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Onsta ☆ Black Illustrator & Chaotic VTuber ☕️✨☆LVL28☆ She/Her ☆ Commissions: ☆Contact: ☆ #VTuber #ENVTuber

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@spooticuz WHEN YOU GOTTA GO.... YOU GOTTA GO!!! @alura__une THANK U... I can't wait for the eventual UmiNico card... I wanna see how unhinged that gets @rankarana NOZONICO DESERVES... that we got real nozonico food in these times.. I still cannot believe......Also @OnstaMonsta mentioned @rinadecoro looking like a Fire Emblem character so I doodled this. (I didn’t get to as…
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @spooticuz @rinadecoro HOLY SHIT SPOOT THIS RULES.. THANK YOU FOR THIS BLESSED ART ;;____;; 💖💖💖💖 I WILL DUALWIELD… @SpoonkyTweets YE YE!! I haven't watched the new series yet but it still has a special place in my heart.. also the… @SpoonkyTweets THEY ARE BOTH SO CUTE AND DUMB I JUST CANNOT.. I CAN'T..... THEY'RE DUMB AND IN LOVE..... @SpoonkyTweets noooooooo D:> @SpoonkyTweets YOUCHIKA ABSOLUTELY RUINED ME.. I STILL HAVE MY YOUCHIKAS FROM AGES AGO....... GORLFRIENDS... @SpoonkyTweets DO YOU PLAY LL ALLSTARS.. I play that a bit more often and all the 3D and costumes in that game are REAL CUTE @SpoonkyTweets I also.. KanaDia real hard.. and KanaDiaMari... and YouChika... AND SOMETIMES KANACHIKA/YOUKANACHIKA… @SpoonkyTweets I'M A NOZONICO/NICOELI/NOZONICOELI-ER... also with a side of HonoUmi/HonoEli/RinMaki... the OG LL ra… @SpoonkyTweets I DO!!! I USED TO BE SUPER INTO IT BUT NOW I JUST LOG IN TO SOLO JEWELS AND PLAY SOME SONGS SOMETIME… @piemastersalem_ HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL YEAH!!!! @piemastersalem_ KANACHIKA IS SO CUTE.. Twilight Tiger is *OUT HERE* also KanaYouChika.. dumbass jock trio.......feed me rarepairs only.... rarepairs ONLY @fumikohoshi FUMIIII CONGRATSSSS!!!! 💖💖💖💖*GUITAR RIFF* LET’S GOOOOOOO 💕💖✨ trepanation
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @LaurenWalshArt hi im loo!!!! I'm open for commissions on my pinned!!!!
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @LaurenWalshArt Heylo i am System , I draw a lot of DnD related stuff , take commissions and enjoy making villains…
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @LaurenWalshArt Thank you for this, Lauren! ❤ I'm an artist from Argentina that loves mixing the macabre with lots…
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @LaurenWalshArt Hi! I'm Kay! I'm a digital artist who loves drawing demons, plants, and tabletop characters 💖 🌿 Yo…
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ART SHARE I haven’t done one of these in a along time! 🌱 Reply with your work, links, & maybe tell us something ab…
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @LaurenWalshArt Hell yeah!! 💖✨ I'm Onsta, a black freelance illustrator that loves bright colors and warm scenes~ 💜… @FinniChang THANK U FINNI!! <333 @TheActualCel FJSDFAJJDSF LAYS ON THE GROUND I TRY... O+---<!!! THANK U CEL!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖
@shamshandwich @rinadecoro @Willipossiblyam PRETZEL DOGS AND HUMAN PAIN @rinadecoro CLOSES EYES... I HAVE SOME IN THE FREEZER...... I CANNOT LOOK............... @rinadecoro [IS SPIRITED AWAY TO THE AUNTIE ANNE'S]Process for Icy Manicure! I did the greyscale in SAI and forgot to turn the timelapse on in CSP until I slapped dow… @rinadecoro ARE YOU *SURE* @rinadecoro @Willipossiblyam YOU WERE IMMEDIATELY SPIRITED AWAY AND I APOLOGIZEYour love is cool~ 💖💫✨ [氷のマニキュア❄️✨]
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @chibidorie 😭🙏🏿✨ Thank you so muuuchh..!! O+---< 💖 @rinadecoro @Willipossiblyam I JUST!!! WANTED TO SEE!!! HOW THEY DID THAT!!!!!So @OnstaMonsta and I played A Way Out.......... :] (editor: @willipossiblyam)
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @LordRageGod Aww thank youu!! ;__;)9 @ProfLeviathan [MUFFLED HOLLERING]also important: they @riasaur RIAAA THANK THANK!!! ;;__;; <333 I TRY!! lays in a pool of colors forever...Thank you everyone for comin' by nighttime art stream!! 💖✨ We drew and talked about a lot of delightfully blursed s… @nichtganzok AAAAA Thank you so much!! 😭🙏🏿✨ @apaintedbee GENTLY YELLS.. THANK U!!! @aniistoll Thank you Annieee!! <333Going live for a lil bit! ✨ @AlphonseMcSteel Aaww thank ya!! :D I'm glad!! @BuwwitoJoon NOOO GDJHDJZ thank youuu!! 😭✨ @TerryLe03701162 THANK YE THANK YE!! 🙌🏾✨ @EldritchSky have a chill day at a dog cafe, please Carter-- @EldritchSky he needs his comfy Uniqlo sweater and tinted sunglasses back-- @EldritchSky He goes from vibing happy man to gonna do a big hurt real quick-- @KrissuTweets BURSTS INTO TEARS AND LAYS IN A PUDDLE OF MUD FJSDHF THANK U THANK U!!!! 🥺💖✨ I'M LOVE.... COLOR!!! @Asia_Simone405 Aaaww thank youu!! 😭✨ @EldritchSky IT'S A TIME!! IT'S A BUNCH OF FUN BUT A TIME.. my tablet right now is real saturated and I have to cal… @rinadecoro WHERE'S MY ONSTAMSOB I'M GONNA TURN INTO A BUG.. YOU'RE TOO KIND TT___TT I JUST YELL AND THE COLORS COME OUT!!!! 😭😭😭✨ @psittacidean THANK THANK!! ;___; @starryeyedeyes THANK YOUU!! I was a lil worried bc on my monitors the colors look *absolutely bonkers* in saturati… @shamshandwich YEEHAWS IN PINK AND CYAN RESPECTIVELY @rinadecoro WINAAA 🥺😭💖✨ LAYS FACE FIRST ON THE GROUND.. THANK U THANK U!!! 💖💖💖
@EldritchSky Thank you Stephhh~!! I'M GLAD.. it was a lot of fun~!! * U *)9Your love is cool~ 💖💫✨ [氷のマニキュア❄️✨] you can paint a little to a love song, as a treat 💫✨
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨Urameshi!! 💚💫✨
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @rinadecoro @Willipossiblyam mario................I think I’ll do an art stream tonight.. it’s been a minute 👁👄👁✨ @uguubear if you do, I’d love to commission you!! 🙌🏾💖✨ @KrissuTweets Thank youuu!! 💖 @JellyfshFortuna THANKIE FRAE!! 💖💖💖 I can't wait to get around to slappin some colors on it, I was just *vibing* @kianamaiart HE'S SO GOOD... HE SOUNDS THE SAME AFTER 30+ YEARS OF MUSIC AND HASN'T MADE ONE BAD SONG.. A TRUE LEGENDI love... Koori no Manicure... you can paint a little to a love song, as a treat 💫✨ @fumikohoshi MY BEAUTIFUL SPACE SON!!! I'M SO GLAD WHEEZES THANK YOU FUMIII 😭😭😭💖💖💖 HE DESERVE SPACE ADVENTURE... @ArcadiaRem I'M SO GLAD I love YYH so much.. ;__; I've really delved back into it again this & last year and it mak… @psittacidean Aww, thank you so muchh!! ;;___;;)9 @SgtPeachio The good boy!! 😭✨Urameshi!! 💚💫✨ a bit of messing around to help break in the new tablet.. I still don't know how much I like this but???? 💫✨
*eyes glaze over in self-indulgence* yamcha brain goes brrrrr
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨the undersketch for this was also hilariously unhinged/surprisingly charming??? I ... LISTEN. HE LOOKS GOOD. LISTEN…
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨
@Wahahuui HOLLERS AND LAYS IN A PUDDLE ON THE GROUND THANK YOU YUPII..!!! I.. THE SELF-INDULGENCE.. ABSOLUTELY POSSESSED MEthe undersketch for this was also hilariously unhinged/surprisingly charming??? I ... LISTEN. HE LOOKS GOOD. LISTEN… @marissaraptor GENTLY HOLD THE WOLF FANG TID.....*eyes glaze over in self-indulgence* yamcha brain goes brrrrr @rinadecoro YAMCHA'S ALL TITTED UPWE LIVE NOW AND IT'S ALREADY UNHINGED
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨
@rinadecoro THEY'LL NEVER TAKE US ALIVE 👁️👄👁️💦💦💦WE'RE GOING TO JAIL 👁️👄👁️💦 @psittacidean *COACH MCYAJIROBE* @house_of_darkly oh these are GOODWHO ELSE WILL MAKE THESE IF I DON'T
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨Damn.. #ImReallyBlack is a thing, huh. WELP. I RARELY POST SELFIES AND I'M BAD AT SELF-PROMO BUT. I'm black & I il…
Retweeted by ONSTA ☕️ VTUBER💫✨ @JellyfshFortuna THANKIE THANKIE FRAE!!! 💖💖💖 @corruptedgem EMILY ILU TOO!! 💖💖💖 YOU TOO.. take it easy when and where you can!! <33Also you can always reach me by email for commissions & work stuff! I don't really check DMs here even when I'm on… a heads up, I'll probably be sparse in a lot of places as I wanna try to take more time for myself and recalibra…
@starryeyedeyes IT'S STILL GOOD.. honestly all I want to do is poundsurf for hours and save up for new painted pets o+---< @marissaraptor IT'S TIME TO GET ALL THE KRAWKS AND DRAIKS AGAINhonestly... neopets has absolutely got me back