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Owa @OWAtheone Germany

FFVII lover, pony enthusiast, LARP hobbyist, booze connoisseur, anime/manga/cosplay enjoyer, he/his, ♦️💜🖤 #日本旅行R17

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Gonna call her Nana. She can use Plant magic and can change her prothesis she made from a tree into a Weapon.
Retweeted by OwaCentaurworld. 5 stars. Would “what tf am I watching?” again. @netflix
Retweeted by OwaBest Olympic moment I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by OwaWho wants to take a gamble on some dark magic?
Retweeted by Owa#Clerith on an Unknown Journey.. Except they're visitting the same exact locations Otp #CloudStrife
Retweeted by OwaTo celebrate the second original core novel #TheDragonPrince ‘Book Two: Sky’ arriving tomorrow, Aaron Ehasz & Melan…
Retweeted by Owa*World of Darkness Alliance Raid* Wow, I've never seen those adds before! Wtf? *google* "If your raid DPS is very l… you hee?
Retweeted by OwaNew day new Ahri! I am happy to present the first picture of charming Star Guardian Ahri by @faelabae ✨ "Should I m…
Retweeted by OwaMy lovely static in savage raid🤧 #ffxivmemes #FFXIV
Retweeted by OwaI started this at 1am
Retweeted by Owathis is the best thing ever
Retweeted by OwaIf you are in need of a new #brony mask for @EverfreeNW I just added a lot of new and old designs to my Redbubble s…
Retweeted by Owa @katstawp A dream. I didn't even catch up...Now look at this call me ranch cause I be dressing
Retweeted by OwaAriana Grande in Fortnite looking an awful lot like Shiva
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it was a gift from giulia
Retweeted by Owa @lazalantinh War echt nicht bequem. Stell Dir eine Art japanische kniende Sitzhaltung vor, aber die Beine müssen du…, a Highlander Hyur finishing the Dwarves beast tribe quests like: #FFXIV #ffxivmemes On Springfield. #TheSimpsons #simpsons
Retweeted by OwaVacation time 🏖️👙🍺 #ffxivsnaps (sword for scale)
Retweeted by Owa @MMeghanMcCarthy But door But door!!! It's stuck in my head! BUTT DOOOOOOOR “today is the only day you can retweet this” day
Retweeted by OwaWhen you're a jewelry artist who makes some exquisite things but obviously did not spend enough time online in the…
Retweeted by Owa @Marenlicious Butt door... BUTT DOOOOOOORMeet Indiana Bones, the museum cat that parades around after hours ruling over all the bones at the Museum of Osteo…
Retweeted by Owa😆💫🩹🤕
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@DadTVGaming I'd rather match the weapon to the outfit regardless of glow."PSA to newer players: Some AoEs are your friends, please stand in them." by the___hierophant…
Retweeted by Owa @lazalantinh Jup, Mäcces doesn't care XD Und sie schaffen es nie zu einer Con ihre Belegschaft zu erhöhen und wund… Sage icon doesn't look much better so I propose this instead
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Retweeted by Owa @BUNNYoxo 🤣ポニーを舐めるの?🍭
Retweeted by OwaSomething tells me @McDonaldsDENews misses the big #LARP events each summer too and the people that raid the restau… an update, you can now pet Amaterasu in Monster Hunter Rise
Retweeted by OwaYou asked for it, so here it is! Two worlds collide, with a crossover comic with Pixie & Brutus! 🤩 (1/2)
Retweeted by OwaI dreamed about a convention & meeting everyone. Now I'm sad... @mika_azatori Thank you ;3 @mika_azatori Yep, all their facial expressions are gold! 🤣 I love it
Your backlog telling you to stop buying new games and play what you own already 💀
Retweeted by Owa @NovaFunBun My thoughts exactly. Maybe they forgot him?I'm on vacation! I have to tweet it because I still can't believe it. XDSage icon was changed due to Trypophobia but deep down we all know the real reason.
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Retweeted by Owathese animal spa experiences make me so happy inside
Retweeted by OwaWhen you realize that peyote milkshake was a terrible mistake.
Retweeted by Owaワクチン接種の副反応で全身関節痛&高熱で横になってるだけでもしんどくて解熱剤も効かないから、熱が下がるよう美女に祈ってもらいます
Retweeted by Owa @DadTVGaming Do it! @katstawp’s mad.
Retweeted by Owa仲良しきつね!
Retweeted by OwaWelcome to IKEA
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Retweeted by Owa @faelabae @Lux_Lisa Urlaubsfeeling! 🏖️pictures of spider-man
Retweeted by OwaCurrently #loki
Retweeted by OwaピクトグラムでFF7
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Retweeted by Owa @Glasmond bus stops in Japan
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Retweeted by Owa @Glasmond Fühl dich gedrückt! 💖 @JoachimHesse Steckt Anish Kapoor dahinter? @JingDujun Nazi:innen Wird sie auf die Palme bringen^^本日は #LipstickDay (口紅の日)💋❣️ 本当の美しさは心持ち次第。 美しさに女も男もない。 物おじせず、進め。 #FF7R #FF7R_inter 🐝🐝
Retweeted by Owa @AkinasPotpourri So bin ich letzte Woche nach Köln und weiter gekommen: von jeder Verspätung profitiert. XD
Retweeted by Owa"Hello Ladies. I heard you don't get enough mansplaining in these woods. Let's make this visit uncomfortable for ev…にゅ〜
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Time for some Weekly German Goodness ^.^ Schnelles Wasser ist gut! Es macht den Garten sauber! Und den Spielplatz!…
Retweeted by OwaAfter an unexpected development that will require John's full attention, there will be no new episodes of Last Week…
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Retweeted by Owa全武器種コンプリート版完成。 #モンハンライズ #ピクトグラム
Retweeted by OwaMale Viera reporting for duty (finder) #FFXIV would FFXIV be like if it had proximity voice chat? 🤔 #FFXIV #FFXIVMemes #FF14
Retweeted by OwaI don’t know who needs to see it but
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This roasting was WORTH the pain of this battle 😂 Get wrecked "Little Sun" #FFXIV #FFXIVMemes
Retweeted by Owa @Soloatre Get well soonToday's vibes~
Retweeted by OwaMe:[sitting on couch, book falls and hits my head] 11YO: Are you ok? Me: I guess I only have my shelf to blame.
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Retweeted by OwaThe life expectancy of a character in a public information film was roughly 4.3 seconds.
Retweeted by OwaHe came out here for a reason. Watch the new trailer for #Ghostbusters: Afterlife, exclusively in movie theaters th…
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Retweeted by OwaThere are usually two types of merchants.
Retweeted by Owa @faelabae The left and right little toesI’d like to report a dead body.
Retweeted by Owa @GameDadMatt Weird. Sometimes they're just sorted weirdly (by intl. code or language)... But "Austria" is there so…, considering how "true" that Lucifer series was to it's source material... I'm a little afraid. XD
Jurassic World Café in Tokyo and Osaka
Retweeted by OwaThis is amazing.
Retweeted by Owa❗▶️Verkaufsthread◀️❗ Hallo meine liebe Twitterbubble, hier mal wieder ein Verkaufstweet, da meine Frau und ich in n…
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