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I keep getting a lot of LOTR art popping up on my FB feed recently and they are so awesome. Here is one I just foun…
@JShelton89 It’s just so unfair. I’m calling for a 5 day weekend. I’ll make it my mission in life.Why is it Monday tomorrow already???!LOTR would you rather ROUND 2 Who is the better hobbit? Add your reasons below if you like... Rt for exposure
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @paperbackbex Sam all day long! I do love them all but this takes it for me @nicobellfiction It’s perfection 👌 @Lily_is_reading It’s so good and I’ll definitely be sharing it with my kids once they are a little older.Anyone else reading Amari and the Night Brothers? I started today, I’m several chapters in and I already can’t wait to watch the film! @paperbackbex I’m going Gondor as everyone else seems to have gone Rohan. I feel Gondor needs some sort of representation. Go Gondor! @paperbackbex
@DWRoss8 If I really enjoy the read then no. I want more 😅
@BagEndBooks So many great picks!Lol I don’t know why I ended that with a ‘?’ 😅I’m interested to see other’s thoughts on this? @AlexNuggz @BookMeanderings Lol I don’t think I want to feel the pain 😅 @BookMeanderings @sassideeee 😂🤣 @BookMeanderings I might just have to stop reviewing books and start reading this series ASAP 😅 @velvetopusreads @Madaaworld12 @aportablemagic_ @starlit_shelves @Katsreadingroom @fallingletters @SCmoviegirl @D_Sauthor That’s good to hear. God knows when I’ll actually get the time to read them but they’re there when I do 😅 @dshaggyshepherd Here you go! They really are beautiful @aportablemagic_ Nope. Not ever. I have the day off and the kids are at school so I’m living it large. Well as large as a bookwyrm does.A Truffle Deluxe Hot Chocolate followed by book shopping 🥰
Beautiful humans of @NetGalley! Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya? Then you should wish for early access to THE MOO…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️I present my review of A RITUAL OF BONE (THE DEAD SAGAS #1) by Lee C. Conley. Take a zombie novel, add a pinch of…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @shazvaughan44 It’s a great photo! @DWRoss8 Holy crap! @DMan1504 @DWRoss8 Okay, from now on I only accept book mail via horse drawn carriage 😅 @lecari @DWRoss8 The cover is great right?! @TheMartianChron Thank you! It was a great little day out. The weather was perfectly crisp.📚 BOOK MAIL 📚 What a great way to enjoy a day off! Thank you @DWRoss8 for a review copy of Cold From The North.… nice long morning walk on my day off with these amazing ladies! The other two kids are in school.
@BookMeanderings Is that.... mash po-tay-toe?The #reviewoftheday comes from @king_lyd and it‘s about ‘Legends Rise’ - the third book in the ‘Venators’ series by…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @_forbookssake I see it all the time around where I live. It’s despicable.The #blogoftheday comes from @BookreviewsKb and it‘s the ‘The Coffee Book Tag‘! A series that’s tough to get into,…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️That feeling when you know you have book mail on the way 🥰 @CloakTraveling THICK!
People have been asking about the world setting from Cold From The North - this is it, Gelenea. Can't believe how m…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @OwlBeSatReading @DMan1504 Now that’s an idea 🤔 @jakeisreading I’m loving the new look! @DMan1504 I so want a copy of this but my copy of RP1 is a paperback and my OCD won’t let me get a hardback 😅Best Sci-Fi of 2020 So Far - The "5 Star Books in 5 Words" Edition @ChrisJPanatier @michaelcarey191 @RobinKirk
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @13thShelf Oh, Rin I’m so sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you.Well yesterday was busier than I thought it would be 😩
@Madaaworld12 @Bookchocaholic I like that a lot, Mada! You have an intriguing style to your writing.I can’t recommend The Rush’s Edge enough. If you enjoy sci-fi then you’ll enjoy this and what’s better than a givea… Just wanted to say you're doing great. It might not feel like it, but you are. Keep going. 🔥
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @voyagerarina I suppose it depends if it’s integral to the plot. If it is then an answer would be nice.The #reviewoftheday comes from @thepagewalker1 and it‘s about ‘THE MIDNIGHT BARGAIN‘ by @clpolk - a YA historical f…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️The #blogoftheday comes from @jolinsdell and it‘s ‘The Ultimate Guide for Book Bloggers‘! This is everything you ne…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️Morning Book Twitter! I hope you all had a great weekend. Keep an eye out on my feed today. I’ll be dropping som… great publisher of horror! Give them a follow 👻💀
@westveilarchive It’ll be my first read through 😬 @AndOnSheReads1 It’s a sign 😁 @Madaaworld12 @pure__phrase @BagEndBooks @CloakTraveling @thebookinhand_ @MasqueReads @BlogSpells @BookMeanderings @tykemaniac Looks like I have chosen right. I can wait for them to arrive. @DMan1504 @Etsy They have a LOTR version. I’m sold @DMan1504 NP 😉 @DMan1504 @Etsy I love the idea and I love to keep my books in great condition. I will check them out right now.This is a lovely idea blog anyone? Need some recommendations or inspiration for you next SFF read? @DivineDespair It does look great. I love it when there are illustrated editions available @RJCM0811 It would be great to have. The non signed is more in my price range @BookMeanderings I love the sound of that. That’s it I’m sold! You have all said Earthsea. So Earthsea it is. @RJCM0811 A little out of my budget 😅 it would be a great addition though. @BagEndBooks @PeggyNesbit This is the edition I have in mind. It looks great @PeggyNesbit I think I might. There is a beautifully illustrated hardback available. @DWRoss8 Lol I love the attitudeI’m going to treat myself... Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin or Kingdom of Grit by Tyler WhitesidesWhen I said the other day I could talk in Lord of the Rings quotes all day I wasn’t joking, and these memes below s…
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@DWRoss8 Yes mate! A great start. @DMan1504 @Cari_Threads @kester_grant @KatAliceDunn I have heard great things and it’s been on my wish list for a w… @DMan1504 @Cari_Threads @kester_grant @KatAliceDunn A Court of Miracles of course how could I forget. I love the recommendations thank you. @aportablemagic_ Books?! What is books?? @DMan1504 Lol I guess I am. Something sci-fi or fantasy. Bonus points if it gets me hooked on a seriesI have a £10 gift voucher for Waterstones. What should I buy? @BookMeanderings Should I be worried about the post it notes? I hope you’re okay buddy.*UK Giveaway* Opening a bottle at home tonight and just find the whole experience a little lacking? By the end o…
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@Beaso7 I’m sure we could scrape by some how @thebookinhand_ @thebookinhand_ My all time favourite without a doubt.There's not long left until we archive @timpratt's new novel DOORS OF SLEEP on @NetGalley, so get your requests in…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️Heads up guys, (UK version at least, no confirmation on the US site) has just purged ALL th…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @LongswordLee I really hope this is just a glitch and not a deliberate move. @NickRevws @starlitbook @Eldrazi56 @bunnyreads @__its_justine__ @OOTWRs @BlogSpells @DWalters29 @BookMeanderings REVIEWERS @starlitbook @Eldrazi56 @bunnyreads @__its_justine__ @OOTWRs @BlogSpells @DWalters29 @BookMeanderings
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️Plugging my beta and sensitivity reader services, as tuition is kicking my ass. Sources say: "They blew me away"; "…
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A question for the book bloggers out there as I’m considering stopping using Instagram as it takes up so much time. Do you use..Happy happy birthday to @xasymptote! Please help us celebrate their latest circle 'round the sun by buying the DR…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️I 100% agree! #reviewoftheday comes from @amalia_chartres and it‘s an ARC review of ‘Cast in Firelight’ - book 1 of the Wicke…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @TheMartianChron You are excused 😅 I look forward to seeing what you make of it.📚 BOOK REVIEW 📚 Review: The Damsel (Black Sun #1) by David Dixon
@aportablemagic_ Oh it’s a must read from me. I really enjoyed this debut. I even have a review ⤵️ @DWRoss8 And so you should, buddy! Be proud of it!Morning Book Twitter! I hope you have all seen drinking good coffee, reading good books and being good to one anot…
@DWRoss8 @HSquared_13 Haha same here! It was only yesterday at dinner time when I said...
I. Am. A. PUBLISHED. Author. And that has only just sunk in. What a day to be alive.
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So, in a wild turn of events, Cold From The North is available to buy NOW on paperback and Kindle. PB -…
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