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Anglo-Schwäbisch eurocrat (personal capacity) - maker of EU foreign policy & spätzle - guerrilla knitter - UK & EU federalist - host of @cakewatchcast

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It’s far worse than “typical English jingoism”. It’s weapons-grade insecurity. It’s DPRK levels of inferiority comp… angers and depresses me about this is that it’s cast iron proof of the opposite. You have to be really a quite…
@stefafra @localnotail If it’s about cost then never knit your own. As for washing, plenty of machine washable natural fibres out there. @Mattybn3 @Spl0nky The one on the left, yes !? @stefafra @localnotail Lots of people who can’t wear (sheep’s) wool are comfortable wearing other natural yarns lik… medical authority = no legal liability for manufacturers for any vaccine side-effects. EU medical authority =…
Retweeted by Chris Kendall @Spl0nky If by “2 bricks” you mean 1 brick and his sister’s head😂 nailed it ht @Spl0nky @olythedolly And for the armholes. @localnotail It would be next to his skin, but it isn’t next to his skin. It’s fine, he’s always like this when we… guess he’s not quite ready for it. 🙄 @Bonnie_Chuck It’s a binary. Either it will be approved by the EMA or it won’t have been approved by the EMA. @Bonnie_Chuck My point is that we will know one way or the other. @MeAndTotoro ThanksAn important update: the government has announced that COVID-19 vaccines *will* be brought within the Vaccine Damag…
Retweeted by Chris Kendall‘Fortunately’ most of us won’t get a sniff of any vaccine until long after we know whether it’s been approved by th… @fyrecracker1 She sounds like my kind of knitter.It’s true that the UK government couldn’t have done more to undermine public confidence in the vaccine if they had… @Loukas_RS Is that the Norwegian Run DMC?
Retweeted by Chris KendallYeah and look what happened to Elvis! 🍔 🚽 @Sime0nStylites Are you one of the lucky immune? Sadly I drive a mere Skoda and we haven’t flown business since the… the virus respects men who drive Audis and drink a bit too much in business class lounges Twitter
Retweeted by Chris Kendall @____e___c_k____ Very hard to work the reverse side of stranded colourwork and practically impossible to maintain tension. @totalgoatrodeo That’s the vibe I’m going for! @Flemingo_99 Some good youtube tutorials on how to do it 👍 @ea_muller No, I haven’t come across her @bluewoodsmoke Thank you! @out_of_synch Pure adrenaline rush 😅 @GuitarmoogMusic Yes. I’ve made it sufficiently big that it will last a few years and he’s wearing it on Christmas Day like it or not! @AuntieSyzygy It allows knitting in the round where gaps are needed eg for arm holes or necks - so ideal for strand… @GuitarmoogMusic Thanks, let’s see if the little bugger lets me put it on him 😂 @ValerieRooney1 Ta! @AuntieSyzygy You secure the strands on either side before cutting either by crochet or by sewing (I did the latter… retro tank top is done - my first rather nerve-wracking venture into steeking (cutting finished work with shear…"That's one heck of a lot! Well, that's far more than I thought, actually."
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I think an explanation is needed. Here goes.
Retweeted by Chris KendallWait...what...?!?
Retweeted by Chris KendallI see what you did there apparently putting Faraday cages around routers has become a thing for the 5g conspiracy nuts and there are comp…
Retweeted by Chris KendallWe're the first country to approve the Pfizer vaccine because we only have one month to freely import it.
Retweeted by Chris Kendall @aninnwithnoname @JohnWest_JAWS We’re not, we left the EU on 31 January. However we are still bound by EU rules unt… THAT is the reason we need this petition to be debated. How can they debate against willfully misleading the p…
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"Look what you're doing to our poor British pensioners, you horrible French !" (They're coming thick and fast now…
Retweeted by Chris Kendall @doctorow Johnson and Carrie back on good terms it seemsIma gonna stick with a cup of tea 😳 could have possibly guessed that ending Britain’s free movement would end Britons’ free movement?
Retweeted by Chris Kendall @localnotail Has to be Engels, that’s a proper nurtured beard. Marx is just a chin hair explosion.And the bonkers televangelist Kenneth Copeland calling out Covid is just outstandingly heavy guitar work, bravo And…
Retweeted by Chris KendallOh Lordy, I'm dying, more Heavy Metal Kenneth Copeland 😂🤣
Retweeted by Chris KendallThings generally go poorly when we separate from the mainland."Because of our history and geography, the EU never felt to us like an integral part of our national story" Outside the #EU, Britons can now only look on as decisions about the running and future direction of our c…
Retweeted by Chris Kendall5 signs this is the real Brexit crunch (and 4 that it isn’t) – POLITICO
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I literally told them so... @RKemb @BenCKinney As someone said in the replies to the other thread, colour is cultural. The wavelength of light… @SarahLudford As it happens I just had the most delicious bowl of smashed curried neeps, having found a turnip lurk… thread. Finally a more coherent explanation of the "ancient Greeks didn't have blue??!?" thing! Turns out it…
Retweeted by Chris KendallAnd it’s not as if we didn’t know exactly how bad it would be. Nobody can say they weren’t warned. we mustn’t count on anyone else to ride to the rescue. We’ll have to do it ourselves. And just as we’ve needed…, our friends and neighbours know that we’re not all like this. We don’t judge all Americans by Trump, all… @Peradventur3 I know of a great many.This is absolutely tragic. A sad joke to others; a catastrophe to us. The German lorry driver summed it up: his las… @SuperRetroid @WhizzoUK @MerseyMal And here we are casually tweeting on a little glass rectangle while a 4k movie s… @soozywooozy I’ve cropped out the children’s names she’s lovingly embroidered. @VermisstPfarrer He’s in a heap of trouble @SuperRetroid @WhizzoUK @MerseyMal I should say web connection, not net connection, I’d been using email for a coup… @SuperRetroid @WhizzoUK @MerseyMal The first place I ever visited on the internet was becau… @SuperRetroid @WhizzoUK @MerseyMal I had a photocopy of a computer mag article about “web browsers” that I kept in… @soozywooozy My partner made it, good isn’t it?Guess who’s had four days of Advent already while my back was turned for literally five seconds 👿 @davight @jonhenley Great minds. ;)
@Natalie_in_HH Many of us have elderly parents or other family members in the UK; most don’t want to cut ties. When… great-great grandfather owned a small business in London - he was a hansom cabbie. One day he had an accident an…“It’s extraordinary, really: why would you hurt your own people for exercising rights that you granted them?... So… is about as close as it comes to a bona fide national treasure @DaveKeating credit to @localnotail for the graphic I believe?Wow.
Retweeted by Chris Kendall @Fredicka5 @rebekahbart @llmunro @kingstonwrites What a helpful comment, thank you. @DaveMc1925 @archivetvmus71 Can’t find the Bill Bailey sketch sadly @DaveMc1925 @archivetvmus71 @DaveMc1925 @archivetvmus71 Yes, and apparently he acted the whole thing without being aware that he would be dubbe… Dave Prowse.
Retweeted by Chris KendallTwas the night after lockdown, when all through the land Not a person was stirring, except for a Spad; The eye test…
Retweeted by Chris Kendall @Colinbythesea @kingstonwrites Yep me ✋ @rebekahbart @llmunro @kingstonwrites I can speak only for myself but it took ten hellish guilt-riddled years to ex…
@hebjackundeb @2primates In the quaint jargon of this state we are the “subjects” of the monarch, we are emphatical… Rees-Mogg appears to be labouring under the illusion that he’s the boss of us. We’re the boss of him. sprang to his limo, to his mates gave a wink, And handed them contracts with barely a blink. But I heard him exc…“Now, Starmer! now, Hancock! now, Merkel and Fauci! On, Brussels! on, Wuhan! on, Vallance and Whitty! Empty the pub… swung from a zipwire, the dozy fat twit, I knew in an instant it must be that shit. As fast as his falsehoods hi… moon on the breast of the new lorry park Gave the lustre of noon when it should have been dark, When, what to m… patients were intubated in their beds, While hydroxychloroquine danced in their heads; When out in the car par… the night after lockdown, when all through the land Not a person was stirring, except for a Spad; The eye test… Python & the Brexit Deal
Retweeted by Chris Kendall"I wish to complain about this Brexit Deal what I purchased not 1 year ago from this very establishment"…
Retweeted by Chris KendallEU - UK post-Brexit fishing negotiations going well then...
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