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One of the worst rollouts of all time. Man literally had 8 singles.... almost half his album as singles smh.
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@sean_antrim @BBCBreaking Are you actually that empty headed @theStrapped @JColeNC @MetroBoomin @6LACK @tylerthecreator @isaiahrashad @earlxsweat @Alchemist @DaBabyDaBaby @ScHoolboyQ @JIDsv C🔙 On this day last year... ⌛️ Gavin Reilly's late header secured a point at Home Park in a dramatic 2-2 draw!…
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Listen to whatever rapper you genuinely mess with & don’t let anyone’s opinion of them stop you from doing that.
Retweeted by Owen Collins @E3than33 🤡**RT PLEASE** For fans of any club of LEAGUE ONE and below (prem in scotland), any flags ordered for those clubs, w…
Retweeted by Owen CollinsAll these birds replying but I really couldn’t remember any of them giving a shit at the time. @E3than33 I do like @MattTHFC1 @SkyNews 😂😂My mock on Friday better get cancelled.
@Official_BRFC Lee brown🤔Some very tough choices in Group C! 🎯A mixture of fantastic strikes and important goals - but only one can make…
Retweeted by Owen Collins @Matthew94696597 Tyler - 9 Kendrick - 10 JID - 8 @Matthew94696597 Solid that like, 9/10
Post your top 9 artists from the last 4 weeks and I’ll rate them out of 10.🤝 An all @SkyBetLeagueOne tie against @SUFCRootsHall in the first round of the #UltimateQuaranTeam cup! 🎮 Keep an…
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As a nation we really do have a disproportionately high number of absolute dickheads.
Retweeted by Owen Collins @TheSportsman Sadly yes
🤷‍♂️ Sure, connect four is cool but we’ve got a better idea! We need 63 other teams to enter a knock-out FIFA 20 t…
Retweeted by Owen Collins @DHSCgovuk Shut the schools you bastards @SkyNews Why wait till Tuesday? Shutdown all UK schools from Monday! #WhereIsBoris #CoronaVirusUpdates #coronavirus #COVID19
Retweeted by Owen Collinswhite girls who take notes like this talk the most shit
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@Sheridansmith1 @CDTVProductions 14 days of listening to Eternal Atake?I’m going give $13,700 to someone random who retweets this in the next 72 hours because we need good news ☀️ (must…
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@HotFreestyle It’s ok, not as good as the first half but there are definitely some great tracks in there.So all footballs off but Rugby, with all its piss drinkers, homoerotic bollock cupping + Randolph drinking lager th…
Retweeted by Owen CollinsIt’s out bitches new Blueface album is straight ASSDON TOLIVER AND BABY KEEM ARE GOING TO BE SUPERSTARS BY THE END OF THE YEAR
Retweeted by Owen CollinsCarne asada by Blueface is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in a long time @SkyNews @uksciencechief We are doing nothing, it’s just seems ludicrous that sporting events where there will be 5…
If they cancel the EFL we should take the table from when everyone has played each other exactly once. Not worked…
Retweeted by Owen CollinsArteta has entered the chat well soon @m8arteta wishing you and your family all the best.Club statement: COVID-19
Retweeted by Owen CollinsUzi Dropping another album basically Don Toliver must be great 21 & Metro possibly Jay Electronica is confirmed…
Retweeted by Owen Collins @LILUZIVERT WHAAAAAASooner than you think 🛸🔥
Retweeted by Owen Collinsthe pundits REEK. “Overzealous” & “too excited” but when Klopp does it he’s showing pashun!1!1!1!
Retweeted by Owen CollinsJUST IN: Don Tolliver reveals the tracklist for his new album Heaven or Hell 🚨🚨
Retweeted by Owen CollinsHe on 2 songs
Retweeted by Owen Collins🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥’ll just leave this here
Retweeted by Owen Collins @piersmorgan A lot of bla bla and no Action #Unbelievable #CoronavirusPandemic
Retweeted by Owen Collins @jslovechild Bristol City playing in Bristol Rovers kit v Accrington Stanley in 1958 anyone?
Retweeted by Owen Collins @SkySports Class @Matthew94696597 @RocketLeague That’s sorta the first stage of RLCS, they have a 8 team league and the bottom 2 team get relegated to RLRSPlease do so before 10am, I’m set to fuck up a biology exam so that would be lovely.
And yet they won, what’s wrong with it? @LFC
Retweeted by Owen CollinsUnreal WHAT A MAN @supermathskid @Scriblit An old boss of mine went to school with triplets called Faith, Hope and Keith.
Retweeted by Owen CollinsAlbums dropping tomorrow night that i’m listening to (In Order) Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake (Deluxe Edition) Met…
Retweeted by Owen CollinsWhy is the announcer trying to hype up the ball boys and photographers 😂😂
Retweeted by Owen CollinsDo they actually think they’re a big club 😬😬😂😂 Clarke-Harris celebrated scoring his second goal last night by typing on a photographer's laptop
Retweeted by Owen Collins @Official_BRFC @SunderlandAFC “Hopefully mess up Ipswich’s season as well” 😂😂 @Official_BRFC What a blokeJon McLaughlin vs Cam Hargreaves | March 10 2020 | The Scottish Neuer?
Retweeted by Owen CollinsLet’s face it, Sunderland aren’t a big football club anymore, they’re just one of us now.
👏What a way to mark 600 career games! #BristolRovers
Retweeted by Owen Collins @d3d4football I’m speechless lads @SunderlandAFC @SunderlandAFC⏱️ What a win. #BristolRovers
Retweeted by Owen CollinsI love this game @Official_BRFC WHAT THE FUCKThis aged well... #NFFC
Retweeted by Owen Collins @jessxnoble What’s gan on?I fucking beg we hold on wtf!!!???Absolutely no chance we are getting anything from this game tonight.👏Tony Craig makes his 600th career appearance this evening! 🙌Congratulations, Tony! #BristolRovers
Retweeted by Owen CollinsI bet taylor swift got fucked doggy style by taylor launter, went werewolf in that pussy.
Retweeted by Owen Collins⏪ Fallen most league places in 2020 (top 4 tiers): ⬇9⃣: SHEFF W, HULL ⬇7⃣: Wycombe, Bristol R ⬇6⃣: Ipswich ⬇5⃣: Fo…
Retweeted by Owen Collins🥳🇳🇱Happy Birthday, Jordi van Stappershoef! #BristolRovers
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I have woke up to this and read this with great pleasure , unfortunately mate I don’t manage your beloved club , ho…
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@Official_BRFC Sod offWow wow wow. We’ve had a nightmare really? I think I can see why it’s a long term project but the turnover of resul…
Retweeted by Owen Collins @Official_BRFC What a club we are @Official_BRFC We’re going up @Official_BRFC Ahahahahaha @Official_BRFC @SkyBetLeagueOne @SUFCRootsHall @Hare_Josh42 @JamesDaly17 @Cian_Harries HareeeeeIf I was to rank on first impressions it’d be: Renji > Uzi > Baby Pluto what yall think? 🤔
Retweeted by Owen Collins @BlackySpeakz It’s good, but nothing too special for meEminem on Lyrical Lemonade whaaaaaaaa
Retweeted by Owen Collins OUT NOW !!! 🛸👽🌟
Retweeted by Owen CollinsETERNAL ATAKE JUST DROPPED OH MY GODYo, protect Post Malone man.. I’ve been seeing these videos of him performing where he’s not looking too good. Bro…
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@LILUZIVERT YoooTracklist Today 🛸
Retweeted by Owen Collins @usher_ed Cheers bossShock as small man stands next to tall man and looks small @LILUZIVERT Good morning
@OllieArkwell The biggest shithole, and that’s coming from someone who been to Oldham.