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@rdauterman Can't wait! @ororoswind I sure would love to do that 🙂💖
Retweeted by Cursed To Win⚡️🌪 @rdauterman Hi King, do you think we can get a Storm costume variant soon? 🥺'm still thinking about this you don’t throw this shit on HBO Max so that we can move on.... @_EverybodyBlack I think the World did have wind but because its an artificial place the atmosphere was probably wa… @GL2814_3 Truly a tragedy 😭I don’t even know who else was on the team I just know they were all running and my sister was in the middle. That’… did I just have a dream about a new X-Book being announced with Storm as the team leader only to wake up to not…
@enadorns “of course” @enadorns a real legendThinking about Genesis and Isca @XofWords Bishop is the man you sleep with on your way to find your real husband, David @XofWords 👀Storm for Women of Marvel #1 cares?
Retweeted by Cursed To Win⚡️🌪 @BooneNotBoom @rdauterman has been doing a fantastic job with Bishop’s hairStorm on her way to the X of Swords tournament: ✅ Ancestral ruby ✅ Very clear African aesthetic ✅ Everything I need from a Storm look!Storm by @LukasWerneck ⚡️ @twinkofdaken's Finest
2021 @DecodnLyfe 😂😂 @DeetheAngel thank you so much! @DeetheAngel All of this! Couldn’t have said it ang better myself 👏🏿👏🏿Everybody is getting into magic BUT Storm. Imagine how tired we are @jermesz @Beyonce the powerA great thread about Ororo's magical potential"Sorceress-princess of a house that was old before the dawn of history" 2021 mood @deeeenosaur Thank you so much! And congrats! 🥳Listen to him and hire me @Marvel. I’m available for any consultations regarding Storm and all the other black char… starting grad school in an hour. I’m already tired @maxjoeyj thank you so much joseph! 🤍 @jviince thank you so much! 🤍 @_EverybodyBlack Taste!The Storm Appreciation thread on CBR is terrible in every way.I’m not sure how I got over 1k followers but shoutout to all of you for putting up with my Storm tweets ⚡️🤍 @enadorns dr light aka kimiyo hoshi
@blaqueword lmao yeah it really did not make any sense @blaqueword (also, what do you think her powers actually are? they never even mentioned them) @blaqueword the way i've been thinking about House of Storm for months. they need to bring back Ashake too she came… @Ali_Galactic it's so good! my favorite season so far @blaqueword lmao he really tried you @nadiandchill an untalented writer who can only stay relevant by tweeting uninspired and stupid hot takesBring back Kymera and you’ll be alright with me @MarvelIt's true @Ali_Galactic omggg i'm sorry 😭😭😭(don’t like this if you’re not black lmao)X-Twitter to Geoff Thorne today did, in fact, think about Nubia's hair all dayI can’t believe Marvel AND DC are both paying actual American dollars for this nigga to write anything...Saying “facts are facts” is not gonna change the fact that you can’t read. @WorldOfAntoine let’s hope so @WorldOfAntoine king in black black panther tie-inThe worst part about all of this is that he included Storm in his upcoming Marvel story and the Ororo Munroe Advoca… @twinkofdaken a sin and a shame @blaqueword he really thought he got you with that one. a true clown.The worst part about niggas like Geof Thorne is that they’re CONVINCED that they’re right and so much smarter than… wish this Geoff Thorne nigga would go away for goodYou’re an idiot. @vanthefirst My condolences. Sending you love and light. @KeenanLance_ oh she's eating, let me find a reading list too @KeenanLance_ I cackled @ElleOnWords thank you so much for Nubia. Can't wait to see more! I hope you'll be able to write her ongoing very s… favorite kind of panels’ll be thinking about Nubia’s hair all dayNubia is here! #DCFutureState is the first Nubia Day!!! There will be multiples. Oh yes.
Retweeted by Cursed To Win⚡️🌪 @enadorns @ElleOnWords period! the story, the lore, the action, the hair! I lived! they need to give her an ongoing and stop playinHappy Nubia day! #DCFutureState @GL2814_3 Ororo trying to hold back her laughter @GL2814_3 i just know Emma is roasting her everyday
@KeenanLance_ my fave! @TheWindGodVonte it isYetedi Badaki as Bilquis the Queen of Sheba #AmericanGods @CertifiedFool_ omg @JaviciaLeslie it’s your time! congratulations 👑✨Really good first episode. Ryan Wilder is here! #MyBatwomanIsBlack you to my ancestors for always looking after me. Forever grateful to live this life on my own terms 🤍
Anti-colonialist Queen @Twistaboi12 we do notI reached an age where a lot of the people I grew up with start to have kids. Thank God for homosexuality.All these rumors about Storm coming to the MCU..... stop playin with me @StephenNYMonsr i’ll believe it when i see it chile. but if the rumor is fake they’ll see that people are hype and… when she hears about this @ComicSlut69 Marauders 4 (or 5 i forgot) @thehermeister i cackled
@enadorns i liked it too but this headpiece outsold @enadorns i meant more so that she looked good the entire time lol! this is my favorite look of hers @enadorns she was eating during that entire runStarfire not being afraid to kill a bitch at any given moment is my favorite thing about her @DecodnLyfe it’s janet van dyne @thehermeister waiiiit. ogun is in an anime? @jermesz A real fashion iconIsca showing up to the gala:
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