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what crown
Retweeted by Owen Pence
Lynx - Aces is such a terrific matchupTreasure Devers!!! 458 feet, sheeshThe Lakers just grabbed one of the 5 best players in the world in his prime and some people are trying to roast the…
Retweeted by Owen PenceCelts fans currently pointing to Kyrie duping BOS regarding the FA process as justification for their "LAL didn't e… @SamSheehan @z________e lol y'all are so odd @SamSheehan Sure because these are entirely comparable situations 😂😂 Just give it time, the Kyrie sting will fade… @SamSheehan Lmao, dawg
Rich Paul played chicken with Danny Ainge for six months and won.
Retweeted by Owen PenceWhile some say “tHeRe’S nO MoRe bAsKeTbAll tO wATcH,” the real ones know. Thanks for coming to The House @CP3
Retweeted by Owen PenceMy fourth byline for the @latimes: Chelsea Gray has become the Sparks’ go-to player early this season. Chelsea and…
Retweeted by Owen PencePlain disrespectful half from the Aces
@RealTomPetrini @MichelleDBeadle Badddddd takes, Tommy. But I miss class with you nonetheless guy @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett Be more funny! @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett Lmao half of your replies I could respond to w/ that "huh?" gif. I was literally agre… @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett That could be the one great equalizer. Their front office smells of disarray almost as much as me Knicks @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett It's way off. Kobe is the most overrated superstar we have. Lebron is perhaps the gre… @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett And had more help. Like, If your angle here is "AD is bad cause he hasn't made it far… Lowry Over Everything.
Retweeted by Owen Pence @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett AD situation most similar to KGs pre-Boston, but sure, pleeeeeeease underestimate him @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett Just bookmarked this tweet and am laughing out loud. You compared Bron to Kobe and AD… @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett It's a completely wide open landscape. Historically, Bron has done real well when that happens @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett This proves my point tho. You know I love DEN and HOU more than most. You know I fear… @gavinroydavis @eric_hardnett Total mess, front office wise, agreed. But remember, Lakers were the 4 seed, then Bro… @gavinroydavis Love it. Was shocked they were so low on the newest odds chart. @gavinroydavis Hahahaha, caveats are what you used to give me evading my bets. This is just smart. Who gonna bet on… @gavinroydavis I have my $ on kyrie the god @gavinroydavis If KD doesn't resign you have a deal. Now, for the real bet you won't want to consider ..... first t… @gavinroydavis Happily. Who else? Mayyyyyybe my Nuggs or Houston but idk bro @gavinroydavis @gavinroydavis Lmao when you bring up unrelated old shit is when I know you mad 😂 But happily - AD wants no part o… @gavinroydavis LOVE to see it. Team full of chokers (Dray/Klay/Iggy excluded of course) @gavinroydavis But if Steph had made literally anything other than one basket in the fourth, they DO win, so with all due respect, nah lol @gavinroydavis Also the text said 0-8. The tweet said 0-9. As a NEU journo grad I have a responsibility to tell the… @gavinroydavis Bron can do it solo tho, Steph washed 😂😂 47 in game three is literally his greatest game ever. No o… @gavinroydavis Lmao if Steph slander is grasping for attention than the whole internet thirsty today 😭😭😭 Couldn't… @gavinroydavis 0-9 when y'all were like "Steph sure shut everybody up this postseason". No he didn't.
Retweeted by Owen Pence @gavinroydavis 😂😂😂's the funniest way Steph gave up a ring? Let's discuss.
Retweeted by Owen PenceBest shooter ever. 0-9. And I'm not saying that facetiously. Steph's truly the best shooter ever. And he turns into…
Retweeted by Owen PenceJust did a really cool interview with Kawhi and Kyle Lowry, about how they got here and everything this title means…
Retweeted by Owen Pencemasai ujiri did what yall thought danny ainge was doing
Retweeted by Owen Pence(Klay woulda made it.)
Retweeted by Owen Pence“TITLE” - kawhi
Retweeted by Owen PenceThat’s awesome for Toronto, man. Awesome for Kawhi. Awesome for Lowry. Awesome for Nick Nurse. A lot of awesome.
Retweeted by Owen PenceSteph missed that shot and gotta spend the summer posting “oh yes so pretty” on Ayesha’s IG posts from multiple bur…
Retweeted by Owen Pencert if you’re sobbing
Retweeted by Owen PenceSame narrative every season. The takes become lazier and lamer by the year. JBJ for life.
Keys to Game 2: Cycle the puck. Pucks in deep. Pucks on net. Thanks to @barstoolsports and @stoolpresidente for ton…
Retweeted by Owen Pence @mattyports Fair point but he's rocking that blue & white!! @mattyports Disrespectful to Rich Thompson!!!WHY NOT US??? @gehrig38
@_childish_123 @akashanav
Rafa :)
the painting of writers who work on work-assigned computers as privileged is not separate from the notion that whit…
Retweeted by Owen PenceAces are already beginning to put it all together 👀
boston straight pride parade u have to come in costume as your favorite mark wahlberg character everyone walks arou…
Retweeted by Owen Pence
"Board man gets paid."
Retweeted by Owen PenceCourtside Rihanna > Courtside Drake Two years ago today, she bowed to LeBron then dabbed on Warriors fan telling…
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That A'ja -- Liz high/low action 👀 @OwenPence My man you got a rat tail, you not valid.
Retweeted by Owen Pence @Muiseicalnotes Utter incompetence is an odd way to describe someone who hit three home runs in the final eight gam…
@PigskinAndPucks @Marisa_Ingemi One more time please, still can't hear youJackie Young can't be stopped, won't be stopped ...
@OwenPence @mjmcdonough26 Cute mullet Owen... 😂
Retweeted by Owen Pence @mjmcdonough26 False. Y'all predicable as the sunrise lmaoAll I know is we unequivocally support @Marisa_Ingemi and her astounding work ethic + strength on this timeline."The more powerful I become." This fool out here sounding tyrannical and y'all don't bat an eye. The fratty spo… is the type of behavior women in sports media have long experienced and attempted to explain re: Barstool hara…
Retweeted by Owen PenceBarstool Sports is a vile cesspool of misogyny and anyone who does business with them should understand they are su…
Retweeted by Owen PenceOh, and our colleagues who continue to buddy up to the Barstool folks and help legitimize them? You’re part of the…
Retweeted by Owen PenceBarstool culture never manifests in anything short of sickeningA few words on the past day.
Retweeted by Owen PenceReading comments and tweets under JBJ articles is infuriating. Nowhere does Boston's sporting preeminence have such… @m_maccormack Can't find that level of thiccness just anywhere in the draft...Lmaooo
This top of the order talk is so ridiculous you could talk in circles forever. AB last year as the #2 hitter in the…
Retweeted by Owen PenceThe contrast between an elected official who says what they think and House Democrats who ask their consultants wha…
Retweeted by Owen Pencethere are so many young motivated creative people that should have so many cool jobs but they are always given to t…
Retweeted by Owen PenceThe Lynx are gonna be a problem w/ Collier already playing this proficiently on both ends (+nice second-unit O from Jess Shepard)
“Barstool wasn’t toxic enough for the Bruins to reject their money but it’s apparently too toxic to talk about now.”
Retweeted by Owen Pence
The Lakers The Knicks 🤝 Nepotism is actually good
Retweeted by Owen Pence
Jackie Young has yet to miss a shot in her WNBA career 👀
@smarti_b I dream this exact scenario often, in fact @WEKetchum Whack WorldThis "redemption" arc is a beautiful oneWHERE IS THE KYLE HUMOR NOW FOOLSI AM SO HAPPY FOR KYLE LOWRY
Not surprising for Boston but this is disappointing from the Museum of Fine Arts. They should do more than apologiz…
Retweeted by Owen Pence
I love Kyrie Irving w/ every millimeter of my heart latest @frntofficesport story on Rachel Nichols and The Jump, which has become a must-watch NBA show for everyon…
Retweeted by Owen Pence
The early timeout that helped the Raptors match Giannis Antetokounmpo's intensity, beat the Bucks in Game 4 and fli…
Retweeted by Owen PenceGucci after a Jaylen and-1
@jay_jaffe Not a big gripe at all, just thought describing the most stable part of their rocky start as "shaky" wit… @jay_jaffe That's fair but I feel it's skewed a bit as their higher leverage guys (particularly Barnes and Workman)… comeback doesn’t happen without both guys taking their games to another level and being the two best players in…
Retweeted by Owen PenceTotally. Lebron clearly deserved '16 Finals MVP; he was brilliance personified. But it was always gonna take two ga… @Schrock_And_Awe Haha word, I'll take it. It's like, did y'all forget that without Kyrie's 42 and historic three… @Schrock_And_Awe That's fair, I'm just tired of hearing multiple friends fire off Dame > Kyrie takes when it's like…