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Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧 @OptimistPanda The Only Borough on the Mainland

Jesuit Regent doing refugee aid work in the Middle East. Past life: gamedev/writer; alum of Sony SMS, Bethesda Game Studios, & LMNO. (he/him)

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@TheSugarVenom congrats!
There’s so much of this that I would have to apologize for mentioning it so much
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧(Whenever Firefox disappears I'm sure I'll find some way to adapt with Chrome/Safari/whatever but it will also be a… said, web browsers basically have all the same complexity, development bulk, and security concerns as full ope… to see this, but still frustrated that the only browser with accessibility settings that work for me is depend… @fuzzybinary JEFF step away from the Dart(Changing my display name has probably jinxed this, I'm sure, but I'm feeling good about it this time, so let's just do it.)I think (🤞🏻🙏🏻) I've finally got logistics worked out for my move to Beirut, but definitely should've heeded the wis… @ScottMadin SAME @ScottMadin y'all got a good pair of Senators over there. I'm envious.
@PopCulturPriest Or at least a Xavierian one... @PopCulturPriest trying to figure out how to get missioned to Tokyo.... @SusanArendt My favorite is the ones that shout "SUGAR FREE!" only to realize that instead they are packed with sucralose. 🤨 @allynfolksjr Positive. It's accepted at other POS systems, the chip works, and if you *actually* run it, it's fine… of y'all develop payment frontends? Got an issue with a credit card that doesn't pass Luhn validation meaning a… @mistertodd I feel like its initial marketing set it up as something it wasn't (cue Key & Peele's valets "Liam Nees… aren't just for deaf people. Lots of my hearing friends use them, too. If you're hearing and find yoursel…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧My heart was not prepared to read Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her childhood teacher reconnecting on Twitter, please excu…
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@saranagamana I tried to find a gif of "the tuning" from Dark City but Twitter's gifsearch is sorely lacking @saranagamana Part of the Shaping™ @selmaleh Maybe it's like.... it's like flower language where it's pretty subjective and there are conflicting inte… @selmaleh OH NOToday is quintidi 25 Thermidor in the year of the Republic CCXXVIII, celebrating the otter.
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@onidavin i feel this. @SIRrosen I'm sure a rando white dude is not what you're looking for, but please let me know if there's anything I… @vlqri 👋🏻I've interviewed a lot of pastors who bemoan the fact that they have parishioners for one hour a week and Fox News…
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@TheSugarVenom @aaronlinde “k.” - salt the earth @TwoWhysTwoEns "Review with Forrest MacNeil" @anniecardi (I'm not happy with that first line but didn't want to spend the time to workshop it more, so I hope yo… @anniecardi chocolate, marshmallow: BAM! put them both tween the graham that's suh-mor-aaaay @biancaprivs YES PLZ @biancaprivs 🤩🤤 @aprotim Swolmba?Her name is Israa Seblani and she's a doctor . Immediately after this, she went to help nearby injured people befor…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧I'm pretty sure "The post office should exist" didn't used to be a political opinion, but honestly I can't remember.
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧 @ckunzelman oh man I am hypehow am I just discovering this show now if it stops being good don't tell me I'm really digging this first season
@PirateHearts (I was the friend who @EmilyNRome made watch it for this article. ) @PirateHearts That movie rocks way harder than most people think.So, this tweet didn't age well. (The Jesuit community I was to live in was damaged, so I am not, in fact, leaving… @BooDooPerson nice caps
If you love IEEE 754 (who doesn't? 😅, you're going to love Herbie - a tool that tells you how to rewrite your maths…
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@ChrisDeLeon @selmaleh thirsty google is worst google
@tonydowler HELL YEAH @TheSMUSpaz Considering all the scuttlebutt last year that NRA was laundering Russian money, I wonder if there's st… know he's not speaking from genuine belief, but some who *do* believe seem to go along with it, so… What an impo… @biancaprivs Same! I had seen the stuff about Sohla a little while back but didn't see the latest. BOOOOO on CN @biancaprivs oh no what now
@awkwardladies tea is just another kind of waterA lot of bad sci fi and fantasy proposes a world where disaster "reveals" people suck. But time and time again, in…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧 @kateparsonstv @bakerkylej, but I don't want to assume that he'd like being categorized as "LA people" :) @EmberDione 🙏🏻This is … It was easier to RENAME ALL THE GENES than to persuade biologists to use software that doesn’t mangle ge…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧 @gillianmsmith @noahwf The weird thing is that it’s also easier to write that way? At least for me. Once I started… @aaronlinde aaaaaaaaaaaaaah @Venthrac @ghost_girl13 Timeline unclear but still trying to get there.This story was posted the day *before* the explosion, for context of how bad things already were. Now a major port… people who have already endured so much are going to get the worst of what will happen in the aftermath of th… they feel threatened, red pandas stand up and extend their claws to look bigger and more dangerous 🤗
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧 @afunamara @michellesnarks @aprotim Oooooh nice @kindaronstadt I hope you are also hearing this as Gilbert Gottfried’s Iago… because I certainly am. @ghost_girl13 Jesuits and staffers are all safe. Sounds like there was severe damage to the office and some to the residential community. 😕 @barbarabot happy pre-birthday?
@aprotim Thus rendering the litany of times to eat pizza a redundant exercise! @aprotim While I approve of Bagel Bites™ on the whole, I take issue with the premise of the jingle, which seems to… @despair Yeah, no need to rush on numerical trivia when there are still so many uncertainties. Let me know if you find more details!(I got my math wrong multiple times and decided that a bit of relative disaster trivia was not worth spreading possibly bad information.)Beirut's governor: "I have never in my life seen disaster this big, this catastrophic. This a national catastrophe.…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧(Got a lot of panicked texts — I’m not in Beirut yet, but thanks for checking in. Trying to get in touch with my contacts there.)Lord, have mercy. real tragedy of this moment is the "work friend." who you don't know enough to hang individually or zoom with at…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧 @JordanRVance Prediction: Cruz and Hawley will, but Cotton is gonna try and be the new standard-bearer. @biancaprivs Then don’t look at your emaaaaaail @biancaprivs I only used that once, when I had given my notice at a job and wanted to tell a bunch of other folks a… @4_kidney Tell her hey for me! @rachccouch Maybe pump the brakes on that one… @PaoloDy Alas, I made my travel plans before their policies shifted. 🤞🏻I can find a spot to do a faster test. @cpioli64 Yep, 2 years working with JRS!
Lebanese government, quite understandably: You can't even board a plane to come here unless you have a negative PCR… @miyukijane Awww man this makes me kinda bummed I never finished my streaming playthrough. :-/ Great piece, thoug… President and an Admiral walk into a church... @disco_jill In 11th grade my chemistry teacher said “you can remember that copper and oxidation go together because… @disco_jill Not that I’ve heard, and thus I would likely screw up the mnemonic too thinking “wait, is it tight to t… @disco_jill stalaGmite -- ground stalaCtite -- ceilingI guess when you reach a certain level of athletic dominance, you just start making up new events to be awesome at. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Katie Ledecky is an amazing athlete and I am bummed there's no Olympics at which I can root for her. (Same with S… academic and vocational discipline also needs to study ethics, pass it on. (Ideally as an integrated portio… type of thing is why I tell my engineering students that they aren't exempt from thinking about racism, white…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧 @ckunzelman I won’t swear by every track but this is my goto list for writing/working and there might be some stuff…
Whatever argument you have against this is less important to me than the fact that the National Association of the…
Retweeted by Shane Liesegang, SJ 🔜 🇱🇧 @TheSugarVenom at this absolute ewe-nit. I.... I'm sorry. I'll show myself out.
@aaronlinde I love how much you love Nintendo shit @TheSMUSpaz oh man, that moment where you're briefly like "omg they might actually pull this off!"(There's a long discussion to be had about the role of sports in American education, the dangers of football itself…'s two pictures from that legendary sophomore season. The newspaper is from the announcement of the all-state t…, now you know the story of Robert. A human being of infinite value and dignity, like all other human beings.… wish there could have been more to his life than his athletic prowess, and that he could have been defined by som…