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Dave Brain 🧠 @Ornsack Bristol, England

Film maker. Visual effects man. Tired. Guksack prick.

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@Jyve Oof! Feel that. @LukeWorganTech I originally wrote “It’s what dad would have wanted” before realising it’d have been taken completely the wrong way
@GingerAnimator Haha nothing to do with me! Was sent the screenshot anonymously. But that needs to be doneWas sent this 😱 @SashaAnimator I like to drip feed contributions rather than all out create something, hahaONE MONTH TO GO. Teaser:
Retweeted by Dave Brain 🧠There's a poster now. It's brewing. A film is nearly out. Also that silhouette is the first publicly released imag… @E32NN @julesjwoods Ooooh... I remember it was very similar to the phone number..? @julesjwoods @E32NN Ooh that's a rabbit hole I aim to venture down! @julesjwoods Ha yep it's weird how that whole address has stuck firmly in my head. I can even hear the inflection on the "2NN" partThe Big Breakfast house is for sale! I want to restore it to its 90s glory - @InnocuousTweets Yeah I didn’t realise I had been using a useless thing until it was too late. They’re trying to ma… @OliPutland @somegreybloke I've looked them up in case of deadline emergency. Seems really straightforward with Ble… @ThatPiney Well it was named after the Pokemon and then BACKRONYMED to something else, so there you go! @OliPutland @somegreybloke Oh as soon as the kids move out their bedrooms are being turned in to futuristic render… @somegreybloke Hurrah! Obviously have a play but you might be able to go somewhere in between if you need some more… @somegreybloke There seems to be a weird middle ground where Cycles gives instant Photorealism but Eevee can achiev… @somegreybloke I used Eevee for that Fall Guys thing I did the other week and it was so fast that I genuinely misse… @somegreybloke Yeah it depends on the shot. The less lights the more grain seems to sneak through the denoiser. Dep… @somegreybloke Also if you can flick to GPU rendering rather than CPU. Also go to preferences, System, Cycles Rende… @somegreybloke In Blender 2.9 you can reduce the samples right down and click on the denoise option. I do 64 sample… @somegreybloke Oh my! What are your Cycles settings on? (I mean Cycles rendering is slow at the best of times but you know) @FarewellToLight Last week it moved from “happy to get any sort of audience” cable TV to mainstream Channel 4 so th… @FarewellToLight 💔
@SashaAnimator Haha! I was thinking that feeling when you swap your shopping bags around but couldn’t find the right wordsSometimes I swap my testicles around for a refresh @SashaAnimator Haha oh god. If I ever make such a random search then I hope so don’t suddenly die in bizarre circum… @SashaAnimator oh no @Blue_artisan It triesI live in Bristol so can send care packages on request in to Wales via balloon like what the South Koreans do @cyriakharris I only needed to see the comic and I instantly thought of Apaches. Terrifying stuff. @OliPutland I'M INNOCENT
@jj_maggs It’s fine really! Just fast forward the songs that are played to death and it’s quite enjoyable. @Directortoby The whole film is carried by the music. Great cast and all mind. But the plot is a wet fart. @edpalmeruk The scariest thing is some of the attempts at British accentsThe Greatest Showman centres the whole movie around an asshole with no redeemable qualities but gives him Hugh Jack… @IamHappyToast I did that in between finishing a job and getting back on it after feedback, haha! Onl;y time I get.… @Sipodshow That was RUDE Mr Rathbone. Vernon Kay will be straight round to give you a thick ear.This was supposed to be a "for my eyes only" test, but people seem to enjoy them. Lots I could correct here but I'l…
@MattLobster *Ntly @RageNineteen TESSted, AMIRIGHT?? @RageNineteen She’d probably spell it NiteleeSomehow Tess Daly is 51 years old. I refuse to believe it. @somegreybloke Yeah that’s how I feel. Probably get about half hour a week at the moment but it works quite well do… @somegreybloke I must be missing something obvious! I sat through literal hours of tutorials and tried three differ… @InnocuousTweets You can connect two edges by pressing F (I THINK) so I just delete everything and refillI COULD NOT get that bloody tracker working on any other clip after the last attempt. Spent $10 (First money I've e… @InnocuousTweets I'd probably just do a loop cut down the middle and delete half of it. Or a boolean with a big blo… @FifthCrichton I forgot Fall Guys is passé now. By the time I finish the Among Us parody the kidz will be on to something new.
@Ornsack WHAT IS THIS?!? I wanna see the whole thing
Retweeted by Dave Brain 🧠 @FallGuysGame PERHAPS ONE DAY. Perhaps... Perhaps I'll make something else with 'em... ...don't sue me though...#OnThisDay 1976: Blue Peter showed off a phone with no cable that you could even take outside. It'll never catch on.
Retweeted by Dave Brain 🧠 @OliPutland Eggs on the roof are still there last time I walked past. Building is completely different at the front…
Hill House was better than Bly Manor and yet I enjoyed the latter more. Please follow for more reviews that make sense. @SamShawDraws @El_GeeJay Ah me too! Think the rights are tangled up in some dodgy back alley deal my dad must have… @El_GeeJay @SamShawDraws It's so good! This is the 2020 reboot style I want to see.Cheeky 🪤🚪fanart.
Retweeted by Dave Brain 🧠 @riyad_director I think my fees went up by 1 pence to soften the blow but yes we can continue now. @francoberry Wee in the loo except after poo. I'm so sorry. @OliPutland We've only got another 20 years and then it'll be wrong because the next generation will be all Americanised. THANKS INTERNET. @francoberry And because it all rhymes you could get it in the wrong order anyway so I DUNNO @AdventuresOfZip "Are you busy that day? I will CALENDEER it." @francoberry Ha yeah me too. I was always told "I before E except after C" but there may be flaws in this phrase. @riyad_director I'm embarrassed for you now.One day I will remember that it is "Calendar", not "Calender". But not today. I even had to spell check this tweet just in case.
@instagram My Instagram has done that thing where you’ve moved all the useful buttons to prioritise shopping and I… @gregharbin I can’t remember anything about it. I want to be excited to watch it again. Perhaps one day, when I’m in the right mood.It's time for another round of Stuart in movie form.
@gregharbin They were close. I just took this photo out of my bedroom window. @giddyvideo Got a bad deal with Garth and Avalon stole his character rights, so he gave up on the television indust… @thegadgetdude What a show @RaeeRaven I’ve not yet! Have you? Any good? @JHE081991 I know!The Haunting of Bly Manor is the official Garth Marenghi's Darkplace sequel now. @thegadgetdude Yep I miss that fingerprint reader so much!Unlock faster? Is that an issue that needed rectifying? Is "Faster than immediately" the tag line? @InnocuousTweets I saw something recently where someone said they went to a certain school in Bristol, and when I G… @IamHappyToast Probably been in the costume cupboard since the 1940s. @IamHappyToast I was hoping to see a BLADDY BOBBY ON THE BEAT and I was rewarded. @InnocuousTweets The accents and dialogue were right if not stereotypical. But Manchester looked like Hawaii. @thetomska If this was a British show that flag would be there to show us that it was a RACIST CLASSROOM.The “ooh so close” attempts to make The Haunting of Bly Manor look like it was filmed in the UK reminds me of the C… @mypetspo We saw these in the Entertainer yesterday! @SashaAnimator How did I forget the fly?? @tweetsierrfan So awesome, haha @SashaAnimator Nuts, some worms, few screws and bolts. Sorry I've grossed even myself. Still gonna press the "reply" button though. @BritishShadowGG It was, haha @SashaAnimator Haha yeah it's mad, I mean, the sweetcorn thing happens from time to time... but it's not my go-to p… @Th3Oasis I think I'd be actually quite happy to receive it, haha @RaeeRaven I know the secret is OUT @thegadgetdude FOOL YOUR FRIENDS in to making something that all humans (should) make on a daily basis.I just want to pass away. @treasure_two Yep! Was one of many different licensed characters it seems @Meatlegs1 Yep!What the hell lads?
@LilRecordGirl Ooh thank you! This looks interesting. Yeah we’re suckers for the Crime channel and a good Netflix d… does that stuttering noise when he orgasms, I just know it. @LilRecordGirl I think it’s just the bit where he spills what he did. Crushed me. I’d Wikipedia’d the story a few t… @somegreybloke @FilmConnolly The rest will watch until their free trials expire I imagine