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Legitimately only made this account to follow BTS What do people even use twitter for lmao OT7 biased

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Happy at first, and then uneasy @yoonminsfltr yeah and i don't believe she's a jimin anti @yoonminsfltr then unfollow me 💜YOU are in love with min yoongi
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @vyotiful 🥵 (oh no-) @hyyhddaeng i hope you feel better soon :((((( @AngelicGamer19 cowboy baby?Lee Dam’s mom posted that Tae sent a present for the child who was in the Inner Child performance. They named the t…
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜Where’re my Mindless Behavior’s enthusiast ??
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜Nigeria’s largest city Lagos imposed a 24-hr curfew, claiming protests against police brutality turned violent. Th…
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @lNEFFABILITY so many people need to learn that just bc they aren't into something doesn't mean they gotta call it cringe- @taessiie once i finish my hw.... @BTSBEINGBTSYT yo i just thought it was me... i thought I was going insane... @taessiie good evening @taehyung_kink @Saints_Jimmy idk why it's so hard for locals to believe that a korean group could have ACTUALLY hav… @Saints_Jimmy @taehyung_kink they don't look similar. i doubt you've ever done more than a quick glance at a pictur… @Saints_Jimmy you: says something rude about a kpop group with millions of fans the fans: get understandably upset… @Saints_Jimmy @funkyoons @Cut4 @BTS_twt imagine being so insecure that you have to use music taste to make yourself… @Saints_Jimmy @Cut4 @BTS_twt hahahahaha racism wow so funny im dying laughing bro @Saints_Jimmy @Cut4 @BTS_twt imagine being so fragile that you can't handle this situation- which does not affect you in any way whatsoeverthis kid...
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@hyyhddaeng NOOOO BUT HE LOOKS SO CUTE AND INNOCENT IN THIS VID HOW COULD YOUUU >:(((( @FENTYYYONCE I feel lightheaded- if I die can I blame u @FENTYYYONCE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… always find it so funny when people call us bots when you just had millions of people drop whatever they’re doing…
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @taessiie jiminbruh when he made that face i thought he was about to cry and I was like "holy shit who hurt you what's wrong who do we have to kill" @Heromoil @RiverdudeCovers he sounds like- 8. leave him alone he isn't hurting anyoneimagine being this mad about a little kid being SLIGHTLY cringy... lol no. vote for biden :)))))) A rich, atmospheric, hack and slash rogue-like dungeon crawler with a unique melding of gameplay and narrati…
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@jotaroluvsyou that's so mean D: @viii_xiiu96 edgy mullet :DI really hope this ain't a dig at the discography chart bc it's actually lit @BigHitEnt bet- jimin's gonna say "it was an accident" again lmao @taessiie 💜💜💜💜💜💜 @taessiie i feel like i semi-stan since i like their music and their personalities, but I need to learn more about… AND BLUEBERRY EYES ON HOT100 INSTEAD OF SAVAGE LOVE REMIX. SPREAD.
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@hyyhddaeng Yes ma'amthinking about this tweet
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @Des94La @consequence @BTS_twt no one cares 😊 @filterboca im pretty ok with mine @cameron_kasky this- except he'd never apologize @storybyleo Yknow what you got 4/7 so you obviously t r i e d 👍🏿 @hyyhddaeng They really said "quench your thirst, gwaenchana"
@___Uhgood7 @hyyhddaeng What's happening? @proyearner @ikran And then cry when they realize the last update (or book) came out 5 years ago @IronHatesYou @RiverdudeCovers Not as cringe as defending joshu 😎Everybody say it with me, Fuck Joshu :) @RiverdudeCovers Why are there so many joshu stans in the replieshot to my friends just really stresses me out sometimes... there are so many frustrations I have with them but… @thearktan i have so much respect for you... I find mixing so ridiculously hard but you do it flawlessly...this is fucking incredible im so happy for him- @elliotsang I’m gonna fly you out to LA for a few days top of the year to work on some songs to pitch for differ…
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @ProvidenceAve @njso18 @OscurPanderton @rhettmc what does that have to do with what I just said @em_doomed @ProvidenceAve @rhettmc i feel slightly threatened but overall very appreciative @ProvidenceAve @njso18 @OscurPanderton @rhettmc but you were trying to use your poc status as proof that he wasn't being offensive? @ProvidenceAve @njso18 @OscurPanderton @rhettmc dude, you. dont. represent. every. poc. just because you aren't off… @em_doomed @ProvidenceAve @rhettmc i want this image @ProvidenceAve @rhettmc what's so funny about her name? it's not even hard to pronouncePlease use trigger warnings I used to not understand it myself but trust me, trigger warnings are extremely benef…
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @SopeMeYall im sorry, i didn't know any better ;-; @SopeMeYall IM NOT PROUD OF IT EITHER OKAY? @mcstan25 @kqllua @worstpeoplew wow bro what a clever witty comeback army's quaking in their boots// rape , sexual assault , JJL 100 could you please tw sexual assault and rape when discussing jjl 100?
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@bp7HK0jwYDcubcz @BTS_twt are you doing okay? @taehyungiemole @hyyhddaeng omg same let's die together can't believe i used to sleep on save me @BTS_twt this is bouta curse your tlBillboard Hot 100: #1 (New) I Done Told My Baby Gwaenchana - @elliotsang
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @elliotsang WAIT IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO YOU ACCIDENTALLY MADE A HIT- @zephyr_astralos @AeroViro omg that was literally what i thought of while typing :D @viii_xiiu96 inner t a @AeroViro i wanna hit incels with a folding chair 😊 @jotaroluvsyou no u >:(everybody, watch this on as many devices as you can, and boycott nbc LIVE: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden faces questions from voters in the key swing state of Pennsyl…
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@naneopji i feel you... yesterday i put on a hoodie b a c k w a r d s @waltuchiha and you stay mad over billie eilish literally just existingLet me remove my mask so you can hear me clearly.. @BBMAs When are you gonna stop overlooking them for awards BASED…
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @Andrew_LHS24 @harianasavenue @AshishSwiftie i dont even stan her i just thought that it was pretty rude to comment… @RiverdudeCovers it's like when redditors see a post with an emoji lmao @waltuchiha Saying “why are you taking me seriously” is just a lame excuse people use to say whatever they want wit… @waltuchiha you gotta admit that it was a dick move to insult her for no reason so why can't I criticize you for it… @waltuchiha but she's not even fat- that is a completely normal body type. breaking news, women irl don't look like… #jjba #kakyoin
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @waltuchiha this you? @Andrew_LHS24 @harianasavenue @AshishSwiftie why do you have to judge billie eilish then lol @Bloodbornefan1 @DClaassy @Yes_GoddessDani @AshishSwiftie then what is it? explainik nobody interacts with my tweets but idc go watch this @eleanorbate reeeeee im not ready for this-ARMY TWITTER ACTIVATE! 8PM EST TOMORROW! #KpopVsTrump
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜I vote for #TheGroup #BTS @BTS_twt #PCAsdid y'all remember this? when yoongi goes live,in the comments section " bts look like girls" then these what he sa…
Retweeted by 💜hamonmasterᴮᴱ⁷💜 @Poxenium @TIME oh wow gay pop what a clever and witty insult bro you totally destroyed them. @Justtbuck94 @manjee21 @s9eok don't act all shocked now when you get bombarded by comments lol... you walked right into this one @Justtbuck94 @s9eok come back when your fave does that lol