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Outlander @Outlander_STARZ Fraser's Ridge

#TheFrasers and #TheMacKenzies are HERE (and they are everything). Catch up on Outlander Seasons 1 - 4 and watch the Season 5 premiere only on @STARZ.

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@Yr_Obt_Svt @TxOutlanderfans @STARZPR Sláinte mhath, Texas! 🍻 @Jens_World @queenandadream Us for the next week. #Outlander @VLallybroch @SamHeughan Our hearts = 💔 #Outlander @JBSchneider50 We're still recovering. 🥺What an emotional rollercoaster. We can't wait to see what's to come. See you next week for another episode of… @HildaGlumace @STARZ @RikRankin @SkeltonSophie @SamHeughan @RonDMoore @caitrionambalfe @STARZPR @OutlanderWriter…'s CAPTAIN MacKenzie now. #Outlander"Us" being #TheMacKenzies. ❤️ #Outlander @bhdinehart One of the more iconic moments in recent #Outlander memory. 🥰 @TheSassenachs Too real. 😭Move over, Young Ian. There's a new Lizzie crush in town.Both us and Murtagh are the human encapsulation of 🥺 right now. #Outlander @cvkraig That's rule number one! 🤧😭❤️ @Hby3 @caitrionambalfe Looks ideal for the premiere. 😍 #OutlanderShall we say... mood? #Outlander @queenandadream Wee Jemmy knows how to comfort his mama. 🥺 #Outlander @elisaespositos Raise your hand if you have a sore face from crying happy tears all night during the #Outlander premiere. 🙋‍♀️ @sandibelle_2014 We just have a wee bit of something in our eyes. 😭We refuse to accept that Stephen Bonnet is back. #Outlander @MyBlueWorld777 We are obsessed with #TheFrasers. 😍 @queenandadream That look says it all. 🥺❤️ #Outlander @TinyTunney It's not hard when it's #JamieandClaire.OK well now the producers are just trying to make us cry. #Outlander @ShaniaRose22 Surprises are our favorite. 🎁 @HildaGlumace @TheMattBRoberts @RonDMoore @SamHeughan @SPTV @RikRankin @STARZ @STARZPR @SkeltonSophie… @PamKeithFL The best things in life take patience. 😉 #Outlander @IAmNotTrisha We are still a puddle. 😭Chills. #Outlander over all the Big Ginge/Little Ginge sweetness right now. #Outlander @InspiringCamels Droughtlander is officially over! @babydazeee .....literally melting over here. 🥰 @lgllyblonde13 ❤️ @TierneeM We hear it gets better after the sixth time. sure about you, but we're CERTAINLY nervous. #Outlander @shaq9802 @STARZ He sounds like a keeper. 😉 @MartinaPrior6 @STARZ We raise a dram to you, clan! 🥃 @medohar The. Kilt. Is. Iconic. 👑 reaction to #Outlander finally being on our TVs again. Tune into the premiere now on @STARZ, West Coast! @DreamsNScotland @SamHeughan You can say that again. 🥪 @Kim77451111 Every day with #JamieAndClaire is a better day. 🙌Stand by my hand West Coast... #Outlander is back!
Retweeted by Outlander @LisaAnnWalter @MsJoelyFisher @RonDMoore @Writer_DG @SamHeughan @caitrionambalfe @OutlanderWriter @TallShipProds Th… is back and better than ever
Retweeted by Outlander @MichelleBiss That's the spirit! 🥂“Blood of my blood. Bone of my bone.” 😱 #Outlander
Retweeted by Outlander @meridasdaughter Like... what do you do when your mind is blown?? 🤯 #Outlander @Ealasaid1743 We are not okay. #Outlander @Heughligans We adore Fergus Claudel Fraser. ❤️ @MyOutlanderPurg Got us right in the feels. 🥺Of course, things can never just be peaceful for #TheFrasers. There's so much more to come on this season of… @DevaneiosMaya Son of his name and his heart! 😭We volunteer as tribute. #Outlander @PaulamiTweets @SamHeughan @caitrionambalfe Their banter is everything. 😂JAMIE FRASER, KING OF MEN AND OF KILTS, HAS RETURNED! 🙌 #Outlander about pressure. #Outlander @MyTweetsNStuff She's a cunning one. @CesarsCheries Cheers to the sweet couple and their bairns! #Outlander Did. Not. Come. To. Play. #Outlander @Ealasaid1743 We L-O-V-E a serenade. #Outlander @CaitORyanFans Josiah is in the building! #OutlanderThe best mother-daughter duo on tv💯💖 #TheFrasers #Outlander #TheMacKenzies #JamieandClaire #RogerandBree…
Retweeted by Outlander @frasersansa @caitrionambalfe @SkeltonSophie They've worked *SO* hard to be here together. ❤️❤️❤️ #Outlander @TallShipProds @leanneaguilera To #TheMacKenzies! 🥂 Jamie, shh. There's important... stuff to do. #Outlander @SassenachPetals Facts are facts. #Outlander @francescaaahhhh This is the kind of dedication that makes us tear up. ❤️ #Outlander @gretchi We would love to hit the dance floor. 🕺 @JEFSantaMonica @MyOutlanderPurg 😂 #Outlander @RindalovesBruce They are absolute goals. @senoritav76 We have no choice but to stan. 🤷 @mandersonmsp84 Germain's got jokes.We are IMPRESSED. #Outlander @Ealasaid1743 It wouldn't have been the same without him. ❤️#Outlander @GraziaMgb616 So precious. @Dumspirospero67 Frasers forever. ❤️May we present MR. & MRS. MACKENZIE! ❤️ #Outlander @EJamiHEInfinite We're so happy for #TheMacKenzies!!! ❤️ #Outlander @LOutlander @SamHeughan @SkeltonSophie @STARZ @SPTV That's the face of one proud Da. ❤️ #Outlander @pj_thompson Our hearts. 😭❤️ @gamraes @SamHeughan @caitrionambalfe We haven't cried happy #Outlander tears in quite some time. 😭😭😭 @blanchaniston We are definitely sobbing. @JEFSantaMonica He is the sweetest Da.It may be her wedding day, but Brianna will always be a Fraser. #Outlander have we, Claire. ❤️😭❤️ #Outlander else's heart just racing??? No, just us??? #Outlander @kikabelle We stan wee Jamie. @auntgoggie We sing it loudly and proudly every time. @Mimccub #TheFrasers and #TheMacKenzies have finally arrived!Young Murtagh. That's it, that's the whole tweet. 😍 #Outlander’s back baby!!! Sing me a song... #Outlander #OutlanderPremiere
Retweeted by Outlander @Blacklanderz We are so ready! 🙌 @MariettaDaviz @SamHeughan We're crying tears of joy. 😭 #OutlanderIf you're not tuning in to watch the ICONIC Frasers right now, what are you even doing?! #Outlander @LoniheartsOL Does it get any better than this??? 🙌🙌🙌 #Outlander @VLallybroch @SamHeughan That's the exact dance we're doing. 🙌 #OutlanderHere we go! Episode 1 of @outlander_starz season 5 is aired tonight! This is me waiting to go to set on Day 1...…
Retweeted by OutlanderGet to know Trisha Biggar, the new costume designer for #Outlander season 5.
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@TimDownie1 @SamHeughan We want to watch the episode but we can’t stop staring at those immaculate curls.Tryon: It can’t be? Jamie: It is. Tryon: Really really? Jamie: YES IT’S TIME. Droughtlander’s finally over! Tryon:…
Retweeted by Outlander @mafy_gt @SkeltonSophie @RikRankin Here you go! #Outlander