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Gary C @oohgaryc London, England

Vlogger, singer & doodler! ✉️ =

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@lifeofjezza Not at the moment. Adam sells the Moo Moo Sharoo ones sometimes :) @HelenAnderz This photo is so nice! @PatrickADougall 🙏🏻 @rachelpage69 Imagine! 🤣AD•Gifted 🎃 I put on my pumpkin sweatshirt from @ordinaryowl / @CherryWallis & had myself a little autumnal photo…“Add To Bag?” @ErinaMayx Get well soon x @novkalwen Before :)I should be avoiding articles like "40 Health Risks That Skyrocket After 40" before bed. What did I just flick thr… men with early prostate cancer don't have symptoms. Check your risk in 30 seconds and find out what you should…
@Weenatalie96 You shouldn’t get a customs charge because ShopDisneyUK is for UK residents. I’m not sure though. Def… @doddleoddle Congratulations! x @pandasadventur1 😘❤️ @ShabazHabib We were booked in for day 3 but didn’t go. Shattered!Paul Rudd appreciation tweet. It’s 3 AM but he’s special & deserves lots of love.
@emmy_starry @adamhattan Perfect! xWhere's the lie? THIS xx @kaz_osgood Hahaha oh my! @cblossombws One where it’s two of you is okay. The other was being refurbished. The fast solo one was awful!NEW Center Parcs video with @adamhattan! We go boating & I put on temporary face tattoos 👍🏻 @BenInLDN Happy birthday Ben! 🥳 @amystiny Aww :) @wnjcr Bless ya x
@rachyleigh30 @adamhattan We have the same one! :) @DanStorm7 Thanks 🙏🏻 @JadePhelps64 Thank you 🍁“ I don’t need to go somewhere designed for relaxing. I can relax anywhere. I choose not to.” Trixie Mattel on spas - UNHhhh ep 108.I shouldn’t be awake at 5:20 AM watching Brian Hull’s Disney impression videos on YouTube. The ones with characters…’m getting videos of chiropractors doing people’s adjustments on instagram. They are team too much, but I can’t lo… @houserftway86 Beautiful!!! @jennycdavis24 Thanks Jenny 🙏🏻
@julieab70 Thank you, happy birthday! x @mindexplode Some of the build a bear ones are amazing! @Jenflitch 🎃❤️🎃NEW VIDEO! 🙏🏻 Open Arms - Journey (Cover) Please give the video a 👍🏻 if your enjoyed it! x @highfielder80 Awwww that’s so cute!I saw this comment on Instagram & it made me smile. “Stuffed animals are just pillows with a personality.” - kristen.hyland @brogantatexo I made it my phone background 🍁 took this video photo today. I love the colours 🍂 @1Dluver4eva1016 Happy birthday Rachael! 🎉 Bieber’s #Lonely is so sad. Great song & video idea, but sad. @NbytVlogs 😘❤️If you have spots on your face, don’t put hand sanitiser on them. 🔥
@echoistofficial @TomRussellPhoto 🖤💚You can donate to help the owls here: 🦉Save The Owls with @CherryWallis! 🦉 🦉 @CalumMcSwiggan Le cry 💔 @francisdominiic I just went on their Instagram page, the normal mice are even better!I hope it’s true Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield & Tom Holland will be united in #SpiderMan3. The Spider-Man films a…
@MarvelMateo It cost me £4.25 for one pop. But it’s tracked & free delivery over £40. @BarryTheCad I don’t know. I hope it’s dpd because they are fast where I live!AD•Gifted 🎃 It’s almost midnight & my room is filled with the smell of pumpkin spice! @ordinaryowl / @CherryWallis @FunkoEurope I’m going to try & get the top one! He’s a true icon!*clicks* put jeans on for the first time in nearly 7 months. Took them straight off & put jogging bottoms on!Ordered my first pop from @FunkoEurope’s new online store. I can’t wait to finally add Stan Lee to my collection! I… - The saga continues... 1. Rodent in the wall cavities & roof, traps set. 2. Tuesday morning, two thuds… @DisneyNdBeyond @Hermesparcels I had to replace the order before this one. That’s two out of two.
@Poooosiekat @Heeyitsdaniella ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @emmalenehan20 Happy birthday! 🎉 @ray70arkley No one knows until Disney announce it. @LRDreaming @box_eve @Hermesparcels Thanks ShopDisneyUK need to stop using them. My last parcel had been opened, da… @dearest__enemy @Hermesparcels Yep. @TWMum_Tinkerhel I don’t know them anymore!Me: What do you think I’ve learned in 40 years? Nephew: Your times tables?If you get things from Amazon, please sign up to their #AmazonSmile scheme. It costs you nothing. Amazon donate to… @RolyUnGashaa Congratulations 🎉 @hersheysdarling @jasminexgreene I did!
I was going to post a fun photo of me holding two crochet pumpkins; whilst wearing Christmas pyjamas. However, as y… @BangorRed1981 A couple of times. I stayed with a friend & his family. It’s one of my favourite places I’ve ever be… @jasminexgreene Blaenavon just outside Pontypool. Our school had a place there. I think I went twice :) @Stephasocks *hides in shame*Thinking about places I haven’t been to in the UK. Huddersfield is the furthest north I’ve been. I’ve never seen Sc… @tomanthowes 😂 @FunkoEurope Yes! @CherryWallis One by one? Nah, get it down ya!AD•Gifted 🎁 @adamhattan sent me his new Still A Pumpkin pin & I love it! There’s a limited number of them, so get… @brogantatexo @pandocruises Fingers crossed for an adventure on the sea soon! x @kelly67716411 This one travels in the wall cavities & roof. Oh the joy! @CalumMcSwiggan He gets enough coins from me! @RolyUnGashaa Knew it! I thought I could hear the faint sound of Euphoria. @LeighRipka It wasn’t easy or comfortable to do. These are the sacrifices I make for social media. You’re welcome. @benjamin_cook Mickey needs to learn how to tell the time. Unless it was intentional. Then I’m not amused!“Put a finger down if you were woken up at 5 AM by a rodent in the ceiling above your bed.”“Don’t take this the wrong way…” “I’m not being funny…” “No offence but...”
@Enewt74 Perfect 👌🏻I’m happy so many people have enjoyed the new video with @adamhattan. It’s been great to read your comments & see h… @MicheleJayne4 I think the end of the video proves, it doesn’t matter what I look like I’m still a sham! @kaz_osgood @adamhattan Omg! @rm01wurs @adamhattan Hahaha! Dignity? @Jadestarrx That’s me! @CalumMcSwiggan Oh dear! 🤣New video! Center Parcs with @adamhattan. Let’s just say, it’s something... *hides from the internet* friend @XantheSimmans has launched her new shop! I love her art style. I maaaay have just treated myself to a "f… in your own time, be safe. @kaz_osgood Haha the gif! @FamilyMassa That’s me!Love the musical, cant wait for the #JamieMovie :) just saw someone say Henry Cavill sounds like the male Siri. I can’t unhear it now!