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The president of the United States is at war with the postal Service because he’s worried about losing the election
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeDonaled, your racism is showing. -Cory
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeWouldn't it be nice to have a President who isn't trying to kill our post office? #TrumpKillsUSPS
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @AlexMLeo Isn’t it telling that, of all the faces he could have picked to put on the horde of “low income” people w… women and sons of bitches will unite this November to save this country.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeProtect the Postal Service. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeActually, @realDonaldTrump, this is what most of us would define as nasty.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeTucker Carlson warned his viewers last night that if Biden is elected, everything Trump has done to this country wi…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @SoulBlossom_Wen @JennaEllisEsq A self described “Senior Legal Advisor to Team Trump” can’t come up with anything b… years ago our nation watched in horror as white supremacists and neo-Nazis marched through Charlottesville. Today…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube#TrumpKillsUSPS
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeTrump and his so-called postmaster general are committing federal offenses by delaying delivery of Mail.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @donwinslow @MediciSusan @Yahoo His misogyny knows no limit.The smell of desperation is heavy in the air. @polarsprite Well, Getting Donald Trump to successfully open an umbrella is akin to putting a man on the moon.Ready.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeNot a word out of his mouth is to be believed. your hand if you like getting your mail. ✋ #TrumpKillsUSPS
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @sdr_medco Sally Yates or Preet Baharara would both be excellent. They’ve both been in the game relatively recently…
So, since the right keeps pushing the “radical left” moniker? Can we start using terms like the “Russian Right”?
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeThis!!
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube
@shossy2 @TheRickyDavila I have no time for Spew Spewitt. @DoYouEvenLif Susan Collins is “deeply concerned”.The postmaster general ua tampering with @USPS & U. S. Mail. I believe this is a felony.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @Inallhonesty10 Mushroom mitten
@vwjohnson60 He righteous facade he presents doesn’t cover the slime and sleeve that just oozes out of him. @Teesa_Michele And a lot of days that it’s a five way tie.It's almost as if, bear with me for a second, Republicans are playing a game of 'who can be the biggest douchebag'…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @Liebefacts @SassyGirlBoss Like Corporate America’s looting of the PPP. @small1ldy1 My, how they like to project. And so many swallo their projections without even thinking. @heyitsSandraDee @tedcruz What a self righteous prick. @heyitsSandraDee @tedcruz Ted Cruz will never go fuck himself. He’s against self pleasuring.Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and his wife, Aldona Wos, nominated to become our ambassador to Canada, own…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeDamn.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeTrump thinks he should be on Mount Rushmore? Here you go Donny! @LuckieKathy I’ve been having the same thought. Have you seen the cartoon showing the back side of Mount Rushmore… wow wow:
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeTrump has no idea how good Sleepy Joe sounds to millions of Americans who have not slept well in almost 4 years.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @RBReich But Seniors and Disable folks who die of starvation, neglect and lack of health care can’t be counted as COVID-19 casualties.How much more corruption collusion racketeering conspiracy treason abuse of power bribery embezzlement must we take…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeWe can’t let Donald Trump destroy the U.S. Postal Service.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @MysterySolvent He’d expect you to make a sandwich for him because he’s never had to make one (or anything else) in… @A_Rosie_Life Depression-Anxiety (for example) should be regarded no differently than Diabetes or Heart Disease.… are getting so bad for the NRA they might have to layoff some members of Congress.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @RutherfordRocks Does Kimberly cut Don Jr’s sandwiches into fun shapes like hearts and stars?That’s how their blinders work. @chipfranklin @508gloryFelix It’s long past the time when “What did Trump know, and when did he know it?” The whol…
@Wecanbebetter_ Where does a “Spiritual. But Not Religious” like me fit not this discussion? @brycetache Including all SCOTUS and other Judiciary nominations / appointments.Anyone else enraged by Trump trying to destroy the post office? 🖐
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @lotusflowerom If I try real hard, I can almost imagine that the taste might be barely edible. But the appearance .…
@MysterySolvent @smc429 Photoshop @MarTheResister Much of the power of Congress needs to be backed up by the Department of Justoce and/or SCOTUS. Bot… got the last round of PPP loans, funded by American taxpayers: — 400 country clubs and golf resorts — Private…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeTrump’s Friday Night Massacre at USPS is him cheating in the 2020 election. It should disqualify his candidacy and…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeI would like to officially add Louis DeJoy to the 2020 fuck off list. Please retweet if you agree. #fridaynightmassacre #SaveTheUSPS
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @TruthWins22 @JoeBiden Trump won’t need the broadcast and cable networks to spout his bullshit. He and Steve Bann… @44mmvvpp And, what happens when they all go back home? @SassyKadiK This is just a hunch. But, I’d be willing to bet that while the ACA price gouging of people with pre-ex… after year the USPS is ranked among the most trusted & valued agencies. Trump & minions are actively undermin… @SassyChick1979 How can I set that clip to come on when my alarm goes off each morning? What a way to start every day that would be. @SassyChick1979 In these heavy, burdensome times how sweet is it when you stumble across something that makes your spirit soar. @AdyBarkan @clvannote This - Is - Election - Interference.THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY: 60% of US residents counted so far & Trump has shortened the data collection period.…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeThe difference now is we know it is happening not like 2016 when we had no clue !!!
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube‘Democrats Demand Postmaster General Reverse Policies Threatening Mail-In Ballot Delivery’ Trump’s big donor, Louis…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube23 postal executives were reassigned or displaced in today’s shakeup. The new structure centralizes power around a…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeTrump is running on racism and the Republican Party knows that. Vote out Trump and every Senator and Congressman wh…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeTrump and his political agent the POSTMASTER GENERAL are pulling apart the US Postal Service authorized by the Cons…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @h8Wankmaggot45 Don’t let Donald see those things. He’d drop Rudy like a bad habit. Yes, that’s the President of th…'t it a federal crime to tamper with the US mail? Does it not count if the Postmaster General is the one doing tampering?
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @katherineOma Right between Kneewanda and Hipolania.US Intel reveals that Members of the US Senate, Ron Johnson & Lyndsey Graham are acting as Russian agents dissemina…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @JoJoFromJerz @MollyJongFast Well, there’s one black man, a couple of women and two kids along with a bunch of whit…
@Katpa73 😊 @Katpa73 Thank you for the diversion from all things 2020. @Katpa73 Agreed. I would prefer the frozen custard over the blizzard. But I still find the ultimate to be a thick m… @Katpa73 I’m not a big fan of blizzard. Too airy for me. I like a thick malt (not shake) but that’s just me you’re… the #USPS, especially during a public health crisis, would be devastating to millions of Americans. Many rel…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeIf your mail is late, blame Donald Trump.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeRep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) says Republican Sens. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are laundering Russian…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeWATCH: Our powerful new video exposes Matt Gaetz for using disinformation & chaos to stay in power. I saw our enem…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @CajunBlueAZ1 @Saahearn I have never watched their show(s) and have paid zero attention to them. So, you are not alone.Getting an F in the “School of the NRA” is a good thing. @SenTinaSmith believes we need common sense gun reform i…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @Arriadna @SenRickScott Pelosi and Schumer wanted to keep the unemployment insurance at $600. The heartless Republi… @bridget_joy_ 300,000 lost souls by December 1st. That’s nearly double the current number. Not as strong my ass. @GrammieMustang @ThatEricAlper My daughter and her guy took me skiing in Feb of 2016. It was my first time since 19… @Katpa73 @ThatEricAlper Same.Donald has now officially done more to stop Tik Tok than he's done to stop Covid 19.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeThe huge motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD is about to start. 10s of thousands motorcycle enthusiasts from all around… reminder that Mitch McConnell has been actively blocking legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act for 244 days.
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRubeIt also gave us Bosnian and the so called righteous republicans tryed to destroy Hillary for their failure to uphol…
Retweeted by FlyOverCountryRube @PaulChoquette8 @TruthsOverTrump @joncoopertweets @SenKamalaHarris @VP Calling nag for his Mommy, or for “Mother”?
@h8Wankmaggot45 @RamJamRTR She’s gonna need to spike her beet smoothing.
@CarmenSisRice My oldest daughter (28) is one. But I will always love her with all my heart. My hope is that my und…
President of the United States is deliberately undermining legitimacy of an American Presidential election.
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@tobymorton The drunk guy at the end of the bar is rubbing his face on the floor. The totally blasted chick sittin… @mkraju That does it. I’m not wearing pants any more. Wearing pants is the dehumanization on the children of Mother… United States Postal Service isn’t disposable. Pass it on.
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