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Below-average dick size, above-average tweets // PLEASE do not take these tweets seriously // Manager for @Ultra15151 and @longneckedbeck //

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Firearm? Why’s the arm on fire bruh 😹😹
@SamManlol @wizkhalifa He talkin to u @MyFavsTrash @cocksIayer Cmon Danny @MyFavsTrash ???? @Daymeeein U fw the vision👁👁Sneezed when I pooped call that a poop sneeze @AIexTBA2 I didn’t even mean to hit u I just meant to shoot it right infront of u @Blankzy_ ??????? @AIexTBA2 LMFAOOOOO @twittterfaith I do want @twittterfaith Buy me animal crossingWho got me @babieyoda Go mimi go @bopndop GO MARCO WOOO @luxwaifu It literally won’tCall me a minecart the way I get railed @ashbuni U should get an opti case😄 @itsnotapril Let me give u the most disappointing 37 seconds of ur life @NotMystxc yea but u will ruin pablos tweet @xoxabstract Why are women @Yuhuuur Lucky for u @NotMystxc Can u no free clout pabloreminder she doesn’t care about u and u shouldn’t think she does @LazasBautista Gn😼Need me a girl to flip me up and say “my turn”small dick hours like if you up @LRichyyApex @NoshinOcean I agree @oFabz Imagine getting insecure over a sad cat snorlax😭😭She ignoring me for a dude that can’t cook I can’t breathe y’all @oFabz trust me she is NOT @ashlenite @NoshinOcean i made the mistake of trying to eat while watching one of them @xanful @NoshinOcean i hope u never hit 1k @themastersimp no???Here's our ranking for solely based on the traps: 1. Saw 2 2. Saw 6 3. Saw 7 4. Saw 4 5. Saw 3 6. Saw 1 7. Saw 5 8. JigsawMe and @NoshinOcean's ranking for the Saw series overall: 1. Saw 1 2. Saw 2 3. Saw 3 4. Jigsaw 5. Saw 4 6. Saw 7 7. Saw 6 8. Saw 5 @kanekisb Damnnever trust a mf that eats olives @oFabz @TlMMY_ nobody can u beat u🥵 @TlMMY_ @oFabz Goddamn @TlMMY_ @oFabz And I’m tryna see it @Boy1drr @oFabz Just link the reply @oFabz I CANT SEE IT WHY WONT IT SHOW ME HIDDEN REPLIESi never seen something like this before at a pizza place but apparently its "common"has anyone ever had this on a pizza??? @thekategambino Ok and @iIovesimps 2 @Moristiko HOLYYYYYIf I see one more person say “pane” I will actually deactivate
@kanekisb U watch anime @xoxabstract Can u tell them to shoot their shot with me then @xoxabstract Won’t happen @AIexTBA2 1 diamond a day @ijdawg998 I have so many rooms pls move in🥺 @AIexTBA2 U don’t even have a house for me to tnt @blindmanwalkinn Nah panes>>>> @Blankzy_ no he can f off @Boltslol MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOWall this glass and u couldnt see me right infront of u😖😪 @theleonlol Hiii @Boy1drr @Grahamalott Make him shout u out @SamManlol @Blankzy_ DUDE come move in😼 @Blankzy_ 10 @j4zzyko ?????? @wtfshaay Hop on vc😼 @stereoberrys Fr @said5q I didn’t even do anything @sebastianjii HiiiiIt’s cock and ball torture time gm @wtfshaay Do u wanna come in or not @yashirosinn do u wanna see it again @yashirosinn do u wanna watch the live action death note together @wedoreally No those aren’t real @BakeHatesItHere I totally fc this and didn’t mess up at an easy part🙂 @BakeHatesItHere I never tried it @BakeHatesItHere DUDE DID U GO THRU THE SPIKES HERE???? @BakeHatesItHere This is as far as I got I’ll try more tomorrow but I need sleep @BakeHatesItHere do u wana see who can get the lowest score and complete the map for through the fire and flames @pvttyx yea can u not read??? @wedoreally I agree😼 @scarrfries Can’t believe u used the worst pic of me🤦🏼‍♂️ @wedoreally Do not talk crap on 100 gecs @scarrfries what da heck @DyIanNova meow @SteadyCam_ meow @wedoreally meow @fruitiebby oobsrooboobdo u guys like my house😼 @juulpodjules What does that mean @XelpBackwards This was a major hit @juulpodjules Thank u @NotMystxc Just like all of my tweets right? @xanful I’m only hurt a little bit @xanful LMFAOOOOOONow I know why they call pussy a “cat” cause urs is meWOW😼I asked her what’s wrong and she said nothing that means that nothings wrong right? everything’s all good right?😃 @AIexTBA2 Dude I was resetting f u @alisha_cpj King @kanekisb I cant @kanekisb damn @kanekisb damn