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20. I’m just here. AE, C4D + Octane

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@xoxabstract oh so u just be ignoring me then @Gavpai how is this even possible @SkreetMan @Schovee oh dang that’s fast @SkreetMan @Schovee what’s ur dpi/sens @Boy1drr @KittenElise @xddchill didn’t put chopped onions and garlic first either smh @KittenElise mmmm I love yellows @cinnabarphos happens to me when I’m staring at a screen too long/a lot of stress
@visionofviii try me. @cinnabarphos @pokimanelol Poki stay AWAY from this woman she is a danger to society @Blankzy_ smoke a bowl out of there, that’s some rs @BaranVisuals oh my god THIS is the one @cinnabarphos @Atlus_West she paid me $20 to say this @cinnabarphos Wow, this cosplay of Makoto Niijima from the video game Persona 5 (made by @Atlus_West) is so good, I… @detective_nacho banger @saburo2k @jessdot @Gavpai that’s gon take more than 3 minutes @NeeksFPS @Schovee ohhh cool @Schovee Wait why does it say Immortal 756 @BXHILLL @NeeksFPS yeah fr light work @NeeksFPS @BXHILLL I’m down but only unrated, I don’t wanna get boosted @BXHILLL @NeeksFPS lmao dawg my ass never leaving silver/gold 😭 @BXHILLL @NeeksFPS Brit get a PC man we gotta get you playinggg @Nexqal aight man you coulda left that last part outI don’t tweet nearly as much on here. And that’s on purpose. But I hope you’re all having a great night/year so far… @Boy1drr @ELL5o5 is this you @CouRageJD Incredible 🤍 These numbers really put things into perspective
@xoxabstract better** @xoxabstract left looks bigger @oFabz you thought @oFabz ok? @CrypticNotAlone nah wth are these replies
@mapalberenson nah respect, he got it right. You just don’t see the vision Maple @xoxabstract @may_wedda nah that’s adorable @xoxabstract Some of the pics girls think are ugly are actually great and they just can’t see it like we do @mapalberenson 🤞 @LazasBautista @Pokemon I have been waiting. Patiently. If this is a flop it’s over @TommyThroatEm @CrypticNotAlone dawg he looks 5’0 flat this ain’t even fair @CrypticNotAlone @TommyThroatEm We up to 173 now @curIsweatshirt it’s called playing League of Legends @slamongfIobo u seen her mayo bagel? @slamongfIobo respect Shay? @slamongfIobo Imma call you Slam On G Flo Bo @slamongfIobo call you Yea? ok @slamongfIobo Genuine question though, what do you want people to call you in game if they don’t know you @SesoHQ This ain’t even fair, my power was out all day
@no9mi you boutta drop 30k
@visionofviii winner of the fuck a fan contest gets the bag @JoeyTheSuperJew sorry @JhbTeam Jhb can you please answer the question. @TristanGHill @visionofviii Guess who gotta be in call with him for this one 🤦🏻‍♂️ @visionofviii Aye bro we gon fix that when you come to America one day dw @JoeyTheSuperJew bills, this is not worth the headache of setting up and playing only once. Content wave on this wa… @no9mi what I don’t have is the new iPhone 12 Pro Max Plus Pro @no9mi I have a job thanks. @no9mi no i’m nephew buy me iphone @no9mi hi it’s me your nephew @Icy_Rapture you got me $Skymoh @dracubina yeo @goombba @liImorg 🙀 @liImorg @goombba tell em
@mapalberenson @FlipJLF I’M CRYIN HAHAHAHA @qualityhentaii HAHAHA my bad you right @qualityhentaii so you don't talk on call but you can tweet this. Real @qualityhentaii thought you were just flexing that you went to the bathroom finally or somethin @qualityhentaii IT WAS TIME I GET IT NOW @xoxabstract yeah I'm not even sure @Tuont0 @GenshinImpact FINALLYYY @cinnabarphos @reaIlyupset Are you kidding me I'm never replying ever again @cinnabarphos @cinnabarphos so you free in 4 months? @cinnabarphos 😁☺️😋🤗 @xoxabstract @cinnabarphos lol heyy @curIsweatshirt never. @oFabz oh ok @JhbTeam BRO I DON’T KNOW @oFabz All the WHAT @JhbTeam Wait unironically asking, is this you or not @oFabz bro wym it’s literally you?? @BXHILLL LESGOOO HAPPY BDAY !! @cinnabarphos When I catch those bunnies on my earth @cinnabarphos Why are there just two bunnies there @JoeyTheSuperJew That’s crazy that EVERYONE swiped right in chat but you showed me @visionofviii So when are you shipping it to me?turned my idea into reality ✨
Retweeted by Oreo @qualityhentaii @qualityhentaii What is it time for @goombba @JoeyTheSuperJew did I guess right @JoeyTheSuperJew drunk tinderWhy’d he come back swinging like thatLeague community in a nutshell @CFC_Ant @CFC_Ant homie literally said we the same but I’m built different @Icy_Rapture fr @Schovee 1hp and a dream
@lexieyuh @xoxabstract Queen’s Gambit was great but not even close to Breaking Bad imo @JustFreshKicks @TristanGHill people really picking Hyper Royal 🤯 @JoeyTheSuperJew my eyesight @JoeyTheSuperJew the snow @JoeyTheSuperJew NOO I MISSED IT WTF JOEY GO BACK @LazasBautista someone’s gotta break this short cycle, how else imma get a kid in the NBA?