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after a few days of managing to restrict and not binge i can definetly say an empty stomach feels much better than a full one✧⁠*⁠。Kp0p sk1nny but it's W0ny0ung 。⁠*✧
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ᯇ march 29th : 1156 cals🧵 “cheat day” tiktoks
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2victoria’s secret models meals 💞
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2023ᯇ march 28th : 1214 calsI HAVE FREE TIME. what the fuck am i supposed to do
ᯇ march 27th : 1192 cals like less than 300 cals tooshe made me for dinnee today grilled chicken breast and eggplant with a green salad on the side IT WAS SO GOODi'm having mock exams this week and my mom decided to make me healthier food i love her so much :((
why is it so hard to ignore hunger during the evening myself to 1500 today since idk how much i ate yesterday and i don't want to trigger a reactive eating epis…
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2023 at 51 kgs, eating shitty food isn't a reward, it's a punishment
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2i'm also thinking abt not focusing that much on cals (it will be impossible) and mostly on portion controlok so my plan from monday: breakfast – protein bar/yogurt with fruit lunch + dinner – homemade meal/salad with chi… hope she is alright:(i gasped when i saw this😕'm trying to make it look more normal so it doesn't look weird to whoever comes in my roomcurrently working on a thinspo board for my wall😋my new goal rn is to never finish a meal it makes me feel so validating's so tiny and so thinspo wanna be skinny and pretty and frail and flat
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2it's alright i can get back there this was such a good lesson to take any new lw for granted and stop calling myself fati didn't take bmi 16 for granted and now i'm back at bmi 18 fmlmarch 24th in ~ 1700 out – 442
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2— rules ... • 12k - 13k steps per day • follow workout plan : 2 - 3 days of running and 2 - 3 days of home workout… this when i get back home from vacation so i can lose all water weight i've gained and then i think i'll d…
• start — 27th of march • end — 2nd of april୨ৎ hello kitty accountability thread ...୨୧ accountability !୨୧ thread of threads !꒰͡ ࡛ ๋ 🦢 ⃝  ࣪  welcome !  ࣪ ׅ ⊹ meals id absolutely fuck up ( 🧵) 😘
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2 to do instead of binge eating <3♡ A list of distractions from food!
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2// tmi not complaining abt it but i've got diarrhea finally good things happening in my life
🍵 clean girl/that girl thinspo 🌱 a thread 🧵 for edtwt
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2(i need to be cringe for a bit) suffer the pain of being fat or the pain of being thin?j3nn13's waist is so goals's not like i really want to eat again just the fact i consumed 300 cals worth of bread made me disgusted w myself started an if until tmrw morning bcs there's nothing i can eat and not get past 1200..i thought i overate a lot today at my mom's workplace but i actually just ate until 1100 cals thank godmy life is actually going well rn why do i feel like bingingbrain full of binge urges today i actually hate it absolute beloved drink
fat to fit thread !! 🌷
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2ed finally eding w the food guilti want to throw up why do i eat smmarch 22nd in – 1154 out – 318done w my eating window today now i have ro reach my exercise goalsthat will most probably not happen since there is always a lot of food at my parents' friends apartment but i'll go… was thinking of doing a meta day on saturday since i won't be in the city but tbh i just want to restrict like i usually do, very, very odd or specific things you can do instead of eating pt. 2 (more for distraction/entertainment tha…
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2breakfast looks so ugly but that's bcs i already mixed in everything
i mean i got to my lw by netting 800 - 900 cals so i shouldn't panick over eating a bit morenet cals today 844 it isn't That bad right“i just hit my ugw!!” a phrase u will never be able to say with the way ur going.
Retweeted by nyx 0.4/2march 21st in – 1323 out – 402 i overate again :(i'm not even done yet loli have been slaying today edtwt masterthread of tips, diets, pics etc ... @sweeterthani hey!! yup <3
i'm getting measure tmrw for my prom dress that'll be so triggering😋march 20th in – 1254 out – 442i need to get to 51 kgs as soon as i can✩‧₊˚Thread of trigger!ng threads ✩‧₊˚
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