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Twitter on fire rn 😂😂😂 TIME HAS ARRIVED 😈 @nate_robinson Bates drops 28 points but Ron Holland’s 18 points and 16 rebounds lead Duncanville over Ypsi Prep 👀… Williams and Scoot Henderson just WENT AT IT 🚨 Mikey drops 26 PTS but Scoot gets the W after dropping 36 PTS… flop bro cmon... 😴 Cunningham delivers another solid performance 💰 20 PTS | 4 AST | 4 REB | 2 STL | 2 BLK @CadeCunningham_ (📸:… guy just EATING body shots got me fired up 😤 (via haymakers/TikTok) #throwback Robinson wants to prove he’s “one of the GREATEST ATHLETES to ever walk the earth” 🗣 @nate_robinson Who y’all… @mtyler201280 @jddavison10 @HHoopsgiving Here u go 😂 @KChandler_1 @TheeKbrown @gradey_dick22Sunrise Christian just won by 104 POINTS (133-29) 😶
Imma just watch boxing videos until NATE vs JAKE 🥊 (via wushu.talent/IG) FAVORITE TYPE OF POSTER 🚨 @Khedric5 @HHoopsgiving you woulda thought #5 was the one who actually dunked on him 😭 @hooper4life19 @HHoopsgiving effortless 40 ball today for JD Davison 🤫 @jddavison10 @HHoopsgiving Johnson looked SPECIAL in his Duke debut 👀 19 PTS | 19 REB | 5 AST | 4 BLK | 8/8 FG @Jalen_J23 (via @accmbb Patterson’s final stat line 📈 36 carries | 409 yards | 8 TDs Ties FBS record for rushing TDs in a single ga… IS FREAKING RIDICULOUS 🤯 Buffalo RB Jaret Patterson’s stat line today... 32 carries | 385 yards | 8 TDs…“I just want to tell all the girls out there that you can do anything you set your mind to.” @SarahFuller_27 Sara… Johnson has a double-double in the FIRST HALF of his Duke debut 😈 15 PTS | 11 REB | 6/6 FG @Jalen_J23 (via… Boston is the TOTAL PACKAGE 🗣 Happy G day bro 💯 @bboston_ Fuller OFFICIALLY becomes the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game 🚨 @SarahFuller_27 (via… meannnn this just WILD to me 😳 (via @BarefootBenG) Bryant OFFICIALLY signed to the Ravens 53-man roster 👏 @DezBryant story is legit incredible. The most impactful 1:48 I’ve heard in a long time. From 2 PPG in HS to 31 points… have NO IDEA how tf he caught that 🤯 (h/t @IndySportsAF) and gentlemen, the Lamar Jackson of roller skating 😈 (via jonathang2003/IG) Robinson looking lowkey AUTOMATIC from 3 👀 (via @23savage____), Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller could become the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game 👏… Davison gonna erase ALL THAT 😭 @jddavison10 @HHoopsgiving
Emmanuel Maldonado taking it to another level lately 🤫 @wavyemmanuel ROBINSON and JAKE PAUL tomorrow... who you got? 🥊 how this is POSSIBLE bro 😯 (via @LethalShooter__) know he didn’t just SIGN HIS JERSEY 😭 (via gorillajayy/IG) #throwback seeing hoopers who just obsessed with the game ❤️ (via @ClarkDeHart) Professor breaks down NBA STREETBALL matchups 🤫 @theprofessor @JordanMcCabe5 Full episode:… fam you can’t be FLEXING after that 😭 (via @lwproductions4) Suggs through 2 games: 18 PPG | 7 APG | 4 RPG | 63% FG The freshman STAR making an immediate impact for Gon… SAN FRANCISCO UPSETS No. 4 Virginia, 61-60 🚨’s Caleb Love dropped 17 points to lead the Tar Heels in scoring 💰 @caleb2love Thomas dropped 27 POINTS in his LSU debut. Pure scorer who’s gonna open up some eyes 👀 @24_camthomas Brown caught a body in his first college game lol 😭 @gb3elite He finished with an 11 pt - 10 reb double doub… bunch of y’all finally got to see Cade Cunningham play and I know you’re woke now 💯 @CadeCunningham_ 21 PTS | 1… Miller BREAKING RECORDS at Illinois. Put up 28 points in his college debut 💫 @AceWolf44 we got Jalen Suggs playing like a VET already 24 PTS | 8 AST | 4 REB against Kansas 🔥 freshman class been making NOISE early in the season 🗣 Jaygup dropped 28 POINTS on Villanova last night 💰… guy was really using his shoe to play defense 🤣 (via @FIBA3x3) already got that FIRE in them 🔥 (via delsontraining/IG) Seth Curry looking SO TUFF 🔥 @sdotcurry (via @TylerRelph10) said SHOWTIME 🎸 (via ihoop.matt/IG) getting in that Thanksgiving Day WORK 😤 (via @Dame_Lillard)
The staredown between me and her father when she says “daddy can you pass the potatoes” 😶 @zaytodd (via @NFL) Holloway a smooth operator 🔥 @aden_holloway a MINUTE now 🧐 @maxwellpearce Gordon Hayward cooks a turkey 🦃 (via robynmhayward/IG) hooper needs to hear this 💯 @karalawson20 (via @DukeWBB) Suggs already CAUGHT ONE 😈 @JalenSuggs2020 (via @CBBonFOX) Watt already EATING 🍽 @JJWatt (via @HoustonTexans) WHAT??? ☠️ (via @Leeway_33) me your top 3 Thanksgiving dishes, in order 👀Imma get to that baseline🤣
Retweeted by OvertimeTrae Young just SHOWING OFF 🎯 @TheTraeYoung (via @ThroughTheLens) got VICIOUS real quick 🤬 @Young_Cam20 Brown CAUGHT A BODY in his 1ST COLLEGE GAME 😤 @gb3elite (via @TexasMBB) the runway for Keyonte George 😳 @Keyontekg1 Christopher scores his FIRST COLLEGE BUCKET 💯 @Jaygup23 (via @SunDevilHoops) McClung already putting em on SKATES ⛸ @McclungMac (via @TexasTechMBB) y’all feel about his KUZ impersonation?? 😭 (via zaysmoove2/TikTok)
The GREG BROWN SHOW in Texas starts tonight 🚀 @gb3elite Cunningham takes care of business in his college debut 💰 21 PTS | 10 REB | 3 AST | 7/16 FG @CadeCunningham_ GOT MY BACK HURTIN THO 🤮 @hamilt0njr (via r2bball/IG) Cunningham’s FIRST COLLEGE BUCKET 💯 @CadeCunningham_ 12 PTS | 4 REB | 5/11 FG at the half... I know y’all s… man in Senegal has it on a STRING 🤮 (via basketball2488/TikTok) like a perfect time to bring this back 😈 @AceWolf44 Miller BREAKS RECORD for most points in an Illinois debut 💰 @AceWolf44 25 PTS | 5/6 3PT | 9/10 FG Still ove… Powell back in the lab 🤫 League gonna regret giving him extra motivation... (via @Cbrickley603) Van Lith makes her Louisville DEBUT at 3pm EST 🔥 @haileyvll How many points she dropping? 🤔 I wouldn’t even be a LOTTERY PICK bro 😭 (via @clifftayloriv) READY FOR THE JAYGUP DEBUT??? 🔱 @Jaygup23 First player to rock #13 for ASU since James Harden 👀 Herro jumping into that CP3 BAG 🤫 @raf_tyler (via @Miamihoopschool) Cunningham is making his COLLEGE DEBUT today... gonna be SPECIAL 😈 @CadeCunningham_ how he called GAME 🤐 (via @TEmmanuel5) living STRESS FREE on his birthday 😂 @LiAngeloBall (via @ZO2_) Happy birthday bro 🤟 O’Neal caught em SLIPPING 🤧 @shaqironeall“Dude she’s 9 years old” 😂 (via therealpcam/TikTok) do you do after winning BACK TO BACK league MVP’s? 🤔 GET EVEN BETTER 🗣 (via @Giannis_An34, @rickythomasonn)🚨NEW VIDEO🚨 ⬇️7PM TONIGHT⤵️ Dope Recap of the #HoopState GAME OF THE YEAR presented by @Phenom_Hoops🔥 📺:…
Retweeted by OvertimeI know my dude REGRET this one 😭 @zhuricclevelan
This is 100% SKILL and you can’t prove me wrong 🔥 (via NHBlitzball/YT)’s just amazing to see athletes give ❤️ John Wall handing out food today 💯 @JohnWall (via @WashWizards)“Make something SHAKE” 🤮 (via @brandonb_jr) been making all these moves but I’m just ready for the CARUSHOW 🔥 @ACFresh21 (via @JLawbball) & the whole Ball fam giving out food for the holidays ❤️ (via @jasonahardi) Ingram just got that BAG 💰 Five year, $158 million max extension with the Pelicans 🔥 (per @wojespn) on that road to recovery 🙌 (via @obj) dime put bro in a BAD SPOT 😭 (via @JimmieAthletics) need to put LIL BRO in the game ‼️ (via christiaanbedford/TikTok) commit Arterio Morris is the REAL DEAL 🗣 @deg0t