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Cartoons, video games & cats. 🎨 Artist for @OnePiecePodcast! 💖 OP, HxH, NMH, AA, Digimon, Tezuka 🇯🇵 日本語大体OK 🖼️ ウソップギャラリー94巻 ✨ she/her #blacklivesmatter

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yayyyyyyy @doofus_dr you can request it via ko-fi! it’s closed at the moment but should be open again in February @baconbyts2 oh the test stream was just me getting things set up, it was not interesting 😂oh and my twitch is here, whenever i get it up and running (hopefully within a week!) made my brb screen what more do i need a test stream today and it seems like the video is good to go!!! now i just need to get a headset, and i think…
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディnow that i know i’m stuck here awhile, i can start ordering stuff from japan again, like the dofladile art board 🦩🐊 @bonobochris go for it!! I’m glad you like it 🥰
@keruri you too 🤞💕looks like i won’t be moving to japan for at least another two months 🙃 meaning it’ll be an entire year since i was… @Kongobongo_jo interesting! @astrid_anomaly ahh twinsies!! its such a cute case 🥰 @MonkieBrainz it’s just these ones tho! 1, 2, 3, 5 all have them. idk if there’s any others like this after these twoit’s interesting these few times where Oda’s just like “eh i don’t need a cover page” hath decreed that it’s nap time @MattMcMuscles in japanese when they want to say “mega fury bowser” they say ゴッドスレイヤーバウザー and i think that’s beautifulthank you for the support, @domoarga! you for the support, Crow! have to reach over the cat @__Kaizoku__ cintiq companionmy set up you for the support, David! @miskiart “he has several meet and greets scheduled” i’m gonna cry 😭 @BrianDCasis it was a collab with FR2 last year @grantthethief nope nope i do not @jasjuliet your family is so cute @mizabitha why doesn’t everyone just simply have studio ghibli make their movies??? idiots @DudeExclamation @OnePiecePodcast @56ghostship lol the smokey boy today 💨 thread for my new One Piece Character Collection project. Let's just call this Part 1. #OnePieceCC
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディjupiter spittin facts @robobesito that’s what happens when u follow your dreams 😇 @ykarps i know that jarjar is the best sticker in the world, but be sure to check the op ones too cause there’s som… isn’t this cat in the one piece character polls, it’s a great cat @ykarps get this one @ykarps a specific set or just any? @AdrianaFigueroa at this point i think we’ve known each other the majority of our lives 🤭💕 @DJ_Housedan16 nope 🤷‍♀️ i’m just gonna have to pick one up tomorrow @DJ_Housedan16 I need two to connect the elgato 😔 @Patrioticmexam idk why that tree has a photoshop outline, it's real i swearI need your help! I am selling a plush of my character Pixels @Makeship #DownlovableContent All proceeds go to char…
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディwas gonna test stream switch today but guess who's short an hdmi cable 🥸thank you for the support, Silvermist!
@grantthethief [girl who sits on the couch voice] uuuughhhh.... @Sean8UrSon i mean my car is on fire in the first tweet @mitchukage ENHANCE salvaged my very good air freshener Simpsons doesn't predict anything we just haven't fixed any of America's problems since 1989.
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディSen. @BernieSanders on his Inauguration Day meme fame: “It makes people aware that we make good mittens in Vermont.”
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディ @Huntressfan ummm about 4 years i think? it’s a 2007 and it served me well! @amonns it was also called sidon @Huntressfan i don’t think anyone wants a thousand maddie, one is plenty 🥸let’s remember fond memories such as when it broke down after my JET interview and i was stranded in oregon for a d… we bid adieu to the going maddie. out of all the cars in the world, you were one of them. @CDCubed my issue is i try to type ち as ci but it puts き @CDCubed natukasii @riegam01 my cats always win, i just give into them every time 🥺💕 @WakuiTsubasa always 🥰she’s got me by the drawstrings you for the support, Cutethulhoo! @SecondChanceTwt @Huntressfan they have rosalyn, but no pink shadow 🥲 you for the support, Slaid! @Cheatar02 enjoy!!!! @tragicjohnson84 @Huntressfan if you're into comedy manga, i think it's a lot of fun!anyway play okage: shadow king, it's $10 in the ps4 store, or like $15 to get a copy for the ps2 @kenjisalk @Huntressfan at least it's in the playstation store!i set up my okage figures, they look so amazing 🥺💕 thank you again, @Huntressfan!!!! 😭✨ @koybones yeah, still nothing has quite the range from super cute & colorful —> dark n edgy like Zelda does!i love how zelda games can be so aesthetically diverse but still retain its essence @sindorman bernie WOULD have a terriermon @PiratessUnluck i’m here for it 😤💕 @PiratessUnluck i’d love to buy a quilt from you!! @GHennequin グレートスコット! @Huntressfan this is the the greatest injustice in the history of mankind 😔 @mrfuzzyflippers it’s not anymore 😔it’s 2am and i wanna watch back to the future, why isn’t it on any streaming services 🤧 @Matt_Pichette this looks awesome!!Tried channeling my inner Imaishi for this Frankly.
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディ
got my darling new years card from @56ghostship!!! the back is covered in cute stickers 🥰✨'ve been having a lot of fun with mario galaxy but this stupid boo race was STUPID you for the support, Kyle Caito! made one too
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディ @LuckyChainsaw omg have you never played mario rpgthank you for the support, Phoox! "chan, san, kun, senpai, etc. have no English translation so you should keep them as is and if you remove them…
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディI missed the inauguration speech did he say anything about Mother 3?
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディ @bobservo don’t forget to record it all on an iphone
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディ @AWDtwit yeah seriously, none of us think all the problems are magically fixed, but at least things can get BETTER!!bernie overshadowing the new potus with his sweet mitts Eugene Goodman who led rioters away from the senate chamber during the insurrection at the Capital, will be…
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディ @TheDrMonkey @AWDtwit jokes??? on my internet?????oh no this was a stupid joke (note: the chopper blanket) but thank you for the kind sincere answers 😭💕Bernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and wa…
Retweeted by maddie ✨ マディ @Huntressfan why did they name that chapter after a weird side character instead of the real star?? 🙄 @LiamNTasker finally i will no longer be a fake fan 😤gonna start reading this manga series. anyone know if it’s any good?
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