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"my apologies for breaking and entering into your home, I believed it was MY laptop and MY underwear that was in yo… is "engraving" your belongings supposed to prevent a home invader from taking your stuff? VT is acting like the… FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN A NAME. DO NOT GIVE HIM MORE REACTION THAN WHAT HES ALREADY CA…
Retweeted by owenas a trans person, i would like to ban the military. ☝🏼😌🚫
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im soery,, WHO are yuo ?
Retweeted by owen @socc3rgur1ie Not goodWow. Click on the photo.
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Retweeted by owenPut and mals friendship -frank
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Retweeted by owenit's not just B&E's. he's breaking in and targeting women. stealing things like underwear and laptops, showing a gi…
Retweeted by owenim concerned that @virginia_tech has not made any statements or warnings about the individual breaking into womens…
Retweeted by owennot many people know this, but hanging out is actually the most important thing in the world
Retweeted by owenThat's just how Nonbinary people work @dianaofvirginia Damn now I want a septum piercing. I wanna be a carabao.and since someone so ~brilliantly~ brought it up, we can acknowledge the fact that the term "functioning member of…
Retweeted by owenhot take- you shouldn't have to work to live :)
Retweeted by owenDude was a literal missile contractor last week.
Retweeted by owenEveryone should be able to try hormones just for fun
Retweeted by owen @ech0astral 30 years ago I received my first @Zoobooks magazine in the mail. Living far from a public library or museum i…
Retweeted by owenChimps and Bonobos
Retweeted by owenMountain gorilla population rises above 1,000
Retweeted by owenRT to remind someone about Zoobooks
Retweeted by owenWhy WOULD an Orang wear its food?? Now I'll never know. biggest childhood regret is not pressuring my parents more to buy me Zoobooks greatest American lie is that people from every other country wish they lived here. They don’t.
Retweeted by owenCompletely Normal Animal (tm)
Retweeted by owen @aguaardientes Turned Cape Verde into a NippleThe cinematography in Godzilla vs. Kong is already fucking immaculate. Look at these compositions and the film's us…
Retweeted by owenSo cold outside. True. but not too cold to go on a walk with a girl if asked
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We’ve been laughing at this for 20 minutes
Retweeted by owenStill missing as of this morning. Please boost:
Retweeted by owenApe Twitter how do we feel about the new King Kong movie🦍Kyle Chandler has been in a Godzilla movie, a Kong movie, and now a Godzilla vs Kong movie. Impressive.
Retweeted by owenGodzilla vs Kong gonna end up with a pick up game
Retweeted by owenbernie is a cute meme to all these people now that he isn’t a political threat
Retweeted by owen @UndercoverUwu Give it a decade and people will wonder why we ever made the eBay logo look like that in the first place.Actually I'll save that for another time.My 23 years old sister from Richmond Virginia is missing , she has been missing since Tuesday afternoon . Please if…
Retweeted by owenHer eyebrows are amazing
Retweeted by owenIf you gon post Bernie sitting make sure you got the right picture of him...
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Retweeted by owenHonestly I don't think I can go 7 tweets without retweeting some kind of primate. I blame @frankorangutan7Holy fuck i'm is so fucking mad 😡 because of monkey hate on youtube pls don't look it up it's horrible -frank
Retweeted by owenDon't worry nothing bad actually happened. It was just a very very strange experience from about a year ago that I've been dying to tell.I swear this story has everything. Drag performance Duterte Christian Saviorism Homophobic Stereotypes Sexual Assu… day I will tell you all about the time I almost played an evil cop in a Christian propoganda play posing as a F… who needs to hear this but john boyega and kelly marie tran getting bullied and harassed for being people of co…
Retweeted by owenChina went on a serious quarantine, not the “stay at home, if it’s convenient to you” quarantine that America had
Retweeted by owenif y’all wanna talk about autistic/adhd couples then let me bring up
Retweeted by owenEnvironmental Racism. Fun fact: we have less trees in our neighborhoods because it also assists law enforcement age…
Retweeted by owenone of (many) things Biden needs to do in his presidency is ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. th…
Retweeted by owen @erinschief ☺️☺️☺️why is so much of asian american activism just taking concepts that pertain to antiblackness and clumsily trying to repurpose them
Retweeted by owenDear friends, my wife will die without her anti-stroke meds & she takes her last dose at 2pm tomorrow. Her meds cos…
Retweeted by owenjust a reminder that if you have disposable income you need to be doing direct mutual aid, it can quite literally b…
Retweeted by owenwow!!! Look at them go!
Retweeted by owenWhat the hell is politocs , is that human thing ?-frank
Retweeted by owenim not even sorry
Retweeted by owenNot only should school be tuition free, but people should be able and encouraged to take classes on whatever they'r…
Retweeted by owenIt'll be more of a poem, I'm tweeting this to remind myself to do it.I mean once I write itOne day I'm going to post my essay on why brown is my favorite color.miss my lola so bad bro
Retweeted by owen @MUDVILLAINA It's also more useful. White astrologists will tell me Mercury says I should "take time to reflect on…
Retweeted by owenAsian Americans need to check their superiority complex of thinking they know more than their homeland counterparts…
Retweeted by owen @SammieMaisey8 I don't know if it's the blue converse, the striped hoodie-shirt, or the planking which dates this photo. @mainstreetmaddy Wait isn't that Professor LockhartThe times are different than the poster says. If you're interested, email Miriam or Duston and reach out if you have any questions.Hey if you would like to join a weekly conversation with other students and faculty of color at VT, come join Our V…“The United States is a dying empire, but it won’t go down without a fight.” 🔥 Thank you to everyone who tuned in…
Retweeted by owenCongratulations to whoever invents forests.
Retweeted by owen @drmistercody Or better yet: peat bogs!
Retweeted by owen“are u a girl or a boy” first of all i’m a bestie
Retweeted by owen @reinedeloup
Retweeted by owenIt's so fucking upsetting how SEA was *actually* queer friendly until colonisation happened and we've just had to ✨…
Retweeted by owen藤本壮介の建築、たぶんまだ人類には理解できないんだと思う
Retweeted by owenIn love with the paper architecture of Iskander Galimov and Mikhail Fadeyev — giant cities in the shape of familiar…
Retweeted by owenThey teach us about Cesar Chavez in school & forget to mention Larry Itliong & other Filipino-American labor organi…
Retweeted by owenComing from a communal culture and growing up in an individualistic society is very jarring.
Retweeted by owenReminder:
Retweeted by owenWhat he saying?🤔-frank
Retweeted by owenICE was only created in 2003, there is no reason it can’t be abolished.
Retweeted by owenI fall in Love far too easily.Please delete tiktok my 54 year old father won't stop singing My Type by Saweetie.I'll admit when I date someone, maybe 15% of the chance of it working out is dependent on if they'll let me crack their knuckles.
Cool meme now you have to let your workers unionize
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Retweeted by owen @erinschief Sometimes it's not even their name, it's their phone numberWhen Democrats win power, they're told not to govern for fear of upsetting conservative voters. When Republicans wi…
Retweeted by owenbigi... please share your bananas... tini only have cucumber...
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Retweeted by owenit’s just me vs all the no vids in the zoom room today and I am winning
Retweeted by owenPresumably #WandaVisionWhat a career. He started off as a voice actor for an AI in the background, then after 7 years he was promoted to R… know technically Paul Bettany has had the longest running MCU career so far bc he was in the first Iron Man as…