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Osama Dorias @osamadorias Montreal he/him

Avatar of hugs and lover of tea. Lead Game Designer on @GothamKnights at @wbgamesmtl. Co-Founder @MTL_IGA. Teacher @mydawsoncollege. @tedxmontreal speaker.

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@Why_Felix_Why Haha SORRY! Glad it worked :D @NickZuclich @MllePilgrim Oh??? I'll look now!!I try not to think about how many people are waiting for me to reply/follow-up/etc... across all of my personal e-m… @rebheartsyou Thank you so much! This is very helpful! @rebheartsyou I was hoping for something revolving around worldbuilding, but honestly Presentation/UI would still b… @rebheartsyou @gameandcolour Absolutely! I figured I'd share just in case! Good luck Reb :) @rebheartsyou *not @rebheartsyou Though not based in Canada (sorry), I highly recommend Alicia Reece: She was… have any leads? take: Despite how hard we tried to push diversity and inclusivity, the game industry, includ- No, especially th…
Retweeted by Osama DoriasContent creators beware: in what is the strangest reverse scam I've ever seen, I'm getting reports from several ind…
Retweeted by Osama DoriasThank you everyone for your responses and suggestions!! This has been extremely helpful! ❤️💕❤️ @WritNelson @ChelWongAudio OH NOOOOOOOO!!!! @ffyhlkain @osmotic_dan I absolutely love this guide! Thank you for the reference! @Stuart_Lilford Loved that game! Wow, they really did nail the tone in that doc! Impressive!! Thank you so much for this! @cherryrae Wanna play with me some time? :)Maybe it's just (waves hand) everything right now but seeing @aoc laugh, have fun, get texts from people like Justi…
Retweeted by Osama DoriasI cant wait til Mitch McConnell responds by playing Minesweeper on his Twitch channel to capture the youth vote.
Retweeted by Osama Dorias @cherryrae Much love my friend ❤️❤️❤️ @VigilantRex Next time you're in town I'm buying you a Poutine! ♥ @_DaanishSyed That looks so fun! @liitt_art @LucGameDesign Congratulations!! @VigilantRex Congratulations!! @_DaanishSyed Have fun! @_DaanishSyed Nice!!!! How do you like it?
@AC_Revolution Where's the lie? @corapiki Thank you, that's a useful resource! @kdlunas Oh that's a great suggestion, thank you!! @ellenjurik @allymcleangames Oooh, "not like x" is helpful! Thank you! @athenaparadigm @folmerkelly 🤣 @allymcleangames I love the idea of a fake trailer! That sounds incredibly useful! Thank you :) @rebheartsyou Thank you Reb! Do you know of a good template/example of a style guide that I could use as a starting point? :) @EvvaKarr Miro looks really useful! Thank you for the lead! @TLauret Ooooh, editing movies is an interesting one! Like actually taking clips from movies and splicing them together?Creative friends! I have a question for you! How do you best define and convey the tone you want for a creative pr… @Kid_Oldman I'd love that. Dude, I miss having poutine with you ❤️ @bird_pun @GearboxQuebec Congratulations! @emilybuckshot I'm pretty sure that's 1 guy with a good makeup artist. @MllePilgrim @chengeling @kindofstrange @tha_rami I'm in!! 😍😍😍 @AnthonyReddan @Yan2295 🤣🤣🤣 @Yan2295 My pleasure 🤗 @Yan2295 @kindofstrange @tha_rami Sounds like a plan! @tha_rami Is it possible to love you more than I already do??? 😍😍😍 @Kid_Oldman I have to find a way to leave signposts behind then! @LeanneCTaylor @casskhaw That completely aligns with how I feel! It's uncanny, I can rationalize all of it, and yet it still feels unreal! @jscoble So they say! @Tybawai I know that's not the point of your tweet, but I hope that your finger feels better soon ❤️ @casskhaw That would make a lot of sense. It's not that I don't welcome it either, it just feels completely imposs…'ve read and understand the theories behind why we perceive time differently as we get older, but how is October 2… @EvilCleverDog That took a few turns! @tha_rami Canadian here, and you're right about our chocolate. I wish that you were wrong.Ooooh, mine is Hip-Hop! @AmandaFarough 🤗🤗🤗 @hexcats I feel many would-be mentors are scared away by the title moreso than what the work that the actual role i… @tha_rami Hell, I'd do the dishes for 1/2 a bucket! @tokyo_bat Raising children. @KishiFishy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ♥♥♥ @maryknews Congratulations! @Tybawai Hi friend! @artbyaline What's incredible is that you're amazing at both 😍😍😍 @artbyaline
@aNuChallenger You don't mess around, do you Shawn? 🤣 @AWaywardWriter @swordsnarrative @Ninfa_dp @ribanne_ She's my favorite politician of all time! @EbengerJohn @tha_rami Rami always has my number! @Senhor_Fattori @tha_rami term "technically correct" implies the possibility of being "artistically correct". From now on that's the kin… @akhmourne Thank you for the advice! It's much appreciated :) @akhmourne We're looking at buying next year/starting to look in January and I'm dreading what you're describing. Solidarity ✊ @CappuccinoGuil @LordShaxxy @saylahachey Tell me about it! Each 3-4 year period feels like a completely different life! @kremkaos48 That's heartbreaking 💔 @TwitchBunny @jonnadraws @saylahachey At 11 I'd help my dad in his shop! Got paid an allowance. I think I got officially on the payroll at… @Wiisak That sounds lovely 😍 @NickZuclich @romabysen @onlinealchemist 🤣🤗 @romabysen @NickZuclich @sore_uno @Dedux @ChelWongAudio Frontfire Squad!! @jasonimms @MichelleMHyde @varimatsu ❤️ @aikoizayoi @varimatsu Nice to meet you! @NakedRaptor I hear you ✊🏼♥️ @nemo10 @NakedRaptor Woah that's a nice collection! @jehuty88 @MitchyD It's racist and criminal ✊🏼♥️ @axl99 @calixjumio @BillyKumo @JessZhangGames I'm flattered 😍 @NickZuclich The truth hurts ❤️ @kurtruslfanclub