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@mattyports Oh my god what👀
The Chicago cop who murdered Laquan McDonald was convicted, but three other officers accused of helping to cover up…
Retweeted by Owen PenceBig of Kyrie to admit this. There’s a lesson here. Leadership isn’t easy and most people aren’t equipped to do it.…
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@Schrock_And_Awe Yeah no doubt. Syracuse did a great job squeezing the zone tight. ACC play is lit this year @Schrock_And_Awe And stick the 0-10 guy in the opposite corner as a decoy lmao @Schrock_And_Awe For sure. But just so much stagnation and too much aimless passing before RJ clanks. Could, for in… @Schrock_And_Awe *lowers voice to whisper so you don't block me again and because I realize Jones and Cam being out…
black journalists to follow since apparently we don't exist: @isjonespoetry @NewTSage @JusAire @shaibuttaa
Retweeted by Owen Pence @Muna_Mire Not to mention how terrific she was in Broadchurch, regularly feeding us gems like this ... "With respe… was at the championships for Margzetta Frazier, a freshman from Jersey who also cleaned up Saturday, lifting… is so dope. One of the coolest parts of getting to cover the US Gymnastics Champs was watching Jordyn Wieber k… @OwenPence Institutional racism?!? How did you graduate from Harvard being this dumb?
Retweeted by Owen PenceCan't wait to take down the hapless Huskies in the Beanpot this year ... @mattyfeld612 Brb changing my bio @OwenPence Yeaaah Owen stop being a Havahd Elitist Liberal
Retweeted by Owen PenceThankful for all my fine, supportive followers on this dandy evening. 1luv
@barbitosfritos Love me some good revisionist historyPatriots were 4.5 favorites and now the narrative is no one thought they would win? 😂😂 @j_ferrari23 Also against gay marriage and abortion!! Idk how he became such an internet darling .... @gavinroydavis WH admin has made having a functional understanding of race in America one of the most important core competen…
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You will not find a better find a better window into the shallow, aimless careerism that characterizes the bulk of…
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Rt for steph and klay fav for harden and riversMy alma mater recruited a great one. Too bad the adults in her home state aren’t so great.
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Winston Duke looks better in furs anywayCoen Bros put some cowboy boots on Buster Scruggs and some furs on Liam Neesons and get the nod over the vibrancy o… Palin has never sounded this humane let alone coherent and anyone writing otherwise needs to toss his fedora…
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They exploited Dr. Shirley’s legacy against his family’s wishes and have been rewarded all night for it. Got it.
Retweeted by Owen PenceREGINA BEEN KING!!!!!!!!
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@tracyminajjjjj Oh man this going poorly @divanificent I like to call it the Vic Mensa ...
Racism is not a past grievance. It's happening in 2019. The refusal to deal with reality of systemic racism-- which…
Retweeted by Owen Pencelol every time i see this weak take I’m gonna think of @netw3rk playing the muhammad ali “i am the greatest” clip a…
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@toddzuke Appreciate it, Todd! Big moves lol @Cory_Legend @seanmurray79_ Appreciate you actually listening to what I had to say yesterday, Cory! I've been missi… @seanmurray79_ @OwenPence OWEN is a guy with an opinion that Danny’s rhetoric aligns with racial undertones meant t…
Retweeted by Owen PenceHarden is just too cold
Retweeted by Owen Pence @OwenPence People are so disconnected from racist ideologies they actually think moral logic actually applies.
Retweeted by Owen Pence @Cory_Legend Lmao appears so, sigh. They're doing work tonite 😭 @BaileyKnecht Thank you! This is the nicest sentiment that has crossed my mentions all night lmao, the Boston sport… job of the journalist is to appease readers? Not to stand up for ideals you believe in? Got it.'s daughter went to NEU and I've been mistaken as part of the clan on numerous occasions. But DJ Bean failing… tonight I don't think SportsHub will be offering Mike Pence's son (tm) a job 😢 Ainge publicly shot down a black man for thinking highly of himself so who's reallyyyyy pulling a Trump here? I'll hang up and listen.
Retweeted by Owen PenceWhen you fire off a tweet that you know is gonna piss off the entire Celtics twitter/MAGA twitter Venn diagram and…
Retweeted by Owen Pence @RCallahanKO @Max_Lederman @_TyAnderson Teachers are supposed to be good listeners. It's a shame you haven't listen… quite a lot today ..... a certified teacher even called me a lightweight!! Those at Longfellow Elementary… @RCallahanKO Your tone makes it abundantly clear you are a teacher. But this isn't a teachable moment, and the fact…
@RCallahanKO Standing up for what I believe at *22? How dare I!! If I'm burning bridges with these tweets, they are… @trevorstweetss If these @OwenPence takes prove anything is out of control and institutionalized it’s the out of co…
Retweeted by Owen PenceLebron is bragging about basketball! Trump is bragging about harming actual lives, the lives LeBron works to protec… @RCallahanKO You and all your friends on here seem to think I'm calling Ainge a racist. Never did. Don't put words in my mouth.I think one of the major disconnects here is that many of you consider LeBron to be a narcissist. Which reveals a lot .... @TazziCarmine @police_at How difficult is it for you to parse the difference between an accomplished, humanitarian… @TazziCarmine @police_at your views on institutional racism in Boston align with mine, you wouldn't be perplexed as to why comparing Bron… @TazziCarmine You could try reading through my last hour of tweets but that would mighty difficult, I get it @RCallahanKO Kinda the opposite. Poking fun at my own anonymity (I've been tweeting like this from the jump) which… good news? I graduated from Harvard today!!!! I'm 22, which means I was brought on by the Globe at age 19. Was a dream come true to work at such a revered pap… is wild. I imagine these guys farting into wine glasses for one another to enjoy like that episode of South Pa…
Retweeted by Owen PenceI love my job so much but if you'll excuse me I'm gotta go stuff my face with junk so pce and love for now :)I've been grinding on the Boston sports media scene for over two and a half years, and suddenly the blue check mark… The point isn't about an actual GOAT debate. Of course Ainge thinks Lebron is better than Bird -- he has eyes… @OwenPence I see you have rattled the Green Teamers.
Retweeted by Owen PencePeople taking my Bird tweet way too seriously & completely missing the point. Yes I listened. No, this response is…'s the discourse you called for @_TyAnderson @Max_Lederman athlete who has done unimaginable amounts of good for his community and has a legitimate GOAT claim engages i… is everyone on Boston sports radio this obtuse? I'll hang up and listen ....'m imagining Larry Legend calling himself the GOAT and Danny Ainge having an issue with it and laughing hysterical… @police_at @PainDontHurt_ @TopFlightzz Who the hell names their kid "Owen" .. ? So disappointed ..
Retweeted by Owen PenceI now have a parody cop account RT'ing all my tweets -- no one told me 2019 was gonna be so glorious @OwenPence Is Danny aware that AD and Bron are friends and Rich Paul represents him? lol
Retweeted by Owen PenceBron has experienced this. Rich Paul is fully aware, too. Ainge has always been an incredibly shrewd wheeler and de… @Schrock_And_Awe Omg look at my latest tweet lmao. GREAT MINDS"Funniest" thing about Ainge's comment is that Rich Paul represents AD. If you think veiled racism from higher ups… Larry Bird came out today and declared himself the GOAT, Causeway St would be no longer. Instead, welcome to Avenue 33!Lebron too powerful and it's got the pasty, shriveling coalition of owners mad uncomfy @Schrock_And_Awe Super disappointing @mikewichter @gordonhayward @OwenPence Yeah, and he’s had some awful tweets over the last year. Underrated.
Retweeted by Owen Pence @police_at @gordonhayward That @OwenPence dude works for the globe? Wtf?
Retweeted by Owen PenceDanny Ainge comparing Bron to Trump is very simply not okayDanny. Buddy. You want Bron's friend who's represented by Bron's agency to sign his next deal with your team. This…
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After three seasons near the NBA's basement, @BrooklynNets are one of the hottest teams in the league. And they're…
Retweeted by Owen PenceHey Louis CK - since you like making fun of me and other Parkland survivors behind closed doors, I’m right here if…
Retweeted by Owen PenceWhen does the Post Malone / Louie CK collab drop? Heard they got Spacey and Kanye on the 1s and 2s ...
@BaileyKnecht Oh heck yeah. Still in first 👀 @BaileyKnecht But Gary/Will/Paul coming back soon :) @BaileyKnecht I am devastated
@BaileyKnecht @SheaSerrano The best @BaileyKnecht @SheaSerrano Omg same also Jamal also Malik I LOVE YOUR NUGGETS WITH EVERYTHING @BaileyKnecht @SheaSerrano Say hi to the love of my life, Gary Harris, for me pls :)
Missy Elliott
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Boycott the Bulls to @nbawowy, Sixers have offensive rating of 114.6 when Embiid, Simmons and Butler are on court. By same…
Retweeted by Owen PenceIn 19 games since Butler's arrival (including ones he missed), Sixers have 4th-ranked offense and 13th-ranked defen…
Retweeted by Owen Pence @Schrock_And_Awe They momentarily turned my brain to mushWAIT, THERE'S MORE. How about Kyrie and Love missing GSW's entire first finals. It's honestly absurd