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get in loser we’re healing and falling in love with life again

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yall better wash your hands and cover your coughs
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)ughh can’t wait for @UbbidubbiFest 😭🤣🤣 @dub_rice @tommaylay bro what lolcan’t wait for it to get warmer because it’s so hard to be productive in this cold
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)I made the video on how to file taxes for free! Don't pay for @turbotax or @HRBlock please.…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)and @iamdabinlee said “oooo that shit be hittin different”
to whoever needs this: i’m proud of you. you’re working so hard and whatever you’re working for, it may not be com…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)Me practicing my poses for when I’m THIQQ
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)this is the type of dress i want 🤯 can’t describe this feeling
the last pic makes my knees weak
wtffff needed this so u might too
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)i started to cry he’s just so small and the pillow is@so large... and he’s so inspired ...
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)oh to be a tiny lizard licking an orange.
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)*my dog existing* Me:
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)i want straight teeth again sigh i hate my dumbass for not wearing my retainers
ALSO - new music just came out today with the legends at @ForeignFam ! 'Dreamcatcher' is now available worldwide a…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)Incredibly excited to announce that I will be embarking on a headline tour to play my new album and favourite songs…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)BAY AREA! BILL GRAHAM! TICKETS ON SALE NOW! RT to win tickets for you and your friend! st…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)17 days is probably little but I’ll check back with y’all in a few months17 days in of being sober, eating more, exercising, meditating, practicing gratitude, getting enough sleep and putt… every scene, you are my star, @MichelleObama! Happy birthday, baby!
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My therapist says lurking just retraumatizes you and keeps you stuck in a loop of heartbreak.
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)so there was a dog that joined us for our workout today (riptidetheretriever IG)
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)This is just too cute not to share
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)"Dreamcatcher" - from my first full length album. Coming this Friday...with some other big news. Feeling all sorts…
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@sniffz wthlol i crossed legs and thought there was a bug crawling on my leg but it was just my leg hairs that i haven’t shaved in 4 months lmaooowow being grateful for things has made me stop being a sad ass bitchHighkey this one had the best use of this audio lol
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)i love koi ponds
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%) @Kevin_Win_ tryna go back orrr waiting on a brunch & farmers market dateitty bitty crew 🤟🏼the tiddies the face @flippa_23
like this tweet and reply with your current mood - i’ll send you a songI wanna be surrounded by trees againlet it goTimelapse: Taal eruption. Nature will flex whenever she wants, reminding us that this is her house—and we are merel…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)this viet girl on tiktok really said her eyes are naturally blue... lmaooo HONEY𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗱𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹𝗼𝗽𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁! ⛈⛈🔅🤭 a short ep by underscores 🎶 3 Brand New Songs 🎶 :|| 🚡 + @bitbird *✧: ○˚。 !! 💫 ✼ januar…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%) @victoriallamaa thank you!! i need all the support i can get 💖 @victoriallamaa yeee, this is him! (my nephew is too cute 🥺)
man i think it’s so funny how my brother talks about how the planet is falling apart but i don’t see him taking any extra steps to help lolima do it im gonna be a self taught interior designer @drewkiimon @kaskade lmaooo2015 me was happier and cuter @nhuutella please let me decorate your spacei loveeee pb&jlook at this freaking guy in socks
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chills every time why am i so forgetful 😞me: hi, welcome for two? is here okay? asian chick with white bf: can we sit here, he’s 6’2” me:’s fkn COLD
just a thought, have i inspired any one of you guys? from the first day we met till now & if i have can you DM personally
i just wanna look pretty without make up bro you know how much time and money i waste on thissecond day of hot yoga class - feeling a bit better 🌱first class of hot yoga and all i gotta say is my fucking sweat always get into my eyes ow
@ynabelI honestly i feel like it’ll take 2 years but we can do it if you put ya mind to it! @ynabelI amazing goals, mine is to do a split lmaooi know what i want and this ain’t itSIGHNobody: me at the gym: was that my second or third set
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)me: i need more money my boss: "who wants to leave first?" me:
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)If social media wasn’t such a lucrative tool in the business I’m in I wouldn’t even be on it. Lost souls influenc…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)it was so crazy, i played my “sleep” session on my balance app to help me sleep. i woke up this morning so confused…
i dead ass really thought about piercing my nipples before the year ended lmaoooothe sun being out is a bonus ☀️wow been eating more, stretching, excercing, surrounding myself with less clutter has made feel so much better WOWour baby on his first motorcycle ride 🥺 @kaskade i go crazy everytime this song playsSAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PPL IN THE BACK @teresvha trying to find one for mine rn!let’s talk about the real problem at hand!!! The U.S. Government spent TWO TRILLION DOLLARS ON MILITARY EQUIPMENT,…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)someone said “i don’t know if my dumbass be overthinking or my smart ass be putting 2 & 2 together” and I dead ass FELT that
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just wanna say i appreciate you ↑%
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)Who. Did. This?
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)im still angry but i don’t wanna be anymore
It’s bring your dog to workout day.
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)A church catches fire and the entire world stops, news is everywhere and billions are raised overnight. But when ou…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)The police department has warned ppl not to abbreviate 2020 especially on legal documents. If you date something 1/…
Retweeted by TUYEN 🌱 (79%)i pray for all the families out there - i pray that kevin won’t get dragged into this
@drewkiimon I wish I had $100k in my savings @yo_its_anh @Kevin_Win_ I know 😭😭🥺 @justjoelee lemme correct that *lives in Texas lolhi, i need to find a girl version of @justjoelee so they can be my bfffffwe going to Coachella 2020
changes they might drive you insane but it’s killing you to stay the same @HungryHooker @kevddo @xoxotmdxoxo 🤤saying less and doing moreim out here painting my mirror frame like i don’t have other important stuff to do
ended the year hitting my head on the fridge, that’s all i gotta say lol 🎉 message ✌🏼
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