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God bless NYC
Retweeted by NikoI started a GoFundMe for my music studio that was robbed. i feel so ashamed and heartbroken i dont know what else t…
Retweeted by Niko @PURPICIDE 👹❤️ keep shining that light Mutant Rev! xoLightning Bolt was supposed to play LA tonight, but social distancing in the time of COVID19 has me on the phone to…
Retweeted by NikoI’m doing $25 Mix Reviewing. People are saying “I now have a better mix!” after using my service. Learn more! Email…
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Retweeted by Niko @GoodWillsmith @1000TimesYes lmao yusss21-yr-old budding critic idiot me stepped to Autechre in '01 like "Yr like Beefheart of electronica" & they were like "ELECTRONICA'S SHIT" 😆
Retweeted by NikoI'm not being paranoid by not ordering delivery - I miss it so much. please be careful ya’ll. 500+ people a day ar…
Retweeted by NikoI was born 2 days after Bruce Lee’s death, that’s all the time it took for me to find this new body
Retweeted by Niko @fivexhotel wanna rt wtf lolMe when y’all buy something for more than a dollar off our Bandcamp
Retweeted by Nikoalso dropped a sick af five star trackautechre fans dared them to play entire beef heart record and that’s what’s currently happening lolDoing a collaborative improv set with @fivexhotel this Monday on @datafruits for @Snailzone_ !!!
Retweeted by NikoIn addition to this ongoing horrific, catastrophic loss of life and the resultant reordering of reality, there will…
Retweeted by NikoMe in a week.
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Retweeted by Nikoエイリアンフェイスハガー保護マスク。 😷 covid -19 vs. xenomorph eggs, who would win?
Retweeted by Nikome & beebs adapting & morphing 👹 🐛 🦋 Stewart Is Reading Every Shakespeare Sonnet on Instagram: One a Day "to Keep the Doctor Away"…
Retweeted by Nikoreading Nietzsche live over binaural beats (396 hz) come get this meditation all u dirty ass uberhippies
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Unreleased recording of me playing electronics in s duo with leila bordeuil on cello in this mix...
Retweeted by NikoPREDATOR 2 (1990)
Retweeted by Nikoam pretty sure matt is about to make some of the most insane shit ever lmaoHausu Mountainから届きもの!Prolapsの“Pure Mud Volume 7”。Machine GirlとBonnie Baxterユニット。
Retweeted by NikoWe are all beautiful, inside and out. See it clearly with your mind's eye.
Retweeted by Niko @timheidecker @timheidecker @timheidecker"Surgical face masks significantly reduced detection of influenza virus RNA in respiratory droplets and coronavirus…
Retweeted by Niko @OrbKA you Are the 2 metre Orb web
Retweeted by NikoRIP Bill Withers. What a voice and story.
Retweeted by Nikoi need a “2 metre orb web” 🤔“it was the worst of times & even worse of times” lol today on HausMo: RXM Reality “blood blood blood blood” 🩸🩸🩸🩸 Mike’s production continues to evolve & we’re over…
Retweeted by Nikoi made some new music Mukqs "Choronzon" ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ experiments with atonal orchestral voices. tape hiss & tremol…
Retweeted by NikoUSofA! Real important and real simple. You GOT to stay home for the month & isolate. Even if you got no symptoms yo…
Retweeted by NikoUpdate: doing well. I love you all. Spectacular friends continue to astound me with kindness. Ane then there's the…
Retweeted by NikoHere’s a thing I swore I would never put on the internet. Given our current situation, I thought it might be helpfu…
Retweeted by Niko @_hera_ haha yusss @_hera_ it’s just outside nyc preserves marshlands ....not as isolated as it may look in pics! hanging ok over w this shit!? sending ))) 👹🖤quarantine walk ⛅️ 🦆 WAY [PROD. CALEB GILES] . ANOTHER ONE FOR THESE DAYS INSIDE. RUN THIS B*TCH TO THE MOONNNN!!!
Retweeted by Niko @CrypticSyntax 9pm Bonnie Baxter & The Kill Alters Archives live stream xo
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@machin3gir1 damn luv disi wake up daily to autechre stream...helps so much w anxiety...amazing really...they've been streaming everyday sin… and beebs anyone know how one can get their damn credit on the DSPs like Tidal etc? SO many records I did with no master…
Retweeted by Niko @bonniebaxterka this thread quickly escalated into golden eagles mangling goats and deers 🥺Cool article that nevertheless only barely scratches the surface of how the status quo of streaming has extracted t…
Retweeted by NikoImagine being my neighbor 🥴😅💗 #SeeRaFia
Retweeted by Nikodo british websites use biscuits?
Retweeted by NikoYo I paid $3,000 On a MacBook Pro and @UPS either lost it, or the delivery man stole it. I purchased it through…
Retweeted by Niko👹 starts shortly with MAV1:GRIDRUNNER on! #JeffMinter #GilesGoat #Llamasoft
Retweeted by NikoSoundcloud has added a big SUPPORT button for any profile to directly link to artist paypals. Set it up!!
Retweeted by Nikotrying to avoid covid19 be like this...🩸😇 @rxmreality - "blood blood blood blood" - hitting the mean streets of COVID-WORLD tomorrow! Get ready for some…
Retweeted by Niko @PaulWoolford “but i’m on the guest list” @robinrimbaud have you seen this human doing bird calls?! 🤯 song so impressive it beats any electronic music you can hear today!
Retweeted by Niko @GoodWillsmith “cock push-ups” changed my lifeEllis Marsalis, 1934 - 2020 He went out the way he lived: embracing reality
Retweeted by Nikoa peacefwul westing peewee 😻 is awesome. If you need a facemask, give’em a shout.
Retweeted by NikoVery excited to announce my new solo album today. Contact was recorded and produced by @AlephDunn and comes out May…
Retweeted by Nikogoonies never say die
Michelle Yeoh vs Max Zhang(Featuring; Xing Yu)in "Master Z: IP Man Legacy(2018)"
Retweeted by Nikofarts are like the souls of the food that has died inside you
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Retweeted by Niko#SeeRaFia on and @ post_world_radio2 IG live tonight @ 10PM
Retweeted by Niko @HausuMountain JG would be proud#birdbot
Retweeted by Niko🧐 @AVYSS_magazine has premiered my new music video for the title track from my upcoming @fire_toolz album "rainbow…
Retweeted by Nikothis whole experience just made me realize how much i don't care for money
Retweeted by Niko @yu_whoooo hopefully for july but my paranoia thinks never lol they just gonna keep us like this MY SET FROM HURT FREE NETWORK LAST WEEK IS UP!!
Retweeted by Nikothis friday🌻
Retweeted by Nikojoin me & nicos sunday 9pm just gonna chill out and go through some archive tapes, fuck around w some sounds and ch…
Retweeted by Niko#TransVisibilityDay #nonbinary Merch: Music: #dreamcrusher
Retweeted by NikoSUNDAY 4/5/20 BONNIE AND THE KILL ALTERS ARCHIVES LIVE STREAM #killaltersarchives
Retweeted by Nikojoin me & beebs sunday 9pm just gonna chill out and go through some archive tapes, fuck around w some sounds and ch… wish i had a dad like this...oldie but a goodie to lift your spirits 👹 LET YOUR SOUUUUUUUUUUUL GLOW @bonniebaxterka muah xowow k so been around a basic cable tv & wooooooooooooowieeeeeeeee i can confidently say idiocracy is in full blown reality mode lol
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Retweeted by Niko CHOCOLATEDAY 20: me & beebs have each other & that’s all that matters...the rest will follow but everyday i’m fkn crying how… now until the end of this fucked zone - use discount code 420COVID69 for 15% off of anything on our Bandcamp.…
Retweeted by Nikothe only thing I care about is the mountain goats that have seized llandudno in wales while humans are on lockdown…
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