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othermaciej @othermaciej San Francisco, CA

Head of @webkit engineering at Apple. Also networking APIs. Opinions are personal unless stated otherwise.

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Web Inspector Tip: using queryInstances(prototypeOrConstructor) in the Console will return an array of all objects…
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@sandbags I’m no the best expert in this area. Feel freee to DM though. @LinguaBrowse @webkit @jamonholmgren Someone should file an issue against the Android contribution docs to not poin… @LinguaBrowse @webkit (There's no Android support in upstream WebKit, it got ripped out at the time of the Blink fo… @LinguaBrowse @webkit Link to the page that shows that? @sandbags I don’t think there is a supported way to do what you are asking. @LinguaBrowse @webkit The WebKit project has no involvement with these Android APIs any more
@sandbags Remote inspector can inspect JSCo texts that aren’t part of a Web view. Im not sure if we have the hooks… @sandbags I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking how to embed JSC in an app or how to debug it? Jav… @hober @pes10k inb4 "UNOFFICIAL DRAFT background so how could anyone be confused?" @hober @pes10k I mean, other things being equal, it's better for the feature to be documented than not. But yeah, also this. @johnwilander @cabel This reminds me of the first Safari beta.I just opened an email with (+some other fuzzy WebKittens) and it was correct and I feel pleased with myself. @PokeCaptain @chrmod @cliqz @brave @AdGuard @AdblockPlus @johnwilander Noted! To help us review these: - For the f…
@mischmerz I'll pass along that feedback. In addition, we'll definitely publicly highlight all the new stuff once i… you're in the iOS, macOS or Safari beta programs, check out the release notes. Lots of new web platform goodness… @jyasskin @hober @RickByers @yoavweiss @marionpdaly @w3ctag Start with people, not profits. The web should be safe…
Retweeted by othermaciej @RickByers @johnwilander @yoavweiss @AutomatedTester @jyasskin @marionpdaly @w3ctag But I note you're starting from…
Retweeted by othermaciej @bz_moz @jyasskin @gsnedders @marionpdaly @AutomatedTester @johnwilander Yep, so much this. @marionpdaly @gsnedders @jyasskin @AutomatedTester @johnwilander TBH I am not sure anyone even knows what resources… @jyasskin What set me off was the apparent citogenesis. I saw your tweet before Sam's, and I don't think anyone out… @gsnedders @marionpdaly @jyasskin @AutomatedTester @johnwilander Liked for the shouting part, not the hypothesis ab…
@dfabu @jyasskin @gsnedders @yoavweiss @AutomatedTester Whether or not he intended it, that's how people unfamiliar… @yoavweiss @AutomatedTester @jyasskin @gsnedders @marionpdaly @johnwilander @w3ctag Of course, there's differences… @yoavweiss @AutomatedTester @jyasskin @gsnedders @marionpdaly @johnwilander @w3ctag Additions need review and quali… @dfabu @jyasskin @gsnedders @yoavweiss @AutomatedTester "Per [XXX], Apple has a business case not to invest." Norma… @jyasskin @gsnedders @yoavweiss @AutomatedTester Note that @gsnedders does not speak for Apple (though they are wel… @yoavweiss @AutomatedTester @jyasskin @gsnedders @marionpdaly @johnwilander @w3ctag This framing presumes that addi… subtweet: "this person posts content that reflects poorly on my employer" != "this person is a troll". @marionpdaly @jyasskin @AutomatedTester @gsnedders @johnwilander The workshop was a good thing. But it still had so… @jyasskin @AutomatedTester @marionpdaly @gsnedders @johnwilander Capping number of reps per org or having formal an… @jyasskin @AutomatedTester @marionpdaly @gsnedders @johnwilander If all browser vendors had 50 representatives in e… @johnwilander I wonder if Gmail team has talked to the Googlers who fear that mobile apps are killing the web.
@Gok @jfbastien @anttikoivisto @ohunt Not if the branches are statically predictable from the data. (Which is the c… @ohunt @jfbastien @anttikoivisto 😐 @Gok @jfbastien @anttikoivisto @ohunt Any code that is branchy but not highly data-parallel. @jfbastien @ohunt @anttikoivisto This one? Is this a serious proposal? @anttikoivisto @ohunt This C++ proposal is way crazier than I thought it would be before reading it. @jernoble @BonkeyBong @jonathandavis Unfocusing in this case makes sense, but it probably wouldn’t make full screen…
@BonkeyBong So your goal is to know whether full screen supports the keyboard? (Cc @jernoble , @jonathandavis ) @BonkeyBong What’s your use case for this? @johnwilander @simevidas We'd love to have them!
We just had the second phone conference for the W3C Privacy CG. I love how the broader web community is coming toge…
Retweeted by othermaciej @neil_neilzone @johnnyryan The "almost as uncooperative" credit is flattering, given the context. Some totally fals… @kickstand @BrendanEich @robinberjon @aripap @ewlamy @SarahSluis You’re proposing something with a highly implausib…
@kickstand @johnwilander If sites start demanding email addresses for casual visits, we'll have to work harder to p… @fchristant @rem The common use of "server-side rendering" is definitely puzzling to people who work on browser eng… @mikewest @johnwilander Seems obvious to me, but I apparently it's less obvious than I thought. In which case I'm n…, maybe back doors for law enforcement aren’t a good idea.
Retweeted by othermaciej @mikewest @johnwilander This is definitely true, and it's part of why preventing transfer of info via URLs is hard.… @mikewest @johnwilander Agree, they are definitely overlapping. (There's also other redirection tracking vectors su… @mikewest @johnwilander That said, strong solutions to the fully general link decoration tracking problem are also… @mikewest @johnwilander Standard link decoration also works by planting something in first party storage. But the i… @mikewest @johnwilander Bounce tracking (and perhaps some other forms of first party redirection tracking) can like… @johnwilander Photos of the development process for this proposal have leaked. @robinberjon @pes10k @BrendanEich @johnwilander "Dictionary attack"? I don't even know what that means.I was never a hardcore Warcraft III player (just played through the campaign), but I'm really enjoying Warcraft III…
@AlicanC @johan_lieber @sramkrishna @joshsimmons @Apple It's not a blanket rule like that. Depends on the project and your manager. @mikewest Oh, we probably need to file a proposal for link decoration as well. @gsnedders @zcorpan I agree, WebRTC testability could use improvements. In WebKit's regression tests we use mock ob… @gsnedders As far as I know, the only recent blocker was QA. That may sound dodgy, but the state of WebRTC interop… Privacy CG Proposal: Bounce Tracking Protection
Retweeted by othermaciejFor real, this is pretty cool. Some video conferencing & video calling sites worked in Safari since the day we ship… Meet is now officially supported in Safari
The W3C Privacy Community Group is ramping up with some great privacy improvements for the web being hashed out! On…
Retweeted by othermaciejAs an "anyone but Sanders" primary voter, I hope it's obvious who to vote for by Super Tuesday. @marionpdaly @johnwilander @blassey There are websites today that ask Safari users to disable ITP, but very few of… @johnwilander @marionpdaly @blassey If it was opt-in, maybe, but even then it might end up being equivalent to opti…
@marionpdaly @hober @autostraddle No one wants to hear about Ring (diacritic) though. @johnwilander @blassey There could be an opt-in for users to allow advertisers express interests. Some users are ha… @marionpdaly @hober @autostraddle This, but also I have so few natural social skills that I kind of need them in liquid form. ☹️ @Myles_Younger Some people do legitimately enjoy heavily targeted and retargetes ads, but it seems to be a minority.
This got me right in the feels. it's a cat species that's still the size of a kitten when full grown! Too cute to be real.
100 releases with 100 release notes. It’s a lot of work but so worthwhile to share with the web community. Here’s t…
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@BrendanEich @pes10k Maybe it should be renamed to GICG. @renchap @webkit We're somewhat interested. We like this more than background sync.The Storage Access API is now up as an explainer in the W3C Privacy CG repository: Please f…
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@ChrisChiera @webkit CC @rmondello @AmeliasBrain @stommepoes Which of those do you think are dupes of this issue? (Just to make sure I don't mis-dupe)… @johnwilander Nice @satefan @squanderingtime Useful to have a reproducible case. Are you going back from the opened pages quickly or s…
@wooster Sorry about the lack of official docs. They are documented in headerdoc comments in the source, at least: you create NSAttributedStrings from HTML, you'll want to switch to the new (undocumented) methods from WebKit in…
Retweeted by othermaciej @chrmod @LucasExqDit @LinguaBrowse @webkit @cliqz @johnwilander What APIs are you looking for? Is it specifically n…
@ReinPre10 @firefox @FirefoxNightly @webkit @reinhart1010 @johnwilander So it’s a specific carrier doing script inj… @PierB @webkit @bradeeoh Kind of looks like a bug. Is this in the simulator? Do you get the same behavior on-device…
Awful news on California housing @ReinPre10 @firefox @FirefoxNightly @webkit @reinhart1010 @johnwilander would be interested in this for ITP. Is an…
Thanks to the efforts of the @igalia team's open-source contributions, ResizeObserver provides resize events for DO…
Retweeted by othermaciejWe’ve published an explainer about an idea to harden SMS-delivered one-time passwords by allowing senders to associ…
Retweeted by othermaciej @lsalvoni @bradeeoh or @jonathandavis may be able to help. @bhathos @Mauriciotasca @BenLesh The actual right answer is to measure. That said, it's easier for a JS VM to optim… JOIN THIS!!!! I will.
Retweeted by othermaciejInto TLS? Like helping teams and individuals reach their goals? Come manage Apple’s Secure Transports Team:
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Turns out, people seem to like a more private and streamlined approach to federated login Inspector Tip: You can use console.screenshot([target]) to capture a screenshot of the given target (e.g. a Nod…
Retweeted by othermaciej @antumbral 😮 @ktguru @salesforce @johnwilander @SalesforceDevs Is it just the one Salesforce app mentioned in the feedback repor… ratings of musical genres that are memes: Lo-fi hip hop: 👍👍 Djent: 👍👍👍 Vaporwave: 👍 Bubblegum bass: 😐