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WELL i will be back in 2 weeks. u can thank @visionofviii for this hope you guys have a nice thanksgiving and thi… @BakeHatesItHere @visionofviii $200 2 weeks i’ll take that deal immediately @SamjaySJ u got PRANKED @BakeHatesItHere @visionofviii okay so that’s $200 deal @visionofviii $150 @basedgodroman @BakeHatesItHere i would do it for a week but not for a month @Wis_Alt lollllll hahahahahaahah banger @jjustin92 almost there @visionofviii nah $100 is for a week @visionofviii $100hahaha RATIO xD lmaoooo😹😹😹 lolllll i’m hilarious @gf0ikawa alright u don’t have to be mean meg @gf0ikawa LMFAOOOOO
@TaZeify twitter just hates me @Xouped meeee @CrypticNoOnee im good homie @_karsz me @sebastianjii humping my pillow thinking of u xoxo @CrypticNoOnee this looks nicedangerously hornywhy is this cow so HARDCORE @Gh0stlyKidd @sttarena pass @nyaasita ??? @fucksherwin so if u did eat it out of a bowl u would eat it with 2 spoons? @AlexK1_ ????? @fucksherwin do u eat ice cream with 2 spoonsdo any of my sugar mommas wanna send me money for this @Javan_Murphy @may_wedda ill twerk for u @may_wedda if u want to lose yes @bil_cipher @Yuhuuur okay hater @nosstalgicbrat u wouldn’t get itthis a banger fr @jasminericegirl okay hey @pixlgirlfrnd u can stop flexing ur timezone we already know ur cool🙄🙄 @cripp goddamn man @COSTCOBACKWOODS then loosen up @pixlgirlfrnd OK ALI CLEARLY THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHERE IT IS LATE FOR THEM @ijdawg998 have a poggers day babe @isnotzzz nono don’t do that @may_wedda awww that sounds cute @lyssiu okay sorrry “lyss” we all can’t be on the west coast @COSTCOBACKWOODS what else is there to do in nebraska @bil_cipher u better study hard then @Yuhuuur @austxnnn yea @may_wedda are u guys meowing @haydeedrop who praying on ur downfall lmk @bil_cipher what class @Yuhuuur @austxnnn where is the sandwich expert bolts when u need him @CryptiicNo there is no “us” @austxnnn idk i’m bored @ijdawg998 oh frick gm jdawg @gxmblr gm and gn fwanky @Decimayt that’s me daily @WhosBreezyUK we know @leeechannnn i’m sorry to hear that @Yuhuuur @austxnnn bob sandwich @haydeedrop who hurt u @st1ngplays ewwwww @Balxgun that seems like a horrible reasonif u awake rn why @obrndo is that good @liImorg i’m sorry morg @Yuhuuur THEYRE ALL GOOD TWEETS @peachysinnie banger frfrmy tourette’s makes me cum, some people call that an orgasm, but that’s just semen tics @peachysinnie we’ll brainstorm @peachysinnie are u sure @sttarena why are u here @peachysinnie i don’t think this adds up @sttarena ughhhhh @NoshinOcean @aspacepspacee omg our bae @767MAN i would deactivate @vertex_04 10k @koordell tiktok songs ain’t bad either @koordell taylor swift aint that bad @Grif_mck exactly @Boy1drr an @Boy1drr stop being me @vsqoof dudethere’s some rumors going around that i said i would stop tweeting for a week but they are not true @CorinnaKopf SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEYYY CORINNA
@Xouped @COSTCOBACKWOODS @iHaveNoHoe @CryptiicNo @bil_cipher @cuartocore @Yuhuuur i’ll jerk u off @visionofviii FUUUUUUUCK ITS EVERYWHERE @jasminericegirl goodmorning to u too @visionofviii meow @ash4est99 @IittIebesos YES @IittIebesos @ash4est99 meant to reply to the cat ears one @IittIebesos @ash4est99 WIAT I REPLIED TO THE WRONG ONE @ash4est99 @IittIebesos YEScryptic having a bad night??? imma sleep good goodnight yall😸😸 @C9AIex @Leo__ffs LMFAO my request still stands🚶🏼‍♂️find myself here again @Boy1drr @SubToOptimus i just grind zombie camos rn but i’m down whenever @cinnamarolI thank u @fucksherwin i made u @ReactiveError yea frngl beds are lowkey slept on 💯Twitter Users pathetic road to OTF Grand Finals -Cryptic first round -Easy MAGA round -Didn't Flu Flammed -Aim As… @LazasBautista tyty