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Retweeted by Orwell & Goode @JoshLekach Every time @lporiginalg I needed a chuckle. Thanks, Guardian.>ShemanskySeeing these on a regular basis, how could you ever think: hmm... these are the people representing the right side… FOR @nypost
Retweeted by Orwell & Goodeoh no no no no
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Retweeted by Orwell & Goode @HarmlessYardDog @TheHinduDindu't listen to Jeff
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeTry explaining this to somebody 20 years ago
Fascinating Interview Tucker Carlson's Full Interview w/ @ggreenwald Over His Resignation From "The Intercept" Due…
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeHonk @lporiginalg Why are they always aesthetically challenged?They aren't going to just stop at banning us from social media.
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Ted tried to warn you
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeIf you don't eat rotten cabbage out of a dumpster or dandelions growing wildly in a poorly maintained flower bed, y… it started How it's going must do away with freedom of speech so that less worshippers are brutally killed at police with a knife? Anti-racism to downplay events fucking lol at leftists who really thought opening borders and importing massive amounts of cheap labor & inte…
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeThese are not good people
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeHot take at it again started somewhere
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This game looks good, go help out this creator. are not good people @HarmlessYardDog luck with that least they’re being honest, I guess? 🥴
Retweeted by Orwell & Goode @CountDankulaTV Never mind, you'll be ok. @CountDankulaTV c. 1300: they may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom. 2020: your great uncle mad…
Retweeted by Orwell & Goode"Beauty" @lporiginalg Incredible.
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The "free" press't political correctness great?
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeLucky charms about to get sued"science" is now finally catching up to what right wing gym bros on twitter and the chans have been saying for mont…
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeYeah, CJ came to this lifestyle with no external influence whatsoever last 12 hours's a lot to unpack here...
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeWithout skipping a beat, HuffPo is on the anti-white narrative @OrwellNGoode How it started How it’s going
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This is where we are right now @TheHinduDindu Like this?'s quite a mouthful🚨"TWITTER CENSORS CLAIMS THAT THEY'RE CENSORING" TWITTER is expanding their soft censorship labels on "disputed" e…
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeIt turns out the ice cream machines weren't broken, but they just needed cleaning... his weird habits, it checks out"AKSHUALI, increasing the supply of labor is good for the working class." Tell that to the Rustbelt people pushing these narratives are not good people is a preschool teacher. Homeschool your kids. has finally implemented a rule against normalizing attraction to minors as a form of sexual orientation. Go…
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeJill Biden TWICE says “Trump” under her breath to remind Joe who he’s running against. Watch CLOSELY! 👀
Retweeted by Orwell & Goode @TheHinduDindu How they see themselves @TheHinduDindu ...moral, cultured, educated people...Why do they always have to make it a wall of text world economic forum is some spooky shit
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeI have no idea what's going on here white people and their....... @HarmlessYardDog @OrwellNGoode
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Nobody promising such a world has good intentions keyboards are problematic keyboards 🙉
Retweeted by Orwell & Goode.@HowleyReporter was just suspended by Twitter for breaking the Ashley Biden Diary story! He’s live responding at
Retweeted by Orwell & Goode @zyntrax They couldn't make it sound more sinister if they tried.Thanks factcheckers for clearing that one up. Couldn't have done it without you. @HaloCEofficial where it all began @iamroxannekim idk fam apparently twitter went mental yesterday cos a zoo killed a gorilla that kidnapped a 4 year old lmao
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeSchrodinger's laptop woman has no frens*, FYI. (*secret code word for “friends”)
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeYou couldn't make this up!, Karen. The reason you're fat isn't because of Donald Trump. It's because you're a fat cow who blames other pe…
Retweeted by Orwell & Goode @MarkACollett The woman befriended her mother's killer, pushed for his early release, and even gave him a job at he… the endless: -censorship -suspensions -algorithm tinkering -shadowbannings etc had nothing to do with it. this. Internalize this. Understand this. They can only tolerate your existence if you’re stupid, destitute or…
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeYep was never about equality AWFL strikes again
honey its 4pm, time for your mandatory behavior correction procedure
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeThey wanna turn every social media platform into LinkedIn but with more hall monitors scouring whether you particip… NOOO! If you're going to share your problematic opinions, you should post your picture, full name, address,… @HarmlessYardDog Look, bigots, just start your own financial institutions from scratch. They're private companies and can do what they want.Something something free market start your own something excuse
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeAnd then they came for fitness...
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeYes, rape is a terrible crime. Yes, it happens too often. But what's NOT talked about... Is how often FALSE ACCU…
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeYou wouldn't get it.
Retweeted by Orwell & GoodeThe British Army, ladies and gentlemen.