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I Love Cats❤️ I Hate Drama😒 I Love Cooking 👩‍🍳

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30+ men leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!! @_oluebube_ Whatever it is Search boo @_oluebube_ Ask goggle @Auntyfeyi @Lix_szn Beautiful either way💋Oyin always wants to swallow me whenever he sees me😂🤦🏻‍♀️ @Ativie_ 😂😂😂😂 @Crosseyedbabyy 😂😂 @Crosseyedbabyy Get out and don’t come backI don’t find her funny too but it doesn’t make sense that you think someone’s humor is wack because you don’t find… @Crosseyedbabyy Koshi danu fun mi😂Lying ass bitch! “I wanted to feel good” etf? That’s wicked! you flirt with me,ask yourself if I like you. My fingers Dey quick type curse sha. @ugohking I’m following youDear men, please stop testing ladies by pretending to be poor. If a lady pretends not to have womb, will you still marry her? 😒
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddinggg @its_Chidimarh Yeah ikr but small stature can wear any cloth @chi_nnonye 😂😂😂😂Thanks babyTwitter Please I need 2K retweets
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddingggI’m pretending to be asleep for my aunt to avoid unnecessary talks, but now idk what’s choking my throat😭 I need wa… @bin_sanusi NothingWtf do y’all hate rema so much ? He’s not the reason for your family problems na. @chi_nnonye ❤️ @iamMrDray I Dey comeI wish I had a really small stature.It costs $0 to retweet these rolling trays 🍃💨 help my small business grow 💛
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddinggg @iamMrDray Ok @ukejeizu You’re a grown man, act like one @iamMrDray Tell me if it’s interesting @OloriOfOloris NawaGuess the anime character Please don't let this flop 😔
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddinggg @RellyCooper Nap for 13 hrs????😂😂😂Y’all tweet rubbish and say it’s “sarcasm “ it makes me really wonder if most of you know the meaning of sarcasm. @EmzzyJay1 The song no sweet jare @adelacuna001 No @iamMrDray AbegX3 @SwaeLee Bust down swaelee ❤️Na lie. The song no sweet like that😒 SHUFFLE YOUR MOVIE CHARACTERS. WERE ARE TOO MANY IN THIS COUNTRY TO BE SEEING THE SAME FACES IN EVERY MOV…
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddinggg @RILRAYYNE10 @AFROWOOD_TV @Tife_fabunmi @faitheepony I’m not even comparing, because that’s what y’all do all the t… @RILRAYYNE10 @Tife_fabunmi @faitheepony You just stated what your problem is😂 but it’s really funny how your hate s… @RILRAYYNE10 @Tife_fabunmi @faitheepony Lmaoooo that wasn’t the tweet. Rest abeg @RILRAYYNE10 @Tife_fabunmi @faitheepony Don’t even tell me that was sarcasmAm I the only one that randomly checks if a person is still following me back? Especially when their handle isn’t familiar? @Ifeee_A 😂😂😂 that place is also filled with weed smokers @RILRAYYNE10 @Tife_fabunmi @faitheepony Okay, Mayokun? Dremo? Peruzzi? I didn’t know they were ants😩 @Ifeee_A Lmao where’s even the space to do this kind of thing in Nigerian train? Lmao @ellamai We love you 😍😂😂😂😂 would my mom get me this 🤣 people gonna think I’m obsessed with myself lmaooo
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddingggKulture as Cardi b; A Thread🥺💫 #HappyBirthdayKulture
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddingggShower sex is not as glamorous as the media makes it out to be. It really is uncomfortable and problematic as hell. Do not be deceived 😹
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddingggI married my best friend yesterday 🎉🎉🎉 Over the moon with joy. #lovelikecrystal
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddinggg @Djstanlee12 I want too @xpose_lif @MohammedBlack_ 😂😂😂 @Mokeji5 Keji!!!!😂 @CruzAustine3 Thanks tho❤️💋 @CruzAustine3 Nothing to talk about really @Updateboyx @OloriOfOlorisMen don’t even appreciate a good bra & panty set. “TAkE tHeSe OfF” did you even look at it 🥺😒
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddinggg @TheRealShadeR 😂😂😂 @remifolohunso 😂😂😂😂 walaha Dey always too much @TheRealShadeR No dear, convert it to moneyMy mom must always complain about something whenever she video calls me🤦🏻‍♀️ @courage442 Okay good for you @courage442 Dry jokeIdeal gifts you can get for me for my forthcoming birthday. AirPods Full skincare kit from icequeen24 on ig Iwa… @piika_chu_ Stfu😂😂😂 @piika_chu_ D @piika_chu_ B @lone_orc 😂😂😂😂 @piika_chu_ Z @lone_orc Wow mad o Let me go and open You must subscribe to mine too o @lone_orc So you paid?DONT DISCUSS MY TWEETS WITH ME IN REAL LIFE! @MR_JiBoLA To make my hair grow fast?I need my hair to grow fast! @heisrema It’s remyyyyyy boy 🚀 @seunpratt_ I shuu send account? @seunpratt_ Come and give me moneyBoys and girls of twitter. Please help my ministry I need to complete some bills and I am selling my 3layer local…
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddinggg @seunpratt_ Leave me You sha didn’t invite me @seunpratt_ Dey chop life @thean999 @liteventures You really don’t have sense You’re just disgracing your generation @jubril_onikoyi IKR @thean999 @liteventures Please shut up your mouth @Somethi40381867 Thanks ❤️
@juzt_Smart No lol @juzt_Smart Uche @LaRoshe_ @Antimuse1 @CfoLala @kusssman I swear I no understand😂Meet my new friend Yisrael. I notice him everyday so I came to talk to him and he told me that he wants to be a bla…
Retweeted by Oreoluwa $pennddingggOr I’m not interested leave cheap talk, this shalaye Dey annoy. @Antimuse1 @CfoLala @kusssman Nawa rest abeg @slimsuki_ I’m still making the money @Antimuse1 @_king_dynamo @TjBrainard @kusssman Just jokes please don’t bite me @TheRealShadeR Send to my account baby boy @Antimuse1 @CfoLala @kusssman Ahahah it’s just bants na Take your frustration to your family houseI’m just allllll about the moneyyyyyy, Kingsley calls me Monica 😂😂 @supercsherif Oya @TheRealShadeR Lmaoooo yes if you have plenty money to spend on me @supercsherif If you have money to spend on me