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@one_3_nine Lol I was there earlier. Literally the best chicken sandwich ever. Y’all just have no taste.Ok but hey science daddy 😍 am Janus 🥶😡 was always hella attracted to Solid Snake. So this is only fitting. @srawaityai Me too. With the Sky Grazers.I’m in LOVE
Trump admin. Biden admin.
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩fuck pendleton. fuck nike n7. that's all i have to tweet today
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩 @one_3_nine AND HERE she’s just ollldddd.Netflix going to redo Pocahontas and cast Elizabeth Warren 🤦🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Made this so everyone can see what I see.
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩me in the morning trying to process the intense symbolism that appeared in my dreams
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩On Veganism
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩It’s 1999 and you just filled out your Book-it slip. You order cherry Pepsi. You are safe
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩 @LocalSoundwave A lasagna when the theaters started serving wine. @bjpatten “One of you kits is alwayyyyss playing with my tins!” I’m so in love with him reminder: this EP is now available at All donations will go to Ké Infoshop for ai…'re officially old if you've ever been in a kitchen
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩 @Nuraar They just loved it lol. The nerve! @Nuraar ❤️Me AF rn. So many stupid questions. So much willful blindness to everything I’ve advised. peaked at this aesthetic.
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩God I love Fuck Me Pumps by Amy Winehouse. @sagekeyah Sounds like some tea. @chizhiipixie By any chance, are you selling this piece?Lmfaooo“The COVID vaccines RNA is molecularly changing our bodies and essentially removing our souls. The mark of the beas…
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩how the fuck yo breath stank around Christmas and it’s free peppermints everywhere 😭😭
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩The worst kind of news: another all-time high number of COVID-19 deaths reported in New Mexico today, with 44 more…
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩I can’t believe my mom allowed me to look like this. The betrayal!☕️friyay @PollackcpaM Fly @Delta. They superly enforce a mask policy. They really didn’t play any games when last I flew with them.It is pathetic how addicted to coffee I am
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Idc what anyone says; Dance In The Dark, So Happy I Could Die, & Alejandro are gay Christmas songs. 🎄34° 🥶Swear they came into my dreams like.......✨ Imagine walking the desert and seeing them. Acrylic by meee. 😊
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩 @Nuraar @heather86hasty That one too. @gbeyale The longest lol. Waiting for the perfect video. @realDonaldTrump my old heads
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Fucjkkkk I forgot how good DJ Ten is 🤤 @sadgirlririh This has helped. I haven’t met anyone there but I’ve been there.’re boyfriends @Hologram_Matrix
Do you ever just go down the rabbit hole on porn hub?Me, age 15, watching the Disney channel
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩holy shit there’s more footage of the lady in the trump trials
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Sometimes I feel like I’m needlessly mean to ppl I work with, but to be fair I literally baby walk them through ste… Plastic Hearts has no business being this good. @kaluyahawi Yay! They have a lot of great music coming out.Me: *goes over every last feasible option available & makes that clear* CFO: what other options do we have?Once a mf ass crack start showing you know they lost the fight 🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩 on my knee and ready for sleep. 💤 bad, the Aquarius jumped out
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩 @plainsrover Hahaha. Estahhhhppp. @_kushoo1 God I miss el parasol 😪as expected
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Me: I'm gonna go get some hummus. Saya: No I don't know who Thomas twitter and tweet “not the world ending chile”
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Correction: hunter11gatherer on IGwe should cancel her
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Me + random note latest & greatest project put on by my brother from another mother, @badmuthafucka. Featuring amazing remixes b…🔊‼️listen to the latest preview from HunterGatherer on IG! (Download available on Friday). Featuring DJ Bee$o. Feat… @JoseTCastaneda3 I hope a speedy and painless recovery for you. ❤️how it started how it’s going
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Was GondorWillie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory >>>> Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
My panel of expert partners performed beautifully today. Now time for a breather.Alright but when we posting our PornHub wrapped ups?
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩This is what cold, hard fury sounds like.
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Now that I no longer go to the gym in the morning before work, I’ve been waking up super late. And I hate it. 😪❄️❄️❄️Fresh snowfall; cut a sheet of snow & make a pair of white moccasins for the winter clouds.❄️❄️❄️2016: Lock her up! 2020: Lock him up! 2021: Pardon my family!
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩My evening #ArtAdventCalendar post (yes you can do that) Wedding Storm 24×36″ 61 x 91 cm Oil on canvas 2019
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩apple music users watching everyone talk about their spotify wrapped
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Pueblo women stay winning 😍
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩I remember when I was little and had no business being out in the plaza watching Oku Shadeh, my Ko’o would hide me… all the aunties bless all the Saya’s & Ko’o’s. Bush slams Betsy DeVos for owning a $40 million yacht, calls it a “classist display of excess by someone who h…
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩An eon past today 😵💸🔩 @Mata_Diwi @Drew_Martinez_ Me wearing all my accolades proudly. @Mata_Diwi @Drew_Martinez_ Add me pweese 🥺 @Drew_Martinez_ Well my invite must have gotten lost in the mail! 😡 @honaghaahnii And I LOVE them for that! 😍Rez dogs:
Retweeted by Ohuwa Castles 🌩Fuck damnit it. I made a necklace for my sister in-law & posted a picture to my close IG fwends story for feedback.… I miss going to all the summer foot races with my Saya. One time I was a bandit because the power was out…
@bunzy55 Lay down a nice Pendleton to save a seat for @DeLesslin & me. I’ll bring some nachos & a Kool aid pickle. @bunzy55 Let’s go get crinkle chili cheese fries now! @DeLesslin So kind they are. I hope they sent a coupon. @DeLesslin 🥺 👉🏽👈🏽a dystopia to Americans is asian people doing stuff at the same time.
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