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Dude I'm so funny // NEW VIDEO IN THE WEBSITE // //PFP BY @FCLmao 😁 Pokémon account: @EmbOranges

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First class got cancelled Time to sleep for the next four hours @spybbie God I love Fnaf @emerqId Ur a dickhead @heysilklol I’ll kick ur migraine if it don’t stop 🤬 @emerqId HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Pikaclicks Pikaclicks is my favorite racist @YeetMiko @DriedLegless @looshysucks Shocked @Calvin2une @DriedLegless @YeetMiko @looshysucks There’s no way something like this existed 10 years ago @Calvin2une ❤️❤️ @YeetMiko @looshysucks wack @lofiisofi BITCH. NAH. U NICE.No bullshit @lofiisofi is genuinely one of the sweetest people ever wth @KaraCorvus shit you're right im SO fuckin stupid @tvnathanjust man i wanna be ur friend cuz you're cool as hell and super nice @KaraCorvus no one actually wants to CONSUME 40 nuggets so the lower the price so it looks like a deal that makes… @Calvin2une 🧡love you calvin🧡Like this fuckin thing I am a toddler wanna stop laughing at fart jokes cuz they aren’t funny But I’m a fucking child I hear *braaap* and for no reason… @_oBabe I have it on way more than I do off I switch a lot tho @TalentSpamming Fair fair LOL @homebickles :0 @Looting_III Banger! @TalentSpamming Man what is this @homebickles @hannahxxrose This so SO SICK ❤️ @ChoiBand @Pikaclicks @CoastIand Literally just do thatLOL @TalentLacking @Pikaclicks I am justified @TalentLacking @Pikaclicks I hope you pass his Stupid Ass @aimseytv Goodnight aimseyBody positivity is for EVERYONE! Not just bigger people. Be proud of yourself and respect others please! @yogenki NAME @thaunking @looshysucks Yeah I meant 9 then LOL my b @thaunking @looshysucks No way @thaunking @looshysucks 2012????The pack in question: @looshysucks What fucking packs existed 8 years ago @liammedits @EyEyChill W H I T Eonly i could tweet shit like this @KiwiQG yup! @storfanie why do you have to question thisdamn right @hun____ter these are the same people calling Schlatt Racist @Rllee_ i know trust me @jillyeon amazing!Where are my Ethical Incels at
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡Its gonna be march again btw It's been a yearhey it’s free to be nice 😃 so do it bitch
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2021 @222xen They think they’re being respectfulschlatt antis are the most annoying community on twitter imagine basing your personality off of hating someone onli…
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡This should be more common place: People who view texture packs are fucking DUMB LOL @emmalangevinxo I am tired of being small. I am now LARGE @destuhne What is PDQI’d do this trend but I’d get the shit bullied out of me cuz I dress literally the exact fucking same as my MC skin @hun____ter you make videos? @Havenhand_ @ShadowApples daniel.CRAZIEST STREAM EVER THANK U ALL SO MUCH HOLY
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡 @NocturneIsTaken SSORRY IT TOOK A AWHILE, HHERE YOU GO THOUGH!!! also, llook, i drew a bee, its great, i love it :]
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡made some more of these for the pals! 💫
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡 @FCLmao I’m loving @Joshua_G_Media this is a fucking themeWhat’s with people who use the hard R making songs and long ass messages with the hard r in it ranked skywars player is racist big surprise have seenn more instances of direct racism than I have about black history monthThe fact that I have heard literally nothing about black history month this month is troubling @K0HIKU i know i just got so confused when i read it the first timeGod I’m so feral dudew h a t @TapLHarV OMEGA LOL @ScootRetooted Their outrage is unnecessary already, but it’s best not to add onto it @ScootRetooted The fact that people constantly rage about people don’t exist is amazing @AntTastesHoney Literally posted a man’s Suicide without warning You literally could’ve just posted Logan’s face… @lovewitchcoven :(( screw those people @YECHANC0RE Ok yeah that “Look at they go” is dumb as shit LOLthe way tiktok treats nonbinary people is actually so weird y'all need to chill. no we are NOT yo…
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡it's all so tiresome...
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡"Do you ever think maybe God stays in heaven because he's afraid of what he's created?" Is such a raw fucking line why is it from SPY KIDS 2
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡 @its_TiDAL @dotwavjordan Did you really @its_TiDAL @dotwavjordan Where is this curiosity stemming from @dotwavjordan @AntTastesHoney ANTHONY HOLY SHIT @steejenstyle @JustNathanTV Dawg gunk has had videos for a DAY @steejenstyle @JustNathanTV Steej racist arc?Yo @NetNobody hope you’re ok/doing better w/ whatever’s going on, take as long of a break as you need @sxgrloaf The phone from ur perspective woo wee woo commission for @AmNurdGuy thank you !! <333
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡 @JustNathanTV Goodnight Nathan @Calvin2une @Krtzyy @vGumiho did you do this @Calvin2une @Krtzyy It keeps going @prezoh Mizkif is not my favorite racist 👎🏽 @spybbie you're not even his partner at this point, you're his parent
@andreaisdumb ... @andreaisdumb #9 is literally amberOh, so it's #PokemonDay ? Then let's celebrate with some of my fav pokemon pieces I've done over the years.
Retweeted by SlicedOranges🧡 @_sophtie ADORABLE @Pikaclicks @vGumiho I love Gumi @pixelcraftian @hunter_hhhh i literally just restated the video and it got likes @Loeybug 🧡🧡❤️❤️ @pocketcrums