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@DarrMakesGames We can fix that! @Gennair I SEE THAT @CyrusCGmtg @IchBinErica I was disappointed it wasn't about a trans girl.
Me, bracing myself for all the takes after Dredge put five players into the Top 8 of the Vintage Challenge. into Top 32 of the Vintage Challenge at 3-3. But I'm gonna say I went 4-2 because the only reason I lost that… @SaturnActual I happen to think you're one of the most brilliant deckbuilders out there, and I love seeing what you come up with next. @kaitfjeld GURL. I'll have to send you some links. @ZephyMeg @TappyToeClaws @AshlenRose @TarmoKat @NissaCosplay Olivia's wings. 😂 @timswar We sure do! @TappyToeClaws introduced me to them. @LewdApril Self, Slow the fuck down. You play Dredge. The odds of you going to time are quite low. Think through your pl… @TarmoKat @StarCityGames You know, when I first started transitioning, this is EXACTLY what I wanted to look like. You look great! @masoneclark Try @MissouriMTG! @GrandpaBelcher OH MY GOD I JUST SCREAMED IN THIS BURGER KING. 😍 @mathimus55 Ah, yes. On @magicmicscast, we call them 'Commander Guy.' I do a pretty great impression, too. @wooberg @HobbesQ I'm taking back every single Like on your selfies.Figuring out what I'm gonna play in the Vintage Challenge always feels like that scene in 'Spice World' with Posh S… @HobbesQ @wooberg 👀 @tehKriz @plaidclad @GrubFellow Krizius Martinez Villenueva Cardona. You stop that right now. 😂 @letsongakemi @SeasonIncarnate My fears of not being trans enough led me to wait until I was 28 to start medically transitioning.… @UrborgLibrarian Sure. Do you use Discord at all? I could just invite you to the Dredge Discord. Or the Vintage one. @UrborgLibrarian @CMDRCentral_Max Been there done that. 😉 getting to use my @OriginalOestrus tokens. (Yes in sigil doesnt give them vigilance). #GPMaxsHouse
Retweeted by Erin, Dreadhetero General @Willcourson94 @jesstephan Bounce wit me @IhlianMTG @JosephMSchultz week's @magicmicscast Top Tens turned into 'The Roast of Erin Campbell,' and I was completely here for it. 😂
@crewmanwilson @TheProxyGuy That's your first mistake: You're assuming it's got anything to do with you. Block chains are a thing.PSA: If you’ve been blocked by anyone on social media, they do not owe you an explanation as to why. Everyone’s…
Retweeted by Erin, Dreadhetero General @jesstephan Heading to the card shop to pick up the rest of my God-Eternal Oketra deck, and then taking myself out for a fish fry. 😊 @AculAlHazred @krittabug I have no idea what this means. @PaulHerpgrove You know what you gotta do. @JasonEAlt @goberthicks Uh, @TarmoKat is that you?? @HobbesQ @HobbesQ @AffinityForBlue Aurelia, Elk-xemplar of Justice. @krittabug @krittabug Hell, the BIO gave me pause. @Raumornie You know where the DM button is! @BehrendNinja @mtgRikipedia @ZephyMeg OMG. This is perfect. @TheProxyGuy Sir, this is an Arby's.Yeah sex is great but have you ever shown your crazy deck idea to someone you immensely respect and they support yo… @Oni_Spumoni @NoNonSenseKnoll @JonTeigesser @KeithCapstick @explosive_donut @kozistranslator @explosive_donut How dare you.I think I might be on to something here. Tomorrow, we test. @mtgmisfit @NoNonSenseKnoll @JonTeigesser @KeithCapstick 👀I don't know what it says about me that when I woke up to fire alarms going off, the only things I could think to g… @thedoh I don't know what any of this means, but I watched a few minutes and gave you a 'Like' on YouTube. 😘
@YourNeighborTj 👀 @CubeApril @thecwebs995 @nicknprince @Oritart You must be new here. @Oritart Excuse me, my official title is 'Dreadhetero General.' How dare you.Who did this? 😂 @AdamBarnello Also, FYI: Consider not quoting people in critical Tweets that have nothing to do with them. Twitter… @AdamBarnello @SpillzHinch @heyworstartist @Megacherv I'd like mine Seismic, please. @SpillzHinch We would love to have you! @RealEvilGenius Not like that! @MTGPackFoils @TappyToeClaws Well, someone in the Team Serious Slack is gonna hook me up with the cards. But a print would still be nice! @RealEvilGenius Why are you like this? @TappyToeClaws @ArcticMeebo @ManaCurves @SunlessLuke @Revarien @Kesswylie Links are blocked at work. But this young man just wrote a bit of a primer about… @Nullzone42 I OWN 51 PERCENT OF THIS COMPANY @ITOmarHernandez We luh ya papi. @ChannelFireball anyone going to #SCGCON do me a favor, and see if Matt Stewart has any Narcomoeba prints for sale? I was gonna… @Mengu09 @crokeyz @Jezebel Sorry, @PleasantKenobi. @AndrewMagrini @squash86 @HobbesQ 👀 @squash86 @AndrewMagrini My God, that thing is taller than @HobbesQ. 😉 @BOOGDISH Never came up. @SunlessLuke If I had to play Standard, I would absolutely play it. @WindupEm I'll take the 6'5."Played in two Leagues tonight. Was doing terribly in the first, so I dropped. Changed some things up, and tried aga… @LovestruckBeast
@nicknprince @tirentu God no! Who wants that?! @LadyAtarka @tirentu @nicknprince Inorite? Next thing you know you're gonna have transgenders mucking about. @nicknprince Wait, you're... gay?Friendly Reminder: We are going live TOMORROW, Thursday at 11PM ET this week! Join us for all the latest in MTG - S…
Retweeted by Erin, Dreadhetero General @BoltTheBee #Mahnzai @voidpaw explains a LOT. 😂 @casualgrace @MtgSodek @AdamBarnello Just the brawny ones. 😉 @ZephyMeg @KatSelesnya Amen! @LibrarianOfLeng Something something thinking of children.As someone who didn't really have boobs until a few years ago, I find the whole 'boobs on Twitch' discourse fascina… @appleciderwitch On my way!The replies to this are gold. Also, who is this young lady? I would like to send my Amazon Prime subscription her w… @mox_amber @TheCravenOne @thequietfish You're all growed up! @wooberg