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Watch highlights covering #infrastructure, #DevOps, #security, and more from the recent O'Reilly Velocity Conferenc… @Chrus_3 If you're talking about this book, it is published. There is not plan for a 3rd edition right now. /JJMicroservices, events, and upside-down databases - @samnewman explores the benefits of modeling #data as events as…
@deliprao @gpakosz You can ask our customer service department, and they can get a more accurate date for you. /JJWatch: @jewelia shares how she learned to rapidly #scale herself and her leadership team during a period of hypergr… @nigelpoulton @gmiranda23 Hi Nigel, these short reports are hardly ever printed, we sometimes have them at our conf… @WashCntyInsider @POTUS @seanhannity @FoxNews Hi there, you may have meant to tag Mr. @BillOReilly instead of us, w… advice for software engineers and #security consultants: How to balance development goals with security a…
On our Radar: @briantoreilly outlines the 4 essential skills #software #architects need to have but often don’t. @rhainman @PrisonPlanet Hi there, you may have meant to tag @BillOReilly instead of us, we're a learning company, n… @gibbonsfall @CassandraRules @PrisonPlanet Hi there, you probably meant to tag Mr. @BillOReilly instead of us, we'r… your #softwarearchitecture skills in this overview of how to apply modular system design principles while avoi…
Artificial intelligence vs. actionable intelligence - @eurica explains why adding a manageable dose of the latter c… @ChadOnData Hi Chad, our customer service can solve that problem, or Phone 707.827.7019 or 800.889.8969#Blockchain technologies have been made popular by the creation of #bitcoin, but how exactly can a blockchain benef…
O'Reilly's Chief Data Scientist @bigdata shares how to think about #AI and #machinelearning technologies, and their… @MoonOwl52 @realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends @seanhannity @marklevinshow @mitchellvii @truthorange Hi Sharon, you may… @scrimshankpotus @politvidchannel @FoxNews Hey there, you probably meant to tag @BillOReilly instead of us, we're a… @sasguy235 @timoreilly Hi Praschant, contact me about this, I might be able to help, @MuskieMcKay We're sorry Andrew, could you contact our customer service to make sure you're off all our lists? @TrollHugger Hi there, did you mean to tag @BillOReilly instead of us? We're a learning company, not associated with him. /JJ @billkendrick It is a Tarsier, for sure, but it is not 'ours' since the original art is public domain. /JJ are thrilled to be recognized as a 2018 top #onlinelearning library company by @TrainingIndustr! Read more about…
So, you want to be successful in the open future? Watch this video excerpt with @LouiseHBeaumont from @StrataConf L… @dmitri_tikhonov We still do, Dmitri, here is some information from last year when we closed our online shop: @NoOrangeFuhrer @foxandfriends @FoxNews @seanhannity @BillOReilly Hi there, we're a learning company, not associat… Using #splittesting to understand users - analytics for product managers:
From the conference show floor: @kevinglong shares his experience at @StrataConf London #dataprivacy #GDPR
From chaos engineering to bug bounties—why companies need to experiment with new technology and create a… @xsyn Here's the list from our blog:'Reilly Resources: This collection of #AI resources will get you up to speed on the basics, best practices, and la…
Get a practical guide on how your business can use #AI to innovate—detailed use cases, the data science lifecycle,… 5 key drivers for getting more value from your #data by @tianhuil and @Matt_Maccaux @Joachim8675309 Contact our customer service folks, they can help with that. support@oreilly.comModel development ≠ Software development. @davidtalby, CTO at Pacific AI, explores the biggest mistakes people make…
In the latest episode of the O'Reilly Data Show, @bigdata speaks with @Intuit VP and CDO @aerotrekker about how the… @OmarC221 @Bourdain @CNN @AC360 @jaketapper @andrewcuomo @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @FoxNews @MSNBC @maddow Hi O… @In2012DemsLie @DennisDMZ Hi there, you probably meant to tag @BillOReilly instead of us. We're a learning company… @IDSSLab @OpenAI Hi there, You ask this often of us, and it is not well understood by any of us on the Social Medi… @herrbongiovanni Hi Carlo, if you need help deciding, you can reach out to me, and I can help, jon@oreilly.comCast Your Vote! We're celebrating the biggest contributions to #opensource at @oscon. Voting is open now through Ju…
Machine Learning: @mikiobraun shares what's the same, what's different, and how #deeplearning might change the game @ndbx Hey there, our support team might have news about that, support@oreilly.comBest Price ends today for #TheAIConf in San Francisco! Register before midnight PT tonight to save on your ticket.…
Retweeted by O'Reilly Media @FrasSmith Hi Fraser, we'd like to correct this issue, can you send the details to our customer service team? @thDigitalReader This is our official statement. Currently you can by DRM-free PDFs from o… any problem can find a solution with KISS - keep it simple, stupid. Zubin Siganporia, CEO of QED Analytics exp…
From @joemckendrick - analysis of our recent #AI survey with @bigdata and @mikeloukides : What We’re Learning About… good, the bad, and the internet? @Marthalanefox considers the unintended consequences of technology at… @Bazigar_60 Hey there, our customer support team can help you with that, or Phone 707.827.7019 or 800.889.8969 @quasi42 Hi Mads, Please contact our customer support folks, they can help with this.
Don't believe the hype - @mikeloukides shares why the best use cases for #blockchains may look like nothing we woul… @Cato_Minor Hummm... Doesn't check out. Maybe it was before our time ;-) impacts what we learn but also how we learn it. O'Reilly Chief Content Officer, Karen Hebert-Maccaro, sh… @Joachim8675309 Hi there Joaquin, Our customer support folks can help you with this, @Joachim8675309 Hi Joaquin, thanks for asking, Our ebooks are available from several online retailers, including… @Joachim8675309 @kelseyhightower @kubernetesio @AmazonKindle Actually, our ebooks are available from many online re… @IDSSLab @realjoet Hi there, not sure what you are talking about, if you need customer service, you can email supp…
@rk295 Yes! Send me an email and I'll let you know about it ;-) jon@oreilly.comToday's research is tomorrows #datascience. Watch @ShopKeep VP of Data Science @cybfoster keynote at @strataconf on… @rk295 The animal on the cover of Kubernetes: Up and Running is an Atlantic white-sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus acu… @rk295 It's actually an Atlantic white-sided dolphin. /JJ @ListerNyaringo @NeisyGuerra4 @realDonaldTrump @umpirefredkelly @POTUS @CNNPolitics @ABCPolitics @maddow @MSN this chapter from the #Kubernetes Cookbook, find recipes that deal w/ both app-level and cluster-level maintenan…
Watch: @EvaKaili presents at @strataconf London about data protection and innovation - where #GDPR meets #Blockchain @marycktech Hi Mary - Our engineering team is working hard to resolve this issue. You should regain access shortly!The 2018 @JupyterCon will bring enterprise use cases and #Jupyter best practices into one place. Learn more from pr…
O'Reilly's @mikeloukides shares the 7 questions to ask before you launch an enterprise #blockchain project @benbrown on why designing our friendly robot companions isn't only about the #AI
@annnwallace Hi Ann - nothing has been announced as of yet, but you can sign up to be notified for all O'Reilly Sec… lot of companies were well prepared for the #GDPR deadline last week. @ali_bike shares why @Microsoft was one of… O'Reilly Data Show podcast 100th episode: The evolution of #datascience, data #engineering, and #AI with…
Missed out on @strataconf London? We've put together highlights from the show covering #machinelearning, #GDPR, dat… out highlights from the O'Reilly podcast interview with @BoingBoing editor @doctorow about the fight for a co…
You're heard of #Jupyter but how do you know your approach is the right one? Take a look at our overview of the upc… @edwoden Hi Ed - thanks so much for this feedback. We've passed it along to our internal teams who are hard at work… @IanYorston Hi Ian. We do have an education program! You can get more information/direct any further enquiries here: @embano1 Hello again, Michael. The team is aware of the issue and are working on it. If you have any other question… @embano1 Hi Michael - we're investigating and should have an answer for you shortly. Thanks for the flag!