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Creative Director @onuiessentials •Teacher•Avid crafter•Translator French/English/Eʋe•Music• I also write spoken Eʋe from Agbozume🌴🌴

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@DaakyeHemaa_ Good jooob 🎉😂 interesting ☺️
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @KwabenaNerdCJ Yeeeeees 😁Happy I was able to read this
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @_nunana You're doing well 🤠Woooow. Akrofi has helped me. @silvadalla9 I'm on my third year. Works fineLooks like it is working.Akpe kakaaka
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓Really need to learn ewe
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @munaryam Mesu akpe o @_kojob You dooo✌️ Keep them coming nyesii.
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @Senya_Gh For sure 😽I was able to read this very well.
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @harry_specter Kudos to youI'm surprised I can still read
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @lsberdie Good job 👌🏿 @Mzlianne Great dad 💕The best way to save money is to go in da house & lay yo ass down 🤦🏽‍♂️😭🤣
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓😂😂😂 @rashbaey @rickybruce1 😂Bird hunting expedition with the use of aŋe (catapult)😁 @akpadetsi 😂🤝 @akpadetsi Tweeting from the comfort of our beds🥂 @akpadetsi I'm tired of staying indoors now 😩😭Hakpanya @_blaQad @megborna @WhoIsDeydzi Am I Missing someone?
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓Shatta Wale did a hundred on Ayoo.
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓🎉 fact that men think women live for them is actually ludicrous
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @TheAkuvi 🤝💖 @TheAkuvi Then come and find them. @TheAkuvi Hahahaha. You have to ransack my house and let's find the books. They're in there somewhere. @TheAkuvi Hahahaha Blewu kpe fu @julsdereal @Prosper_selorm I want it too. It should be available in bookshops in Ho.Before corona destroyed our social lives... @julsdereal @Prosper_selorm Nunyamɔ 3This book. 😅
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @TheDapper_ 😂😂😂My brother @DivineKwadzodeh has done tremendously well as JCR President of Kwapong. He’s achieved feats unlike no…
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓Sounds like confession. Confess your sins and you're as good as new. @bompata_krachi Ei @Marie_MissB Oh yes. The best @WhoIsDeydzi All the best 💖 @Onui Akpe kakakaa me ɖo ŋku agbalẽ sia dzi, meɖe kuku ateŋu aɖo akpa kpɔtoe ɖem nɛ ma xlẽ mahã 😃
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @_D_Donne Memleɖagbe ŋdi. Vovome meli fifia o gake me Do ŋugbe be ma ɖoe ɖa le Memleɖagbe. @Aflaovia Hahahaha🤝 @76erCule You need to learn to read it. @Marie_MissB The back was broken and I abandoned it. Needed some info on it so I had to fix it. @76erCule Hahahaha. Sorry @Naa_Akorfaaaaaa Hahahaha. Dwarves were involved. I promise to look for the book this weekend 😃"ŋkɛɛ shake your bottos" ikdr ataaŋkpa!
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓Duna esa n3k3! Tawele 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓😂 @Ena__this Mesu akpe o 💃I feel so proud. I could read💃🎉
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓Nice read…what book is this?
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @mawutor_ajb Good jooob 🎉 @Ena__this Primary school textbooks from the 90s. I don't know if they use the same. @afitsegah Hahahaha 🤗😁 @afitsegah Hahahaha. Alright, baby. I'll be here waiting 😂 @afitsegah Hahahaha. This is what you're up to 😅 @afitsegah Ayekooo @abenamagis Yeah. They will. There so many foreign banks already in Ghana so why not?One weekLol. We need to start familiarizing ourselves with the idea before they come because it's just a matter of time.🎉
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓
@Mzlianne Hahahaha. It's about to be bloody😂 @Rebecca_baiden2 Someone is hiding something @Mzlianne Ei. @N_FROMTHE9 Hahahaha @Mzlianne If she doesn't allow them to do it, we can all conclude she faked it. Ah @N_FROMTHE9 Hahahaha. There are azizawo even involved somewhere after this page. Poor Blewu @Mzlianne Exactly. She should be thoroughly checked even to make sure she's safe. Why are they dancing around the problem? @PmCasford Look at that. What are his comments based on then?It's like an annoying telenovela. @PmCasford I don't even know how so many people are finding it so difficult to do one thing. Just one thingHow hard is it to verify if a woman was pregnant or not? Check her antenatal notes, her hospital etc.SMH @Sir_Stevensarp Sharp sharp 😁 @Sir_Stevensarp Hahahaha. A whole Osofo like me. @Sir_Stevensarp Hahahaha. It's a song phone is baaaaaack 😭😭😭😭 I really enjoyed this phone. @_blaqa Hahahaha. I have consult the gods😂Push the magazine down on the floor 💃We got spirit y'all We got spirit We got soul y'all We got soul They don't want us to see But we already knowHahahaha CK ena sane @akpadetsi I'll look for the books this weekend 😸 @akpadetsi Hahahaha. Enyaa gblẽ😂 @akpadetsi @TheKofigo What happened after this page? 😅 @akpadetsi @TheKofigo Really?😂😂😂 I've misplaced the books somewhere in this house.Ladies and Gentlemen, my brother 😂😂
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓Fixed my old phone I don't have two hands.This is why #AZONTO IS back
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓ @afiwa_ He'll break down uncontrollably 😂Space Jam Way.
Retweeted by Kɔmivi dada ⚓