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b**** @onlyfronds not quite toronto

all about food and politics | former dubai kid | she/her | support small & local businesses

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Snowy hike with my nephew Arlo 🥰 up. What the fuck is “righty tighty lefty loosey”????? I have never once heard this phrase????!!!!!! Is this… they know the version of me that fits their stupid ideas. Dummies’m the bf in this scenario 🤷🏽‍♀️ just want all my friends to get everything they want in life ya know? Like more than anything else I just want th… is this comfortable my dude? menu in question: Pav bhaji w/ homemade pav (bread) Thai curry noodle bowls Chicken chow mein Spicy chicken que… was feeling so uninspired earlier today that I called my mom in India and asked her to recommend me vegetables to…
this is actually not that bad. The work from home expenses bit was a little confusing, but everything else has been… my taxes myself this year. Let’s hope I don’t fuck it up irrevocably @kisstina_ Flirt with them @ashhhhhhole Good morning Bella baby, I love u and ash so so much!!! I hope u both have a beautiful day!!! @shanetweeted They were delicious!!!Strawberry mango margarita two ways
RIP I just found out that Dave doesn’t like gore, he only likes scary movies. What the fuck do I do now? How are we… saving money is the move. no more impulse purchases. only saving money from here on out. Also me: Uber eats s…’m obsessed with these flowers today omg hate jump scares in scary movies but I love the gore. Any recommendations for me?Good morning & happy Friday!’s my last day in this role and it’s honestly bittersweet. On the one hand switching to interim role for feb m… the server’s time by making them come back to the table thrice because no ones looked at the fucking menu i… @shanetweeted Tequila is my drink of choice. 2am is an early night. The hour long lineup at this club is totes worth it
Can y’all yell at me so I go to the liquor store pls @goooeydisk @raypatt Happy birthday Ray!!! @nateandmufasa Good morning goose and nate!Spring is so close!!! I’m finally waking up to the sun being so bright, I love it!!! @bootycollins_2 Nooooooooooooo (I get it tho, pls be safe) @nateandmufasa If you use bobby pins at all, bobby pin the mask straps to your hair, that way you can avoid the str… is not a horny tweet, this is just a tweet trying to establish a process @VinVin618 This makes sense @parallelbark Too many questions with no clear answer @sh3riffwoody Hmm okay, still vague but I guess this makes senseWhen people tweet about wanting to see titties/ask for ppl to send titties, what’s the procedure? Do you just dm th… @bootycollins_2 ????? Hover your hand over then pan insteadI was in India surprising my family, came back and boom lockdown. Really lucked out with getting to travel right be… @tatertothotbtch Thank you!!!!My greatest achievement is that my donut tweet (literally a tweet showing off donuts I made) got more impressions t…
@parrspective She’s a goddamn hater, you look so nicethose who stand for nothing, fall for anything
Retweeted by b**** @lisel_pisel Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ @EmSchwegy Thank you 🥺❤️ @sherrysworld Thank you!!!! @catttspace Thank you!!! @jjo5h Thank you!!! Might have to grab some Prosecco for tonight tbh!!! @hellswargo Thank you!!! @jimjonesjunior Thank you!!!!! @parrspective Okay @parrspective Ty 🥰Ya girl just got a promotion!!!!!! @kelly_scraps I love that you picked this tweet!!!! thank you 🙏🏽 @kelly_scraps Hello @desukidesu It’s Greek, on the water, has hella history, and culture, and looks like they have good food, I’m so happy ty ❤️ @desukidesu Pls
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Retweeted by b****Goodnight from this hesitant kitty @louislatour8 but do you hate the Canucks more than you hate the Leafs or the Habs?
Retweeted by b**** @shanetweeted Omg thank you!!!!! @autiotrip Good tequila (significantly better tequila than patron) is delicious @parrspective I know!! That’s what fucks me up!!!what, and i cannot stress this enough, the fuck????
Retweeted by b****?????????? this is with 40% off (they only do delivery thru Uber eats, I checked)
@shanetweeted Is there anyway at all that you could mail me one of these please and thank you @tatertothotbtch I’m sorry I’m busy :(Just need a tall strong person to help me crack my back please and thank youmy crush the vaccine 🤝 not inside me
Retweeted by b**** @inspector_salad Sleepy selfie with my nephew Arlo use vibrators!!! god said adam and eve not florence + the machine
Retweeted by b****Really exciting things are happening at work and I’m very happy and excited but I’m also overwhelmed as fuck and ha… Outlook asking me if I’m sure I want to schedule a meeting without a location
Retweeted by b**** @kissprivately 100% look into if you can just transfer your lease to the upstairs unit, especially if it’s the same… @plzseekheIp Facts @cryb0i we should both be cancelled tbh
Retweeted by b****Chancy says peek-a-boo @hellswargo Monterey Jack
Caipirinha kinda night think as women we need to do better and stop having sex with men that listen to joe rogan podcast
Retweeted by b****i ! just ! want ! to ! feel ! at ! home ! in ! my ! own ! body !
Retweeted by b****Goodnight friends enmoladas with cilantro lime rice @risssssarenee Thank you!!! @tatertothotbtch Absolutely! Simply come overBerry mojitos
@GuestTonight I haven’t watched a movie from a DVD in about 10 years but you’re right!Dave wanted us to watch The Outsiders today so I agreed since I’ve never seen it, and this man PULLS OUT A DVD?! I… @kelly_scraps 🥰🥺❤️ @parallelbark @kelly_scraps 🥰❤️ @parallelbark @kelly_scraps This is so indulgent, I’m so happy rn hahaInspired by @kelly_scraps, brioche french toast with berries, maple syrup, and double smoked bacon Sunday ☀️ @omqaudrey I think we’ll be lucky to get 20 hahaSunday funday for our friend chancy and his new catnip plant @Skoog Good morning skoog, you look very niceI’d say this is about 75% accurate @underupreciated @louislatour8 Vouch @CrazyStateOfMe Oh no!!! Hopefully the rest thrive!! They’re very cute! @louislatour8 If ur ever in Ontario I’ll be happy to lend u a hand @louislatour8 You get a girl to go shopping with you and give you honest opinions