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O @OrionDBlack Seattle, WA

Non-binary. Queer. Narrative Designer. Post Production editor on Dimension 20. Formerly WotC D&D. (they/she)

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I tell stories because I want to change lives. I want to share perspectives and ask questions. I want people to fee… @ajitgeorgeSB @the_strix I miss y'all
I am not yet the me who awakens prepared for the day after tomorrow.A track of bones. Flesh over coals. Born on a train that's riding into the sun.
Retweeted by O @synxiecbeta "Now, take the knife." @PikaChulita high-end real estate agent vibes from this pic. multi-million dollar homes. @Jennga9 sureI learned a lot from working on Pirates of the Leviathan. Watching the episodes now, there are a lot of choices I w… wholesome families of the #PiratesofLeviathan finale
Retweeted by OApparently I'm extremely behind on ttrpg peeps who secretly (or not so secretly) hate each other and I do not want to be caught up.
@manyeyedmonster preciate ya @AureliaAugusta what is life rn
"I used to think [...] ‘if a majority of the seats in parliament are occupied by our comrades, then socialism can b…
Retweeted by OYou ready? We’re watching short horror films as a family. Join us 😈
Retweeted by O @RY0MASA I am! It'd be good to have ya. @sailorsctaustin PC! @RY0MASA @dimension20show of course yo @jl_nicegirl it's so awesome. Thank you Lauren!That said, my work with D20 continues on. You'll just have to wait and see what's to come. @AureliaAugusta @DichotomusPrime yes pleeeease I wanna spend more time with youI am overjoyed with how this series came out and am glad that I could contribute. The cast is brilliant, the editin… @Drakoniques @Phoenix24Femme I literally did a spit take I feel like I owe you for all this serotoninMe when I see ANOTHER TTRPG show with an all White cast:
Retweeted by O @go_jg That is very kind of you and yes I'd like to take you up on that offer. I primarily communicate through discord. DMs? @DichotomusPrime If you wanna give it a spin I can show you some stuff and if you like it we can jam @The_VagaBlade I would trust no one more to have my backI’m almost at 4444 followers, right on time for spoopy month! 👻 I’m considering doing an AP of a scary video game o…
Retweeted by O @Delafina777 You're the shit Jess. @horsepondmine that's what I'm fuckin talkin about let's goooo✨THANK YOU FOR WAKING ME UP!! ✨ #Blacktober #YuYuHakusho #YYH
Retweeted by ODestiny 2's Beyond Light expansion comes out on Nov 10th. I havent played in over 6 months and I need a consistent… @LestradeMorgan truer wordsThere are three long-term action items I have for my post-election "the work is far from over" plan. -Help out at… be clear, this is a jokeOnce I get that ball rolling that ADHD train can clean the whole damn kitchen. That's basically mind over matter. asked for human Inuyasha???
Retweeted by OWhelp its come to this. I'm so embarrassed but i also don't want to be homeless. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this to…
Retweeted by OHI I need a job.
Retweeted by O @cypheroftyr 2-3 when a goon has ticked you off, 1 on a average day, and -7 when you want a hug. @Zlanier21 @sailorsctaustin I thought it was a joke and then I clicked through and now I regret it.
this is really, really good
Retweeted by O @Delafina777 Too many Dragonlance fans it seems @Delafina777 They're exposing themselves and dragging WotC at the same time. Feels good.that one was free. imma charge next time. @TheEggpie I dont really understand what's wrong about it but I respect that people are uncomfortable with it, bein… caught you motherfucker pull up in the delorean or I will expose youOkay this is mostly unrelated but kinda cool. I never looked up how the media reacted when I made my statement so…'m not upset at them using "self-described Black nonbinary person". It's totally valid to be mad at. You just ain'… reference, WotC is being sued by the owners/creators of Dragonlance and I just happen to be a tiny bullet in th… @DichotomusPrime @wundergeek I dont really mind for what it's worth. @TheEggpie it surprised me too! glad they got it right. @Thaneses hahaha never crossed my mind in all 3 decades of life, but here we are.Glad I could help. one with the new familiar
Retweeted by ONow it feels like Fall. looks like he just reached the final boss of a decolonization rpg.
Retweeted by Ofound online looks stolen. Artists be strugglin damn.Where can I get some anime clothing that supports BIPOC? I need a Gon hoodie.
@aaron_radney absolutely. I have so many health problems that stem from or are enhanced by overwhelming stress.A Thread of Women of Color/Femmes of Color Characters who inexplicably can’t/don’t communicate with the main cast o…
Retweeted by OI'm working through it and making progress. I'll get there. But people need to know, especially white people, that… about 12 years of dealing with the system, and a LOT of white psychiatrists that have made me feel like I'm f… mental health treatment is a whole ass struggle. My psychiatrist is a cis Black woman who never calls me… you can help Mi'kmaq folks
Retweeted by OLeap of Faith — @SpiderVerse ALT ver. @Bosslogic x @Rikognition #spiderman 🕷 🤘🕸
Retweeted by O📸 🇳🇬 A Powerful Image #EndSARS We should look into ourselves and reconsider our hostile attitudes to *Compatri…
Retweeted by OWhat Is It Called To Hate Something In A Sad Way"you're VALID 💖" ok. give me 20 dollars
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Oh yeah, this is up for everyone now! Final version for the stickers are now viewable on Patreon. Patrons can vote…
Retweeted by Oi dont freaking care dude im gonna say the x in hunter x hunter
Retweeted by OWomen R Dungeon Masters! I can’t wait to talk #ttrpg shop with @satinephoenix @vorpahlsword @ThatBronzeGirl and…
Retweeted by OThis is a hate crime, period. The result of a racist colonial system. Unacceptable that the full might of the RCM…
Retweeted by O @LiberateTPOC wheeeeeeeeew. god damn.If I don’t know white history, I flunk. I can’t academically prosper. If I don’t know Black history, Queer history,…
Retweeted by O @TheOperaGeek Thank you, cuz I know but I need that reinforcement to -know- know one day, to not feel fraudulent. a… @TheOperaGeek I feel it. I struggle with the world of care mental illnesses a disability or naw" so I vibe on the adjacent struggle."Heh. Not questioning things makes you not smart. Are we not allowed to ask questions now? What a world. I thoug-"… dont walk into that class to question the expert. You walk in that class, sit down, shut yo whole ass up, and l… people are the experts on disabled issues. Read: expert. If you do not have the experience, you are outcla… love this kind of community empowerment. Learning from the individuals around you in order to become self-sustain…’m here and on this with a stellar cast of fellow victims..! I mean wonderful folks who are reading this book and…
Retweeted by O @KrystinaArielle I love you toooooooo <3333 @KrystinaArielle Welcome to the Proud of Krystina club! We saved you a throne. @hellotenbear homie it's so damn GUD Depressed Horny Tired and Hopeful Pineapple Toast...? it's amazing that every single nonbinary person is hot
Retweeted by OIf white people had to acknowledge that Mr. Rogers' "niceness" & love for us "just as we are" was in fact deeply po…
Retweeted by OWe're excited to announce that we have partnered with @PikaChulita, who has been a champion for a more inclusive sp…
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@ShareefJackson hiiiiiigh key recommend it @ontheforefronts I'm almost done with season 1. you've got great taste as always. @ElToastedWaffle I think you'd love HxH. It's in my top 5. If you've got time and the desire, I def recommend starting it. @AnnaLandin Forreal. I'm not an expert by any means so I'm definitely missing a lot of the nuance, but I do notice… episode in particular had two dark skinned Black girls as the central characters, having room to just be themselves. THE JOY.That 2018 TMNT animation appreciation tweet got me interested in watching the show, and I'm so glad that I followed… @pleasantlytwstd bet.Deadass it just highlights how non-black people DO know how to draw us, but they just actively choose not to. Not…
Retweeted by O @synxiecbeta chile. ate this whole thing and as @OrionDBlack would say, didn't leave a single crumb for anyone else. my lo…
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