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she/her. my song ‘pretending' is out now:

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@orlaoriented @awfullyloud W H A T @_JOSHEDWARDS_ *grapefulPretending hit 100k on spotify. so grateful for u sweet angels listen here: song has such a high concentration of @doddleoddle energy and I love it. don’t know if that makes sense but it…
@daveGildedALM @GildedALM @phoenixfound @maximopark @madeakuti @sharonvanetten @lanternstalk @MdouMoctar @claudmp3 thanks so muchoReally good song by @orlagartland here, and a really smart video (directed by Rosie Brear).
Retweeted by orla gartland @TonyClaytonLea thank you so much!
@awfullyloud soon to be yoursthe idea was brought to life with director Rosie Brear (her directorial debut!), art director @gretaisaacmusic + so… PRETENDING music video is out now, go watch. we imagined the bathroom at a party as the green room at the theat… @Ilamiri no WAY ah @coolgirlmina LOVE IT
2020 ❤️❤️❤️thank you @bestfitmusic @hellomtthw for the best headline ever and for picking PRETENDING as your song of the day @laurenaquilina @samiatheband @maudelstatus @ShamirBailey @joyoladokun @lilmallrat @beabad00bee @sizzyrocket
will contact the winners soon to sort postage etc woooooO love to all who joined in x of my fave costumes at #orlaapretendingparty @Lil_lad_Eabha hahahah YES! @JackHoward check this out @awfullyloud ahhhh wish I could join but was SINGING into a MICROPHONE luv u all @beetearss omglove to everyone who dressed up! the insta stream was a disaster I was whole 4 pixels for most of it so I’ll pick &… @bIoomava yes @Lib_lob_z @doddleoddle @JessBowen ☺️ @PeytonSpencer2 want @heekkiehearts HIGH EFFORT. HIGH love for uwelcome to the party: the PRETENDING music video is out now. saw the face in the window, lighting up a cigarette @orlagartland
Retweeted by orla gartland @selpidew ❤️❤️ @orlaoriented sickkkkkxkkcxkk @dodieishuman somehow the hat suits u @tearinmydodie obsessed !! @tobesoguiltless 🥰❤️🤡🤡❤️ @lotte_ettol CHEFS KISS love it @partyhelbig excellent @janeytong A for effortthe PRETENDING music video goes live in 30 minutes @guiltlesshuman 🥰ded @gallagher_eden uuugh suits u! @laurensbullshit cuuuute @BertakaBrett me in normal life tbh @iknowwhoilove the pizza tear! GENIUS @coolgirlmina sending love @georgiamm__ SO GOODo m g @kcclovatx 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️ @partyhelbig @orlaoriented ❤️ @smilebuttonon nailed it @alexnojadera next level @ninabrand omg sick! @SUPERLIKEMP3 lovecute on holiday. #orlaspretendingparty @DuskyxGartland ❤️ @saidyourspeech niche and brill @Kt_with_an_ie_ love @apromiseofhopee omg double ghost! obsessed @swiftwallows omg stunnningggggggGGGGG @B0YSLIKEYOU !!!! I am the Poundland version you are the real dealthis was too iconic to miss the opportunity ! go stream pretending x #orlaspretendingparty @orlagartland
Retweeted by orla gartland @ConnorJWallace o m gand so it begins #orlaspretendingparty @Ilamiri ❤️❤️❤️one hour!you can upload the insta costume pics to stories or feed! just hashtag + tag me and i’ll see it. love momPRETENDING music video drops at 6pm bst, costume party madness from 5. use the hashtag #orlaspretendingparty 🤡 @daveGildedALM @RTERadio1 @MartinaMcGlynn @Aidanrtemusic @fobraonain @Lillylatelee @johncreedon aw thank you!
Retweeted by orla gartland @daveGildedALM @RTERadio1 @MartinaMcGlynn @Aidanrtemusic @fobraonain @Lillylatelee @johncreedon aw thank you! @FMC_Ireland @InhalerDublin @RosieCarney11 @aik__j @amamillieir @AliciaRaye_ @Sulimusic @_nxbodyy @Jeorge_West @Mr_Rutherford ❤️❤️❤️.@orlagartland's exceptional new single 'Pretending' is our Track Of The Day...
Retweeted by orla gartland @ClashMagazine @INSIDESLASHOUT THANK YOU! @orlaoriented I want to knowOrla Gartland (@orlagartland) confronts life’s costume party on self-aware anthem “Pretending”, the first taste of…
Retweeted by orla gartland @bestfitmusic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @laurenaquilina love u forever!!You won't need to fake your love for @orlagartland's folk-pop production #Pretending 🍊
Retweeted by orla gartland @a_queer_potato omggggg plZ! @tearinmydodie nahhhwoah. my new song 'PRETENDING' is out now. listen here: i’ll take it
@orlaoriented ❤️❤️PRETENDING drops tomorrow, buzzing my face off for you to hear this. get your costume ready 🤡 @eimear_reilly oh my GOD
@laurenaquilina @feelinmp3 hahahah ily thotnx everyone in the zoom! sorry about the trolls - wow the internet sucks sometimes - but v fun to see u all & play… new song PRETENDING comes out friday. are u ready?
@orlagartlandbr hear ! d’ohPRETENDING music video out this friday pre-save the song here: + click on the 2nd link to…
@doddleoddle KNATthese times are bst btw 👼100% yes this friday bv
on wednesday I'm hosting a zoom meeting where we can all freak the fuck out together and I'll let you hear 'pretend… it begins: my new single 'pretending' comes out next friday, october 16th. pre-save it now:… mamaguesses encouraged