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Progressive, liberal, #TheResistance, #TheResistanceRises. #Resister Union Strong. LOVEtrumpsHATE. Dogs are better than we deserve.

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@littledeekay Where are they going to locate the Space Force Academy? @Scholar_Atheist And, when you have to get up and cut your toe nails because you think (real or imagined) they’re c… is why enablers are so dangerous — and complicit.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @ChrisWickNews @cindyceemerson Was this a smart thing to say on the eve of being tried for what amounts to BRIBERY? @HueyPNewton13 @jayci63 Well, I’ll add that I bet that Gym Jordan is pouting. He actually thought he was going to b… hate the #GOP and their trumpism cult with every fiber of my being.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @siano4progress “Dad . . . Do you want a catch? You piece of shit”. @mseiler1 @KimmyMonte “Frankly, you piece of shit, I don’t give a damn” would work perfect. @ceraldi_carleen WOW! I haven’t met anyone else who knew that joke. My first wife told that joke to her mother.… @lanerodrigs1979 @realDonaldTrump Yeah, but in your case, I bet you wore it well.
We now know from the GAO that Trump committed a crime (wrongfully w/holding Congressionally appropriate funds/Ukrai…
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@Kelley4AL When a “useful idiot”is no longer useful, he’s just an idiot. @SassyKadiK A cow-jugal visit? @SassyODaisy @CricketGirlMN By the time you put the third one on they’ve already wriggled out of the first one. @SassyODaisy @CricketGirlMN When the dogs don’t want to go out, you know it’s cold. @CricketGirlMN @SassyODaisy Me too. Popsicle toes. @SassyODaisy @CricketGirlMN Geez. I’ll probably have to wear an extra layer in the morning. @Leslieoo7 Thank you. America needs you Florida. @tonyposnanski @terribletara2 I’d deliver and plant lawn signs for a piece of shit.
@AdjunctDespot Trump routinely packs 30,000 people into Arenas that only hold 15,000. Imagine what he could do wi… @daralynn13 Pompadouche.Does American Justice Survive? Chief Justice John Roberts has only one choice to ensure American justice survives:…
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The White House Press Secretary just equated Muslim garb with terrorism, and it's barely a blip in the news cycle.…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeFRAUD — trump has worked as a "property manager" for Putin's money laundering operation, for many years. (smart p…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @BridgetSterli19 @garydmclean One or more of his cousins.
@TiaBarracini You’re absolutely right. I said the same thing about Paul Ryan at the beginning of this nightmare. H… @CPO_JOE I’ll light a “candle” as a vigil for you. @SassyODaisy I know, right.
@DiDiDeVille101 “Shoveling snow separates the men from the boys”. @420__eyes @420__eyes Mom! Is that you? Feet dragging was one of my dearly departed Mother’s biggest pet peeves. (Miss ya Ma) @wvjoe911 Ugh. That, sir is COLD, CRUEL and CLASSLESS. (But fair and funny as f*ck) @1Jedi_Rey @Arctic__char I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. My head starts spinning listening to the debate abo…, she is the #BeBest speech plagiarizer... Maybe she's the #BeBest immigration form falsifier too??
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @lovyrsmile I guess breakfast will . . . have to . . . 🤮. . . wait! @NUTGATHERIN @mommamia1217 It’s not like any of them could be here legitimately on an “Einstein Visa” like the “Hig… @suzy_swears My 1st exposure to Jeanine Pirro was the fabulously farcical footage of her slithering through the woo… @ScenarioLENS @jayci63 @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump Oh my! Even if only for the fun of it. @ResisterSis20 Momma told me broken cookies don’t have calories, they all leak out the crack. When my daughters we… @ResisterSis20 One picture shows someone who sang about “Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves”. The other picture shows a… @1120Eclipse Keep up the strength and courage. No one can see Lyme either. I’m lucky though. My Doc (of 25 yrs) n… @CCLcaribecrew Sure. Do what it is you do that makes you you. @SassyODaisy 😭 @RKJ65 That’s why we need a “sarcasm font” for twitter. @JerryWolters 😢
@ResisterDude @AOC It’s okay to say “liberal”. I do. @RKJ65 Don’t forget “because he’s a shameless huckster who will say or do anything to prey upon the bitterness and… @BridgetSterli19 That formula would be easy. Penicillin. Lysol. Hamberder Grease. @DebRMT @BridgetSterli19 Indeed. Well said. @DearAuntCrabby He’s probably got framed magazine covers of her on Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc. (You know, like… @BridgetSterli19 @DebRMT On the other hand, never making promises to yourself can create the appearance to others t… @FrakerMonica It’s the good old “protection racket”. @TopDogBea_ He has been for a long, long time. @lizardschwartz That’s one way to approach a meal. Here’s another way. @MavisMaven @travisakers @Stonekettle Somebody working for the board of tourism had one job to do . . . one job. @goodoldcatchy One guy running his mouth without a brain . . . @MidwinCharles And when he talks about heaping billions of $ on “Farmers” he ain’t talking about giving it to “Old… @LopezLovinLife @MarciaDaughtre1 They have no interest in governing or effecting change to improve the lives of the… @White5Anthronet Opposite, but similar: the empty milk carton in fridge, the chip bag with but a few crumbs in the… @TMassimus Maybe I was wrong. The books listed were fiction. So, as a biography, “The Trey Gowdy Story” probably doesn’t belong on the list. @jdickerson @MaryAliceBisho2 With me, it was a garage full of “I might need that 16’ coil of Romex some day” or “t… @TMassimus You forgot “The Trey Gowdy Story”. @TheRynheart Maybe we all should invoke “Minion Privilege” and not go to work next week. @BridgetSterli19 @ceraldi_carleen It’s a form of atrophy. It hasn’t been used for so long it has begun to rot. Soon… @BeckyBunzy Let’s meet for a mani/pedi then do brunch. You’ll be fine. @littledeekay I’m sorry that despicable bastards like this have no decency and are so very ignorant. You’ve been… @Mitumba10 It’s like it’s all so preposterous that people can’t believe it’s really happening, so they ignore it.… @happysnarkygal2 There’s something “not of this world” when he does that. @56blackcat Yup.7:00 on a Saturday morning, cup of French Roast at hand, catching up with the twittersphere. One of my doggies jum… @RyanShead @LisaRacer2 Actually, the way that he (and men like him) viewed and treated women offended and repulsed… @Stop_Trump20 @davematt88 Wasn’t there three of them before? I wonder what happened to the third? They were so mu… @56blackcat @melpriceHB Honey . . . Why have all the stray cats in the neighborhood gathered at our front door? @1120Eclipse @ResisterSis20 “Vicious, Horrible People” “Human Scum” Labels to be worn with honor. @BridgetSterli19 Of course, Pence would deliver his remark in that annoying, choppy cadence of his. “That...was..…
@Bill_Maxwell_ Someone needs to tell Trump that Native Americans inhabited Ohio for hundreds of years before it bec… @BridgetSterli19 @RealSethPittman Best President since FDR? Bwahaha! Next they’ll say “He’s the best Actor since Barney Rubble”.RBG is cancer free. Again.
Ignore. Every. Damn. Poll. Vote like we are 5 points down. Do not stop. Don't take your foot off the pedal. Eve…
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@therealwombat1 🎶 “Shiny, happy people holding hands” 🎶1. Justice Kennedy retired abruptly to make way for Brett Kavanaugh. 2. Kennedy’s son Justin signed off on Trump’s…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @siano4progress I can’t look at it long enough to think up a caption. @blueheartedly Hand-Marked-Paper-Ballots @nitagale Thank you. @nitagale I’m serious. I wish Twitter was different. I wish you could hug me better.
@AdjunctDespot Ironically and really sadly, my baby Rylie is suddenly really sick. Prayers please. @nitagale Sorry I shouldn’t have dumped that here. @ShannyGasm Please “she-splain” to me why dumbass motherfucking men feel that they have something to offer to women… @nitagale You have no idea how bad I need an Auntie Mame right now. The guy my ex left me for just killed himself… @nitagale My Auntie Mame is long gone. This (you) will be my Auntie Mame from now on. @whatifisaidit @ctyankee007 The most overrated person in the history of mankind is Trump. He outed himself as bei… @christine_p_33 @polgara_toads I’ll be thinking about your gal and you. @acsadvice @polgara_toads @GOP Job number one: get your friends, family and neighbors to confirm their voter regis… @BridgetSterli19 Honey, “half in the bag” or all the way in the bag, you deserve a good night out. Thanks for not driving. ❤️ @cantcu @MarciaDaughtre1 My Southern Resister Sister is right. If you want to continue to be heard, you have to use…’ve been drinking all night. So I can say this. Yes. twitter crushes are real. I’m enamored with scores of you.… @glennkirschner2 @LeftyVegas My guy Paul Wellstone (RIP) was physically sickened by making fund raising phone calls… @LeftyVegas @glennkirschner2 Same. @christine_p_33 @polgara_toads Look into these sweet, loving eyes to be assured that love exists, and that the powe…