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Morning My beautiful bookish folk! I have been crazy busy with life recently. Just the normal things, nothing bad. How are we all?
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@coryanderwrites @penguinplatform @The_WriteReads @WriteReadsTours It sounds like a great read! I’ll be starting it tonight 🤩I’m going to shake up the genres on Book Vagabond with the most recent #bookmail 📚 Thank you to @penguinplatform case you missed the news yesterday, the gorgeous new cover of @MeganEOKeefe's 2016 debut novel STEAL THE SKY is…
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Okay so D&D is a new love of mine and it’s all thanks to a great DM and a fantastic player. Thank you guys!! 🗡 🐉 @Treistan @aportablemagic_ @jakeisreading @jsdewes Personally I find that the best way to read 😅
Straight on the TBR!! Check this one out by Dan Hanks. @caramalines @angryrobotbooks @dan_hanks @SaraMegibow @cxorlando Oh YES!!! That sounds right up my street. Congrats! @HonestlyEmily1 I’m glad you are enjoying it! I thought it was quite original.
@wry_writer Oh cool. I have subscribed 😊 @paperbackbex Oh yeah, either way I’m getting my hands on a copy 😆 @paperbackbex I cant wait for this one. I have put a ARC rec in but I highly doubt it'll be approved. fingers crossed though. @WS_BOOKCLUB Lol I’ll keep that in mind? Would you recommend an overnight freezer or will just the threat be good enough? 😅 @Treistan @dan_hanks Pretty busy then?! Mayhem sounds good to me. @Treistan Wow! A veteran! I will most likely be picking your brain soon then 😅 @dan_hanks @Treistan I'm starting to see a trend of people wanting to but never have. This needs remedial action ASAP. Hi @Treistan 👋 @aportablemagic_ @paperbackbex We may have another for the 'BBC'. @BlogSpells Personally I have my go to authors or I am more inclined to remember authors than titles. @DWRoss8 @BlogSpells Oh I don't envy you. The first time setting up Book Vagabond was an interesting experience. One that I'… @Eldrazi56 It's definitely up my alley so hopefully I'll love it. This time round I'll be a DM but I want to go pla… @BenedictCOYS I have only ever heard good things about it and always wanted to give it a go and now my kids are a l… @hollytinsl3y Thank you. Honestly, I will be a DM as I'll be playing with my kids this time round but after that I… @paperbackbex oh I sense a little 'Book Blogger Campaign' coming on. You know... once I know what the hell I'm doing 😂 @DWRoss8 The amount of books I have read that have backgrounds in D&D, one of which you know of 😉, are astonishing. @MattHopgood Haha I love the GIF and thank you.Morning amazing Bookish Folk! Today I picked up this. I’m going to take my first tentative steps into this world… @thebookinhand_ 🥳🥳 Congratulations, Sam!! All very well deserved 🥳🥳
@BlogSpells You’re welcome, world! Alex lives another day. for your next sci-fi read? Try this one... 🚀 THE AGGRESSIVE by Gem Jackson #blogoftheday comes from @ServillasSpeaks and this is a beginner’s guide on How To Write a Review Policy! This…
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@voyagerarina Lol Dreams can come true 🤩 @blacksailbooks @aportablemagic_ Nope I didn’t lol. That has me super hyped. I thought the audiobook encompasses th… @blacksailbooks @aportablemagic_ Whatttttt?? How many volumes are there? @BookMeanderings That’s what got me. I was talking to my partner about childcare at the time. Not the best time to start laughingThis had me in fits of laughter ⤵️⤵️ @BookMeanderings I literally shot root beer through my nose laughing at this. You need to warn me with a pre tweet… 22nd Century Sherlock and Watson but it’s an AI and a Cyborg. Yes I have preordered this already 😅 @thebookinhand_ @BookMeanderings @eleni_argyro Pure genius. Olaf wielded such wisdom for a snowman only a few days old.Giveaway! As we have a couple of extras knocking about, we would like to give away a copy of both 'Iron Gold' and…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @BookMeanderings @thebookinhand_ @eleni_argyro Defo Tangled but Olaf is just a beaut and deserves to be recognised as such 😅 @NickRevws I don't understand that move at all. It baffles me completely. @SoManyBooks6 @remigiuszmroz What god did you sacrifice to in order to get that ARC?! I have tried several so far and none have worked. @_forbookssake Damn, everyday?! I hope it eases up soon, Danni.📚 BOOK REVIEW 📚 The Stranger Times by C.K. McDonnell "Yep, I loved it. The Stranger Times is pretty damn awesome." @Scoutdwriter Love the advice. I already do several but can easily incorporate the others. Thank you 😊Fingers crossed they find me in amongst the 'smoking holes'. @ToniWindsor That’s just like Elvis to make a come back on my time away 😅 @Mark__Lawrence How could I possibly pass this by. A great cause and a great giveaway. All donated. Fingers cross… of Thorns HARDBACK giveaway!!! 😱😱⤵️ @aportablemagic_ It is honestly so good. The production value is amazing. You'll have to let me know how GO goes. @LBBookBlog @Bookywookydooda Oh now that is beautiful. @aportablemagic_ I am like 90% sure it is. If it isn't then it certainly wraps up pretty well.Review: THE FALL OF KOLI (THE RAMPART TRILOGY #3) by M.R. Carey 10/10. “I was crying from page one.” ⁦@orbitbooks…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @CloakTraveling @orbitbooks @michaelcarey191 Great to hear. I just won the trilogy in an Orbit giveaway and now I’m super hyped. @GemJackson2 Oh man. Hopefully all is negative.Morning beautiful bookish folk ☀️ I have been afk for a little while due to feeling like utter manure. Migraine/c…
My #BookReview of SHE DREAMS IN BLOOD by @FletcherMR! Michael R. Fletcher pushes the envelope yet again with this…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️Nils reviews the upcoming dystopian debut from Caroline Hardaker, COMPOSITE CREATURES: "an engaging psychological…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️I guarantee you guys will just love these!! Especially you @DMan1504 ☺️ I just backed Build Your Own Book Stack E…
Today is my stop on the @sot_tours book tour featuring @MrDuncanWilson & his creepy paranormal/horror book ONCE UPO…
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@ChrisJPanatier Good old 'Beetle Nookie'. 🤣When my agent called to talk about The First Omega, he dubbed this passage "beautiful but really gross" and I was D…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @wry_writer HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX!!! I hope you have a great day. @chroniclerblog @thebookinhand_ You said that much better than I did. @thebookinhand_ I see your point and I have definitely slugged through some mundane parts for a good character myself. @thebookinhand_ Plot, Characters, World building. I think all three are pretty much in line for me but if I had to… you for the mention, Yvonne! I hope you have a great weekend. my beautiful bookish folk! 🌞 I hope you all have a great Friday. I couldn't stay away from Joe and Skippy…
CALLING ALL M. R. CAREY FANS! Get your hands on the complete Rampart trilogy, including an EARLY copy of THE FALL O…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️The #reviewoftheday comes from @IsLucinda and it‘s about ‘Contacts‘ by @watsoncomedian - a unique and highly emotio…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @carolinehwrites Thank you and thank you for sharing such a good story with us. ☺️ @LibraryOfAViki1 Haha I love the meme! Also I have just got my 10 review badge on NetGalley! didn't know just how widespread the fear is and how much of an impact it has. I really hope that things can chang… @evy1902 Hey Leanne, Your post has opened my eyes more than any other I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing and so… JUNE 2021!!! 22nd in US ⚔️ 24th in U.K. ⚔️ #SevenDeaths
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @SoManyBooks6 @hannaleanne @RebellionPub @G_R_Matthews Oh I am so so so jealous!My #BookReview of THE SHADOW OF THE GODS by @JohnGwynne_ A brilliant Norse-influenced fantasy that grabs you from…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️📚 BOOK REVIEW 📚 Review: Composite Creatures by @carolinehwrites via @angryrobotbooks "A beautifully written and m… @julesbuddle Stay safe, Jules. Hope the wind dies down.
@LibraryOfAViki1 I always try to read and review ASAP however a few have slipped past their pub date and no one see… beautiful bookish people if you have yet to visit my blog or are looking for your next read why not stop by and… : We are getting 10 signed copies of 'Empire of the Vampire' from Jay Kristoff. If you have missed yo…
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Presenting my review of Masters of Rome by @SJATurney @GordonDoherty #MastersofRome #NetGalley @AriesFiction
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️Show David some love guys! He is an amazing book blogger and a great guy all round. Your TBR will suffer though 😂 @angryrobotbooks @ChrisJPanatier OH YES!!! I'm definitely hyped for this. @ChrisJPanatier @angryrobotbooks WOOHOO!! Congratulation, Chris! Bring on 2022. @xasymptote Its has got to be the Gorgonops for me. Just look at those teeth. It means business. these books are fantastic and I recommend all of them. They all include good, strong female characters. For t… Main Characters Captain Moxley and the Ember of the Empire by Dan Hanks The Phlebotomist by Chris Panatier… celebrate #InternationalWomensDay in a bookish way. Here is a list of great books authored by a women or have a… @geebiegems I totally agree. Unfortunately the power of the media and the way it manipulates public opinion is abom… my debut, the Slavic-mythology-inspired THE SECOND BELL is hitting the shelves/e-readers/audio devices! If…
Retweeted by Book Vagabond 📚 ☕️ @GabrielaHouston 🥳 Happy book birthday, Gabriela! 🥳 I wish you all the success with you debut!
@lecari @BookMeanderings @srm_white Oh okay that is interesting. It’s good to hear the series continues well.