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Ooni Pizza Ovens @OoniHQ Edinburgh, Scotland

Everyone deserves great pizza! Ooni is the world's no. 1 pizza oven 🔥🍕Created by @kristian, Ooni cooks pizza in 60 secs & fires up to 932°F/500°C. #oonified

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@realtimwilliams @Hoey1 🔥🔥🔥 @realtimwilliams This looks awesome! We hope you enjoyed 🍕
@dashman343 Hi there! Please feel free to drop us a private message with your support team ticket number so we can look into this for you! 🍕 @McGinty28 Hi there! Have you already raised a ticket with our support team? 🍕 If so, please drop us a message with… @kev_charlton Hey Kev! All pre-order shipping guidance is based on stock inbound dates, so these are extremely accu… @kellyspk16 Hi there! I am so sorry to hear this! None of our pre-order shipping guidance has been further delayed… @ViewfromGorgie We feel you! We promise your pizza will be worth the wait! 🍕 @dashman343 Hi there! Oh no! I am so sorry about this! We have two warehouses in the US which can cause a variation… @HenryGlutton @Dishoom Awesome job! 😀 @AndrewParker13 Oh no! We are so sorry to hear this - of course we can replace this stone for you! Please raise a t… @NotoriousMr_V Hi there! 😀 The winners of the wackiest pizza contest have already been contacted, I am so sorry if… @Ferkinator1 Hi there! If you would like, you can send us a private message with your order number so we can look into this for you! 😀 @ViewfromGorgie We are so glad you have been enjoying cooking with Ooni! 😀 @tomhowardcantab This bottle looks like it can be for propane or butane gas! We would always recommend propane for optimal results!
@tomhowardcantab I have double-checked this, and it is compatible! 🔥 @tomhowardcantab Hey, are you based in the UK? We recommend propane gas bottles with a 27mm regulator!Pizza dough hydration doesn’t have to be rocket science! Whether you're a beginner or already an experienced explor… @Zimmysnook @the_feedfeed @Food52 @DicksonBBQ @NellaToronto @FoodNetworkCA @SAVEURMAG @foodandwine @nytfood @FoodlandOnt What a beauty! 🤤 @gabebolton Nooooo! This is so frustrating. We promise they are in one piece when they leave our warehouse! I'm not… @mastracola Happy cooking 🙌 @ViewfromGorgie @aldi You won't be disappointed! ❤️ @cheesemonst @EveningStandard You can check our shipping timetable over at 🙌 @BBQMike5 Still looks very tasty! 🤤🙌 @Ferkinator1 Hey, what region are you in?! Our shipping timetable is updated regularly and will change to "shipping… @BladesGreg Hey! We wish everyone could be an Ooni Ambassador. Our Ooni Ambassadors start off as regular Ooni owner… @Mattlemoo Yes! Amazon is normally a huge channel for us, but due to high demand we've not had the stock over the l… @karenashwo Enjoy, Karen! ❤️🥳 @DickieSmyth Thanks for spreading the Ooni love ❤️🍕 @AmandaCohen__ Hey! We don't monitor the email you sent your original query to! I've replied to your DM on Instagram! 🙌
“They offer charcoal, wood and gas models as well as those that can be powered by any of the aforementioned (like t… @NiallNokotan Hey - our shipping timetable is based on inbound stock logistics so the batch should be arriving in o… @erinvogler Hey! Check out our shipping timetable which is updated daily over at 🍕 when the… @OmniRemix Ooni really changes the pizza game doesn't it... 🍕 @IanWhittle2 Very good first attempt! And it will just get easier and easier as you become Ooni pros! 🍕🔥 @nblottie1 Looks great! Good job 👏🙌 @staciepepper @DicksonBBQ Ooni ovens are like gold dust at the moment so this is great! Happy birthday, Kyle! 🥳🍕 @harry_pszza Can you deliver to me in Scotland because these look AMAZING! ❤️
@donnat2407 I've passed this on, someone should be in touch via the email ticket shortly! ☺️ @marnikeane ENJOY! 🙌🍕❤️ @esacrosa 🔥🔥🔥 @mattmoog @kristian hey - you're also welcome to send us a DM and we'll be sure to help you out! 🙌 @mikeholman84 Welcome aboard ❤️Happy #WorldChocolateDay!! Here is my contribution with a Nutella and marshmallow pizza. Made this over the weekend…
Retweeted by Ooni Pizza Ovens @sandeep_r @NutellaGlobal Awesome work! 🤤 @BCTIncubation hey! Could you drop us a DM please! ☺️ @B0ILERMAN @GordenRemsay we agree! @donnat2407 Hey Donna, send us a DM with your ticket number and we can investigate 🙌 @TomKitchin no other food on the planet causes as much debate as the idea of putting pineapple on pizza. We are wan…
@JohnTorode1 Hawaiian Pizza Day is coming up and Ooni are hosting a debate on the controversial topic. What’s YOUR… @fredsirieix1 hey Fred, Hawaiian Pizza Day is coming up and we want to know your thoughts on the age old debate...… @jamieoliver Hawaiian Pizza Day is coming up and Ooni are hosting a debate on the controversial topic. Does pineapple belong on pizza?Hey @GordonRamsay, settle the debate! Does pineapple belong on pizza?! @panzer what are your thoughts on the controversial topic that is pineapple on pizza?! Does it belong? 🍍🍕 @nphenn11 Hi - we've been experiencing some issues with tracking links from our EU warehouse. I will send you a DM… @bonjelicabrown ...give a light “tap” on the hopper when you top up to make sure pellets are flowing properly in to… @bonjelicabrown Hey! This is creosote (kinda like soot) and it's perfectly normal! Here are some of our tips: use O… @nblottie1 Delicious pizzas in the comfort of your own home... what's not to love! 🍕 @Mattlemoo Hey - great news you're getting your Ooni earlier! To cancel an order, head over to! 🙌 @samelcock97 Gosh - sorry to hear that! That sucks. But happy the Uuni survived. Pizza helps, right?! ❤️ @Slewing @ewingjustin Looks awesome! ❤️ @DebsStraughton That IS a huge statement from an 8 year old! We are so happy he loves his Ooni. Gluten free and del… very happy boy with his new @OoniHQ pizza oven. One thing he's missed since he was diagnosed is decent pizza. T…
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Meet Valerio Belluccini, proud owner of Pizzeria Ostiense, in Rome’s Testaccio neighbourhood. Their signature dish… @whois_John_Galt YUUUUUUUM 🤤 @clint5057 So glad to hear! 🍕🙌 @Outdoorwildkids Hey - definitely! You can check out the dimensions here: Ooni is not just… @love2bbquk @TurnerandGeorge Bet it TASTED incredible though! 🤩 @JamesBendix Looks like an awesome celebration, thanks for sharing! ❤️☺️ @IanDBird Hey! We don't have a specific date but if you head over to the product page on the website, you can sign… @greedychopsblog This looks incredible! 🤤🔥 @lipicnik1 🙌 @MarkWatlock 🤤 @PDHWales @FrancoMancaPizz @marycomont @TGVComont Yum! Looks awesome 🙌
Biga starter is the key for making lighter, fluffier pizza dough for an authentic Italian experience. Biga is a cus… @PontinSimon @CarterIsla WOW! Thank you so much for sharing - We hope you had an awesome time celebrating! 🙌🍕 @ballybeque @AngusandOink This is AWESOME! 🙌 Thank you so much for sharing! @PeteOtten @DaveJCritchley @mcveigh_owen @VirgilvDijk @LIDSdelivery @lubanliverpool We are so glad to hear you love… @BarneySantos Awesome job! 👏 This looks delicious! @B0ILERMAN Thank you so much for sharing! 😍 This looks unreal!
@DarrenUpson Oh no! Let's get you sorted ASAP! If you could please raise a ticket with our team via… @Penny_Baker_1 Hi there! Ooni 3 is out of stock for the foreseeable future. We have recently launched Ooni Fyra! Th… @beebeeflyaway Hi Karena, we are so glad to hear this order has been shipped! A member of our team has been in touc… 4th of July! We’ve got #Ooni Brand Ambassador, Josh Tahan, showing you how to make some killer, flame-grille…
Our friend @canoopsy used his Ooni Koda to help out in his city of Toronto! They made almost 40 pizzas for a local… @beebeeflyaway Well this means your order has been shipped! ☺️ @davidconde hey! Keep an eye on the shipping timetable which is updated daily! 🙌 It should certainly be soon, and y… @GillwallyO We appreciate this is not ideal, we are working closely with our couriers to resolve these issues and e… @GillwallyO I can assure you, this order has been shipped from our EU warehouse. We have seen slight delays in trac… @rzeta0 Hey - as long as it's secure then it is okay to store outside! We sell premium wood pellets on our website,… @drkirstyross Looks amazing! @dudara @ToonsBridge @Littleitalyltd @OllysFarm Looks great, Joanne! 🤤 @champagnejimmy Glad to see the Uuni 2 still being used and loved ❤️ @TheJambro @mstewart_23 ❤️🍕 @Linda32856777 @mstewart_23 NOPE! @OoniHQ ❤️🔥 @scottdillon1 Best kind of lunch! 🍕 @Yorks_Pizza_HQ @kristian We are a small team dealing with a huge increase in demand. We have employed even more am… @eDawwggg Done, fire us a DM! 🙌 @Alba___FX @kristian GREAT first effort! Enjoy your Ooni experience ❤️ @beebeeflyaway We are! We are a small business who has experienced a huge surge in demand and have made relevant ad… @mstewart_23 So glad it's arrived! Enjoy! 🙌🍕