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Use athlete channels to leverage tune-in. Every sporting event is now available to watch somewhere. More athletes… to boost your reputation and earn new followers? Try thinking like a PR pro and crafting content like a marketer on social.
@JGuyMAC social media routines to establish consistency and a more engaged audience.
Trust me when I tell you that there is no better place to be working right now than @Opendorse. Only up from here…
Retweeted by OpendorseA few more ⬇️ Product Manager: Product Designer: endorsements are ready for take-off. to grow your social media channels? Engage off-channel. Make time to retweet, like, and comment on posts t… Every. Athlete. @GoAztecs | @jdwicker
Incredibly engaging athlete driven content from @nickburkhardt and the @Huskervball squad. Wow.
Retweeted by Opendorse @JoePompliano This right here 👏🚨We’re Hiring 🚨 Software Architect: QA Lead: Release Manager:… chasing the endorsement and start chasing the engagement. (Then endorsements start chasing you)
Retweeted by OpendorseHear from @MitchellPehlke on how setting a consistent routine can set you up for social success.
Athletes generate 3.3X more engagement on sponsored IG posts than influencers, teams, & leagues. Yet, they receive… moments from the field to the feed. With Opendorse, sports marketers deliver tap-to-publish content direct…’t know where to start on Twitter? Find & follow active accounts that have an audience or platform related to y…
2021 the competition with athlete endorsers., take note 👀 send directly from the locker room to drive results. This post gained 1.2M+ impressions, reaching an audience… social media, access and activity leads to audience and opportunity.Going the distance. Here’s how the auto industry stacks up.
Which tool creates the most engaging content? (Hint: you’re probably using it right now) Your phone.The endorsement industry doesn't sleep. @washingtonpost: @Sportico:…
Post content straight from the game. Make your feed the go-to for highlights, not major media outlets.Athletes: creating content shouldn’t be a chore. Have fun with it and be authentic. Your fans will appreciate it…
2021 Marketers must be more creative than ever in an effort to set campaigns apart from the mundane. + Retailers want… @DakotaCrawford_ All-Opendorse fantasy team?! Must be a stacked roster 👀Learning from last year's tweets… On 1/15/20 Naomi Osaka generated 361K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete t…
Retweeted by OpendorsePutting their best foot forward with athlete endorsers. @ASICSamerica | @Reebok is on an indefinite pause in the ncaa as of this week. that decision doesn't impact the work companies like…
Retweeted by OpendorsePersonalized content can secure and nurture relationships with loyal customers. In college athletics? Customers = recruits.Track & Measure Everything. Measure performance with real-time data and an easy-to-conceptualize Performance Dash… Media In One Place. With the Smart Media Library, drag and drop photos, videos, and GIFs from your devices and… Fulfillment. You’re no rookie when it comes to working with athletes. You’ve already chosen the player… Athletes. Opendorse’s assessment feature evaluates social media channels to identify key areas for improv… Campaigns. Connect posts that were published outside of Opendorse to retrieve even more engagement anal… Your Roster. Every sports marketer needs a roster. Invite your own athletes or add from our network. Set u… 6-Step Athlete Marketing Plan A Thread ⬇️
We're heating things up 🔥 w/ the latest Influencer Hot List via @opendorse: • Highest Total Engagements goes to…
Retweeted by OpendorseThe custom player graphics via @opendorse
Retweeted by OpendorseNoticing some crossover between top engagements and top-selling jerseys 👀 Mahomes Led NFL Players in Engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter in Past 6 Months:…
Retweeted by OpendorseEach is present in the athlete endorsement ecosystem that is rapidly approaching college athletics: + Education +… find that the more athletes post, the more growth they seem to have.
Retweeted by OpendorseDeBrincat Coleman 🤝 #NHLFaceOff x @opendorse
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The NHL season starts tonight. Hear from @dnklatt on how the NHL connects athletes to content. dollars start flowing in the NIL era, complexities will emerge. Don’t let chaos come to your college program.…'s why you should throw it back ⬇️ from last year's tweets… On 1/12/20 Toni Kroos generated 146K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete t…
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Opendorse Social brings athletes and partners together at every level. See how. to be the first high school program to partner with @opendorse. Through the #OpendorseReady program, our…
Retweeted by OpendorseThe NHL’s first puck of 2021 drops tomorrow. Here’s who lead on social last season. Who will make the top 10 this… first high school program to prep players for NIL is READY. Let's go, @MokanBasketball.
Who’s a must-follow student-athlete on social?Have a night @JWills73! Within the first 12 hours of posting: + 1.5M+ Impressions + 120K+ Engagements Content r… 2020 on a high note. Top athletes on social from December 2020 📈 @JoePompliano @margauxgill @darrenrovell @naomiosaka Between Osaka & Federer, tennis stars are making big moves in the endorsement space 👀Brand building helps prepare student-athletes for life after the game. @IUHoosiers from the field to Twitter, @God_Son80 shows timely content does numbers. 12 hours later: + 6.1M+ Impress… most successful strategies include PR and Social Media working hand in hand. Having an infinite set of social…
A great feeling walking into the locker room and seeing everyone immediately share their photos and videos. That’…
Retweeted by OpendorseI have to give a massive s/o to @LawtonHilliard for crushing it yesterday behind the lens during #ClemsonTrackXC's…
Retweeted by OpendorseApprovals athletes trust. Athletes review and approve posting opportunities in seconds with a one-tap publishing p… media managers: save marketing content and graphics for your organization’s Instagram channels. Keep the c… to @JDOlson2 on the importance of posting content that gets you excited.
@b_hauss Just ask @Kunalic 🤔Teams and leagues do a great job of educating fans about upcoming broadcasts on their own channels.  Really want y…
The top of Twitter. Here are the athletes who earned the most engagement on Twitter in December. out how the @NHL empowers athletes to connect with fans during big moments ⬇️ @DakotaCrawford_ This is an awesome example of helping athletes be prepared for big moments.Thank your fans. For fans, they want to feel like they’re a part of the team. Give them a shout to show your appr…
The best programs support their athletes beyond the field. @pete_nochta13 | @ULFBRecruiting athlete-driven content right here ⬇️ every athlete, superstar or not, it’s important to find what makes you stand out from the rest. Embrace it, s… athlete who is good at social and one who is bad at social ... all start off in the same place, doing the same t…
Retweeted by OpendorseNo doubt DeVonta Smith overperforms on the field. He also overperforms on the feed — focusing his content on four…
Retweeted by OpendorseSocial doesn’t just help the athlete; it benefits the team. @NHL | @dnklatt
@NHL @cmoresport We love to see the commitment to content.Share content with your roster. Recommend media, messaging, mentions, context notes, & more. examples include @Giannis_An34, @obj, @serenawilliams, and @AM34. athletes rarely post graphic or text-heavy content on Instagram. Instead, they publish candid photos and vide…📈 102% increase for #IUFB. The best part about this massive improvement – these numbers don't even take the…
Retweeted by OpendorseIn the NIL era, a student-athlete's marketability off the field is just as important as their performance on it.
Athlete audiences are built brick by brick. Starting in high school to after their playing days, every step of the… NHL season is quickly approaching. We caught up with @dnklatt to understand how the league is building a strong…
The best brands on social media will never gain the level of engagement that influential people do. Brands can do…
NIL changes are coming. Opendorse will be right here, just as we have for the last decade. We will lean on expe…
Is this even a surprise? @KingJames claims the No.1 spot.
2021 is going to be a big year for athlete-driven content. Throwing it back to when @Blake_Lawrence &… becoming a mom to witnessing the growth of women's sports, 2020 was quite the year! Thanks for all the support…
Retweeted by OpendorseStart the New Year strong and make a great first impression with your Twitter profile. Your Twitter header, bio,… love the relatable persona @StephenCurry30 brings to the feed. His off-court performance puts him at No. 2 on…
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