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Oreo @Oreologist Swimming in Circles

20. Sometimes edit for @TheMob. ALT: @Oreologyst // #MFAM #RideTheMob #HIVESZN

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@100shreccs U said this and then fell asleep, unreal @100shreccs tf did I do @100shreccs @100shreccs do u ever stop talking @I3randino Damn you just chillin, nice @I3randino Show @xvslader THANK U @100TJackiee Yo fr @jesusdied4ursin fr why’d he steal it from me smh @xberrt Stealing tweets? Bro cmon that’s lowmf be dropping frames on stream... bro just pick them back up🤦🏼‍♂️
@oFabz Yeah?? @oFabz Ladies DM me if you want my Twitch Prime 📲📲 @oFabz Yo this might be the move @TSM_Slappie Suing Apple @CFC_Ant My b, I’ll go easier next time lol @KongeNV @Viperous Airport security got confused, they thought she was one the people who direct the plane on the r… @Logic301 @GFuelEnergy HOLY THROWBACK, FINALLY @oFabz @_Mamadooo @TristanGHill I, for one, like your name @TristanGHill Here’s just my fav vid of Flight, $Skymoh @TristanGHill Fuck you, ily @MxjdTV HA it was prob at the Mob vs. TST games, I remember seeing you there @MxjdTV Technically at Anaheim, although I don’t think we actually talked @zuofx @JhbTeam fr that’s kinda strange @Daymeeein heyy @Daymeeein I love this so much @BakeHatesItHere So no head? I ain’t even got that mf on me 😂😂 @Nadeshot Imagine seeing Dienda too... that musta been horrifying @Boy1drr hey @Boy1drr @leahdb98 true @maids WTF
@moonsuedo Skye💀💀 @notchaselyons Why do this to yourself @Viperous All love 💜 feel better soon Sid @Nexqal No @pulsersbtw @ripxRain @OffbrandMilkbag Oh he’s being serious alright @JhbTeam I tried @ripxRain @OffbrandMilkbag It’s the war on drugs, that’s the name. It’s not a literal war (essentially the govt aga… @ripxRain idk about now but he’s def done it in the past, he lived through NY in the 80s @ripxRain @OffbrandMilkbag You need a history lesson bro @ripxRain It’s not made legally, it’s usually smuggled from other countries and sold illicitly. The govt doesn’t wa… @ripxRain ?? It’s a drug with no prescription? mf YEAH @ripxRain possession is illegal man lol @DashieXP Asking the right questions @maids @MyFavsTrash @maids @MyFavsTrash ?? When did I say that @maids @MyFavsTrash Not with tweets like this LMFAOO @maids @MyFavsTrash A failure at both 🔥 @maids @MyFavsTrash You don’t even have a job @xLambo_ no man @xLambo_ I’m in the bathroom not a boat??? @xLambo_ no @xLambo_ yeaJust pain tonight. @NotAirid @Enflictt Id rather eat grass @NotAirid it’s terrible but the juice is super good for you, word to @Enflictt @notchaselyons @veefroggy Hey Chase thanks for gifting me 500 tier 3’s yesterday, just like you do every day casual… @100TJackiee @shivisdumb @Blankzy_ Oh I didn’t see the beginning LOOOL i thought the bomb was in crate. nvm nvm @shivisdumb @Blankzy_ Then again I’m gold 1 so I should be quiet @shivisdumb @Blankzy_ Yo lowkey tho... this is a good play, they have to go around the crate or shoot through the wall @leahdb98 @albert127946 Understandable have a nice day @albert127946 Please dude am big albert stan i make 43 alber accunts pls follow me @leahdb98 Nah mf that’s YOUR tweet @leahdb98 Nvm I forgot this one existed @leahdb98 You’re way too innocent for this type of tweet @ayy_lukie @CrypticNo She worse @xoxabstract @drixburger @katiebvg On god GO SALMA @SavinTheBees The perfect caption @leahdb98 I love that man wholeheartedly @Avalanche100T @avalanchetwitch It’s a national landmark, we just payin our respects @Avalanche100T @avalanchetwitch Wish that mf tweeted ... @SavinTheBees @SavinTheBees What the fuck @SavinTheBees I got sad midway through but now I’m just lost @serenatei SHE UNFOLLOWED ME AS SOON AS I SAID THIS WTF @serenatei thanks @CrypticNo Let’s just say if I was in a Lord of the Flies situation and somehow her material dropped on the island I still wouldn’t @nCaustic_ yes wow @Boy1drr @Avalanche100T dick bob? Who the hell is Richard Bob @Boy1drr @Avalanche100T I be starin at da settings screen @Avalanche100T Twitter Spotify and Youtube, the trio NEVER changes @Avalanche100T The fact that twitter has done this to my camera roll @leahdb98 true @Avalanche100T That one guy @avalanchetwitch @Dolphin_1307 @LazasBautista @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy_ YEAH BROLY WAS SO FKN GOOD @Dolphin_1307 @LazasBautista @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy_ WORD i’m excited @SamManlol @LazasBautista @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy_ Ahh maybe eventually, my homie told me he lovess GT and it’s n… @Dolphin_1307 @LazasBautista @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy_ Demon Clan filler arc, after Frieza on Namek @Dolphin_1307 @LazasBautista @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy_ So far I still prefer Super but I love DBZ already @SamManlol @LazasBautista @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy_ Really? I didn’t think it was worth it @LazasBautista @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy_ Super was my first anime, I’m 1/3 of the way thru DBZ. Watching GT after too @OffbrandMilkbag Ignoring Blankzy the whole DB series is goated @LazasBautista @Blankzy_ @veefroggy hi
@Boy1drr slommy @ArrumieShannon All good, can’t wait!! @maids Nah that ain’t me @maids holy shit this is AWFUL @Classify I’m trying man LMAO