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othermaciej @othermaciej San Francisco, CA

Head of @webkit engineering at Apple. Also networking APIs. Opinions are personal unless stated otherwise.

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@heinrichbrandes @rniwa_dev @webkit You don’t need a email but you do need to use the invit… @regocas @foolip @RickByers @chrishtr @jonathandavis @jensimmons @smfr @rachelandrew I'm especially keen on figurin… @rachelandrew @foolip @RickByers @chrishtr @jonathandavis @jensimmons @smfr Would you be willing to add a summary o…
@Catfish_Man Totally makes sense this way. It’s contravariant. If it was other way around (B throws but A doesn’t) then it would be broken. @foolip @RickByers @chrishtr @jonathandavis @jensimmons @smfr @rachelandrew RE Grid WPT bugs, Safari is actually do… @foolip @RickByers @chrishtr @jonathandavis @jensimmons @smfr @rachelandrew As far as communication, we prefer to c… @foolip @RickByers @chrishtr @jonathandavis @jensimmons @smfr @rachelandrew Re fixing the bugs from that page, I th… @foolip @RickByers @chrishtr @jonathandavis @jensimmons @smfr We are certainly interested in improving interop in t… @DanielPox @jensimmons It’s not possible. We hide user installed fonts from the web in Safari on all platforms, bec… @JonFerraiolo @cr8s That's limited to when you have the website open, which is pretty significant. Though some brow… @mischmerz @cr8s I asked @cr8s, not you.
@cr8s Is push something you’d like to use in a web app you’re working on? Can you tell me more about your use case? @AAPLTree This sounds more like an attempted malware attack than a tracking attempt. If you see it again and can fi… @AAPLTree Where does this happen? Does it come up just when visiting a page? @claviska @xeenon This looks like it could be either a style recalc bug (CSS) or a repaint bug (Layout & Rendering)… @mredhead iOS 14 @mredhead Service Workers are supported for apps with the default browser entitlement, and for apps that adopt App Bound Domains.Proud to announce that @RealArtistsFilm has won "best screenplay" at the @WeMakeMovies International Film Festival!…
Retweeted by othermaciejThis will be devastating for some developers. You can still sell Safari App and Web Extensions in the Apple App St…
Retweeted by othermaciej @greg_blass @andreamonzini No problem! @greg_blass @andreamonzini MP4 remains more widespread and widely supported than WebM, not just the web but on nati…
@greg_blass @andreamonzini I am surprised that MediaRecorder refuses to record MP4 in other browsers. @greg_blass @andreamonzini Both of these things are of interest to us. But, again, I have nothing to share on timeline at this time.
@kore_sar @brrian Sounds like this is intended behavior of the demo audit to show what is possible. The Accessibili… @gsnedders @pcwalton Why would you even need one dev? Human developers are obsolete. Just use a GUI tool to drag a… @fitotoledano Would you be willing to file a Feedback Asssistant report with a sysdiagnose while in this configurat… @spronkey @11rcombs @ohunt What do you mean by "Firefox style tabs"? @jeetpulaha I have to give @rmondello and team credit for this one. Another nice feature: In Safari > Preferences… @DanielPox @jensimmons @xeenon @webkit Is that something you'd be interested in if it was available? @andreamonzini @greg_blass We have interest in these things. But I can't comment definitively on future product releases. @dave_murphy We're interested, but unfortunately, I can't comment on future product releases, so can't say anything… @_inside Does it keep asking even if you tap the (X) to close? If so, that's a bug. Please file. It's only meant to…
@gsnedders @pcwalton Seems excessive. Original Safari was made by a team of 10. @fitotoledano It’s not supposed to be that way. Can you tell me what kind of things you are doing that now seem to… legal reasons this is a joke
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@sroussey OK, I see. What specifically do they need that iOS Home Screen Web Apps can't already do? @vhgalvao STP ships and gets qualified every two weeks so OS support is limited. Safari itself usually goes to new OS plus two back. @sroussey Not in this release. Are dev tools extensions something that you’re interested in? @kore_sar Can you file a bug at and post the bug link? Cc @brrian @sroussey Can you help me out with terminology? What’s an SMB? And what specific PWA tech are you looking for? @Cynamiter Watch out though. Fallback to h2 may still be buggy in some network configurations. @dave_murphy Neat! @htr_o_o If you have constructive feedback about specific problems with Safari, I’d love to hear it. @DonMacAskill @johnwilander Safari already prevents the bleed over with Intelligent Tracking Prevention. But I can… @11rcombs @ohunt It does take a bit to come up, but once it's up, it's near-instant as you scan the tab bar. In my… @ntnmrndn @johnwilander I checked in with the team. German --> French is supported. But for the time being the tran… @vhgalvao What macOS version are you on? @11rcombs @ohunt Tab bar will scroll eventually, but tabs can get a lot narrower in Safari 14, down to just the ico… @ntnmrndn @johnwilander On iOS 14, you can tap the aA button in the toolbar to access the translation option. Only… @DonMacAskill @johnwilander Thanks for your feedback. What do you find to be most useful about containers? @greg_blass MediaRecorder is a work in progress. Can’t say anything about timeline at this time. Thanks for the feedback! @greg_blass WebM support (initially limited to the MSE case and VP9) is coming to Mac Safari in Big Sur, enabling Y… seems snappier in iOS 14. #truestory
Retweeted by othermaciejSafari 14.0 adds new features including a customizable background. Looking forward to macOS Big Sur!
Retweeted by othermaciej @JustinR08225109 It's in the just-shipped Safari 14. @JustinR08225109 That's about using the hardware accelerated scrolling path on more websites. It took some architec… developers, you can submit your Safari Web Extensions to the App Store today — with the release of Safari 14…
Retweeted by othermaciejiOS 14, featuring the new Safari, is out today! Safari 14 for macOS is also out today! Try 'em out and enjoy all th…
@lolrepeatlol Glad it’s working well for you. @Dieulot @jonathandavis WebKit team is not the decider for this App Store policy, and we can't answer questions abo… developers & designers, are you frustrated by a lack of browser support for <input type=month> or <input type=w…
Retweeted by othermaciej @jroper Also very significant in blues, metal, and for that matter classical (V7-I cadences, viio in harmonic minor… @jroper It's nuts that so much of this book excerpt goes on about how it's a tritone and how that is so unpleasant… @littledan @slightlylate @ian @migueldeicaza For my WebKit stats I went to great effort to identify the correct org… up on this. I asked some Apple colleagues and in addition to not being a tritone, this is also not the origi… @rkirsling No, wait, frequency analyzer app suggests that the root is a C4 (~260Hz), with multiple octaves of F and… @deezel I watched the whole video and I don't see anyone calling it a tritone. Just that the sound guy was sick of hearing it. @deezel The sound sample in that video where the old Mac is booting does not sound like a tritone either! Sosumi so… @rkirsling I think you're right, perfect fifth. It's possible that the sample is not the original startup sound.Am I crazy or is the "original Mac startup sound" clip in this article a perfect fourth (C+F) and not a tritone (C+… @filpizlo @sgrif OK you could, but is there any reason to do it on an undirected graph instead of a directed graph… @ManishEarth @RReverser @sgrif I would expect what happens is never-taken branches are removed from the control flo… @filpizlo @sgrif If you want to be pedantic, "directed graph shake", since being connected by a back edge only doesn't make code live. @ManishEarth @RReverser @sgrif (vs basic block level or whatever) @ManishEarth @RReverser @sgrif Yes, that is confusing. I have not done anything relating to DCE since a college com… @ManishEarth @RReverser @sgrif Haha. I only saw this thread because of @filpizlo 's reply. I have now read every tw… @RReverser @ManishEarth @sgrif The way the Wikipedia article describes tree shaking sounds exactly like mark-sweep… @ManishEarth @RReverser @sgrif The wikipedia article says tree shaking includes code that "could" be executed, not… @filpizlo @sgrif Because shaking the tree removes the dead leaves? @slightlylate @ian @migueldeicaza I got the Gecko and Blink data from graphs made by Igalia so I can’t speak to the…
@_Ninji What's the bug? @cpapado Mine might be a little on-brand too. @ian @migueldeicaza @slightlylate WebKit has had both features and bug fixes contributed by other of WebKit-affilia… @ian @migueldeicaza @slightlylate All three remaining major browser engines have some contribution from the biggest… @Lady_Ada_King @webkit We are interested but no specific comments about timing to share. @littledan If you take this analogy further, then the cross-origin case starts to seem even more creepy. Someone el… California Consumer Privacy Act @lolrepeatlol I’m thinking of sentiments like: it’s unfair to the web that Safari already has pretty good tracking…
Some people seem to think that when a platform protects users from tracking, that's a penalty to the platform and n… @D2KX_ @migueldeicaza @slightlylate @koush Yes, apps eligible to be the default browser (even if not currently sele…
Web developers: stop 👏 doing 👏 this 👏!!! You have turned Google Chrome into IE. Really, you have.
Retweeted by othermaciejIntelligent Tracking Prevention is coming in @WebKitGTK 3.30 and Web 3.38 will have it enabled by default 🛡️🎚️ Mor…
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@smfr If they only do something every N frames then they only need a callback at "every N frames" frequency? @smfr Do we need to do something to limit this? Maybe greatly lower frequency after some period of Purdy no-work rAFs? @jensimmons All the smoke from the high atmosphere has sunk to ground level. It’s now gas mask level poisonous outs…
@sbglr Birdsong. They do delivery and pick up. The site we ordered from did not have pictures, which is perhaps for… @xiosman It was so so good. It's boneless on the inside, they just left on the last join of the chicken leg to scar… real I think the chef of Birdsong sold his soul at the crossroads.Update: this was the most delicious chicken sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. accidentally ordered the weirdest fried chicken sandwiches in all San Francisco. Somehow seems appropriate today.