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Opek @opekillz Orange.County.

simply the greatest ever was... not rich so I can’t travel the world... nor I have a YouTube channel and refuse to sell out to the money to help.

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@jonasjare @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp Type 4* only save those everything else transfer @NianticHelp I been like this for the past month so idk wtf your talking about @NianticHelp @mrlucko @NianticHelp I’m glad you answer but stop making people go outside and play... and please tak… @NianticHelp That’s lame ... making your league weaker only creates weaker trainers... either everyone stay home be… @PokemonGoApp I still can believe people are playing this when a virus is taking thousand of lives ... I get money…
@IceColdMystic Don’t fly with ispoofer @pokemurph Any shadow ball mewtwo? @shinypok3hunt3r Easy
@FLWvideos Gold gyms
@PokemonGoApp Remember stay inside there is a deadly virus .... human life over digital critters#tP
What the world needs right now.... actually always did. #ignorancekills @EveryoneIn_LA You can’t change everyone...some choose to live this way... either cuz they are running from someone… @barside2_mystic With the friend ship do grind ...x3 became irrelevant in this game...low key it always was... it j… out let that clown speechless @NianticHelp @rastamanOO7 Are you also aware there is a virus out there and you keep mailing people play outside? @PokemonGoApp Did you know there is a world wide epidemic??? Don’t seem like it. #$$$$$overPeople the @NianticLabs way @engel_go At least you guys are respectful and educated enough to to keep the distance... here in US there is less…
Just posted a photo💀🔥🔥🔥 it’s all good fam! Our savor is here
@3matthewm3 @thetrainerclubb On a legendary? Too easy @PokemonGoApp You guys are a piece of shit .... everyone’s please stay home no digital Pokémon is worth a human life
@Nakibo90 If you been there you can jump there @KammyTaughtYou I don’t get it lol @KaitoNolan I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be local thing only.... but I’m glad everyone gets to experience how this ga…
Candy!!! Here is how it could help you and others from spreading the virus...🤔 purchase your fav candy (online of c…
@AmandaS635557 How bout a price that doesn’t get you bann lol
@Shinytracker I stop playing ... cuz their is a virus out there and @NianticLabs cares more about making money , ra…
2020 @6ixaah @JaiTP_ Yea LAPD only does that to minorities nothing has change don’t worry white people @AlexanderPOGO90 @yu079_pokego And against @NianticLabs but I guess they allow certain cheaters 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
@NianticHelp @engel_go Then why am I getting this? a piece of shit @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs why in the fuck are you making your costumers risk their lives ???… 500 billion for corporate America @realDonaldTrump gets too choose who gets it. With the screening and approv…’m glad something is being done(kind of late). But let me break it down for you...1st bill was 10billion, then 2nd… @Gerycielers @CoordsPokemon That’s a real beauty right there congratsLamo this foo is max verga ... and to the plastic squad... I think is time to Recycle @KimKardashian Do a throw back with Rjay . Stop making this things famous @Kris86905155 @clovi224 @PokemonGoApp Do some research on Italy if after that you still wanna risk your life and ot… @My5tic23 @keklar @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp Your too stupid to understand... best luck to you and your community @PokemonGoApp The corona virus? Please stay home !!! and @NianticLabs chill man you’ll get your money just let us surviveANAHEIM, Calif. (March 24, 2020) — The Anaheim City Council Tuesday approved an urgency ordinance putting in place… so someone debunk this? #WTf
China announces end of lock down ... day 1. #ALittleHumor #TotallyKidding #QuaratineLife @imstupidhbu Middle class if your white @coupleofgaming @engel_go Still kind of shame you gotta go out to g#hit pokestops @charlesorrpogo @enanox_m @ClashinCliff @WhosJohnGill Yeah we are call masters I feel you ... you still training. M…
@enanox_m @charlesorrpogo @ClashinCliff @WhosJohnGill They claim that the reason the use great league is so the var…
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@OzRlate1 I have s8 what app is this?
You guys wanna trio out real quick @engel_go The dream is over guys... if you value your main don’t risk it
@coupleofgaming Catch 25 of each type? Where do you live Disneyland? Tf out of here . Don’t buy this ...… dont do these much, but I figure nows probably a good time for it 😊 who wants animal crossing or doom? Help with…
Retweeted by Opek @IceColdMystic And while Singapore uses Pokémon map too... is cool they shot themselves in the leg... I wasn’t play… @IceColdMystic Yeah that’s the one I’m showing but that was last year ... he should be on permanent @ayosworIdd Karma mofo ! @IceColdMystic No way niantic listens? in there Italy and for the world pay attention #stayHome
@NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp @Pokemon niantic honestly you guys are a piece of shit...people are out th… you out and vote just remember the following. When we could of prepare who said everything was fine? And now t… you out and vote just remember the following. When we could of prepare who said everything was fine? And now t… say remember their faces America ... in America we like to party but we love the most are lawsuits #FuckThisPutos nearly shuts down entire country France: illegal to leave your home unless for essentials S Korea: Mass test…
Retweeted by Opek @DaltonHaworth @JackieY101 @lauryn_grace What makes a difference is who says it... when it’s a racists like trump i… @JackieY101 Where have you lived? America is racist they just hide it well... and no this clown makes them come out of the shadows @PkmnMasterHolly @TeamYouTube I don’t think going from one private media to another private media is a good move...…
Just posted a photo @Tyranitar_Rocks @Tyranitar_Rocks @1lilbreee @AustinKielty1 I see a future strong independent black women educating another. coming from another min… @1lilbreee If you’re in a relationship and click on this... trust your relationship was done a while back @AustinKielty1 Congrats on shiny... horrible idea to post any info online ... something as simple as a zip code and… those that are still going friends house, parties, gym, or any large gatherings...understand these peop… @Tyranitar_Rocks Just keep it 💯 key is 15atk and the higher the level the better @whoisteezy @livingnthe90s Who’s that? @po_go19 @jenghom @NianticHelp I wonder what you do with the million pouring in @NianticLabs ? @SecretLeague1 No shadow ball tho 🤷🏾‍♂️ make it 4 TPS and we got a deal @jenghom @pgathens @Stinger_Army @Shinytracker Or legit android 💀 @jenghom @pgathens @Stinger_Army @Shinytracker He probably meant a safe alternative @hiddenloonatic @Dalejrfan8883 @SproutIGuess @rlyfuckindumb @lolYisus @awnuhaha I had a sick reply ... hit the blun… @pgathens @Stinger_Army @Shinytracker @jenghom I wish I knew lol time will only tell right now 👶 s that you wouldn’… @jenghom Did you go in? Lol maybe it’s letting you know jump in and there goes your account @Stinger_Army @Shinytracker @jenghom Cuz the bannes well I take care of my main over 2 years over 15 legendary hund… @Stinger_Army @Shinytracker @jenghom I can’t believe your still spoofing using ispoofer 🤐 congrats tho @realDonaldTrump Yea he’s sitting in the Oval Office but don’t worry we will get you out @sft_asu @realDonaldTrump Why do racist always wanna blame others? Reguarless where it came from it a virus (unless…🔥 🔥 Stay safe fam we can catch Pokémon later ... let’s make sure everyone makes it to the summer Keep it 💯 ( Id… @MarieRock4eva @JasonYanowitz No worries! Life is too important to not take serious... be safe 💯
@realDonaldTrump We were@strong but then we elected you... you ignore the virus for your benefits... YOU are to bla… @stedelerine @HombreSampson @ShinyHunterLink @PokemonGoApp @johnhanke @NianticLabs @NianticHelp @brandontan91 @stedelerine @HombreSampson @ShinyHunterLink @PokemonGoApp @johnhanke @NianticLabs @NianticHelp @brandontan91 I don… @stedelerine @HombreSampson @ShinyHunterLink @PokemonGoApp @johnhanke @NianticLabs @NianticHelp @brandontan91 Some… evil mofo... you think he’s stupid... well he’s making everyone stupid specially his supporters ... no need of… @MarieRock4eva If you don’t vote for trump I’ll give you one @HombreSampson @ShinyHunterLink @PokemonGoApp @johnhanke @NianticLabs @NianticHelp @brandontan91 Like I said talk t… @OzRlate1 Marián law In July or aug if people don’t get there shit together and stay home ... hope Chicago and the… @InspireSean @OzRlate1 Those are words from trump... you’ll be carful enough and not take them serious @GOStadiumPvP @keklar @thenut93 @GlobalGiving Why have a meta? That’s wack and don’t tell me this is some wack grat… @GOStadiumPvP @GlobalGiving So we all gonna be ultra friends instantly?