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Leading the cloud. From intelligent business applications to infrastructure, we deliver tomorrow’s emerging technologies today, like the autonomous database.

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What do #startups look for when choosing a #cloud? @jwilluva explains that it’s about value, performance, and more… Scale. Security. @Leeza2020 explains how a modern #cloud infrastructure can make all the difference in…
In our #Cloud Innovation Hubs, customers get access to hands-on builders and developers to truly support their succ… restaurants begin to reopen, no one knows for sure how patrons will respond. A data-driven approach will be ess… data center has a big day coming up. Join Larry Ellison as he unveils #Cloud Infrastructure and #Autonomous Da…
What will the next generation of data platforms be like? Greg Pavlik joins @Experian's #DataTalk podcast to look i… financial industry players are in discussions to move some of their stickiest on-premises workloads to the pu… to all of this year's winners, and thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community! #finance team reduced monthly close time by 20% while working remotely — and they're not finished there. Next…
Who doesn't like cutting #energy usage and saving money? This summer, millions of households will receive new repo… researchers are exploring whether new or existing drugs can stop or slow its progression. This work requi…“Java is the technology that powers the world.” #Developers examine Java's legacy and look forward to its future a… help with upgrade and modernization projects? Join our live webcast tomorrow at 8 a.m. PT and hear how our Ad… @theRealiHeart @therealiheart Thanks for reaching out. Please verify that you are using this site to download Virtu…
Presenting: The Intern Report. Our #OracleInterns are reporting weekly from all around the world to give you a look…
Congratulations to the @dTechHS Class of 2020! We wish you all the best and can't wait to watch you do great thing… aren't just offering up their rooms to first responders. They're also using their restaurants and food and…
Always the best place to start! Sports teams like @SFGiants, @warriors, @Suns and @Capitals are focusing on commun… @nshtcs @OracleCloud @OracleCX Hi Niharika, thanks for your interest in Oracle Cloud Free Tier. Please reach out to… by customer service inquiries? Here are three different approaches that can help:…
Data can be the Achilles heel of #ClinicalTrials, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Learn how #technology can he…
Thanks for sharing, @bob_ferrari #BusinessAsUnusual
We all had to adjust when our workplaces closed, and we'll all have to adjust as they start to reopen. Our #HCM Em…
@imvishwapatel @java @weblogicsupport @q_javaprogrammi Thanks for contacting us. Please reach out to our friends…"The less you need to rely on humans, the safer your data is." @antgrasso shares his insights on #cybersecurity st…
What's your company's plan for developing remote workers' skills? Your long-term success depends on it,… insights about their companies do #HR leaders wish they could uncover? The answers to that question inspired…’s @knutley and Mel Newton share tips on how to welcome the #workforce back to the office. Think about: ✔️…
Retweeted by OracleWhy is there such a vibrant #developer community around @OracleAPEX? Just look at the life stories of some of its… can better data make a better athlete? Check out these insights from @AinslieBen during the @SailGP virtual rac… @KunalChoubey15 @KunalChoubey15 If you are unable to access the exam portal, please contact Oracle Support for assi… @KunalChoubey15 Thanks for reaching out. The Autonomous Database learning path is still available, but the deadline…
How does the Autonomous Database help businesses? Let @SQLMaria and @dainsworld count the ways:…'ve probably cleaned out and tidied up lots of things lately. Your closet. The garage. A pantry. But what about…’s virtually impossible for retailers to anticipate the impact of a health crisis, but technology makes it possib…"The massive wave of #WorkFromHome has pushed organizations over the #multicloud fence." @zkerravala shares 5️⃣ ti…
"If physical location were ever a determining factor for your team, now’s the time to put that idea to bed. Locatio… learning helps workers be more efficient, even when they're working from home. #WFH is starting to change the way doctors diagnose and treat patients. #CancerResearch in the #cloud continues to grow, but #security teams need to keep up. @kellymsheridan reports in…
Introducing 'Winning Calls' with @Oracle 🙌 First up, an exclusive look at how @AinslieBen & @SailGPGBR used #data
Retweeted by Oracle#HR pros, we're here to help. @GretchenA talks to @williamtincup about what we're up to on the @RecruitingDaily pod… #developers! With the release of our Visual Builder Platform, you can now deliver your #cloudnative appli…
Why has data #security become so incredibly complicated? @QuadStack tackles this tough question:…
Having trouble securing your #cloud deployments? You're not alone, according to our 2020 Cloud Threat Report with… has come a long way, but there can still be a sizable lag from when live events happen to when they… @SharmaSurbhi_22 @OracleCloud @rohitrahi Thanks for reaching out! Please contact Oracle Support for assistance: daily routines have been upended. What's the key to handling today's professional and personal challenges? In…
When looking for guidance, inspiration, or advice in #HRTech, check out these top influencers via @HRExecMag:…
Retweeted by OracleHow can you measure efficiency, maintain team presence, and get recognized as a leader? #Java Champion… secret life of bees is fascinating. @WIRED reports on our work with @worldbeeproject, using #bigdata to study t…
Riddle me this: How is a converged #database like a smartphone? @SQLMaria has the answer: engineering simulations. Faster #AI training. More sophisticated #chatbots. Our own @ricadela1 explains… watch their favorite shows and events on multiple platforms: TV, desktop, mobile. Measuring viewership accu… Bee Project: How Predictive Intelligence Combats the Bee Population Decline by @Ronald_vanLoon & @s_lahini |…
Retweeted by OracleWhat could our world look like with a healthy bee population? On this #WorldBeeDay, our own @amandajobbins explai…
The rules are changing and no one knows what “normal” will look like in the future. Is your business ready? And wh… us tomorrow and help us celebrate the 25th anniversary of Java! Experts in the Java community will be on hand…
Retweeted by OracleOur customers are saving up to 80% with @OracleCloud. What could your business save? Check out our new calculator…
@BseKunal @anupam_sengupta @OracleCert Hi Kunal - Can you please let us know if you are an Oracle employee? Thank you."Oracle ERP Cloud users ... say their ERP system excels at industry-specific capabilities, procurement management,… sessions + 24 speakers = 24 hours of nonstop inspiration for the @OracleAPEX community!
Are you interested in harnessing the power of an entire IT department with #OracleACS experienced professionals and… @anupam_sengupta @OracleCert Please use this guide to register for your exam prior to May 15 at 10:00 PM PDT. Your… #OracleCloudDay online? Don’t worry! It’s now available on demand: is rapidly changing. How can you keep up? "It's important to not be stuck in a bubble," #Java Champion… @GerryAbreu @TheVikthur Hi Gerry - You just need to register for the exam by May 15. The exam date can be after May… @ShivanshuPraj12 Please make sure you are using the direct link to the learning path. You must register for the exa… @rohan_digital Please make sure you are using the direct link to the learning path. Please register for the exam by… @shubhk15 Please make sure you are using the direct link to the learning path. Please register for the exam by May… #cloud momentum is building. @bobevansIT reports on the reasons why:
We’re on a mission to help people see data in new ways and discover insights! @andrewbrust explains how our latest…"The product does all the expected HCM and HR stuff, but with more flexibility, analytics, and reporting than other… @GerryAbreu @TheVikthur We’re pleased to offer more exam slots to meet increased demand. Please register prior to M… is top of the agenda for many businesses, but it also creates new opportunities for cybercriminals. Wha…'re teaming up with @NVIDIAAI Inception to help #AI #startups achieve scale and success:
A quarter-century of #Java! Wow, time flies. Join us May 20th as we celebrate with experts from the Java community… care what customers think. Customers want to tell them. But why is it so hard? @radoraykov discusses the… @emferrariny @rohitrahi @Oracle_Edu Yes, the content will remain available.#BigData is about more than just crunching numbers. Join @BernardMarr and @brunoaziza for a live discussion of all…
We've boosted support for mission-critical workloads in the #cloud with our new cloud instances running @AMD EPYC c… does 5X faster and 80%+ cheaper sound to you? If that’s the kind of #cloud infrastructure you’re interested in,… always find a way to connect. With more than 20 million monthly active #videoconferencing users, @8x8 turned to… @Saurabh07393915 @OracleCloud You can book your exam through August. You just need to register for the exam by May… @Saurabh07393915 @OracleCloud Hi - You just need to register for the exam by May 15. You do not need to take the ex…
Learn about tech and help people in their time of need during this full-day fundraiser starting tomorrow!…"With that rapid growth in daily users on our platform, we needed to scale our infrastructure." Zoom’s chief techn… @vavinho7 @OracleCert You just need to register before May 15. The exam date can be after May 15.Leadership principles matter in times of crisis. @jason__richmond of @idealoutcomes shares some tips to help your t…
Shout-out to the super-parents doing it all, every day. Here's a fun Coloring Book to help entertain your kids. Dow…
Closing the books has suddenly become a major challenge. #Cloud #ERP helps companies do it remotely:… news! Additional exam slots for our free OU Cloud certifications have been added to meet increased demand. Pl… new E3 instances are built on @AMDServer processors to help you run general-purpose AND high-bandwidth workload… @Chitikeshimani2 Thanks for reaching out! Please contact Oracle Support for assistance:
#ScenarioPlanning can help you visualize the future, prepare for multiple outcomes, and assess how to respond. Here… Steps for Business Continuity Amid #COVID19 by @Ronald_vanLoon & @NickJacksonFin | #OracleAmbassador @Oracle
Retweeted by OracleWe're getting ready to open our second #cloud region in South Korea! The new region in Chuncheon will help customer…'s discuss Security Lists and Network Security Groups. These two mechanisms enable you to restrict the flow of t…
@kariukigeorges @OracleCloud @Oracle_Edu @rohitrahi @pearson Please visit our promotion page… @sam_33961 @PearsonVUE Please visit our promotion page and click on the free learning paths…