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Bookworm. Marketer. Sales. Artist. Coffee Addict. Foodie. Gryffindor. Dreamer. Writer. Blogger. Obsessed with 🐘, Fictional Men & Baking. All views are my own ☆

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Man I've waited for this book for so long, I dont understand why it's taking so much effort for me to finish it :( @hvngry_eyes Do you have a link? 😭😭😭😭👐 @helenharradine @mirandajewess @CatwomanFran @Sarah_and_Books @AnyOtherLizzy @cm_leung @_elbr @Jennie_Inspired…
'There's only one place I want to go and it's to all the places I have never been.' -Nikki RoweShe fell for the idea of him and ideas were dangerous things to love.
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖I need coffee through an iv stat. @probablyonmute Periodt.
@hvngry_eyes Adding to the list! Thanks! @hvngry_eyes Name? I can only see symbols :( @probablyonmute @hvngry_eyes God Is A Woman by @ArianaGrande 💕 @probablyonmute @hvngry_eyes SAME! I dont know if it's because I was super hyped for it or because Vaughn has alway… think I've done my back in 😭 @OlainUK Hi I've DM'D you please respond. Thanks
Can Dennis just calm down already.Migraine is in full swing today. Yay me.Finished 'Keeper' by @harloerae & what a beautiful book this was. So sweet, heartfelt not to mention HOT...i mean,…
@istanafteragain @lostnurlight Thanks! Oh yeah i loved these! Donovan has to be one my all time fave men! Have you… @istanafteragain @lostnurlight What's the name? For some reason the title is coming up as symbols :( @probablyonmute @istanafteragain Oh shit. Nooooo. I finished the trilogy and LOVED them and literally was about to… @probablyonmute Oh gosh, now I'm scared to start it! Is it really bad? :(Hits me right in the feels every time. Especially the mum's expression. is probably a silly question, but novice here 👋...soooo #mobile techy peeps, can someone tell me the differenc… felt that 😭
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖Someone bring @Daredevil back you cowards. Looking at you @netflix @disneyplusBooks are read, Can be fictional or true, We really love reading: How about you?
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖 @helenharradine crackers, gingerale and disney movies all the way! hope you feel better soon Helen xx @SerenataFlowers Hi a little confused, on your website it says that your Perfect Pinks bouquet comes with only 1 pi…*phoebe buffay voice: 👀 THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION 👀* I loveeee him. @ChildBookCircle How can you even ask that?! That's like asking which one of your hypothetical children you love more 😭😭😭
so I just caved and got a new phone contract and phone...and now my bank account is crying. a lot. but hey, treat y…
How do people just up and decide to buy a new phone. I feel like I need to research and plan for 3 months before. Damn you OCD 😭 @EE Hey sure I've Dmd you.Me: @MicheleAnnaFan @summerlover2720 Oh really??? After all that lol...thats strange. I would have thought they stayed… @summerlover2720 @MicheleAnnaFan How does it end? @EE Great thanks for your help Michael @EE Ok thanks, also this might be a silly question but will the Samsung Galaxy s20 take the same size sim as the Ga… For The First Time by @thescript 💕 @EE Hi, if I was already a customer of yours and was to get an upgrade deal through Carphone Warehouse (but still w…
@samatlounge @BarbellionPrize Yay! Excited to see what it is. @probablyonmute @hvngry_eyes What's the first book in the series and author please! You have me intruiged. Thanks!
Another day, another round of applying for jobs. I have to keep reminding myself to keep going because gosh does it exhaust you.The fashion at this year's #Oscars was a bit stale this year. Not going to lie. Think they rocked out better for th…
Sunday brunch-ing done right @FeyaCafe 🌸
@JordanBennett8 Thanks v much!so you're trying to tell me that it's the same week as it was earlier this week? give me a break
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖a H with a 2 boxes of L's (though I also hoard mayonnaise and bbq sauce.) applied to a job that I *really really reallllyyyyyyy* want. Everyone please cross their fingers and toes for me 🤞😭🤞 @mayidornaan Hi can you DM me plwase! Thank you!
me buying more books to read even though there's about 50 books on my bookshelf i still havent read
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖I also read The Lying Season which was another wonderful read by @AuthorKALinde! I loved going back to the Upper Ea… literally finished devouring 'Dear Ava' by @ilsamaddenmills and what a book! I loved this one so much. LOVED I…
@boohoo_cshelp I've Dmd you as well @boohoo_cshelp Hi no I didn't log it in with the ones I sent off already as I wanted to keep it but then after chan… @boohoo_cshelp Hi, if I've already sent off a return but forgot to put an item in with it, can I print off another…
@mollyflatt @thebookseller Super interested in this. Is there anything In particular you're looking for?:) @samatlounge Forever grateful for my mum who raised me by herself. In a culture that kind of frowns upon single par… managed to start and finish a book today guys... I think I might be out of the book slump. I repeat...out of the book slump!!
I need some chicken nuggets stat.I made it to nine cover letters. I think I'm out for the night. Exhausssssteedddddddddddddddd.I've written like 5 cover letters alone today, and it's literally taken all the energy out of me 😭 But...must...keep...going...
The year of January is nearly over
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖This just put a bit of a lump in my throat on the tube ❤️
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Adulthood is just saying "I need to get my shit together" over and over again until you die
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖 @samatlounge And the best places (at least I've found) to tackle your TBR.
I have so many great books waiting to be read on my TBR, but I just have no energy to read them. Hate this feeling :(This new way of recruiting, I mean is you're going to do it, at least be fair with the amount of words you're givin… find it a tad annoying & a bit disheartening when applying for jobs you see they ask questions that most likely w…
#mondaymotivation 🌸! Just booked to see Prince of Egypt!! I'm so excited for this one. The animated movie is one of my all time favourite films. @TopshopHelp Hi if I'm picking up an online order in store on behalf of someone else. Is there anything specific I…
Would I rather spend all my money on theatre shows and food rather than new clothes? Why yes, yes I would.One of the most beautiful productions ive ever had the pleasure to see. I am in awe. #umraojaanada at…
Mood: 12.45 by @ethammusic 🥀Sometimes it hurts to open my eyes, on days where my brain is active but my body isn't, it's hard to function. Toda… @samatlounge Thank you for sharing this Sam xxxI may or may not have stared at this gif for 5+ consecutive minutes
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖 @AmazonHelp Hi this takes me to the same customer service that advises that I need to make sure my delivery instruc…
@kaptenuk ridiculous ridiculous service. I am on cructhes I cannot mobilize or walk far, your driver proceeds to i… @AmazonHelp @AmazonUK you just not going to reply to me about this or what? I have to place another order soon a…
A sky full of stars and he was staring at her.
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖Just got an email saying that a job i applied for i didn't get an interview for is because I'm too overqualified. Gahh 😐😑
Mood: Falling by @Harry_Styles 🥀Deciding to get up
Retweeted by N.K (Mia)☕📖Was told by a guy sitting in the accessible seating on train that he didn't need to get up for me (I was on cructhe… seen @TheLionKing at @lyceum_theatre and WOOWWWWW. What a show. Simply stunning. And yes I cried like a baby w…
@AmazonUK @AmazonHelp And money on orders that I've never gotten because they've been delivered someplace that I ca… @AmazonUK @AmazonHelp hard for me to currently get around so for you guys not to be able to follow the simplest ins… @AmazonUK @AmazonHelp waste and time of my energy in having to contact customer service again and every time they s… @AmazonUK @AmazonHelp that my instructions are there and forwarded to the drivers and every time customer service e… @AmazonUK @AmazonHelp stated that certain instructions need to be followed as I am currently mobility strictes so i… @AmazonUK @AmazonHelp I've just about had enough. Why on earth do you bother allowing delivery instructions to b…
Mood: Opposite Of Loving Me by @ethammusic 💕I'm supposed to be going out but I just saw that @ViKeeland just dropped her new book live early 😭😭😭 I wanna stay home and read now.Khan, 2020: I feel like chicken nuggets tonight 👌
Can we hurry it up please Alexa? Kthanksbye. finally managed to watch #Hustlers and how Jennifer Lopez didn't get an #Oscar nomination for her role is crazy.… life is just an endless set of verification codes for all the passwords you've forgotten.
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