happy birthday, sweet girl! @mslizlord My heart was broken today. #JohnDeereGreen
An update on John
Retweeted by angiThis is a plane load of Drs and Nurses flying to NY to help out❤❤❤. Send them some love and if you pray, pray for t…
Retweeted by angi @Honyelll Right? That one just hurt.Joe Diffie died from Covid -19 and my teenage heart is so sad. #JohnDeereGreen 💚Scandalous @mpjeno Oh my goodness, I hadn’t put this into words but this is what is killing me. It is a real struggle. @DrJenGunter I’m so sorry
@OmahaWXStorms I’m so sorry for your loss.
you know that thing at the top of desktop twitter saying "what is happening?" I actually couldn't remember if I'd typed it or not... @laprimera
@pnuts_mama Much love. ❤️ @jasontoddbangs @NxtYearEagles @omaha_scanner @GovRicketts They could. I think most restaurants closed to take out…
@angiep213 @Rueclergirl @JarettSays They make everything ok. @Rueclergirl @JarettSays 🥰🥰🥰😭😭😭
@Rueclergirl I'm saving this for use forever on all things. @angiep213 #booties4bootys @angiep213 I'd recommend to her that she can use the unmatched socks in her laundry room and washcloths but she'll… @Geebman @Rueclergirl @tntradioempire Oh no. Screw that. That’s way worse than the barn swallows that dive bomb me… @MillardPSparents and community members. I would like to invite you to a live broadcast on Twitter tomorrow, Tu…
Retweeted by angi @WestOProblems In my defense Monday felt like a week. @TxMusicPickers Try to find love Texas country anywhere. @Rueclergirl @Geebman Yep. #helpmeThis is going to be a loooong quarantine...@Geebman just started singing the Wessonality commercial.’s undoubtedly be quarantined too long.'s pretty cool... 🔘 Corn farmers, faced with low ethanol demand, sending alcohol to inmates to make hand…
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@CAKinDC Cheese...cheese is the answer. #comfortfood #quarantinefood @mslizlord Oh Liz, praying for and all of you. I'm so sorry. @cmkinmia Reality is it is my freshman year of college all over again...except maybe the Covid-19 this time?!? @Geebman @Rueclergirl Lol! It’s you this morning. 😂😂
@elonjames I believe it is Boy See @EndlessJeopardy What is a Real Housewives of the NHL? @_StylishM Never a dull moment with Dad. ❤️I AM HOWLING
Retweeted by angi @Riley_Gates @LifeofFitz @sbterry247 @JamieOakes247 Congrats Riley!
@EndlessJeopardy What is Phyllo Famtasies @kristeneileen You’re so welcome. He helps bring levity back to all of us. He’s so good at that.👐🏽🧼🚰
Retweeted by angi @Rueclergirl @heyfreedummy @molly_knight @darth Hahahahaha. Is that a boxer puppy under there?!? 😂😂😂 @angiep213 @Rueclergirl We probably just made it worse. He’ll probably go look for more toilet paper.… @angiep213 Yay!! @angiep213 He’s a mess. I love him. @grumpymartian He is something else. I love him.My dad, ya’ll. 😂 most Americans are on the EBT/SNAP program. Here is something they don’t tell you. “Prime is just $5.99/month*…
Retweeted by angi @JettSuperior 😢I mean............. They haven’t banned LAUGHTER
Retweeted by angiTurns out...after all this time...I still know all the words to Mr Rogers songs. ❤️Hahahahah
I get it: you're on lockdown. You're trying to do a lot with a little. It's hard to find joy in the midst of fear,…
Retweeted by angi @CindyWilki Stir crazy gummy bear @dondrennon This made me laugh! What a great show. @pnuts_mama But I can still call him Baby Ben, right? #growinguptoofast @mirielmargaret I can only assume you all are now, if needed. Because the confection sounds like a much more pleasa… @Rueclergirl Me too. Tomorrow. For certain @Rueclergirl Angrily...which is why I love him.House...after he found out it was NOT lupus. @SpartanJessica Are you selling them? @grace134 Marrying a chef was genius...but marrying a chef during a quarantine situation is NEXT LEVEL! @TheCopyCait @awkwardlysocial @metalia @jonniker I was just researching latch hook kits on Amazon to do while I’m s… Freeman Narrates the Covid-19 Match Anaolgy Video
Retweeted by angiPSA: As you are walking around sanitizing door handles and such...don’t forget your toilet flushing handles etc.
@Rueclergirl Sure. If I don’t use food. 😂
@Rueclergirl @Geebman Well...this is something.!!!
Retweeted by angi @un_moored Your feelings are valid. Everyone deserves to have their feelings considered in this...not just your par…, so glad we have already stocked up for the apocalypse.
@CeeEmW This has been my argument to most things. I have to actually work still...and WFH actually means I tend to… @Rueclergirl @angiep213 You gif game is strong today. @angiep213 Honestly, me either. I now know what I will be doing for the rest of my day. *watches gif on repeat* @Rueclergirl @angiep213 BEST GIF EVER for Jason response @angiep213 Angie! I can no longer work now. I am...distracted...forever. @angiep213 Nope. Because how can a conspiracy kill anyone?!? @WhiskeyRiff @KoeWetzel @Rueclergirl @angiep213 @WeeLaura @pnuts_mama @_StylishM @dondrennon @txvoodoo @NegraYLibre @andylassner @EKGenest Same. Always. @EKGenest OMG! I love her. And why do they all sleep in the MOST uncomfortable looking positions. @EKGenest Right? I love her. She makes me forget all my stress...until she eats something of mine. 😂😂Not loving the news that my 81 year old FIL has a sore throat. Distracting myself with this sweet face. is quality pandemic content. 😂 ain’t it bruh
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This made me catch my breath. This is real West Omaha. People are in great need in your own back yard. They alw…
Retweeted by angiHere is our plan for the next couple weeks. @Vrz51
Retweeted by angiThis thread gave me a much needed laugh today. @dondrennon @txvoodoo @WeeLaura @angiep213 @Rueclergirl If we’re honest, most of us started there as soon as we saw his name. @WeeLaura @Rueclergirl @_StylishM @pnuts_mama @dondrennon @angiep213 @txvoodoo All! The! Time!!The truth comes out.
Retweeted by angi @Rueclergirl @angiep213 @WeeLaura @txvoodoo !!! @MishaRN Sorry, Misha. ❤️ @Rueclergirl We will. I promise. @asthehosptuRNs @motogoblin 😂❤️😂Tonight I got to FaceTime with my bestie, @Rueclergirl , my oldest called to reminisce, and my mom and sis and I F… @grace134 @hellokorio Seconded @CAKinDC Same!