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The Second of my name, 13th member of the Jedi Council, King of the seven Kingdoms and protector of the realm. currently training to beat Goku.

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@DJPaulyD Super Saiyan DelVecchio
I told y’all when the Lakers are doing well. The league does well hate that you can tell who’s really tweeting and who’s brand tweetingLaker fans. Do not. And I can’t stress this enough. DO NOT GET IT TWISTED. If for whatever reason James harden gets… Expecting harden to be moved
O’Doyle rules!!Man. I need to check on the homie @HEIRMJ it’s been a minute lmfao was really hoping more people would’ve caught it and commented on it lmao @SnottieDrippen I get that. It’s because you tryna get these fitted hats out here I see you @SnottieDrippen She don’t know Goldie don’t hurt her. Lmao still tho. That 5 is the truthOne of the coldest. Female anime characters dude. Mikasa es Sukasa nigga said 4?... @Dame_Lillard The lion guard be hitting sometimes.We aren’t talking about how @Sedano is a pro for not blinking more than two times during this. I mean I can not bli…
@SnottieDrippen Nigga look like Nick NolteLord of the Rings is....and I can’t stress this enough....OUTTA HERE!!!! AND ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE they needed him bad @SnottieDrippen Now why you gon get me hooked on the shit lmfaoIt’s why I didn’t cop the new rams jerseys respect Miami. I loved the joints last year. But I’m not feeling these gender reveal jerseys bro @_ajawilson22 @usabasketball Hair is killin it @SnottieDrippen Lmao @SnottieDrippen You’ll be back. Slave @BergmanGreg @IsaacHayes3 @BrunoMars I just said this literally yesterday
College*Greatest play I’ve ever seen live
All of them @RealDealBeal23 Yo on crying Jordan status in a minute !!I see now that last tweet confused the hell outta me. I’m like dame has been an allstar and rookie of the year lmao… OOOOH I SEEBro this is literally clips from a game against us. ONLY US. the caption is “no answer then no answer now” or whate… @RJSwimss They are aware. YesNigga the driveways and patios!The streets. The sidewalks. The sandboxes. The hills. The mountains the ranges. The valleys. Rivers lakes ponds cre… @SnoopDogg might finally get us ESPN-R. Uncensored is what we need. The realYou got it mike I was worried about you mike whatever you say mike you had us worried mike. we know Mike. we k…’all know this was for charity man. No winner was ever gonna happenThe laker shorts and 24 on his shoes alone are keep Roy up @BENBALLER You god damn rightMike Tyson. Is scary as fuck lmfaoThe fuckin memes man....the fuckin memes....“Bitch quit talkin Crip walk if you down with the set” The way he delivers that line. Makes it such an underrated bar in musicPaul really bout that boxing life huh? I will be watchingThere is ....and I can’t stress this enough...there is nothing funnier than watching us post Trezz highlights. Know… @PageKennedy I misread this and thought. I’m sure that nigga could get whatever quality stones he want man. Lmao @WayneeTrain @maxisnicee Lmfao it’s all good fun bro @WayneeTrain @maxisnicee Wayne. You have a respectable avi. Throwing up the squad. Well dressed. Smiling. This nigg… @maxisnicee It’s alright he also thinks Jayson Tatum the Goat. @Bam1of1 @Ballislife Congratulations manI’m here for Nate Robinson randomly found a @redbull bottle opener ring in my apartment in Virginia. So Red Bull if any of your guys lost…
Lmfao!!!! OMFG !!!!!! THEY STILL.....LMFAO!!!!!!THEY STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS LMFAO!!!!! CHRISTMAS DAY WIN ROFLMFAO @TheOXGod ain’t never stole nothin from a store. But the dude at GamesForLess talked my mom out of buying me grand theft…!!!!!!Maaaaan I wish we had them last three on this squad @SnottieDrippen Lie to us all you want. But you can’t lie to YOU. Get that shit!You’re absolutely right. This year....I’m on Two @wojespn @KB_Sports Good luck to the young man tho in all seriousness @GoldenKnightGFX @wojespn @KB_Sports Man we in trouble homieI’m looking at old tweets from the Lakers playoff run. Damn what a time that was lmfao!!! I was on one lmfao!!!I would like to wish the BIG3’s own @nate_robinson good luck tonight in his bout. We all behind you homie. Do this… @DezBryant I knew once the beavers beat The ducks that you’d be smiling somewhere @DerenNey I’m sorry about Klay. Laker fans know too well about the Achilles injuryThe 2020 Los Angeles Lakers Tonight I believe it’s a Tear blend from Denver. And as we well know, clipper tears are for the toilet tears of our enemies my friend. shit dope @JustRyCole teas gone cold I’m wondering whhyyyy I , Got out of bed at all. The morning rain clouds up my window, And I can’t see at all...Yo @JamesGunn if there’s another guardians ever. Have this in it please. Also have me in it. don’t have enough content on YouTube.Listen to Project Pat - Cheese and Dope you Animals @this_vid You’re doing Gods Work my friend @TamYong1 @Ilovechickkken @cheenadiabla @this_vid pleaseOut here slanging on this blade, praying that I don’t get cut By these police making raids, jumpin out and checkin nuts...
@CountOnVic Happy birthday to the homie Vic. Go Lakers @AlexaBliss_WWE I got fools still yelling at me on mute and they don’t knowYou’re mad. Lmfao’m thankful for THE LOS ANGELES FUCKIN LAKERS BEING BACK AT THE TOP AND FRYING ALL YOU JIVE TURKEYS. LAKER FAAAA… @googz925 thanksgiving Sh*t I’m bouta take gone make me pull something in my back I know it
@bansky Go Lakers
Trezz gotta give a dope response to this lmao @towerhillmaccas It’s 8 years of pent up aggression against Wiley lmaoMarcellus with his family has always brought a smile 2 my face. U can really see the joy that being a dad brings hi…!?......KOBE FUCKING BRYANT. idk how it work but I need a jersey deserved to die. #MassEffectThis the new four square @maxisnicee The back peddle. The leg kick out. AmazingSay what you want about Lavar Ball. He is one hell of a father and could sell water to a drowning man. said Dame can’t rap?
Let’s Go CHILOMBO!!!!! @JheneAiko as I play my restarted mycareer. Ya know with the new rosters The drafted rookies are already in the game. I love itHuuuuge win. Let’s get this LA trifecta!!!!!Hooooollllyyyyyy SHIT. I was sitting here saying “this why I hate Tom. This is why I hate him” I-N-T lets goooooo