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just wabi things @abels1906 😠 this was him the whole time while eating LMAOi be like “i know a spot” and then i cry in my bed alone
Retweeted by jade.tell me why it’s the grown white men who walk into the restaurant throwing a fit that they gotta wear a mask coming… idiots had sex in the 90’s now i gotta feed myself and work everyday...
Retweeted by jade.“I found a new restaurant we can go to” is a love language for me
Retweeted by jade.When my friends find me after I told them I was gonna “go explore”
Retweeted by jade.ughhhh 💖 a lot of water is good until you have to piss every 15 mins
Retweeted by jade.reasons not to go; a thread for you.
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it’s summer 2016 and i’m shuffling to is it love by 3lau at my grandmas house in Vietnam what a time
the air looks like shit todayThe mask debate, like virtually every other major conflict in American politics, can be boiled down to "I don't kno…
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normalize blocking people who make you uncomfortable
Retweeted by jade.“Damn my fault y’all” - Gov. Abbott
Retweeted by gonna make this happen for my 26th birthday idc @nhychee 🥺 you’re good at directing that’s why!why am i so awkward when someone else is taking my photos 🙂
Ooooo on social media : Make his pockets HUURT 🤪🥳💰😈 Me in real life : Omg no it’s okay I can pay for it 😔
Retweeted by jade.being a procrastinator with a violent fear of failure is a crazy combo
Retweeted by jade.u ever look at someone & just hope they’re in ur life 4ever
Retweeted by jade. @penguindrumss 🥺💖my friends are on their second or third child while im here on my seventh plant same love and energy thoIF U CAN WEAR A MASK AT THE RAVE FOR *FAHHHSHION* u can wear a mask outside during a worldwide pandemic
Retweeted by jade.hi guys! i see so many of you basically ruining your sleep schedules and so i’m just going to drop this thread on w…
Retweeted by jade.Woke up at 5am for this
Retweeted by jade.photoshoot todayyyY’all be so dumb for one guy. I am too but this ain’t about me
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@tbvhnicole 🥰 @tbvhnicole BADDIEyeah the sun still shines but sometimes i don’t feel itdid it work?’s so draining being the person who tries to understand why people do the things they do
Retweeted by jade.ever finish a kdrama and you instantly look for the OST and relive it through your own life no? yeah me eitherevery sunset this month has been so lovelyCurrently laying in bed crying bc this dog donated his blood to save another pup and he looks so happy i- 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by jade.i was literally talking to my sis about anklets five minutes ago and now i see an ad on insta WHO TF LISTENINGneed another reset
the little things ❤️
Retweeted by jade.’s last words were: “I’m an introvert. I’m just different that’s all. I’m so sorry. I don’t have a gun. I don…
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Retweeted by jade.going through my own likes to see if i would break up with myself
Retweeted by jade.Avoid men that only respect women they find attractive
Retweeted by’s so hard to get up out of bed lately, im starting to lose my habits and it’s lowkey scaring me @oklahomagook @lyndalyndalynda @Juliannastrid oooo GOALS
goals in life: marry myself a bob the builder husband in a water flosser, money well spent tbh
today would have been 6shout out to all the people who have daddy issuesyou don’t need thisManifestation is a reallllll, speak everything you want into existence ✨
Retweeted by jade.My favorite line when im drunk is “im not even drunk” whole time I can’t even see
Retweeted by jade.When you speak two languages and start losing vocabulary in both of them = byelingual
Retweeted by jade.some one slid in my DMs, and asked if im a model lmao i wish @oklahomagook you know me, i know you @thicc_achu IMA DO IT @penguindrumss AHHHH thank you Maria 🥺 @ashleyjadeeee thank you 🥺
wow i missed my bestie 🥺 brunch date, got tatted together, now we gonna go to the farmers marketLet it be known.
Retweeted by jade.!!!! im sorry, but i hate a “love you and miss you” type bitch it all sounds fake to me the police officers that walk around high schools and replace them with therapists and physiologists. Some o…
Retweeted by jade. @PtInth thank youuuu 😭this is blowing up on my tiktok and makes me wonder if i should persue my dream in filmmaking and acting know that relief when someone touches your waist and it’s just your female friend? Yh that’s how bad it is.
Retweeted by jade.eyes so red you’d think i be smoking weed no i been crying dawg
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mood: riding my bike into the sunset but first step is to actually have one lolif anyone's ever wondered how they weigh a koala...
Retweeted by jade.This is the 22nd day of protests in the country
Retweeted by jade.Crazy how life works out 🖤 #Tumblrlove
Retweeted by jade.hold up, i can make gifs out of my live photos ??! gorl @PtInth lovin this POV 💖get comfortable with and wholeheartedly accept your vulnerability and your intimacy. then others with that level of…
Retweeted by jade.The support The "Congrats"
Retweeted by jade. @drewkiimon you’ve known me since tumblr days LOL i have aged @thicc_achu SMHHHH ITS BECAUSE YOURE A POWERFUL WOMAN @izukuuu_shonen #1 Betrayal
Retweeted by jade.We don’t deserve dogs😂😭
Retweeted by jade.Unpaid 👏🏼 internships 👏🏼 should 👏🏼 be 👏🏼 illegal !!
Retweeted by jade.2016 vs 2020 morning, my life feels like these two dogs sticking their head out of this car. wonderful 💖 we normalize going to college at ages after 23?
Retweeted by jade.did anybody ever go get her, or is she still dancing like a stripper? 😥
Retweeted by jade.if i was a guy i would simply go for long walks at 1 am 😔😔
Retweeted by jade.eating with one knee up hit DIFFERENT
Retweeted by jade.the history of juneteenth- just in case you don’t know
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i just bought yellow tulips for my room 💛Talking to girls makes me so nervous hk y’all too pretty and I wanna be friends but also sometimes I wanna date you…
Retweeted by jade.where’s my wallet remember my boyfriend at that time and my friends went to denny’s after prom - i was knocked out in the soccer mo… IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING THESE. The only thing that’s flawed here is your brain for not normal…
Retweeted by jade.don’t be so hard on yourselfDigital Mirage live set uploading now... : )
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