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O @Oreologist Austin, TX

21. I’m just here. AE, C4D + Octane

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@LilNasX Shoes inside?? I thought you were better than this Mr. Nas X... @Yuhuuur ihy man I'M SO HUNGRY
@Wis_Alt LOOL you fixed it instead 😭 @Wis_Alt Can you photoshot his legs more to the right @Froste “it’s not tweetdecking bro, it’s just lobbing in the group chat” yeah and I’m 6’7 @xoupgone What does this caption even mean, you weren’t here in 1980 @Hauntterr OK Computer one of my favorite albums of all time, OKNOTOK is an even better deluxe too @exJackiee @JoeyTheSuperJew @HarryButAverage that’s not what your current cut says 😭😭 @exJackiee @JoeyTheSuperJew @HarryButAverage YOU TALKIN??? @HarryButAverage Wait why are you getting flamed, I think it looks good @thegingerbatt I’ve seen him live twice though and both times were so much fun, ain’t no way Imma let no lifes on t… @thegingerbatt his older stuff up through The Incredible True Story is really good, there’s some weird stuff toward… @Boy1drr no leave me alone @Boy1drr LMAOO this gif long as hell!! @KnownAsLit chess not checkers frDamn I thought this one would work
@oFabz @itsandreabotez Surely she’s just busy @Hauntterr @Froste This gotta be one of the best Tiktoks ever made omfg @Tuont0 sheesh @100Thieves @CashApp @alexandravbotez @itsandreabotez This is huge wtf @Hauntterr damn 28 years??? That’s insane @JoeyTheSuperJew @OpTic SIKE RATIOOOO @JoeyTheSuperJew @OpTic holy sht i’m so sorry @JoeyTheSuperJew @OpTic hopefully you can SEE now how big of a flop you are 😭😭 @itsWaddles_ @itsandreabotez It’s her move now @may_wedda @itsandreabotez hey may @Daymeeein @itsandreabotez is this a chess moveI don't know a thing about chess but if you need a king let me know @itsandreabotez @Blizzy @Cehlub @jastidesigns @RETROCOlN When do I get a cameo in a piece then?? @Blizzy It’s a matter of obligation isn’t it @iPurrple @Cuhmmando @aceCourtBot render @TristanGHill it’s been a few
@JoeyTheSuperJew ayo why you still streamin @Hehe_TV @JhbTeam @pokimanelol Ohhhh that makes sense, thank you @JhbTeam @pokimanelol What is a senior intern @oFabz text @oFabz You were supposed to go to bed, we have work to do tomorrow @JoeyTheSuperJew It’s about time, that was NOT workin out for you 😭😭 see you in the BK drive thru
@jacksondahl @CrypticNoHoes what we thinkin bout the last one @oFabz @_NotTeryn you're kidding me @Boy1drr Sorry @Boy1drr I'm doing it because you know I'm not serious (but maybe my reply will bump it to others) @Boy1drr how do you know @Boy1drr Got you, lmk details in dmsNah STOP up... @Daymeeein @BrotherYeehaw @RealShadesMcGee @JCFCofficiaI I’ve never seen anyone more valid omfg @itsWaddles_ @LilPenguBaby @krispykreme @Oreo you already know @Blathanos @oFabz Remnant From the Ashes, it's a lot of funShoutout twitter compression frfr @itsWaddles_ yo stfu!!!!Me and @oFabz were looking for a tower... @oFabz @itsWaddles_ @ThatEdgyTwat nah we fr suck and that might be my fault @itsWaddles_ @oFabz @ThatEdgyTwat uh oh @oFabz I didn’t even see you tweeted me, I texted you on my own too LMAO we really are no lifes w this @optiuh Wait til you find out what sponges are... @Gavpai Wait holup you drinking light armor?? wtf @HBSaburo @Gavpai I’ve seen the upstairs bathroom, they developed immunity by just using that mf
@Hehe_TV @Hehes_Wifey Congrats man!!! @hitchariide Wait I’m being serious is this not you
@Froste Damn. This went kinda hard
@dracubina Sup Lina
@TristanGHill Hold on though... @TristanGHill @Blizzy @RETROCOlN The meta keeps expanding omfg @lyssiu @KittenElise brb getting my ears pierced @KittenElise What it sound like @kash1bo TALENT @reaIlyshort You’re not in a rom com bro, I hate to break it to you but your life is a tragedy
@Blankzy__ @ValorLeaks Your new main @ValorLeaks @Blankzy__ @fandomhuub I should not be laughing this hard @Cehlub The grain blending 😩👌 @DaDSHoT @100Thieves Smart man!! @LilNasX That’s my bestie 🥰 $Skymoh @Wis_Alt @Froste Good work, thank you 🙏 @DarienBMG this was his excuse to get one out @LoganDodson @DoctorAlpaca my bad you’re right, they suck Alpaca sorry!! @DoctorAlpaca @LoganDodson wow breaking his trust? He said don’t tell anyone 💔 @DoctorAlpaca Have you thought of selling your posters?? @cinnabarphos holy shit get a job @FuckY0UAgain @midnightprofit ohhhh damn. @Froste @Wis_Alt can you photoshop number 2 in front of a chalkboard to make him look like an impatient professor @cinnabarphos No! @sonicx161 oh no what happened @fandomhuub are you calling yourself a hoe? @j4zzyko Please leave me alone @GhostySP 🤝 @Blankzy__ @NeeksVAL nah son I saw that other reply, you ain’t slick @oFabz Glad no one saw. @unterhay @XxQu1cKSc0peZz LMFAOO man @XxQu1cKSc0peZz @unterhay ohh he callin me ugly. my bad @Blathanos Clever comeback @alubenNFT industry secret @unterhay I am, and have always been, in fact, hoeless @Blathanos you need professional help! @reaIlyshort I’ll take that as a no