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i make videos. Gfuel Code = SOG

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Don’t forget that it’s a beautiful day and Quibi is fucking dead lol.Remember this every time you get demonetized. had to cut the thumbnail out cause it’s really disgusting.
In 10 days a game I wanted almost a decade to release is about to launch. I’m excited to finally play some cyberpun… @Leafy ✊? More like🖖 @Loeybug :)XRPMan at this point I’ve played a fuck ton more ps4 games on the ps5, I fail to see a compelling reason to buy one es… @PaymoneyWubby You’re convincing me to try this challenge.I failed no nut November every day of the month bitches hbu??Hey if Sony won’t release a new SOCOM you can play the original on Xbox series S/X.
I can’t believe I saw Jake Paul commit a hate crime. @anything4views Well Chad. You want some brown in you?
Just played Metroid prime and twilight princess on Xbox series x and it runs smooth as shit, currently running some… @ElvisTheAlienTV To boldly flee my fellow alien @nicholasdeorio Not to my knowledgeAbout to turn this Xbox series x into the ultimate emulation machine. @HealthyGamerGG Pretty trueBro haha I’m a virgin :) @ElvisTheAlienTV A channel awesome movieDuality of man’m surprised every single day lol’m kinda tired of among us
I don’t care if you’re new in GTA Online, I’ll fucking end your life within seconds. I’m done playing nice guy. If… many of you sexy beasts stuffed that fucking Turkey today?$500 bounty to whoever can get me a ps4/Xbox one copy of Cyberpunk 2077 before release. Serious. @TheActMan_YT Come over to my place and we can coop sackboyThis OfflineTV leaked document is the reason I stay away from the YouTuber house. You can’t mix personal relationsh…
@MoistCr1TiKaL @SusanWojcicki Idk man might be too much girth for the community guidelines, we’ll never know cause Yt never communicates...I found the only one left in the city. fuckers keep putting me on them watchlists lol fuck imagine trying to buy a new console lol.
I can’t believe this is still a problem. Keep your channels safe and I hope this lad gets his channel back I had friends here, fucking tired of looking at the same four walls with no one around.
@LeonLush idk Leon I spread my homies ass with this method I can confirm it works. @SpongeBob Patrick’s gotta pumper on him.I can safely say I hurt myself physically cooking for you all. I’ll show you tomorrow you sexy bitchesNo more spicy food I’m fucking spitting fire where I shouldn’t be :( @TheEllenShow You should ask Twitter to add a laugh track function so it can mask the unfunny.
That’s cool YouTube I just wanted to look up how to make dinner but thanks. wtf Belle Delphine is banned???Streaming some Warzone with @OrdinaryGamers , @JustinWhang , and @MRKrinkels -
Retweeted by Mutahar @ElvisTheAlienTV 1992 space movie
FUCK YEAH WE GOT ANOTHER LOCKDOWN WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SO EXCITED WOW!!!Ya boy almost slept a whole month in minecraftOkay pls someone translate this. time I tap trending on this app someone is getting cancelled lol
I love my comments section space movie
Nintendo this is fucking dogshit. Stop killing the communities that made you. are groomers on tiktok but one 16 year old is getting death threats cause she joked about hitting 100m follow… GTA online bring on GTA6 already.AMD GPU buying experience.
Not even close Tim, either pay or stop using the iOS store and make your games android exclusive. world must be bored for a dude wearing a dress to hit trending. Wear what you want no one should care and if s… video but spicy streaming today <3 u sexy fucks @NightDocsYT @NexpoYT @mamamaxYT @Loeybug @blameitonjorge @ohmnominal @NickCrowleyYT @MangoAlfredo @ARIESonYT @DrMoist69 I really want to see more conclusive stuff on it. Allegations are super serious so I’m keeping a close watch on it.One day I’m gonna mistakenly post a picture of my ass on Twitter stories and no one will see it @MrBeastYT I’m down
Do I Burn my rectum or go super fast? Code “SOG” btw. content has evolved.
I have a pretty good virus investigations in the works regarding apps like “lockdown browser”. I wanna show you all… @LinusTech Good luck my fucking loooooooooord world order bitchesYou didn’t make the first content house you made the first YouTube crack house get it right. the dumb console war. Bro enjoy your piece of plastic they’re both equally solid as hell. Tons of people… the PS5 UI is snappy. Everything loads in seconds.
@KEEMSTAR 11/10 @KavosYT Kavos vs pedo gaming boxing match whenOh yes this is epic’s pushing the truth @Boogie2988 I’d have preferred they brought back the og Xbox 360 blades UIBlack ops Cold War is pretty cool so far
Neither were zombies if we’re going to be historically accurate you infant. remembers the unus annus vid where mark showed his hairy asshole?Happy Diwali too all my Indian homiesDidn’t get the ps5 yet but I got a taste of some of the merch we’re launching soon. @realDonaldTrump My Mario kart offer is still valid @Slasher I agree, shit like this is cool for gaming in general.Oh fuck yes baby tea channels for a video. Someone look into a crystal ball and help me finish researching so I can bleach my brain.Is COD Cold War worth it?
I’m pretty sure someone stole my ps5 :(It was a good day today now to get ass fucked by traffic the fuck is taking hostages at ubisoft???video tommorow gonna stream today instead @rickyberwick @canadapostcorp they wont
fuck your feelings worldwide shipments next week stay strong and let this cuckold eat his investment. a hot steamy review of the playstation 5 once ive jacked it from this truck.wholesomeあなたはあなた自身の両目で私たちの力を見てきました...今、あなたはあなたの最高指導者を認識する時が来ました。おやすみ!
Retweeted by Mutaharhey better than nothing :) just died im filming a ouija board video real quick.fuck vaping in an xbox series x im gonna turn mine into a bong lol
<@:) @OMGLove :(fuck sorry wrong account