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(COMMISSIONS CLOSED) • Sketches, digital art, NSFW (18+) • Professional coffee vacuum • Is gonna be a Blitzball when she grows up • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 •🌱 •

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@ziryorition One boob, coming up. @a35240 I hate you.
I can't believe my birthday fell on #NationalBoobDay yesterday. Yet more evidence that everything is preordained.
monster girl nun
Retweeted by ortamaw @nautylass I still haven't done that! It's the one achievement I've never completed, because I can't stomach settin…
@S18plus Just gotta practice my Jecht Shot 💪Sitting down to start a commission be like:
@lobsterkiahlart @drcockula Alright, steady on there Activision Blizzard. @lobsterkiahlart @drcockula What's the first? 👀 @lobsterkiahlart @drcockula I appreciate that wordplay 🍑 @anaidstailclops Shhh just pretend you're that cute anime girl archetype that's always sleepy and falling asleep at inopportune moments. @lobsterkiahlart @drcockula Th-thicc. @oldaccignoreme @BlackroseBisha1 That makes two of us 😏 @fearts1 tyvm :> @Azmogoth This was also my first Final Fantasy game! I can only imagine you were as confused as I was lol @Drakkon_NSFW @greedoes @Shin_Ehm This is bullying >:l
@AdZarniwoop Oh absolutely! Wouldn't dream of the alternative. @Tremor20445297 That actually sounds like a fantastic place to start, thank you for recommending that to me. @Silverstripe99 @FunsexyDB Pog. @oldaccignoreme @BlackroseBisha1 I can't, ortamaw gotta eat 😩 @meynut k e k @QBBafterdark Heh, true, eyeliner on point too 👌
@QBBafterdark You're not gonna get much swimming done in that I imagine. @doomguy1215 @Shin_Ehm Let's just go with yes. @SweetNingigi ty! 😊 @KTheBunnyNSFW If I try the traditional route I guess I can always load the frames into Photoshop's timeline window… @KTheBunnyNSFW Yeah, unfortunately I'm a bit limited with my tools so I was thinking I might try my hand at animati… @naughtysableye Oh yeah, I mean rotoscoping with the provision of "hey, I rotoscoped this, this is the original vid… @KTheBunnyNSFW I use the base version of Sai (as in, not Sai 2), but I do have a CSP license, I'm just not that familiar with the UI.I would like to try my hand at making an animation sometime, but I don't know how to animate (´∀`;) Is using an ex… @ziryorition I wouldn't release my art publicly if I didn't want people to view and enjoy it. I appreciate your su… @greedoes @Shin_Ehm lmao @QuirogArte Thank you ☺️ @crisisbeat4 Well, I would never ask another creator for free labour, but that would admittedly be dope as all heck. (incredible work btw!) @RylanConnolly Why do you think he's yelling "WAHOO!" all the time? @lobsterkiahlart >tfw not young >tfw not alpne @TheKingsFun2 @Shin_Ehm Enjoy your evening! 🍻 @lobsterkiahlart This is the 3rd comment I've seen mentioning poggers or some variant of it, and it's starting to make me feel old. @TheKingsFun2 @Shin_Ehm August is in 6 days how drunk are you rn :D @UNIT3088 She poggin'. @AutomaticMech Paine is wearing the Dark Knight dress sphere, Rikku is an Alchemist, and Yuna is a Samurai. It's a… @zuckussisthebe1 @erotibot_art I simp pretty hard and frequently for the lipless anime mouth style, but idk, maybe… @Katieverse_ Aw, seriously thank you. I can't say how much I appreciate even just having people view and enjoy my a… @Pikusekx Thank you! I allocate all my points to the lineart talent tree, so it's great seeing people enjoy the results. @erotibot_art Thank you! Created unironically after somebody critiqued that I never draw plump lips 👁️👄👁️ @tableguyart I stared at this for definitely over 10 seconds before I got it. @TheKingsFun2 @Shin_Ehm I don't have as much experience with commissions as I'd like so I haven't had them open for… @StarlingSanta @FunsexyDB @Tanukigang Powerful?I usually only release my lineart as a reward for my supporters on Patreon these days, but I'm pretty pleased with… version and a futanari alternative (for individuals with high-tier patrician taste) are available via my Pat…"Hm, this isn't my cat suit? My butt feels good..."
@AutomaticMech Final Fantasy X-2 PS4 HD Remaster. It's a sequel to Final Fantasy X, but I don't recommend playing… @FPornsworth It's Angra Mainyu, a 333,444 HP superboss you have to fight in order to get episode complete for Bikan… @oni_soft idk what it was, this period of Square Enix development, FFX-2, Crisis Core, Advent Children, Dirge of Ce… @softshikioni We need to go longer.I haven't played FFX-2 in almost 18 years, and whilst I remember it being a total trashfire, I forgot how extra it…😤
@magazone235 Uhm, that's like, Miss Sir to you 😤 (but thanks lol, happy you like it). @Vextreus @babie_fluff Misery loves company 👌
Retweeted by ortamawI made lunch! @LogganRunn @TrappyHentai I did make an alternative version of the shimapan being pulled down for my Patreon 😏
@NaoTheWitch PLEASE 🙏 @babie_fluff holy SHIT. @Bootystar_G @SkyGuyArt Drawing all these femboys has 100% awoken something inside of me 😩The Piggy Bank has launched! 📢✨ Go to and sub for as little as $2 per-month to recieve ben…
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@Bro_Aniki tmyk *taps nose* @SciKosis yh, I think learning from other people's processes can be instrumental in your own development, especiall… @Noobosaurio Let's popular the internet with slut, yandere femboys >:3 @nazunita You're always welcome 😙 @Bro_Aniki Bruh that coracobrachialis is tight 😩👌ME!ME!ME! based of @ortamaw's design!
Retweeted by ortamaw @brekkist I never took my health seriously until I started doing digital art full time. My advice to anybody who h… @SciKosis Aw, shucks. I am really insecure about my spaghetti sketches so this is nice.A little process gif! As you can see, there's a reason why I don't post my sketches lol. I'm really impatient, so… @FruitPlush WRONG ANSWER 👁👄👁 @S3rb4nArt Yeah, sorry for the wait! Gotta do some errands, but I'll definitely get back to you this evening. @militaryartw0rk omg I can't believe you guessed it right! @NaiyoSpede @nazunita Yessssss! @TheRealTokifuji ;-) @WaterTrite I feel like you could floss whilst flossing if you had an extra long piece 🤔 @Pikacha25 Good boi.Good morning Twitter, I hope you all flossed today! You all flossed, right? 👁️👄👁️#Watercolor #pinupart I finished recently. Nudes, alts, preggo, video, notes and much more @…
Retweeted by ortamaw @S3rb4nArt I loved Jamie Hewlett growing up so that's a big compliment. @Wiz_erd @ndasfw They absolutely terrified me as a kid. To compromise I ended up asking for Fatal Frame II: Crimson… @QBBafterdark Good lord 😳 @ndasfw I still haven't played a single RE game and I really need to 😩 @ayomiashi idk man, there's a service fee and everything. Plus some of them can get pretty bitey. That's what the bits on the rack are for. @lobsterkiahlart Bruh they're so fucking good. They're probably terrible for your bod, but I can at least pretend t… @PERVY_KITTY CRONCH @blastermath My exact thought process searching "ME!ME!ME! femboy" on r34 and realising there's no results. @tableguyart I never see you do this kind of stuff, it's interesting. @Pikacha25 It can be applied in both mediums! To render something is just going through the process of adding colou… @THellride ty 😚I just want, a giant bag of banana chips. Endless banana chips. Banana chips given intravenously. Banana chips ENE… @ShiriAllwoodXXX Oh my GOD your belly 😍🙏
@Luxuriass 👀