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Shane Liesegang, SJ @OptimistPanda The Only Borough on the Mainland

Jesuit Scholastic, studying philosophy and international political economy. Past life: gamedev/writer; alum of Sony, Bethesda Game Studios, & LMNO. (he/him)

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@BRKeogh Wait, should I play Ground Zeroes first?I *really* hope, when she pointed to Ukraine on the map, that she let her finger come to rest on Crimea. @BRKeogh Looking forward to all of it. I have such a love/hate relationship with these games.
@papertigrrr MGS 5! One of the first games I missed ‘cause of Jesuit life. @BRKeogh Had to run to mass and a community meeting but will check it out more tonight! (Also forgot I should have… then the demon visions start've been playing for a half hour and I still can't walkI'm late to the party on most games, but this was on sale so finally checking it out and OH MY I had forgotten how… @Miss__Aligned A friend told me once, "the biggest difference is that, before the kid, the amount of poop that was… @plushapo @KCoxDC (WHY does my brain insist on remembering these kinds of things instead of the more useful information I act… @KCoxDC (And I think it was Cambridge, just to continue my run of being annoying. I only remember because he holds the Lucasian Chair.) @KCoxDC Yes! "A touch of gray adds an air of distinction." :D @KCoxDC Ah, here it is. "Not only does she age in appearance like Data, her vital signs change too."… @KCoxDC Good memory. And now I will slightly nitpick one of your image captions: didn't Geordi once have a throwawa… @KCoxDC Tangent: I don't have the energy to scrub through all TNG right now, but in my recollection this is the fir… @KCoxDC So glad you're (a) at Ars and (b) getting to write about this! @MikeTedoneSJ yes, yes you do. :)All of this has happened before... @michellesnarks (also, "humans are pretty problematic" is a very tidy summary of oh so much) @michellesnarks Good point! I like how they had to recreate uncertainty and finality, and of course wondered if peo… @noahlt I didn’t see it coming but I tend to be a pretty credulous viewer — mystery stories love me. I had also bee…“People’s lives are not commodities.” — @AOC
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJThe Good Place (the place) needs a telos. The Good Place (the show) seems to have one, at least. But I'm not conv…
Strong 2020 energy here
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@amynoelgreen You can count at least one. :)
@katiekanoosk Hey now, I will defend Jupiter Ascending… @andyschatz Have you written about this anywhere? Have a long-term vision for it? I'm super psyched every time you… @dinosaurrparty yes this3. Put another way: MLK was discussing economic policies and trends 50+ years ago that are *just now* making their…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJIn my day job I am constantly asked to predict “Cyber 9/11.” My answer is always the same. Cyber 9/11 already happe…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ @Litherum "I'm acknowledging that I've seen this," is how I've assumed it from context. Alternatively, after I've…
Brad Bird was inspired to make 'The Iron Giant' (1999) in memory of his sister Susan, who died at the hands of her…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ @brett_douville NEMESIS @brett_douville Already on my way out. Don’t feel bad — this was an impromptu trip and I’m not seeing anyone. Will… sufficiently modern Catholic shrine is indistinguishable from an Assassin’s Creed setpiece. (in the Crypt of…
@KCoxDC Yodas could age in weird spurts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @MikeTedoneSJ You can binge it over the free month!Kinda wanting Mandalorian season 2 to do like Guardians of the Galaxy 2 did with aging up BabyGroot so we get sulle…
@amynoelgreen Lovely stuff! "I'll try again tomorrow" is so resonant. Can't wait to see what else comes of these experiments.THROUGHOUT LITTLE WOMEN WE COULD HEAR TROS IN THE THEATER NEXT TO US AND WHEN BETH DIED AND IT WAS REALLY QUIET ALL…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJAttic bowl with leg-shaped handle. Geometric style. Around 850 BC. AD Berlin, Altes Museum 😊
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ @godatplay oh MAN that music @09mshatraw @BooDooPerson I've tried to make "Catholic wisdom" my brand but I think the buffoonery is too strong with me.This is actually my entire personal brand of creative work at a company is being ready for someone else to build off things you made and I have the utm… HAVE COMPLICATED FEELINGS Man, if they have Serana wake up for any portion of this…
@clarafv I wish I could sit in! @ScottMadin @RepKClark She is always "very concerned" then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @TheSMUSpaz What the... This has been an issue since Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), when Cap…
So I was reading a wookiepedia page that mentioned how lightsabers are different colours, and the word colour was h…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJThis is a programming book that is *not* explicitly about diversity in tech, and over half the authors are women an… @theyneedacrane I honestly looked at this reply for a long while trying to guess which tweet you were responding to… @aprotim @RandallKopchak Very true. Even though its serialization was pretty modest until the *very* end, it was ju… throwing out your back by simply standing up at an awkward angle and being thus unable to walk upright for…
@natedoth @DrOct Which is exactly what DS9 interrogates! @gillianmsmith I've only got one semester left in this round of grad school, so I gotta milk it while I can! @ScottMadin I wish there was some reasonably good way to be, like, side-project workout buddies... @ScottMadin LaTeX WAS ONE OF THE PACKAGES"Think I'm gonna finally do some long-form writing. Just a quick setup of the environment..." FIVE DAYS LATER: Sha… @lizupclose I do like Disco, but don’t think it’s quite beating DS9 yet. We’ll see what S3 brings! (You’re right… @justinesherry JUSTINE.This simulation makes you wonder: could the Solar System be unstable? Will a planet eventually be thrown out of…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJFor years border dwellers worked to create a binational garden, a testament that walls cannot divide mother nature.…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ @DavidCMurphy @RandallKopchak This is why I say "don't @ me" @RandallKopchak (but then, I also loved the BSG finale, so my taste in how to end stories is decidedly out of the mainstream) @RandallKopchak blocked and reported for spam; that finale was amazing @shadowymaus "Uber, but for mobs"DS9 was the best Trek don't @ me
@JaxCorrigan Both are acceptable! (Much as I'm sure Ms. Greenland would insist on the Lati… @shadowymaus "Spamming Google Image Search" turns out to only work halfway as a business model.(I suppose this is my karmic retribution for attempting the scam. I just like collecting all the syllabuses!)I'm trying to pull my usual scam of attending like seven classes in the first week and then winnowing down but a bu… in loser we’re posting rare Jesuses
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ @jeffbigham That said, I'm not an experienced user of screen-readers, so maybe that's just par for the course and OK? @jeffbigham BUT, in my experiments with screen readers, even if I say that the main constantly updating div should… @jeffbigham OK so here's an example of what I'm trying to do. If you look at the source you can see I'm trying to m…
@jeffbigham This is good info, thanks! I’m about to go off-grid for a few days, but would you mind if I asked a few… @miyukijane I have seen multiple professors navigate moments like that with astonishing grace and it is so clear th… @jeffbigham So is it better to just forget trying to do hiding tricks like that and go with aria-describedat and an alternative page? @jeffbigham and have just the description of what’s happening. But I don’t regularly use a screen reader myself and… @jeffbigham Yeah, thanks! For other pages that are image heavy, I’ve used aria-deacribedat to do a text description… is a personal project, not funded, but I can offer a little bit of money if that is a barrier to someone who… of y'all know best practices on accessibility for artsy (non-gamey) websites and willing to quickchat? How best…'ve only met a few mutuals in real life but I always feel like I have to apologize for my tweets and then also apo…
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@jennatar baby yoda has *powers*, jenn
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJanyways...
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJyou ever notice it's always the comedians who brand themselves as 'politically incorrect' that wind up desperately…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJI want to make a joke but this isn't funny. I want to make a critique but this is too stupid. I want to cry but…
@locust9 the coordinated workings of brains and muscles are coolEthics: What do you mean by "difficult"? Metaphysics: What do you mean by "inherently"? Logic: What do you mean b…
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Vanity of vanities; all is vanity. collapsed, and the great shroud of the sea rolled on as it rolled five thousand years ago
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ @heatherlborges anyone who picks 1 is a cop
Let's please all remember that "Iran" is a place, not a regime. It's full of lovely folks who are just living their…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJHey let’s all remember that the phrase “military industrial complex” wasn’t coined by lefty activists, but by Presi…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJA decade from today, 95 percent of thoughtful people will think the Iran War was a mistake. So beat the traffic and think so right now.
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