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Fully customizable high-performance PCs for creators, gamers, and professionals backed by lifetime 24/7 U.S support!

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‼️LIVE NOW‼️ Join our Co-Founder @LuclinFTW for a chill Friday night stream. @ORIGINPC
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ICYMI: There is less than a half hour to get your chance to win a copy of #GW2PoF from @ORIGINPC!
Retweeted by originpcFlorida residents can save during #BackToSchool Sales Tax Holiday and pay no taxes on the first thousand dollars of…😮AH! want to pet him! ✋ @CORSAIR @QuakeCon @elgatogaming @bethesda 👀 Fr...eeee PC?! 😮 a worldwide 🌎🌏🌍 giveaway 🎁 enter our custom @GuildWars2 Icebrood Saga themed MILLENNIUM giveaway: @CORSAIR @QuakeCon @elgatogaming This giveaways is AMAZING! AND TEAR! Celebrate @QuakeCon with us and enter this earth-shattering giveaway to win prizes from @CORSAIR,…
Retweeted by originpc🎁 GIVEAWAY 🎁 Sign up now for our phenomenal @QuakeCon at Home giveaway! This giveaway brings a NEURON desktop an… to flex those creative muscles this weekend? Have #QuakeCon on the mind? Perfect! @QuakeCon's Discord is…
Retweeted by originpcYou can play #ElderScrollsOnline for free from now through August 19 at 10AM EDT for Xbox One and PC and August 20…'s finally time for #QuakeCon At Home! 🤔 @Fisal_10010 @PCBuildingSim @IrregularCorp What did you need help with?Who else is excited for @QuakeCon at Home? Make sure you tune in to the Digital Welcome at 12 PM EST on… to our friends from @GuildWars2 we have 3x Path of Fire Stand Edition keys to give away! For a chance to wi… in to win! Our friends at @Corsair and @elgatogaming have put together amazing prize packs. Watch our…
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Join us now! Our Co-Founder & Art Director @LuclinFTW is live showing off all the cool updates. @ORIGINPC
Retweeted by originpc👀 he's back! @PlayInsula @ORIGINPCCEO Woah it’s so beautiful 😍 we definitely cannnot wait to try this out for ourselves! 🔥Who doesn't love a beautiful looking sniper in a game?! Do you enjoy sniping in games or close range? @OriginPC
Retweeted by originpcWe are extremely proud of our team's participation in @foldingathome With over 380 computers donating their unused…
🆕 NEW BLOG POST 📰 Make sure you have the right gear to take on the new year 📚! Read our latest blog post where we… out @JayzTwoCents' review of our @AMDRyzen 9 3950X powered EON15-X 💻 vs. our ultra-thin @intel Core i7-10875H… thing I love so much about @FallGuysGame is not that its just an incredible game - that it's a game that everyo…
Retweeted by originpc @1confucious @Dysmo You are right but it does bring a slight avantage 👍 @dnk900 @Dysmo It sure does 😎⚡️
While supplies last, you will receive a copy of @FallGuysGame bundled with your new ORIGIN PC! Fight hoards of cont… COD: Modern Warfare players beware, @Dysmo is now an ORIGIN PC owner with an NVIDIA GeForce 2080Ti RTX ⚡ its no…🥳🥳🥳 are now LIVE and building the @NeverwinterGame Avernus-Inspired MILLENNIUM! We’ll also announce the winners of o… BUILD at 3 PM EST TODAY! 🎥 Make sure to join us as we'll be building the custom @NeverwinterGame MILLENNIUM… to our friends from PC Building Simulator, we have 3 keys for the PC Building Simulator + esports expansion!…
🆕 BLOG POST 📰 ORIGIN PC, as well as CORSAIR, are official sponsors of the Rainbow Six Collegiate Championship 🏆 r… the right tech for back to school season! 💻📚 Study hard & play hard with our new promo which provides up to $…, flying combat! Who doesn't want a jetpack in a game? More cool stuff here, including a video with "Barrel…
Retweeted by originpcLIVE BUILD at 3 PM EST tomorrow! 🎥 Make sure to join us as we'll be building the custom @NeverwinterGame MILLENNI… @Sweaty_thighs12 Building a PC is always the best, but if you have never done that before it can be intimidating,…
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A gorgeous shot of our Discord member Majinvegito123's ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM 😍 Join our Discord server at…
🆕 NEW BLOG POST 📰 Get in the action with a PC equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card and receive Rainbo…🌎 WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY 🌏 We made it happen! Enter now for a custom @GuildWars2 Icebrood Saga themed MILLENNIUM!🎁 :…😏 a look at how we're different with multiple arenas and locations we've created. Read more here >>…
Retweeted by originpcBig thanks to @ORIGINPC for sponsoring today's stream! Don't forget today is the last day to enter for a chance to…
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Check out @JayzTwoCents's latest video where he reviews our desktop replacement @AMDRyzen 3950X powered EON15-X 💻 v… @adrianspike27 @NVIDIAGeForce If that's the case please contact our support team and provide them with your order n… your ORIGIN PC with a @NVIDIAGeForce RTX graphics card & receive Death Stranding bundled with your PC! He… @PlayInsula @UnrealEngine @ORIGINPCCEO Wow those graphics!!! it us, or does this game get more beautiful by the day? 🤩 @1988SebastianA Did you see there was a person who beat this level blindfolded? 😮 @DanielRamage9 You're probably not wrong 🤣 @dnk900 Don't give us any ideas 🤔 @JustBandaid Hello :D#Battletoads coming to PC on 8/20! 🐸 is the last day of an amazing run! Not only did we hit our goal but we DOUBLED it! And that's without us mat…
Retweeted by originpcExperience F1 speeds anywhere you go with our EVO17-S 💻. Ultra-thin and ultra-powerful it's the perfect gaming la…
🆕 NEW BLOG POST 📰 After many requests, we finally are hosting an international giveaway in partnership with… Chance ⚠️ Tomorrow our EON15-X giveaway ends. Make sure you enter for your chance to take home this EON15-X… @ScufGaming Couldn’t have said it better ourselves 🔥 ain’t lying 😏 floor is lava...but that’s alright because you have your very own jet pack 😎 @SirXudes @lakwerdmann It's for our giveaway, but if you rather not click it by all means! Your choice 😉In case you missed it 🎁: @ViiralDoYT @ORIGINPCCEO @TheUltGmr More like 10 and a half :) @EdgarForever1 @ORIGINPCCEO @TheUltGmr @Wizard_Harry_7 @foldingathome @Slummyboy1 @foldingathome They were announced last week at the end of the stream and have been contacted @Eye0f_Sauron @foldingathome Wow, that's amazing of you to do! 💪 @Slummyboy1 @NVIDIAGeForce Yes, they were revealed and contacted at the end of our last stream.48hrs left 👀👀.
Retweeted by originpcGet a copy of Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition bundled with your purchase of an ORIGIN PC powered by @NVIDIAGeForce R… @HostileGForce @kickedtripod Hello @kickedtripod 😏 wants it!? #FREEPC
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@CORSAIR @CallofDuty Tactical Nuke Incoming ☢️ an extraordinary cause and help research a cure to diseases such as COVID-19 through @foldingathome. Join ou… @ORIGINPC team is giving away a powerful ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM ROCKET gaming desktop powered by an…
Retweeted by originpcTreat yourself and enjoy our summer savings before time runs out! ⌛ Get up to $318 in value, a $50 VISA rewards c… a cool new rig to help take down the Frost Legion? Enter this sweepstakes for a chance to win a custom…
Retweeted by originpc🎁 WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY 🎁 We are proud to announce that we are collaborating with @GuildWars2 to giveaway a custom… we do an international 🌎🌍🌏 giveaway? 🤔
Recently, @ORIGINPCCEO was interviewed on the @TheUltGmr podcast where he spoke of the early days of ORIGIN PC, the… ridding Earth of the human race with Destroy All Humans 👽 on PC today! 💻 @RiseIsLate @LevelCapGaming @AMDRyzen @NVIDIAGeForce @HveUmetBarney @LevelCapGaming @AMDRyzen @NVIDIAGeForce Indeed 😎 @Techaficionad00 @LevelCapGaming @AMDRyzen @NVIDIAGeForce We love it when you support us 😌Here's a look at @LevelCapGaming's unboxing video for his limited-edition ORIGIN PC ROCKET equipped with a 12-Core…🎁 LAST CHANCE 🎁 For a chance to win this incredible @NeverwinterGame themed ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM powered by Perfe… @TEAMEVGA and wish them a happy anniversary! 🥳⭐️⭐️⭐️GIVEAWAY⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🚀 🚀 ROCKET ARENA 🚀 🚀 Click 🤍 to enter. Share the love! 😍 Hit that RT button Winners will be…
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🆕 NEW BLOG POST 📰 It's now or never, get your ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM ROCKET before our limited edition run ends 🚀 F…⌛ Time is running out! ⌛ Make sure you're signed up for a chance to win a limited edition ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM RO… footage is looking gorgeous 🤩 to great cause for a chance to take home great prizes 🎁 is the coolest pool ever invented 🏊 @TheHeimZocker! Assemble.
@LevelCapGaming Enjoy 😉