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Ookazi @Ookaziyo Rhode Island, USA

まったり垂れ流し Black Lives Matter disciple of many masters; junkyard titan; village catboy ; connoisseur of #racoon #living- beat it, dinner jacket

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@young_particle I live in the like oldest area in the US and still we put plaques on 110 yr old houseskeep having flashbacks to the slaughter pits >///< @coolestdudeyet yeah like it is probably a really good head-start for kids these days
@coolestdudeyet it is a regular house, citizenWe may infer a Station 1. We may conjecture a Station 3. But our curiosity will have to wait. Look, now. A dog. Sh…
Retweeted by OokaziI like how boomers can identify that there's a pestilent rot at the core of our culture but they're too dumb to rea…
Retweeted by Ookazi @young_particle it really is! it was such a pleasure clicking circles to this bumping tune @sweetiealert hey this was a really good tip those are powerhouse stations i used it a lot ty! 🥰🥰 @bubbleteaPhD you got this! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ @kaaaamiken381 無理だよ!future bassは音楽のfuture! @young_particle i love it it made me heart warm and me mouth giggle @young_particle yeah if he is really so sorry he will step up and lick your feet but instead he resigns? i do not t… rather upsetting when i can't get the like to stick on a post that i really want to show my support for @snowdreamboy oo get it vi ooo @snowdreamboy @dummydumm423 gaydiation poisoning#番所ヶ原スキー場 ママ 不整地爆走 可愛くない
Retweeted by Ookazi @snowdreamboy gm vi! 🥰きのー酔っ払いながら自撮りしたら、こんなんでした、、、あさおかが撮ってくれた1/11のDJ後藤まりこのライブ載せます〜!
Retweeted by Ookazi @KenjiSiratori whatever you say, bastard @bogcore already?? D:
@dai__joubu yeah if it happened in japanese class where the rules are usually really good, i can imagine it happens a LOT in english class @dai__joubu i think at my university STEM people did this in language class a lot out of habit. like we forget that… #unit @young_particle I think it is cute but which parts are the american ones? 😯 I found this song on osu a little while… doesn't ANYONE vote for leaders who like titties and drugs? u're all fucking USELESS.
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YUPPERS. And naturally this will lead to a rise in the activity of parasitic spirits, which will attempt to exacerb…
Retweeted by Ookaziyo gin & tonics are really good flavor like im drinking a christmas tree, on some real botanical vibes you feel me…
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@madisonions it is so pretty @madisonions ive heard a lotta bad things about haggis ! @madisonions i srsly just went to go take a picture of the stir fry i just made to show u i also just made stry fry… @madisonions its stir fryday babyMaidboys ※ #じぎさえ
Retweeted by Ookazi @young_particle i would KILL for a ball of nyarn right now @young_particle oh please, please- im am just the village catboy @young_particle oh, that way? i know that way @SleepMastre if u get up half way thru imma cry @young_particle which way is up?anyone want to watch a movie with me? it is 100 years long and we'll be the only ones to see it all @coolestdudeyet charlatans! if they had a good story they'd tell it @coolestdudeyet i never watched but its a super hero movie so i know it doesnt have an ending. half a movie, people! can you believe it? @RealKyoukoHours okay fine u can say it @coolestdudeyet these authors out here afraid to COMMITこれすき
Retweeted by Ookazi @young_particle you just keep truckin cuz youre tough like that! so many fun games are coming your way, i can feel it! @bogcore @young_particle oh, sorry Dusty! I wasn't.. err.. 😅 @young_particle Musty and Dusty @young_particle sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason at all, but we press on and hold it down 💪 @Virtual1nstinct @Ookaziyo Noooooo 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ 🕯️🕯️😈🕯️🕯️ 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️
Retweeted by Ookazi @sLnsou there is no consent button??
2021 @young_particle puffin on them origami blunts @Ookaziyo OOKAZI ONLY SMOKE PAPERS !!!
Retweeted by Ookazi @BaborAh96961096 I think the 10 times is never accidental, 9 maybe @young_particle this dog looks like he's wrapped in raw @majisukeban you can probably demolish me in combat like pipi already @majisukeban definitely @majisukeban picturing ur 2021 fit maybe you can rock it i think
The Centurion
Retweeted by Ookazi @young_particle Me too, it's like the provisional-type following & subscribe @majisukeban me too but dont worry the energy will come back when the time is right @Mr2Orange buy BACK all the farmlandomg best track ever (@jonahtolchin): @Virtual1nstinct okay but be careful not to summon anything @boywifebot its wat im doinevery time it snows... @majisukeban Movie theater? :O
Retweeted by Ookazi @samelpan2 @gnomechomskyy call me gay but i think its just pridegonna name this weed strain "swords of plowshare" @majisukeban @madisoff 😂😂😂i cant afgord job
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@madisoff gottem in my sights
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Retweeted by Ookazi @shyleenus @shyleenus youre right @Ookaziyo U missed three chump
Retweeted by Ookazi @metakuna god this wool is so thick @madisoff like one of these fuckers @madisoff LIVING. ASS FISH. do not fuck with me!!itll try to wiggle around and shit and i WONT. EVEN. CARE. im like a ROCK bro ill feel NOTHINGim crazy bro i do not give a fuck i will grab onto a alive ass fish and just hold it there i am ice coldmath rock osu! map - very cool weight you lift is a circle you could've clicked#nattyim playing on hard mode (no meds) @xingxyix 😎 @archillect boys really live like this and see no problem 🙄 @EksieKitchin nah lets just speculate we'll call it a priori it'll be cool @Mr2Orange i still see u! @boywifebot guys i checked and 系 means gina @boywifebot ..or does he? 🤔 @majisukeban true depth comes from being bigger on the inside @KenjiSiratori @VideoFemme i like this for many factors